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Chapter 584 Unhappy


Everyone turned their gazes to Rong Yongs table.

She said it in front of everyone, which might embarrass those family members in Rong Shengs branch.

But they couldnt stop it.

For it was Wang Sibei, the patriarchs wife who was scolding others.

She had authority over them.

And the other side was the branch of Rong Sheng and the sixth master, which was relatively too down-to-earth, even far away from the core of the family.

If the other side was Rong Fan, a major who was the second masters branch, or Rong Jin, a rich businessman who was the third Lords branch, would she speak that way

Obviously, she couldnt do the same thing in that case.

However, Rong Shengs strength was poor, and he dared to debate with Wang Sibei in such a public place, which was beyond her control.

In fact, other people on the scene did not sympathize with Rong Sheng, and even thought that they should be reprimanded.

Even Rong Zhenxing, the patriarch, was silent and didnt spare a glance at Rong Sheng, which showed his attitude.

After the shock just then, everyone was curious about the arrival of Zi Yan instead of being shocked.

They were all waiting for something important to happen.

A few people whispered, “Why didnt they inform the patriarch in advance that they would bring someone No wonder they are being scolded.”

“Yes, its their fault.

But Im not concerned about it now.

I wonder who that lovely girl beside Zi Yan is.”


Under everyones gaze, Rong Shengs face changed slightly.

Zi Yans chopsticks stopped, and Zhang Han took an indifferent look at Wang Sibei.

Rong Sheng laid down his chopsticks directly and looked at Wang Sibei with anger.

Rong Sheng looked at Mengmeng and said, “Come on, Mengmeng should eat more dumplings.

These dumplings are really delicious.

I especially order them for you, and I never invite others to eat it.”

“Thank you, grandpa.” Mengmeng said thanks as she slowly ate the dumplings.

“Haha, what a lovely girl.” Jia Wei smiled, then looked at Zhang Han and Zi Yan to say, “Han and Yan, you should eat more, too.”

“Okay, thank you.” Zi Yan replied with a smile.

Her smile stunned many people present.

Wang Sibei was even more dissatisfied.

She snorted and slapped her chopsticks on the table.

The bang made the restaurant more quiet.

“Sheng and Yong.” Wang Sibei gave them a meaningful smile, “You brought them home for the new year, and as their elders, how could you not obey the rules We are still sitting here.

If you look down on us, you can go back to your room for dinner instead of staying here.”

“Jia Wei, you are Yongs wife.

Why dont you care about him”


This time, without waiting for her to continue, Rong Jiaxin could not help standing up, frowning and saying, “Wang Sibei, stop talking like that.

What authority do you have If you want to say something, just say it.

If you cant, just shut up.

If you keep telling nonsense, dont blame me for being rude!”


The whole restaurant fell into silence.

Those who were not familiar with Rong Jiaxin were very surprised.

“Why is she not afraid of Wang Sibei at all”

Wang Sibeis face was red with anger.

She was so furious that she jumped up from her seat.

When she was about to say something, Rong Zhenxing, the patriarch, said, “Thats enough.

The New Years Eve dinner is almost over.

If you want to go back to have a rest, just do it.

The annual meeting tomorrow is what all of you should consider!”

Hearing Rong Zhenxings words, Wang Sibei stopped talking although she was still angry.

She no longer looked at Rong Jiaxin.

Wang Sibei knew that the family members of Rong Jiaxins husband were all powerful and influential, both in business circles and martial art circles, so she dared not to provoke her, not to mention that Wang Ming was sitting near Rong Jiaxin.

Rong Changjiang often praised the Wang family when he heard that Wang Ming had advanced to the stage of Martial Arts Grand Master, and Rong Jiaxin had advanced to the stage of Heaven-stage Master.

So even if she was dissatisfied, she could only close her mouth when faced with Rong Jiaxin.

Rong Zhenxings younger brother, Rong Zhenmao, a traffic chief, also said, “Its New Years day today.

