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Chapter 58 – A treasure with chicken ribs

“What is it How many loyal customers are there already ” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“Yes, they eat three meals a day at my place.” Zhang Han replied.

“Looks like you have some skills …”

Sitting at the back of the carriage, Zhang Han chatted with Zi Yan for a while.

In the end, Mengmeng was getting more anxious as she waited.

She couldnt understand why PaPa and Mama would spend so much time to talk each time.

At Mengmengs urging, Zhang Han handed the phone over to Mengmeng and drove towards New Moon Bay.

After half an hour, Mengmeng reluctantly ended the call when she returned to the dining hall.

In the bedroom on the second floor, after Zhang Han coaxed the Little Princess to sleep, he softly and slowly walked to the living room.

He opened the small antique bag that he bought, took out the copper coin, and started to read it carefully.

“Its time to see your true face!”

Zhang Han smiled slightly.

Although the copper coin was stained with rust, it was a first stage spirit treasure! It was likely that under this rust, there was a treasure that was like an unpolished jade.

A green light surfaced in Zhang Hans eyes as he circulated his spirit energy in his fingers, forcing out a drop of fresh red blood, and dripped it onto the copper coin.


Zhang Han muttered softly.

He held the copper coin tightly between his thumb and forefinger and began refining the first stage of the spiritual treasures.

Waves of extremely dim multicolored light flickered and leaped about on his fingers.

This was also the reason why Zhang Hans strength was relatively low.

It was because the Qi Refining Stage did not have any Spiritual Awareness to use.

If he had spirit sense, he could directly use it to refine the treasure.

Now, Zhang Han could only use his blood as a medium and use it to improve the richness by continuously pouring spirit energy into it.

It had to be known that Spiritual Awareness was the most basic energy.

As ones cultivation level increased, Spiritual Awareness would gradually transform into a consciousness.

With Spiritual Awareness, it would have quite a lot of attacking power and could use more and more functions.

It took Zhang Han an entire hour to successfully refine the pellet.

However, after obtaining the information on the treasure, Zhang Han did not rejoice at their success.

When he opened his eyes, he spat out a few words in disdain.

“So trashy”

Zhang Han took the copper coin and looked at it.

The rust on the copper coin had disappeared entirely, and what replaced it was a severe bronze coin.

However, its capabilities, in Zhang Hans opinion, were too weak.

Even he used the wordtrash to describe it.

Its function is to… For example, if Zhang Han wanted to, he could immediately change his appearance to Zi Yan or someone else.

This treasure formed a light wave on the surface of a persons body, using transformation to confuse them.

But for Zhang Han, there was no increase in his strength at all, no function he desired at all.

This was just a useless treasure.

They didnt know that if these treasures were found out by the assassins, they would be called saint artifacts!

The fact that they could transform meant that they could freely enter the enemys territory, which said that they were in an invincible position.

However, it was useless in Zhang Hans eyes.

He felt that he could only change Zi Yans outer appearance when his family was out shopping, and the distance between the copper coin and the spellcaster was not more than 30 meters.

“What lousy thing is this”

Zhang Han casually threw the copper coin on the tea table.

Picking up the little fish that Mengmeng had set her eyes on, he smelt it with the Treasure-sniffing nose.

It was still the same situation, the smell was ancient jade, but there was something strange in the center of the jade.

“What is it”

Zhang Han muttered to himself as his fingers pinched the jade pearl on the fishs mouth.


As the spiritual energy moved through his finger, it broke the bead that was on the fishs mouth.

Zhang Han used the Treasure-sniffing nose once again, and this time, he could smell the unique fragrance of a treasure.

“So its a Jade-fire dew.”

Zhang Hans eyes revealed a hint of understanding.

This ancient jade was Yang Jade, and in a hot environment, it could produce Jade-fire dew.

It was just like how Black Hair and Niu had a chance to grow into Kobe beef.

This Jade-fire dew had only been around for a hundred years, so it could be considered a first-class spirit treasure, which was very close to the level of second-stage spirit treasure.

Its energy was extraordinarily violent and could increase its strength a little, but Zhang Han did not plan to use it.

Moreover, if Zhang Han did not use the Qi Refining Stage, absorbing the Jade-fire dew would be okay, but the absorption process of the Qi Refining Stage would not be as effective.

Furthermore, the Jade-fire dew was not pure.

“Put it in the thunder yang tree tomorrow.”

Zhang Han placed the small fish back in the bed, then went to his bedroom to rest.

At night, he did not turn on his computer, which made everyone anxious, and that was Li Fan, who was standing in front of his computer.

He had no idea how many emails he had sent to Han Yang, but all of them were like stones sent to the ocean, no news at all.

This made him feel very helpless.

When it was 12 oclock, he went to rest with a headache.


The next day, Mengmeng woke up at six in the morning and took her to the Mount New Moon to absorb the Jade-fire dew s from the Ancient Jade Fish.

Right now, there was no good target for it.

Although Little Black could use it, it had already absorbed a trace of the fifth-stage spirit treasures essence and pure Yang energy.

