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Chapter 595 The Incantation That Could Kill

At this moment, Gu Donglai was like a god descending to this world.

His arms were spread out to both sides.

He didnt even need to hold the Roaring Flame Saber in his hand.

The divine weapon was floating around his body.

He was enjoying the feeling of having reached the Divine Realm.

This feeling of control was so mesmerizing.

That scene shocked quite a few people around him.

Judging by his powerful aura, he had already advanced into the Divine Realm!

He was now one of the most powerful martial artists in the martial arts world.

In the world today, there were still a few people at the peak of the Grand Master Realm, but there were very few God State Strongs.

Gu Donglai just advanced into the Divine Realm under their watch.

That was so shocking and formidable.

Of course, some people were happy about it while some were anxious.

Jin Mu and another nearly 20 Grand Master Strongs were the representatives of the large group of forces attached to the Gu Family.

Now, those people were extremely thrilled.

“He made a breakthrough! Hell definitely be the winner!”

“Grand Master Gu… no, maybe we should call him Immortal Gu! He has advanced into the Divine Realm.

Zhang Hanyang will definitely die today!”

“Dont be happy too soon!” Jin Mus eyes were cold and he said slowly.

“You should know that Zhang Hanyang can easily break the sound barrier.

Itll be a pity if Mr.

Gu lets him escape.

In that case, we should try to stall Zhang Hanyang for a few seconds.”

“Youre right, then we…”

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

More than 10 people moved and surrounded the battleground in order to stop Zhang Han from running away.

On the other side, Lei Tiannan, Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanhong, and Mo Chengfeng frowned when they saw those people moving.

Then they also made their move and confronted those people.

They also knew that they couldnt defeat those people, but at least they could stall them for a few seconds.

At the same time, they kept a close watch on Gu Donglai.

They would follow Zhang Han immediately if he wanted to escape, or Gu Donglai might kill them to vent his anger.

In fact, they were also under quite a lot of pressure, especially Wang Zhanhong, who had not reached the middle stage yet.

However, something surprising happened in the next moment.

“Are we competing with each other in numbers”


Those words were like a tossed stone that created a thousand ripples.

On the mountainside, at a place that was hundreds of meters lower than those people standing in the sky, many Wu Dao Grand Masters jumped out of the crowd one after another.

They were people brought by Gai Xingkong.

They were hidden in the corners and were on guard against this kind of situation.

As they joined the fight, those people out of the battlefield also pulled out their swords and got ready for a fight.

At this time, Gu Donglais eyes moved and saw Lei Tiannan and others.

Then he said, “Zhang Hanyang, it seems that you have a lot of people to accompany you on your way to hell.”

Many peoples facial expressions changed when they heard what Gu Donglai said.

That was a threat from a God State Strong!

They wonder how powerful a God State Strong with a divine weapon in his hand could be.

Those people werent that close to Zhang Hanyang, and they were reconsidering if it was really worth it to fight so hard for him.

The answer might be negative, and they would escape, which was totally understandable.

But that didnt happen.

Because they still had a trump card, a powerful helper, North Tiger Gai Xing Kong.

“Oh, really”

Zhang Han looked at Gu Donglai and felt that it was so funny that the guy was calling himself a God State Strong.

“The Divine Realm Youre barely a dabbler.

Now that you think youre invincible, you should try to take a strike from me.”

In the eyes of others, Zhang Han with his sword seemed to be dancing in the wind, and his sword was a rainbow that lit up the sky.

The Shadow Sword!

Zhang Hans eyes sparkled, and the spiritual force in his body was running wildly.

He held the Demon Dancing Sword in his right hand and wielded the sword horizontally.


The sword buzzed as if it were humming.

Eight illusional blades, stretching more than 10 meters long, formed up and pointed at Gu Donglai from all directions.

Those blades fell on Gu Donglai from all directions.

Those people fighting with each other on the hill stopped to take a few steps back.

They opened their eyes widely to watch what was happening up there.

Seeing those blades, Gu Donglai suddenly laughed out loud.

“Zhang Hanyang, you are just being stubborn.

That move of yours couldnt even pull my hair out! Now take my Water-cutting Saber!”


A huge wave of fire swept toward those blades and swallowed all of them instantly.

“I can control the whole world now.

Your move has little effect on me.

Zhang Hanyang, do you know why I chose to fight with you on Jinsha Island”

Gu Donglai suddenly slapped on the top of the hill with both his hands.


A deep sound came from the depths of the mountain, and many people even felt Jinsha Island tremble.

“Because this place is where I comprehended the Roaring Flame Sabermanship.

This is a place full of fire elemental essence because of the lava under the hill.

I can manipulate all the fire elemental essence here if I need it!”


Following his words, two balls of flame appeared 10 meters away on both sides of his hands and instantly turned into a huge 10-foot-wide flame.

