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Chapter 582 The Annual Meeting of the Rong Family

“The family house is ahead.”

Zhang Han took the lead as he drove; Rong Han sat in the copilot seat while Zi Yan and Mengmeng sat in the back seats.

Zhou Fei and the others followed Zhang Han.

Liang Hao and Liang Mengqi went to play with Zhao Feng and the others.

Zhang Li had just arrived at the front of the house and waited for Zhang Han to go in.

When Rong Han finished speaking, Zhang Han took back his mobile phone.

At that moment, Rong Han grinned.

“Cousin, you answered a lot of phone calls tonight.

Hum, sister Yan, he answered a lot of phone calls.

You have to be careful.

He is very handsome.

Dont let other little sisters rob him from you.”

“Haha.” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing after hearing those words.

She has wearing casual clothes at the moment.

She had intended to wear some formal clothes, but in order to match Zhang Hans casual style, she finally dressed herself in some loose clothes.

However, clothes were not so important when compared with her beautiful face.

It was just a change of style.

Hearing Rong Hans words, Zi Yan replied, “It depends on him, and I cant control it.

I dont usually read his privacy information.

Well, Im not worried about him when I go out to work.”

Zi Yans words were intermittent, because she didnt tell Rong Han something.

But the meaning was clear enough.

That was, she was very confident in Zhang Han.

“Thats true.

With Mengmeng around, no other woman can get close to him, hum.”

In fact, that was the upgrade of love.

Zi Yan felt very happy and warm at the moment.

But then Zi Yan asked curiously, “Who called you”

“MaMa, there were too many people.” Mengmeng raised her little head and said, “It was grandfather, grandmother, and…”

Mengmengs little face seemed to be petrified, and her clear big eyes didnt blink.

It could be seen that she was thinking about the other peoples names.

“Who are they”

“What are their names”

“Oh I forget it.”

“My father-in-law and mother-in-law, several elders including Zi Long, uncle Zi Peng, aunt Dong Ling, Protector Leng, Mo Chengfeng, Luo Shan and Luo Chengwen.

Besides, some people from the other families called me just now, but I dont know where they got my phone number.”

Zhang Han shook his head.

Unconsciously, his interpersonal network became increasingly stronger.

However, Zhang Han never relied on other than his own strength.

If he was not Merciless Zhang with such strength, they wouldnt even spare him a glance.

The interpersonal network was related to strength and status, and all of Zhang Hans friends were pretty good.

If Zhang Han was alone, he might not have made friends with anyone.

But he currently had a family, and sometimes he needed help from others.

“So many people I thought only my parents called you.” Zi Yan covered her mouth and smiled.

There were many people watching her program at the Zi family house.

Ten minutes after the program, Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu called her.

“Its the one ahead.” Just then, Rong Han pointed to the house on the right.

There was an iron fence enclosing the house and monitoring equipment at strategic points.

Some trees were planted on the edge of the house.

Some lights could be seen faintly through the trees.

Driving forward for more than 50 meters, they could see close to 13 buildings, most of which were modern style villas.

Their view was limited; the real number of the houses must be more than that.

They could see the front gate not far away.

There was a Mercedes Benz car parked at the side of the gate.

After seeing the car on Zhang Hans side, the driver started up her car, and honked the car horn twice to signal that she was Zhang Li.

“Lets just drive in.

The new years Eve dinner is in the big restaurant.

There are many people,” Rong Han explained.

After Zhang Han drove in, Rong Han lowered the copilots window and waved to the guard, “Open the door.”

The two guards looked carefully and found that she was a member of the Rong family.

They opened the door directly and watched the three cars enter.

The iron gate of the Rong family was also in the style of the Republic of China, which looked unique.

The sign above read “Residence of the Rong Clan,” or it could be called the Rong family.

The restaurant was on the right side of the center.

On the inner area there was a small ancient house, and on the outer area there were several villas built in the period of the Republic of China, all of which were original.

Zhang Han activated his soul sense and scanned the whole Rong family in two seconds.

Aside from Wang Ming, there were no other martial artists in the restaurant.

There were more than a dozen martial artists in the backyard of the ancient house.

The most powerful one was at the Grand Master Early-stage and close to Middle-Stage; he should be Rong Changjiang.

As for the other martial artists, none of them were Martial Arts Grand Masters.

While most of them were at the early stage, only some of them were at the Heaven Stage.

There werent many martial artists in the Rong family, and their strength was not strong, which might be the reason why the Rong family was not very competitive.

When the financial resources developed to a certain extent, what was often needed was a breakthrough in another direction, for example, martial artists who represented absolute competitiveness.

“Han, here you are.” Rong Sheng and Jia Wei were standing at the parking lot next to the restaurant.

They rushed to greet Zhang Han when they saw Zhang Han and his friends get off.