Dont worry too much about etiquette, sister-in-law.

My brother is right.

What matters now is tomorrows annual meeting.”

“Yes, mom.” At this time, Rong Zhenxings son also looked at Wang Sibei and said, “Be happy.

If you are serious, you will lose the game.

Dont pay attention to the unimportant things.”

“Hum!” Wang Sibei, stood up and said with a cold snort, “Youre right.

The New Years Eve dinner is over.

Ill go back to apply a mask.”

“Lets go.” Rong Zhenxing, the patriarch, also stood up.

Around them, some of the elders stood up to leave.

Rong Fan, the major of the second masters branch, and Rong Jin, the rich businessman of the third masters branch, all got up and left.

Almost 80% of the elders went back to their own “small family” to celebrate the new year.

There were a large number of young people, about twenty, who didnt want to stand up at all and said, “I havent had enough.”

The group walked out of the restaurant while talking.

When they left, they all looked at Zhang Hans side.

In fact, those elders were also curious about Zi Yan.

After all, she was a big star.

And the little child seemed to be her and Zhang Hans child, but they didnt know the specific situation.

But they didnt dared to ask about it because they might provoke Wang Sibei.

After all, she could persuade the patriarch since she was his wife.

Therefore, no one went to greet Zhang Han, Zhang Li and Zi Yan.

That kind of atmosphere also made Mengmeng feel strange.

Although she didnt know what had happened, she knew that their family didnt seem to be welcomed.

Mengmeng looked up at Zhang Han and asked in a low voice, “PaPa, they dislike us, right” Zhang Hans face changed slightly, and he pondered for two seconds.

He calmly looked at the direction of Wang Sibei and then turned his gaze to Mengmeng.

With a soft expression, he reached out to touch her little head and said, “Perhaps.

Dad told you that not all people would like us.

What should we do to those people”

“Hmmm…” Mengmeng thought about it, and then said with a little grievance, “I dont know.

Why dont they like us”

“No matter what the reason is, we just dont care about their ideas, because their ideas are worthless,” Zhang Han replied.

Zhang Hans acting style was to protect and care about the people he should protect and care about, not just to be a good person.

And he never thought he was a good person.

In such a large Cultivation World, no one could be called a “good person.” Everyone had their definitions of what was good or bad.

Zhang Han also had a standard and was teaching his own rules to Mengmeng step by step.

After hearing those words, Zi Yan pursed her lips but said nothing.

After contacting the martial arts world, Zi Yans views on education had also changed.

“Hey, whatever they do, lets just enjoy the dishes,” said Zhang Li with a snort.

“Yes, why should we cause trouble during the Spring Festival” Wang Ya echoed.

Although her first marriage was not perfect, after living in the Wang family, she felt that all people were peaceful and friendly.

“In fact, I wanted to tell them Hans identity just now, but at that time, Wang Sibeis attitude was not very good.

I didnt think it was necessary to tell the truth to her.

When I become a director, I will speak with facts.” Rong Yong shook his head.

“Whats the matter Just say it and scare them to death,” Rong Sheng said more broadly.

He didnt care about anyones attitude.

“All right, all right.” Rong Jiaxin reluctantly shook her head and said, “Stop saying say that.

Lets enjoy the dishes and go out to see the fireworks after dinner.”

“Fireworks” Mengmengs eyes were lit up with interest.

She remembered that in her Xanadu, fireworks were very, very beautiful.

“Yes, there will be some fireworks in our house later,” Rong Sheng said with a smile.

“PaPa, MaMa, Im full.” Mengmeng laid down her chopsticks after hearing those words.

“How can Mengmeng eat so little You have to eat more now because youre growing up,” said Jia Wei with a smile.

“I cant eat too much at night.

Ill get fat,” said Mengmeng seriously.

Everyone at the table was amused.

With such a cute girl present, the atmosphere would always be active.

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