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Chapter 587 Not a General

“You dont believe it”

Rong Sheng, who was more forthright, couldnt stand it.

When he was about to say something angrily, Jia Wei hurriedly grabbed his arm and whispered, “Dont be so reckless.”

At this time, it might annoy the majority if he continued to argue.

“Why” Rong Sheng looked at Jia Wei in confusion.

“Elder brother, sit down first.

They will finally know that truth and its not necessary for us to argue with them.

Lets wait and see their reaction,” Rong Yong whispered.

He was calm as always, and he knew that as soon as he was promoted to the post of director at the Yilin Office, he would…

“Han.” Rong Jiaxin, who was sitting in the back, turned around to look at Zhang Han and said, “You dont want to bother yourself arguing with the likes of him.”

“Yes, they dont believe me, only because they are short-sighted.

But they havent even heard of you, which shows that their strength is very low.

Otherwise, they would have known about you already.” Wang Ming shook his head slightly.

“Yes, perhaps the third master has heard about it, but none of them came out to attend the meeting.

I dont know what they are busy with.

At least there should be an insider coming to attend the meeting,” Rong Jiaxin complained.

“Nothing serious.” Seeing this, Zhang Han smiled faintly and said, “They are busy making a breakthrough in the backyard.”

“When he comes out, the third master of Rong family will very likely reach the Grand Master Middle-stage.

But in terms of strength, hes still inferior to Han, and still has to be very respectful to him.

They will soon be astonished by him.”

“Eh Why do you look so happy Did you see all this as a comedy” Rong Jiaxin reached to Wang Mings waist and attacked him repeatedly.

Mengmeng, who kept looking around, turned her gaze at Zi Yan and whispered, “MaMa, they dont like us”

“Er…” Zi Yan shook her head slightly.

“No, they just discussed something.”

“Hmph!” Mengmeng turned around unhappily.

Mengmengs immature complaint was different from those of adults, which made the listeners enjoy it.

Even Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin were amused by her.

Mengmeng pursed her lips, took Zhang Hans hand in her right hand and mumbled, “Then we will ignore them.

PaPa has said that if other people dont like us, we can ignore them.

Hum, we will play by ourselves without them.”

Mengmeng was really good at adjusting the atmosphere.

Rong Jiaxin, Wang Ming, Wang Ya and Zhang Li, who were annoyed, all wore smiles after her comment; they all focused on amusing Mengmeng and stopped paying attention to the annual meeting.

So they began to chat, and soon it was ten thirty-five in the morning.

Everyone was talking in a low voice, and they were guessing which branchs powerful friends would arrive first.

During this period, Wang Sibei had also calmed down and chatted with core family members such as Rong Jin.

Suddenly, a man in a suit with a black diary standing at the door said in a loud voice, “Chairman Fan of the Lifeng Financial Company is here!”

Hearing his words…

People in the hall began to discuss.

“The Lifeng Financial Company.

I didnt expect the first one to show up to be so powerful.”

“Chairman Fan is very powerful.

At the age of 36, he is worth 1.3 billion yuan, which is amazing.”


More than a minute later, three people entered the hall.

The man in charge was well dressed and clean, just like a successful man would.

A 36-year-old businessman worth more than one billion yuan was very successful in the eyes of most people.

“He should be second uncles friend, right” Rong Han whispered.

As long as there were some powerful businessmen present, they were either friends of Rong Zhenxing or Rong Jin.

Only a few of them were friends of others.

Just as they expected…

Rong Jin stood up with a smile and walked a few steps to shake hands with the visitor.

“Fan, its a great honor for you to come here in person from such a far place.”

“Eh Brother Jin, its your familys annual meeting today.

How could I not be present in person for such a big event I just want to wish you a happy new year.

Our cooperation has just begun, and I hope I can come to your annual meeting every year in the future.” Chairman Fan laughed.

“Of course.

Dont be so courteous, Chairman Fan.

Sit down please.”

Rong Jin personally welcomed Chairman Fan and his men to their seats.

During this period, Chairman Fan warmly greeted Rong Zhenxing and his followers.

“Long time no see.

Patriarch Rong, Chief Rong, Major Rong and everyone.

Happy new year.”

“Its a pleasure to have you.

Sit down please.” Rong Zhenxing nodded and smiled.