After thinking about it, Mengmeng remembered how to call them and waved her hand.

“Hey, grandma, grandpa.”


After replying to Mengmeng, Jia Wei smiled.

“Its almost 11:30 now.

I specially asked the kitchen to prepare dumplings for you, with meat and vegetable fillings.

We have different dishes here, and there are rice cakes for the New Years Eve.”

“PaPa, what will we have for our new years Eve dinner” Mengmeng looked up and asked Zhang Han.

“Your father was born in the north, where we ate dumplings for the new year.

Your mother was born in Singapore, so for the new year…” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan; he didnt know what they had in Singapore.

“We also eat dumplings at home.

Now we can also eat some other things.

Whats more special is the Rich Sashimi.

We usually have a lot of food for the New Year, which is a symbol of good luck,” Zi Yan replied.

“The Spring Festival seemed to be more interesting in our childhood.”

Rong Sheng smiled and shook his head.

“We didnt eat delicious food every day in the past, such as meat.

When I was a child, we had little meat and I couldnt eat it at ordinary times.

But in the new year, no matter if you had enough money or not, every family would prepare a large number of dishes.

It was a real feast for my appetite.

There were many children playing together after dinner, which was very interesting.

Now we have all kinds of dishes at ordinary times, and the Spring Festival gradually became a symbol for reunion.

Of course, some Chinese still like to compare with others in terms of the New Years dinner.”

At the end, Rong Sheng sighed softly.

While listening to the adults, Mengmeng looked around with her clear big eyes, which was very cute.

At the same time, a dozen round tables in the restaurant were full of people.

Each branch of the family sat on one or two tables, and there were some collateral children.

At one table on the right sat Rong Yong, Wang Ming, Rong Jiaxin and Rong Shengs son.

Different from other tables, they didnt move their chopsticks, even when faced with so much delicious food.

It could be seen that the family members at each table were led by a small number of people.

The centermost dining table was led by Rong Zhenxing, the patriarch of the Rong family.

The next table was led by Rong Zhenmao, Rong Zhenxings brother and the director of the Department of Transportation.

The third table was led by Rong Fan, a major.

As for Rong Changjiangs table, it was by led by Rong Jin, who was much younger.

All the leaders were respected by the other family members.

It showed that they were powerful and favored by the Rong family.

The new years Eve dinner started at eleven oclock in the evening.

Rong Yong checked the time, then went to the centermost table.

He leaned down to whisper something to Rong Zhenxing, “Patriarch, I have something to say to you this afternoon.

At that time, you were busy outside.”

Before Rong Zhenxing could speak, his wife Wang Sibei said something first, “Yes, we went out to visit Wang Dong and some others, because well have the annual family meeting tomorrow.

So you talked to Zhenxing.

Is it still about Rong Hans work Ive told you that she is not competent at present.

Its better for her to work hard at the grass-roots level for a few years.

If she has the ability, we will certainly promote her.

Whats important now is the annual meeting tomorrow.”

Although her tone was gentle and warm, Rong Yong knew that she was rejecting him.

At that time, Rong Yong looked at their son sitting on the side and thought, “If you really want them to work hard from the grassroots level according to their abilities, how can your son directly serve as the president of a company”

There were many family members, limited resources, and sometimes ability was not so important.

As for the annual meeting of the Rong family, it was the summary of the year and the beginning of the new year.

How to start a new year Thats when it came to social relationships.

It was important to know how much cooperation could be brought to the family and how many people in high positions could come to attend the meeting.

Rong Yong shook his head.

His branch was often ignored in the annual meeting.

He didnt place any hopes in it.

Then he shook his head and said, “Its not about this.

Jialis son is coming here to celebrate the new year.”

“Oh.” Rong Zhenxing frowned slightly.

“Why is he coming here at this time Why not come in the first day of the new year”

“Han is no longer a member of the Zhang family.” Rong Yong explained, “And he is so powerful now.

He is a…”

Before he finished speaking, Rong Zhenxing took a glance at him and said, “Even the Zhang family refuses him”

“I dont know.

I only know that he is very powerful now.” Rong Yong saw this and suddenly didnt want to say it.

According to their tone, it seemed that Jiali and Guangyou would bring them bad luck.

He knew that if he told them that Zhang Han was a General, even Rong Zhenxing would go out to welcome Han with his men.

But he didnt show any interest.

He would rather sit in silence and enjoy the New Years dinner.

Even the patriarch would be stunned if he knew he had been promoted to bureau chief.

“How many days will they stay at the Rong family estate” Rong Zhenxing asked again.

“I dont think they can stay here for long.

They have something else to do,” Rong Yong replied.

Rong Zhenxings eyebrows slightly eased after hearing the words.

He nodded, “OK, let them celebrate the new year with us.

Its pathetic that they have nowhere to go during the Spring Festival.”

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