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Chapter 594 The Divine Realm

The blade was more than a hundred meters long and covered almost the whole sky.

It wasnt just a single flaming wave, it was a large-scale red burning glow.

It cut at Zhang Han horizontally like a crescent moon.

This glow was Gu Donglais strong spiritual force combined with the power of the Roaring Flame Saber.

The fire element inside the saber seemed to have condensed.

The intensity of its power shocked everyone that was watching.

“That strike is absolutely above the Divine Realm!”

Jin Mus eyes were radiating.

He was so excited as he said, “That strike is powerful enough to kill Zhang Hanyang!”

Those words slipped out of his mouth very fast, and the change happened even faster.

Zhang Han had no change of expression on his face when he saw the strike, except for his eyes, which had shimmered within that moment.

“Thats more like it.”

The power of that strike had finally reached the Divine Realm.

“The strike is powerful, indeed, but the move was too stupid.”

The intensity and destructive power of the strike were enough, but there was one crucial part that was missing, which was to aim at the enemy.

That strike could bring great damage to ordinary people or martial artists under the Grand Master level, but it might not work out when the opponent could move swiftly.

Divine Walking Trick, Shadow!

The blade was getting closer and closer to Zhang Han.

He sneered calmly and his eyes flashed.

His right hand raised to his chest and he stretched his middle finger and index finger to cast the spell of Divine Walking Trick, Shadow!


Under everybodys watch, Zhang Hans body shook and divided into two duplicates.

Then the two duplicates divided into four… Finally, there were at least a hundred of them.

Each duplication seemed so real, as if they were the real person.

But at the same time, they contained no special aura, or at least not enough for Gu Donglai to detect.

Those duplicates had already outstretched the length of the blade.

All the onlookers were shocked.

“What spell is this”

“Thats unreasonable… No way!” Jin Mu cried out and looked so scared.

“I once met a Grand Master that specialized in duplications, but he could only create eight duplications at one time.

How could Zhang Yang have hundreds of duplications at the same time Hows that possible

“Thats horrifying.

I thought Zhang Hanyangs trump cards were those palm pressing and sword skills.

How is it that he has also mastered the duplication skills”

Many martial artists at the foot of the hill had seen what just happened as well.

They had missed some of the details because they were too far away, but they were still greatly shocked.

“What happened Why did so many people suddenly pop out of nowhere and wearing the same clothes”

“Isnt that the duplication skill See that shining blade Its so powerful! I cant breathe!”


Those onlookers were way less powerful than the two, so they dared not to go forward for a closer look.

They just wanted to watch them from a distance and enjoy the big show.

They were eager to see how damaging the fight could be and who would be the winner.

When they saw the blade slash toward Zhang Hanyang, their hearts jumped in their throats.

The strike shocked everybody, but the one who had made the strike, Gu Donglai, was hesitating.

That strike was called Water-cutting Saber, which could be extremely powerful.

When combined with the Roaring Flame Saber, it could reach the level of a Divine Realm strike.

It could cover a wide range, but Zhang Han had too many duplications.

Gu Donglais eyes narrowed.

He wanted to make that strike by thrusting his Roaring Flame Saber forward.

The huge blade immediately broke into pieces and burned into flames, trying to set all those duplications on fire.

“I dont think you can maintain so many duplicates while casting spells to counter my Water-cutting Saber!” Gu Donglai yelled.

Zhang Han wasnt going to block that strike at all.

Four Symbols Formation, the Soaring Dragon!

Zhang Hans duplications disappeared.

His real body summoned the 18 cards again and got in formation led by the Dragon Card.


Everyone on Jinsha Island heard the loud and heavy sound of some wave coming from heaven above.

Out of the flames in heaven, a blue light showed up, and within five seconds, it covered the flames like an ocean.

Gu Donglai was still very powerful, and that strike had reached the level of the Divine Realm.

It only took that fire two seconds to break the lock-down of the ocean and formed a huge blade again.

However, the length of the blade fell shorter than 30 meters, and the power was lower than the level of the Divine Realm.

When faced with the attack, Zhang Han pulled out his Demon Dancing Sword and lightly waved a black blade out to counter Gu Donglais strike.


Seeing Zhang Hanyang using his Demon Dancing Sword, Mu Xue snorted and yelled to Gu Donglai.

“Gu Donglai! Just kill him and get my Demon Dancing Sword back!”

Gu Donglai turned around and looked at her.

He would just ignore it if it was someone else yelling, but given Mu Xues family background, he had to reply to her.

“As you wish!”

He instantly raised the Roaring Flame Saber in his hand.

The spiritual force in his body was going wild, but this time, Zhang Han was the faster one.

“Qing Ming Steal!”


A complex mark materialized 50 meters above Gu Donglais head.

When the mark was shining, Gu Donglai felt that his soul had been shaken.

“Four Symbols Formation, Flood Dragon!”