Fan Hui, such a supporter with financial resources, was certainly a distinguished guest of the Rong familys annual meeting.

After they sat down, the two men following Chairman Fan greeted the people around them one after another.

Then Wang Sibei and Rong Zhenxing talked with them.

Since they came here because of Rong Jin, they were mainly accompanied by him.

After Chairman Fan sat down, a stream of guests came to wish the Rong family a Happy New Year.

“Chairman Jiang of Suzhou Rongan Technology Co., Ltd.

is here!”

“Wang Jindong of the Wang family in the Western District is here.”

“Chairman Xu of Fengou Machinery.”

“Section Chief Liu of the Yilin Bureau…”

Rong Yongs colleague came in and went straight to the host seat and said with enthusiasm, “Patriarch Rong and Chief Rong, happy new year.”

“Thank you.” Rong Zhenxing nodded with a smile.

Wang Sibei snorted.

Section Chief Liu didnt find anything strange.

His position here was very low and he had little influence.

He was even a little jittery upon seeing the celebrities sitting behind Patriarch Rong.

Finally, he approached Rong Yong.

He looked at the area where he had been arranged to sit.

“Why Yong, why are you the only one here Didnt you invite someone else”

Rong Yongs face froze.

Liu realized that he had made a mistake when he saw Rong Yongs expression.

He blushed and smiled awkwardly.

Perhaps he was the only one Rong Yong had invited.

Fortunately, three or five more people came to them one after another, and Liu didnt feel lonely after that.

All the visitors were surprised to see Zi Yan present, but they didnt remember her name.

“She looks familiar.

Where have I met her”

On this occasion, it was inconvenient for them to go to and subtly inquire about her.

As for those people in the small square outside, including the collateral children and some immediate family members, they were sitting on both sides, looking in through the window and discussing.

“Wow! The patriarch has made many new friends in recent years.”

“Its wonderful that they can get along well with so many celebrities.

Look at the back, and youll find there are few people around uncle Rong Sheng.”

“This involves social relations, which everyone needs.

As the saying goes, its easy to walk with more friends.”


In a word, the annual meeting of the Rong family was still very lively.

During the chat, some cooperation plans were reached between guests and hosts, which left everyone very satisfied.

The quiet area on the edge of the hall, where Rong Sheng was located, was also very busy at the moment.

Zhang Han, Zi Yan, Rong Jiaxin and Zhang Li were all around Mengmeng.

They had brought her toys and snacks from time to time, creating a very leisurely environment.

It was 12:20 p.m.


A middle-aged man who was about 40 years old came in rushing through the door.

Judging from his Qi, Zhang Han knew that he was a martial artist of the Rong family, an Earth-Stage Master.

He walked quickly toward Rong Zhenxing, the patriarch.

Rong Zhenxing stood up to welcome him.

This scene attracted many peoples attention.

The middle-aged man leaned down and whispered something to Rong Zhenxing, whose face suddenly changed.

Then the middle-aged man turned and left quickly.

When he came to the side of the door, he suddenly saw Zi Yan.


He turned his head as he walked.

Finally he turned his gaze to see Zhang Han and Zi Yans face and looked at them carefully.

He walked out of the hall thinking “They look so familiar.” He shook his head and left in a hurry because there was still something to do,

“Good news.” Rong Zhenxing clapped his hands with a smile,

Seeing that everyone was quiet, he said in a loud voice, “The third master of the Rong family has reached a higher level in that field.

He is our strongest supporter and the most family-minded person.

I hope you can learn from him.”

“Wow, he made it.” Chairman Fan gasped in surprise, then hurriedly got up and bowed.

“Congratulations, the Rong family will certainly go to a higher level.”


“On the first day of the new year, there is such good news.

The Rong Clan will have a smooth year.”

A lot of people echoed, which made Rong Zhenxing and Wang Sibei laugh with joy.

Zhang Han scanned that yard with his soul sense, and found that Rong Changjiang had made a breakthrough successfully.

He was sitting cross-legged at the moment, making the final adjustment.

The dozen people next to him looked tired, but they were all smiling.

At noon, the guests left one after the other.

Thanks to the news of Rong Changjiangs breakthrough, several cooperation agreements between them and the Rong family had been further developed.

After the guests left, the Rong family got together.

