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Chapter 588 Bureau Chief Rong

“That man… I dont know what his plan is.

Wed better not speculate.”

Patriarch Zhao looked at the others around him, nodded and said something that made the Rongs more confused.

“Yes.” The bald middle-aged man on the other side echoed, “Talents like them are moody.

Maybe because of something, he will promote someone or kill someone.

We should pay attention to our words in order to avoid getting ourselves in trouble.”

This bald man was Rong Zhenxings acquaintance, who was the owner of the Jinling Martial Arts Club.

Why did the owner of a martial arts club sit there next to Patriarch Zhao

Rong Zhenxing clearly knew about this.

That mans martial arts club was widely spread in Lin Hai City, forming a huge force.

Moreover, Rong Zhenxing heard that he was a powerful figure in the martial arts circle and was also a Martial Arts Grand Master.

Although the Rong family was not good at martial arts, the family members of the same generation as Rong Zhenxing or at the core level knew that people like Qi Strength Masters and Martial Arts Grand Masters were very powerful.

They didnt pay much attention to the martial arts world, because the business world had made them busy enough.

They pursued money, not martial arts.

After the bald mans comments, others echoed, “We should look up to him, who is too powerful.

Moreover, he is so domineering, having caused such a big trouble in Lin Hai.

Only powerful individuals dare to do what they want.”

“No, no, this time, its all the young people of the Gu family who deserve it.

If they didnt harass his wife with practical actions, would he still do it No, it was their desire that killed them.”

“It turns out that there is such a thing.

If I were Zhang Hanyang, I would teach them a lesson, but I wouldnt kill them because of social pressure.”


The guests again began chatting.

They were talking about this topic before Rong Zhenxing and the others came.

However, they found that Rong Zhenxing and his family members didnt know Zhang Hanyang, so they decided not to disclose too much information.

Rong Zhenxing and the others listened to them, feeling even more confused.

“Whom are they talking about”

“That man, that man.

Who is that man”

What was more, they were surprised by the fact that the other guests were talking about the Gu family.

The strength and status of the Gu family were many times stronger than the Rong family.

What Zhang Hanyang did was like a storm sweeping over Lin Hai, but the Rongs didnt know about it.

It was because the Rong Clan was not very strong; they had been preparing the annual meeting and various reports during this period of time, and they didnt care about what happened outside.

In addition, the only martial artists in the Rong family had been in the backyard all the time.

Even if they heard about this, they were unwilling to go to the front yard specially to tell the other core family members.

This made Rong Zhenxing a little passive.

Because of the lagging news, they didnt understand what the other people were talking about.

“Well, lets not talk about that.

At the end of the year, our family won many projects, and the specific number is about 13.

All of you present, if you have any intention to cooperate, you can come to discuss with us.

By the way, Patriarch Rong, I think there are two projects worth our cooperation.”

The words of Patriarch Zhao made Rong Zhenxing happy yet worried.

He hadnt been treated like this before!

Patriarch Zhaos idea was very good.

Although Zhang Hanyang was in the Rong family, Patriarch Zhao couldnt attend the annual meeting of the Rong family, or he would offend the Gus.

Since Patriarch Rong had showed up, he had to be warmly entertained, which showed the Rong familys courtship to Zhang Hanyang.

Patriarch Zhao was very satisfied with this idea.

If Zhang Hanyang won the fight, their investment would succeed.

If he failed, it didnt matter because their contract hadnt been signed yet.

Even though they had signed the contract, they would come up with other corresponding countermeasures.

There was more than one family with the same idea of Patriarch Zhao.

Rong Zhenxing left the Zhao family and went to visit the Hu family.

Patriarch Hu ran down from his seat.

“Oh, Patriarch Rong, welcome.

Please take a seat!”

The Hu family was also one of the top eight families, and Patriarch Hu usually didnt lift his eyelids when he saw Rong Zhenxing.

Why was he so enthusiastic just then

“Dont be so courteous, Patriarch Hu.

Are you doing this because of that man” Rong Zhenxing forced a smile.

“That man” Patriarch Hu was confused.

“I just came here from the Zhao family, and they all saidthat man.” Rong Zhenxing shook his head and said, “Patriarch Hu, you can tell me the truth.

Is that man a General”

“General Hahaha, brother Rong, arent you looking down on him too much How could he be called after a military title considering his high status!” Patriarch Hu laughed and said, “Please come in.

Lets have a good chat today.”

“Thank you, Patriarch Hu.” Just as Rong Zhenxing replied, Rong Jins mobile phone rang.

After answering the phone, he whispered to Rong Zhenxing in excitement.

“Patriarch, my grandfather has finished his cultivation.”

“Third uncle left his yard” Rong Zhenxing paused.

He happened to have something in mind, so he looked at Patriarch Hu and said apologetically, “Patriarch Hu, my third uncle has finished his cultivation.

Im sorry but we have to go back to have a look first.

Well come back in the afternoon.”

“Eh Its OK.

Go ahead and do your own business.

Dont worry about us.