Zhang Hans eyes flashed as the Four Symbols Formation came out.

“Dark Sea Seal!”

The Profound energy of the seal merged into the Four Symbols Formation.

The formation was thus enhanced.

But this was just the beginning.

Zhang Hans left hand moved forward and slowly grabbed.

“Hand of Earth Killing Intent!”

The moment he moved his left hand, his right hand pressed down from above.

“Star Palm!”


A light-black palm illusion emerged on Gu Donglais left side.

The illusion was more than 30 meters tall, grabbing at him horizontally.

The Star Palm had absorbed the power of galaxies.

It formed up above Gu Donglais head and grew into a 60-meter hand.

Then the giant hand slapped down heavily.

“Frozen Sword from Heaven!”

Zhang Hans eyes narrowed.

He waved his sword and performed his last strike.

These were the moves that Zhang Han used commonly.

It only took him three seconds to start from the first move and finish the Frozen Sword.

Three seconds was long enough for a martial artist to finish making those moves.

That also indicated Zhang Hans maturity in mastering those skills.

This scene stunned many people.

They didnt know what to say, especially Jin Mu and his fellows.

“How many skills has he learned” Jin Mu murmured to himself.

“His understanding of skills is beyond our imagination.”

Wang Zhanpeng, Zhao Feng, and others were pleasantly surprised.

“Master is really powerful! Hes invincible!”

“Han… is so formidable.”

On the other side of the island, Ye Longyuan and Shi Fenghou grew grim.

They could be as powerful as Zhang Hanyang if they tried their best, but they would never be able to do it so easily.

They were shocked to see how simple it was for Zhang Hanyang to achieve that.

“I really didnt expect such a talent to appear in this world.”

The most shocked one was Mu Xue.

She looked up at the bright blade falling from heaven above.

The smiled on her face disappeared.

Nobody could tell what was in her mind through her narrowed eyes, and nobody knew how shocked she was at this moment.

“How is this possible

“How could he use 80% of the energy of the Demon Dancing Sword

“Who on earth is he”

At this moment, everyone elses facial expression had changed, including Gu Donglai.

So many different moves from Zhang Hanyang was giving Gu Donglai a headache.

“Water-cutting Slash!

“Tripe Cuts!

“Burning Evil Stars!”


Gu Donglai immediately waved the Roaring Flame Saber.

The saber cut the Hand of Earth Killing Intent and blocked the Star Palm, and then it broke the Four Symbols Formation.

It also cut open the Qing Ming Steal in heaven, but the light of the Qing Ming Steal was still there.

Gu Donglai could feel that his soul had been struck.


Later on, he felt coldness crawling over him.


Gu Donglai raised his head hastily as he realized that.

He didnt notice that the coldness was given out by a blade above his head.

“Water-cutting Saber!”

As he waved out his sword, flaming waves rose up.

Just at this moment…


Qing Ming Steal suddenly gathered and gave out a dazzling light.


Gu Donglai suddenly screamed.

He felt a sharp pain on his neck.

He had made a mistake when performing the Water-cutting Saber.

The cold Frozen Sword was about to fall on his neck.


Gu Donglai looked horrified and exclaimed.

Then he raised the sword above his head to block the Frozen Sword.


After the huge noise came out, the blade broke Gu Donglais defense and devoured his body.

His bones were cracking and he puked up some blood.

Some of the residual power of the blade fell on the top of the hill.


The power blasted the place like a destructive bomb, bringing out storms that blew dust into the sky.

This scene completely stunned others.

It also made Jin Mu and his fellows tremble with fear.

“Grand Master Gu… has been cut”

“How could it be How could Zhang Hanyang be so powerful”

“Damn, the Gu Family is finished.”

Just when they are so disappointed…

An astonishing wave of energy emerged on the foggy hilltop.

It was like a volcanic eruption that spread out its power to all directions.

For the first time, the expressions on the faces of Lei Tiannan and others had changed.

They took a look at each other and saw the horror in their eyes.

“Is it because…”

Just when the horrifying idea came to their mind, a noise suddenly came over.

Suddenly, Gu Donglais figure jumped out of the fog.

He floated in the air for a moment and then rocketed up.

The pressure he gave out was rising.

Other onlookers felt it too strong to bear.

“God, its the Divine Realm!”

Jin Mu and his fellows seemed so happy.

“Zhang Hanyang, I should thank you this time for having helped me reach the Divine Realm with your seal attack.

“The Divine Realm turns out to be so wonderful.

I never knew which way I would be promoted until now.

Zhang Hanyang, youll never have the chance to feel how powerful the Divine Realm is.

All the energy of heaven and earth is under my control, and the whole world is under my feet.

I can feel the life and death of everyone on this island.

I can kill them by moving my mind.

I can even crush the whole island if I wanted to…

“Let alone crush you, Zhang Hanyang.”

Gu Donglai stretched out his arms and seemed so obsessed with himself.

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