At this moment, all the people on Jinsha Island felt hot and dry, and even the emerald green trees were a little withered.

They all believed Gu Donglai, and assumed that there was lava under the island.

The fire element was active here.

Zhang Han felt the hot air and sniffed.

Then he was surprised.

“Land of Extreme Yang”

Last time he got the Jinchuan Fog, Zhang Han tried to guess the location of Land of Extreme Yang, but he had never imagined that the place would be within Lin Hai City!

“He thinks the Land of Extreme Yang is just some lava and a volcanic crater”

“Zhang Hanyang, to thank you for helping me advanced into the Divine Realm, Ill kill you with my strongest strike!”

Gu Donglai sneered and kept controlling the energy with his hands.

The wisps of fire elemental essence continued to gather, causing the fireballs on both his hands to grow and give off frightening pressure.

“Oops! Han, run!”

Wang Zhanpengs face changed drastically and he cried out.

“Where theres life, theres hope!” Mo Chengfeng reminded Zhang Han.

He looked grave.

Just then, Jin Mu and other people looked at each other and made their move.

“Lets go!”

They moved and rushed forward.

“Youre not going anywhere!”

Lei Tiannan and others also attacked, but their strikes either missed the target or were blocked.

They kept pushing forward, and when they reached the battlefield, they saw Zhang Han still standing there.

So he stopped to step back, not knowing what to do.

This was not the right time to take a risk.

Jin Mu and other people sneered and entered the battlefield.

They tried to stop Zhang Han from retreating in all directions.


The voice sounded anxious and angry.

Zhang Han turned around and smiled at Rong Jiaxin.

When he looked back, he looked extremely calm.

His eyes showed indifference.

Above the top of the hill, his hair was fluttering with the wind.

A mysterious aura was spreading in the air.

While Gu Donglai was preparing for the strike, Zhang Hans right palm reached out and his eyes flashed.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!”

Beams of light shot up from the top of the hill one after another.

Zhang Hans cards slowly rose up to heaven one after another.

Those were Zhang Hans 18 cards!

Many onlookers were so confused because they didnt know when Zhang Han had cast the spell to summon those cards.

There were pieces of jade floating around the cards.

Those jade pieces rose up more than 20 meters and cracked into pieces.

That was one of the Four Symbols, the heaven-shaking Black Tortoise.

A pale golden ripple spread around Gu Donglai.

Suddenly, the Demon Dancing Sword in Zhang Hans hand and the Golden Armor he wore flew forward and landed right on the formation eye.

Three fourth-stage spirit treasures assisted the cards to build the Four Symbols Formation.

The formation was now unprecedentedly powerful!

“Zhang Hanyang, you are so naive! Do you think you can stop me with that”

Gu Donglai was laughing at the formation.

“Its enough to stall you for a few seconds.”

Zhang Han had an amused sneer at the corner of his mouth.

Soon, his eyes glared like the dazzling sun!


As the chilling breath spread out, Zhang Han floated up more than 30 meters.

He clapped his hands in front of his chest and cast a spell.

His low, ancient, and coarse chanting sounded so heavenly.

“The souls heading to the dark underworld, where the most powerful spirits reside.

“The netherworld is expecting death.

The cold sun shone upon the gloomy stars.


As he chanted, Zhang Han narrowed his eyes and murmured in a low and vague voice.

“The incantation!”

All the onlookers were aware of it.

Even Gu Donglai had frowned.

His two fireballs rose up to a hundred feet and merged together.

He opened his mouth and was about to say something.


In his mind, he felt the spiritual consciousness that suddenly emerged from Zhang Hans body.

It felt as vast as the ocean.


Gu Donglais pupils constricted.

“How is this possible Have you reached the Divine Realm, too”


As soon as he finished speaking, a dark cloud popped out above their heads from nowhere!

The dark cloud then expanded to hundreds of meters across above their heads, which looked so scary.

Especially to Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou, and Mu Xue.

They couldnt help stepping back dozens of meters.

They looked at the abnormal phenomenon going on above them, and they were so horrified.

“Its this incantation again!”

“Is he a Grand Master of incantation”

The three hated it so much when the annoying mark showed up on their forehead every month.

Many more martial artists had witnessed the scene as well.

They didnt know what it was and couldnt understand it, but they could vaguely hear the voice come down from heaven.

“Soul-devouring Yama Incantation!”


Zhang Han suddenly opened his eyes, which flashed with some green lights.

The black cloud above began to rotate.

Zhang Han looked at Gu Donglai and reached out his right hand.

“You think the Divine Realm is strong and invincible, but I dont really give a damn.”

At this moment, the black cloud suddenly fell down on Gu Donglai.

Gu Donglai was indeed powerful, but that cloud fell on him like a mountain.

He could hardly breathe.

“Its impossible! Its impossible!”

Gu Donglais eyes had been overcome with fear.