Youre welcome at any time.” Patriarch Hu personally sent them to the gate.

When the Rongs were about to get in their car, Patriarch Hu gave them a mysterious smile and said loudly, “Patriarch Rong, please give my regards to that person.

Tell him that Hu Wei has always admired him!”


Patriarch Rong, Wang Sibei and the others almost lost their balance in astonishment.

“Whats going on”

“Its frightening.”

“Who the hell is that man”

“Is it Zhang Han But hes only in his twenties!”

With doubt, they got in the car and quickly returned to the Rong familys residence in 15 minutes.

At the door of the house, the guard saluted and opened the door for them as usual.

Everything seemed to be the same as usual.

However, when they returned to the main house, they found six or seven sweaty people standing in front of the door.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Rong Zhenxing and the others opened the door and got off the car.

Seeing his son sweating and acting impatient, Rong Zhenxing asked discontentedly, “What happened Why are you so nervous”

“I, I, I made a big mistake,” Rong Zhenxings son said anxiously, “I hit Secretary Lius car.”

“Whos car” Rong Zhenxings face changed.

“Secretary Lius car.

I just drove out and didnt know his car was coming.” His voice was getting lower and lower.

He was so nervous because that was Secretary Liu, the leader of Lin Hai City.

“Wait, why did Secretary Liu come to our house” Wang Sibei asked in a hurry.

“This is how it happened.” At this time, a girl in her early twenties said, “Secretary Liu came here about twenty minutes ago.

Although my brother hit Secretary Lius car, he didnt mind it at all.

Besides, after him, there were a lot of famous people, such as the Patriarch Qi, Chairman Liu and the chairmen of some large companies.

They all went to visit uncle Rong Sheng and I dont know why.

Now they are all there to celebrate the new year.”

Hearing the girls words…


Wang Sibei and the others felt as if they were hit by lightning.

Their faces changed slightly.

At the moment, even Major Rong Fan and Director Rong Zhenmao couldnt keep silent.

“Lets go and have a look.” Rong Zhenxing hurriedly said, and then took the lead to run to Rong Shengs villa.

After running out for a few steps, he turned his head and said, “As soon as third uncle comes out, tell him we are in Rong Shengs house.”

They started to run.

When they arrived at Rong Shengs villa, they were shocked by what they saw.


Its Secretary Lius car, right”

One of the headlights on the right side of the car was damaged, which was caused by their son.

Besides, a series of luxury cars were parked at will.

There were even cars of famous people they knew.

“Why are there so many people here!” Wang Sibei exclaimed, and then looked at Rong Zhenxing, “What should we do”

“We have to go in.

Its not too late,” said Rong Jin in a deep voice.

“Even if its late, well have to make up for it.” Rong Zhenmao nodded.

“Lets go.”

Rong Zhenxing had no choice but to take the lead and enter the villa.

They thought that all the people were chatting with each other.

But when they got in, the situation was different from what they imagined.

A large group of people were sitting in the chairs next to them.

They eventually watched Mengmengs performance very carefully.

At that time Mengmeng was in front of them, singing a song a bit bashfully.

“I heard that Mad Hatter likes Alice…”

Mengmeng had yet to memorize all the lyrics, so she skipped many sentences and sang the song off and on.

Zi Yan sat beside her and clapped according to the beat.

Secretary Liu, Liu Qingfeng, as well as some important businessmen and family members, were all like students at this time, sitting in the same place, quietly watching Mengmengs performance.

“Wow! If hes a nobody, Ill take my head off and use it to play football!”

Rong Zhenxing felt anxious, which was rare for him.

Even Rong Zhenmao, Rong Fan, Rong Jin, and Wang Sibei were all a little confused at this time.

They stood by carefully without daring to ask.

Soon, Mengmeng finished her song with everyones encouragement.


Liu Qingfeng took the lead and clapped.

Their enthusiasm made Mengmeng feel a little embarrassed.

“MaMa…” Mengmeng hugged Zi Yans long legs and hid herself in her mothers arms.

The others were amused by her.


Secretary Liu laughed and shook his head.

“What a smart and lovely girl.

She sang very well, and no wonder she is Mr.

Zhang and Miss Zis daughter.

She is truly excellent.”

“Of course.” Zhang Han smiled while looking at Mengmeng proudly.

In the eyes of a father, of course, his daughter was the best.

Secretary Liu was good at making friends.

He only said what he should say and what Zhang Han would like to hear, not nonsense; Zhang Han felt good about this.

“Ah, Director Rong…” Secretary Liu wanted to say something to Rong Yong.

However, before Rong Yong could answer him…

Rong Zhenmao replied in a hurry, “Im here.”

“You” Secretary Liu paused and turned to look at Rong Zhenmao, “Zhenmao Im sorry that I didnt notice you.

Im talking with Rong Yong.”


Rong Zhenxing, Wang Sibei and Rong Zhenmaos faces showed their astonishment.

“Bureau Chief!”

“Rong Yong is really a Bureau Chief now!”


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