Wang Sibei nodded to Rong Zhenxing and the others, then stood up and said, “This years annual meeting is over.

Everyone can leave now.

We are going to visit several families one by one.”

“By the way…” Just as they were going out, Wang Sibei took a look at Rong Shengs side and snorted, “We all saw the importance of interpersonal relationships.

We hope that some people will not boast anymore, they should do something practical instead of being family moths.”

Wang Sibei, Rong Zhenxing, Rong Zhenmao, Rong Fan and Rong Jin left together.

Except for Rong Zhenxing, no one else took their wives with them.

They all knew who Wang Sibei said these words to.

“Haha.” Rong Sheng sneered and waved his hand.

“Lets go back and hold a party by ourselves.”

They left and got back to Rong Shengs villa for lunch.

As for Wang Sibei, Zhang Han didnt want to pay any more attention to her.

Zhang Li and the rest chose to ignore her, too.

They didnt want her to affect their mood, as long as she didnt say too much.

But they didnt expect that the truth was often revealed by others.

“Patriarch Rong Zhenxing, Director Rong Zhenmao and Major Rong Fan!”

The Zhao family in Lin Hai was one of the eight famous families, which were under the top three families known as the Gu family, the Ning family and the Su family.

The eight families refer to the most representative families in various regions of Lin Hai, and their overall strength was slightly lower than that of the top three families.

At that time, the Zhao family was holding a grand annual meeting, and there was an endless stream of people.

Rong Zhenxings position was not very high in this event.

However, when he heard his name…

“Swish, swish, swish!”

In that small square, the celebrities, rich or powerful, sitting on both sides all turned their gazes to the visitor from the Rong family.

All the famous figures in the martial arts world were surprised.

They were confused by the Rong familys actions.

“Zhang Hanyang, Merciless Zhang, is now with the Rong family.

Why dont they stay at home and try to establish a good relationship with him Why are they here to wish us a happy new year”

“When will they realize that they lost a diamond while they were busy collecting stones”

“That man is Merciless Zhang!”

He was like a prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex, who was too fierce and powerful.

Gu Donglai was a member of the Gu family.

He specialized in saber skills and could protect the whole Gu family with his own strength.

The other families in Lin Hai were all being suppressed by him.

What was special about Zhang Hanyang

He was called Merciless Zhang in Hong Kong.

He was also recognized as an Invincible Grand Master by Ji Wushuang.

He seckilled He Qingtian, defeated Xiang Qitian of the Mystical Fog Sect, suppressed all the talents from the worldlet and even challenged North Tiger Gai Xing Kong, the owner of the Dragon-tiger spear, with the Demon Dancing Sword, his spoil of war.

What an amazing achievement!

Merciless Zhang had arrived in Lin Hai and caused new troubles.

He killed Gu Shuai, Gu Peng and their bodyguards without hesitation.

In the face of Gu Shisan, the local director of the National Security Agency, and the Martial Arts Masters of several other forces, he had killed them without any reason.

If it wasnt confirmed, no one of them would have believed it.

That also helped them to understand the origin of Merciless Zhang.

Currently, it all depended on the development of the situation.

They were afraid that Gu Donglai would fight against Zhang Hanyang, and they were all paying attention to it.

There were even many people ready to support Zhang Hanyang, but they dared not let others know.

“If Zhang Hanyang loses, he can escape and leave Lin Hai, but what will he do after that”

They didnt dare to think anymore.

Therefore, no one dared to curry Zhang Hanyangs favor at the moment.

But due to the active martial arts world, the annual meetings of other families were much livelier than before.

Take the Zhao family for example…

“Why are they all looking at us” Wang Sibei was confused and then became nervous.

While looking forward, she kept glancing at both sides and felt her forehead sweating.

She even felt a little scared, with all those famous people scrutinizing them.


Rong Zhenxing swallowed, feeling his throat dry.

Then he forced a smile.

He turned his gaze to the left and looked at Rong Zhenmao, Rong Fan and Rong Jin respectively.

They found the same emotions in their eyes.

“Alas.” Rong Fan suddenly sighed in astonishment.

Then he said slowly, “Im afraid there is a dragon in our family.”

“What” Wang Sibei was stunned.

In this case, she could no longer keep calm.