If he were to incorporate Jade-fire dews, it would just be adding flowers to the flower pot.

It would be such a waste.

As for absorbing it, it would be too painful, so Zhang Han could only keep it for now.

It made Zhang Han feel that it was the same as the copper coin, a somewhat useless thing.

It was nearly seven oclock when he returned to the dining room.

At this time, Liang Mengqi, Yu Qingqing, Zhao Dahu, and Zhao Feng were already standing in front of the dining hall, waiting.

The two of them occasionally spoke a few words to Zhao Dahu.

It was evident that they had come here out of curiosity because of Zhao Dahus wechat moments.

“Nice to meet you, Boss, Mengmeng.” Liang Mengqi took the lead and greeted Zhang Han upon seeing him.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded indifferently.

Mengmeng was much more enthusiastic as she raised her right hand and greeted, “Hello, little sis …”

“Boss, what are we eating today” Liang Mengqi asked again.

“Egg-Fried Rice in the morning.” Zhang Han answered as he opened the door.

“Theres no dishes” Yu Qingqing asked.

When she was about to sleep, she was a little hungry.

When she closed her eyes, all she could see were the Egg-Fried Rice, the white rice and the three dishes.

Immediately, Yu Qingqing felt her stomach rumbling with hunger, to the point that she couldnt take it anymore.

Under normal circumstances and extreme hunger, Yu Qingqing would definitely eat all of the instant noodles in one go, and the food was very fragrant, but this time, while smelling the instant noodles, Yu Qingqing ate it woodenly, and then threw it out, feeling that the food was tasteless.

Therefore, she poured all the noodles into the bowl.

She couldnt eat anymore and couldnt eat anymore.

However, she closed her eyes and recalled the figures of the Egg Fried Rice again.

In the end, Yu Qingqing struggled for a long time before finally falling asleep after counting the number of times:

“A bowl of Egg-Fried Rice.”

“Two bowls of Egg-Fried Rice.”


“1,123 bowls of scrambled eggs …”

At this moment, Yu Qingqing looked at Zhang Han with an incredibly intimate gaze.

At the same time, she had made up her mind that she would need to sleep early in the future, and if she got hungry while staying up, she would need to suffer for at least two hours before falling asleep.

Facing Yu Qingqings question, Zhang Han shook his head and said:

“Its simpler in the morning.

There are no dishes prepared, only Egg Fried Rice and milk.”

“Oh.” Yu Qingqing nodded, her expression revealing her disappointment.

She had been hungry for most of the night and wanted to eat more.

The Egg-Fried Rice seemed not to be enough to satisfy a glutton like her.

The more one ate, the more one would want.

This was also a regular occurrence in the human world.

Seeing Yu Qingqings expression, Zhao Dahu rolled his eyes.

When Zhang Han opened the door and walked in, he said: “Boss, your way of cooking is wrong.

There is a saying: You have to eat well for breakfast, eat well for lunch, and eat less for dinner.”

“There is a scientific basis for this statement.

Breakfast is good for nutrition because the human body has not eaten for ten hours in the morning.

His stomach is empty, and his blood sugar level has also dropped to the point where he needs to eat.

If he doesnt eat well, he will feel tired, tired, irritable, irritable, and slow down, so he has to eat the best breakfast.”

Zhao Dahu acted as if he was an expert, and said while shaking his head:

“You have to eat well for lunch because lunch is a transfer station, so you can only ensure enough energy supply.

As for dinner, eating less wont burden your stomach and intestines, and it wont cause too much fat, and its also because people dont have much activity at night.”

Zhao Dahus series of words caused Liang Mengqi and the others to give him a thumbs up.

“Oh” Zhang Han slightly smiled, looked at him strangely, and said: “Then the amount of food for your dinner … “That seems to be a bit out of line; then Ill cook less for you guys from now on.”

“No!” Zhao Dahu cried in alarm, “No! “Boss, big brother, just take what I just said for fart.”

“Thats right; hes farting.” Yu Qingqing said anxiously: “The original words are: breakfast, lunch, dinner must all be full, not even a single meal can be missed, and the most scientific one is even a midnight snack!”

“Midnight snack” Zhang Han could not help but laugh.

“Alright, the boss, we are just joking.” Liang Mengqi lightly pushed Yu Qingqing and laughed: “Whatever boss does, we will eat.

Do you think that the boss will mistreat Little Princess Mengmeng We are all borrowing the glory of Little Princess Mengmeng.

Otherwise, you wouldnt even be able to eat Egg-Fried Rice.

“Err…” “Yes, yes, yes.” Yu Qingqing grinned and laughed.

She was a little embarrassed and felt that her reaction was a little too extreme.

She looked at Mengmeng and laughed: “I have to thank Mengmeng properly.”

“Yes, how could we have eaten such a delicious meal without Mengmeng.” Zhao Dahu agreed.

“Haha …” “Youre welcome; youre welcome …” Mengmeng chuckled and waved her hands with them, looking very happy.


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