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Chapter 580 Four “No” and Two “Yes”

After hearing Zhang Hans words, Zhao Feng, Elder Meng and Leng Yues expressions obviously changed.

Their eyes were widely opened.

“Wow! Our boss begins to be cruel to his men!”

“Hes so scary!”

Zhao Feng, who was very close to Zhang Han, heard a cry from his mobile phone.


Two fuzzy words came out of the mobile phone, and then the phone was hung up.

Chairman Liu seemed to be going crazy.

Zhang Han slightly shook his head.

He also had a daughter.

He would sink the mans body into the Huangpu River if he were Liu Qingfeng!

Some words were hard to say, and Zhang Han decided to let Chairman Liu make his own decision.

If Chairman Liu was reckless, he would punish Ah Hu through all kinds of means after hearing Zhang Hans words.

But Liu Qingfeng was clever and he knew what Zhang Han wanted to tell him through the call.

That was, Zhang Han knew it and wanted him to give the young couple a chance, but Zhang Han himself didnt want to get involved in the affair.

It was all up to Chairman Liu.

Zhang Han knew from Liu Qingfengs reply that he was surprised at the news and had almost lost his mind.

“Thats it.”

“Ive done all I could do.

Ah Hu, youd better pray for yourself.”

Zhang Han shook his head.

Zhao Feng and the others soon realized what Zhang Han was doing.

“Hahaha.” Zhao Feng took the lead to laugh.

The others all burst out laughing.

“Ah Hu will suffer a lot,” Elder Meng joked.

Although they were pretending to sympathize with Ah Hu, they all knew that this was Ah Hus good luck as long as he took the opportunity.

After making a few jokes, Zhao Feng and the others went back to their rooms.

Zhang Han would be going out with his family and some relatives from the Rong family that day, so they didnt need to accompany them.

After a few minutes, Rong Sheng, Jia Wei and Rong Yong arrived with Wang Yan and Rong Han, Rong Yongs daughter.

Rong Han was one year younger than Zhang Li.

She was a slightly introverted girl, which had something to do with living in a single parent family since she was 11.

“Brother.” Rong Han was as modest as his father.

After greeting everyone politely, she and Wang Ya went to play with Mengmeng.

After sitting for a few minutes, they went downstairs and out the door.

They had planned to go to Yu Garden that day, a classical garden in a large tourist area.

It was located in the northeast of the old town in Lin Hai, adjacent to the Town Gods Temple.

The scenery there was refreshing, and this time they wanted to taste Town God Temples snacks.

There were fewer people than usual in Lin Hai during the Spring Festival.

It was very suitable time for someone like Zi Yan to travel, because she could be more relaxed.

However, although the number of tourists was much lower, a few pieces of news had ignited the whole martial arts world of Lin Hai City.

Gu Peng and Gu Shuai, two of patriarch Gus sons, were killed by Zhang Hanyang.

Gu Shisan, the director of Lin Hai City National Security Agency and the other six helpers were also killed by Zhang Hanyang with just one move.

At about five oclock that afternoon, there was a one hundred meter long blade reflection over Mount Donglai where the Gu Family lived.

It contained a terrifying power!

That sent several signals to many people.

Zhang Hanyang, Merciless Zhang, was in Lin Hai at the moment and had killed several members of the Gu family.

Gu Donglai was annoyed and there might be a shocking battle between them.

Hearing the news, the whole martial arts world in Lin Hai were in a state of uproar.

“Zhang Hanyang is amazing! How could he kill so many core members of the Gu family as soon as he arrived in Lin Hai Even including the director of the National Security Agency Hes so fierce.”

“The blade light above Mount Donglai is a terrible sign.

Who will win the battle, Zhang Hanyang or Gu Donglai”

“One is the new king of martial arts, and the other is the strongest of the older generation.

If they really fight, it would be like Mars hitting the earth.”

“Zhang Hanyang has killed all his enemies since became famous.

I heard that he suppressed Gai Xingkong not long ago, using the Demon Dancing Sword to block the Dragon-tiger spear, a divine weapon.

North Tiger Gai Xingkong is also a strong elder like Gu Donglai, and they both have divine weapons.

So maybe Zhang Hanyang can suppress Gu Donglai and win this amazing battle.”

“I dont think so.

Even if Zhang Hanyang suppressed Gai Xingkong, Gai Xingkong may be better than him in a real battle.

As for Gu Donglai, he was as powerful as Gai Xingkong, who is very close to the Divine Realm stage.

Besides, both his Roaring flame saber and saber skills will help him in the battle with Zhang Hanyang.”


Many voices were heard from all over the place.

Everyone was concerned about it, and they didnt expect such a big event to happen at the end of the year.

There were more than half of the voices supporting Gu Donglai.

“Zhang Hanyang keeps looking for fights everywhere.

Do you really think he is invincible”

“How long has he been famous How dare he challenge Grand Master Gu in a hurry What an arrogant man.”

“Maybe they will have their last battle in Lin Hai.”

They didnt believe in those titles like Invincible Grand Master.

After all, things might be exaggerated after they were passed on.

However, Gu Donglai was a real super strong man with numerous achievements and fame, at home and abroad, who had killed countless talents with his saber.

Naturally, he had a large number of supporters.

Zhang Han had just become famous.

There were too many people who didnt know what his specific strength was.

Seeing is better than hearing.

Sometimes it made sense.