Rong Jins mouth slightly quivered as he reminded Wang Sibei, “We havent attracted so much attention in the past years because we are weaker than the other families.

But they are surprised to see us today.

Dont you know what it means”

Wang Sibei lowered her head to ponder, and then her face changed, “You, what do you mean… What they said is true”

“Such a young General… we seem to have missed a great opportunity.

Its a pity.” Major Rong Fan sighed because he knew the influence of a General.

“If you can control yourself, maybe we can prove it.” Rong Zhenxing looked at his wife, shook his head and said, “Well, lets talk about it later and focus on the meeting.”

Some of them were very active.

If Wang Sibei hadnt quarreled with Rong Sheng before, they would have already investigated the news instead of just getting angry with Rong Sheng.

Unfortunately, what had happened was not what they wanted, which made them uncomfortable.

“Why are we attending another familys meeting instead of worshiping that dragon in our own family”

Since they had drawn an unusual amount of attention, which proved Rong Shengs words, coupled with the stable impression they had of Rong Yong, they could confirm that the news was true.


“Rong Zhenxing of the Rong family.”

“Wang Sibei.”

“Rong Zhenmao, Rong Fan and Rong Jin.”

“Happy new year to Patriarch Zhao.”

Witnessed by those present, Rong Zhenxing and the others approached Patriarch Zhao and greeted him respectfully.

“Dont be so courteous.

Come and sit down.”

Patriarch Zhao quickly stood up and went to meet them in person.

The grand welcome was rare.

The family members of the Rong family looked at each other and confirmed their previous ideas.

They didnt expect that with the help of General Zhangs reputation, they could sit next to Patriarch Zhao.

All of those seated nearby could shake Lin Hai with a move!

At that time, they were a little worried.

“Congratulations, brother Rong, there is a dragon in your family! As long as this matter is solved, your family will be revitalized.

Maybe even I will rely on you in the future.” Patriarch Zhao waved and smiled at Rong Zhenxing.

He gave up chatting with the people around him to receive them.

What was important was that those who were ignored didnt mind it at all; instead, they all approached to talk to Rong Zhenxing.

“I think the Rong family will soon be one of the top three families in Lin Hai.

Maybe it will be the fourth family.”

“Patriarch Rong, you are so lucky and I envy you so much.”


All these words surprised Rong Zhenxing.

Wang Sibei was afraid to say anything, because she felt that she was a little confused and was likely to make mistakes.

She decided to wait until she calmed down.

Rong Zhenxing and the others were busy smiling politely in response to all the greetings.

Rong Zhenmao smiled and replied, “Thank you for your blessing.

Thank you.

In fact, we didnt expect that there would be a General in our family.”

Though he tried to remain calm…

He was actually excited.

“He is a General!”

However, hearing his words, the other guests were all confused.

“General Who is a General” Patriarch Zhao asked, “Is there a General in your family A double blessing.”

“Well…” Rong Zhenmao didnt understand Zhaos words.

“Whats wrong with this Isnt the man I spoke of the same”

“I wonder whom Patriarch Zhao referred to” asked Rong Zhenxing in a low voice.

“Huh” Patriarch Zhao slightly raised his eyebrows.

“You dont know”

“What should we know” asked Rong Zhenxing.

Patriarch Zhao slightly narrowed his eyes, “Isnt Zi Yan at your home now”


“Who is her husband”

“Zhang Han, the son of Rong Jiali, my sixth uncles daughter.”


Many peoples faces changed.

“Isnt he Zhang Hanyang”


“They havent received news yet”

Patriarch Zhaos right hand slightly quivered.

He secretly pinched his thigh, forced a smile, clapped his forehead and said, “Ouch, Im old and I dont seem to have a good memory.

Ive got the wrong person.”

At this time, everyone else was silent and didnt say anything else.

Rong Zhenxing and his followers were puzzled.

“What does he mean”

“Was he talking about someone else”

“Perhaps… Zhang Han is not a General”

“Rong Yong would not lie, but Patriarch Zhaos change of attitude is not because of our General.


“Who is Zhang Hanyang Why is the name a little familiar I remember someone mentioning this person at home.”

“Why are things a little confusing”

Rong Zhenxing and the rest looked at each other again, ready to sort out their thoughts and listen to other peoples chats first.

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