But if the main court was changed to Xiangjiang, more than 90% of the martial artists would support Zhang Han.

Unfortunately, this kind of support was useless, it was just like chatting after dinner.

All in all, the matter had become the most concerning thing in the martial arts world at present, but whether the battle would break out was not certain.

Zhang Hanyang was known as Merciless Zhang, who was unafraid of anyone.

As for Gu Donglai, he hadnt fought against others in a long time, and the death of the Gu brothers was not enough to provoke him.

It was Gu Shisans death that he was concerned with.

Many people thought it was a pity that Gu Shisan died.

He was promoted to be the director of Lin Hais National Security Agency one year ago, and it was astonishing that he was finally killed by a colleague.

His fearlessness made him provoke Merciless Zhang.

Zhang Han didnt know what the others commented about his deeds.

He was strolling in the Yu Garden with his family.

The garden was designed in an ancient style, and when Mengmeng saw the buildings, she said happily, “We are here again, PaPa and MaMa.

Are we going to see bad guys being caught by the ancients”

Zi Yan smiled when she heard Mengmengs words.

“No, youre talking about the costume show we saw in Xihang.

We are now at the Yu Garden, in Lin Hai, and we they dont have that kind of performances here.

But we can see some other interesting things.”

Hearing Zi Yans words, Rong Han and the others understood what Mengmeng meant.

It turned out that Mengmeng was talking about the Song City in Xihang.

They felt they had traveled to the ancient times as they walked in the Yu Garden.

Jia Wei smiled at Mengmeng and said, “The Yu Garden was built in the Ming Dynasty.

It has a long history.

The scenery is completely different, depending if its day or night.

The lights on the building at night are very beautiful.

Lets go to other places to play this afternoon, and Ill bring you here in the evening after two days.”

“Thank you, grandma,” Mengmeng replied.

“So lovely.” Jia Wei and Rong Sheng smiled and looked at Mengmeng.

There was love in their eyes.

When Zhang Han and his family were enjoying themselves.

At Lin Hai International Airport…

While next to the long Lincoln in the middle of a series of luxury motorcades in the parking lot, Ah Hu was sitting and sweating nervously.

Liu Jiaran was sitting next to him, and she shared the feeling.

Liu Qingfeng was in front of them.

His face was pale, and the blood vessels on his forehead could be seen clearly.

At the moment, the motorcade was moving slowly outwards.

Liu Qingfeng turned his head, looked at the driver and shouted, “What are you doing Who allowed you to move the car Stop!”


His words scared five people present except Liu Qingfeng himself, including Liu Qingfengs bodyguards.

Ah Hus hand slightly quivered.

At this time, he was really afraid, but he had a sense of responsibility.

With great courage, he looked at Liu Qingfeng and said, “Chairman Liu, you should blame me for this.

I didnt do my bodyguards duty well and Im going a bit too far.

Im ashamed, but Im sincere to Miss Liu.

I dare swear to you!”

Originally, he wanted to ease the atmosphere, but Liu Qingfeng became even more furious.

He clapped the armrest of the seat hard and said in a loud voice, “What did you say! Have you done something”

Seeing Liu Qingfengs expression, Ah Hus face shrunk and he hurriedly said, “No, I dare not do anything without Chairman Lius permission.”

Ah Hu felt a little guilty.

In the past two days, he and Miss Liu had kissed more than ten times.

Even his hands had uncontrollably touched Miss Liu many times.

According to this development, they would definitely do something in a few days.

Of course, the premise of all this was that Liu Qingfeng would ignore them, but how could he ignore them”

Ah Hus reply made Liu Qingfeng feel a little better.

Liu Jiaran bit her lips.

“Dad, what are you doing Cant you speak calmly”

“You want me to be calm Liu Jiaran, tell me, how old are you”

“Im 22.

Cant I fall in love by now You married my mom when you were 22, right If I lived in the countryside, maybe I would be a mother by now.” Liu Jiaran complained, looking at her fathers face.

What Liu Jiaran said was true and Liu Qingfeng didnt know how to reply.

But anyway, he was still angry.

Because of the girls words, Liu Qingfeng thought of Liu Jiarans mother.

He was lost in old memories for a while and felt sad.

Ah Hu took the opportunity to say, “Uncle Liu, Im serious.”

“Dad, I really like Ah Hu.

You cant be a roadblock in the face of your daughters happiness, can you”

“And my boss also said that without uncle Lius consent, I cant deepen my relationship with Miss Liu.” Ah Hu ended mentioning Zhang Han.

Ah Hu knew that Zhang Han was influential and even Liu Qingfeng respected him.

Otherwise, Ah Hu would be kicked out of the car if Zhang Han was not his boss.

Liu Qingfeng suddenly fell into silence.

He lowered his head slightly; he took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, lit one, and looked out the window.

A minute later, after smoking the cigarette, Liu Qingfeng snorted coldly.

He looked at Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran.

“You cant do anything further before getting married.

You cant kiss or hug each other in front of me.

You cant stay out.”

Liu Qingfeng thought about it and added, “You can hold hands and go out to deepen your understanding of each other.

As for the rest of the precautions, Ill tell you when I have any other ideas.

Ah Hu, I havent forgiven you and youd better be careful! Even if Zhang Han supports you, I will not give in when it comes to my daughter.”

“Whats more, Zhang Han told me that I can beat you if I want to!”

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