He had just advanced into the Divine Realm and had just learned how to control the soul sense.

He was astonished to find that Zhang Han was controlling the soul sense like a real Wu Dao Grand Master.

“Help me break the formation!”

At the critical moment, Gu Donglai turned around and looked at Jin Mu and the others.

Then he yelled out.

These people hastily ran their spiritual force and merged it into the two fireballs.

Gu Donglai waved his hand, and a fireball divided into two; one of them flew into the fire wave and the other merged into the Roaring Flame Saber.

Then he waved out his unprecedentedly powerful Water-cutting Saber.


After a muffled sound, the Four Symbols Formation dissipated within five seconds.

The strike had been countered.

The other fireball turned into a light wave and surrounded the other side.

More than 20 people were maintaining the light wave to protect themselves.

Gu Donglai was suddenly scared.

He could feel that strike from Zhang Han had gone beyond a God State Strongs reach.

And he was right.

The spiritual consciousness of Zhang Hans 4,000 clouds was indeed more powerful than that of any martial artist that was in the Divine Realm.

However, since he had not broken through to the Innateness Realm, his soul sense was greatly restricted.

Therefore, he could only perform a smattering of the Soul-devouring Yama Incantation.

But it was still powerful enough to kill a martial artist like Gu Donglai.

“Have you reached the Divine Realm” Gu Donglai seemed very aggressive outward, but inside, he was trembling.

“No, I havent,” answered Zhang Han, shaking his head.

Then, he said something that made Gu Donglais face turn pale.

“But I can kill whoever is in the Divine Realm!”

“Thats impossible! You cant kill me!”

Gu Donglai almost lost his mind.

He held the Roaring Flame Saber in his hand and hacked again and again!

The saber shined out dazzling lights.

At the same time, Zhang Han played his trump card.


Suddenly, Zhang Hans eyes stopped moving.

Those dark clouds moved forward and formed a circle!

The clouds spread over the flame shield, with the energy of the incantation falling down.


Jin Mu and other people groaned when Zhang Han cast the spell.

Gu Donglai could feel their souls were being sucked out and turned into energy.

The energy surrounded the scared Gu Donglai and started to gather on his forehead, pouring into his newly formed soul sense sea!

“Ill let you know what the real Divine Realm is like!”

Zhang Han spoke calmly and keep gathering the spiritual sense energy.

At this moment, other people could see that the battlefield above the island had been fully covered by the dark clouds.

The black clouds were giving out devastating pressure.

Ye Longyuan would explore the dark fog in the front if it was normal fog.

But all of them looked so pale then.

Using the secret method, he suddenly found out that it was not a black fog!

They were all formed by the spiritual sense mind trick!

“What kind of skill is that Zhang Hanyangs trump cards… seem to be a bit too many,” said Shi Fenghou with a grim look.

He had no idea that Zhang Han was actually playing his real trump card.

Zhang Han knew many other skills, but his most powerful trump card was the Ten Inches Dantian and the mutant soul sense sea.

“The immense energy must be from his incarnation.

I am impressed.” Ye Longyuans eyebrows furrowed tightly.

He seemed a little anxious.

“Its over!”

Mu Xue carried his dissatisfactory in her words.

She said, “That old man just cant do anything right.

Can he survive this strike If he can, he may still stand a chance to beat Zhang Hanyang.”

As soon as she finished speaking…

Zhang Hanyang burst into laughter in the black fog.

“Hahaha! Im invincible! Ive reached the Divine Realm! Theres no way that you can kill me!”

Upon hearing this, everyones expression changed.

They thought that Gu Donglai was going to change the situation.

Lei Tiannan, Wang Zhanpeng, Rong Jiaxin, and many other people looked so concerned.

But later, the words coming out of the black mist made them so confused.

From the dark mist came Gu Donglais voice.

“Thats not right! This is the real Divine Realm! I was one step away from it! I was one step away from it!”

“Phew… Thats great.

The real Divine Realm.

Its so powerful.

Im now in charge of the whole world!”

“No! Thats enough, thats enough! Zhang Hanyang, stop! Thats enough!”

“Stop, stop! Ah! Zhang Hanyang, stop! Im willing to be your slave forever! Just stop!”

At the same time, a calm voice came out of the fog.

“I dont need a slave.”

“Zhang Hanyang!” Gu Donglai shouted.

“Just stop!”


Everyone felt a strong wind come out of the black fog.

The edge of the black fog slowly dissipated and Gu Donglais voice vanished.

People had to narrow their eyes against the strong wind.

They couldnt move their eyes away from the dark clouds in front of them.

One second, two seconds… 10 seconds…

The black fog dispersed!

The fog went away, just like how Gu Donglai parted the fog with his saber on Mount Donglai.

30 seconds later, the fog gradually went away.

Many peoples faces paled when they saw the scene.

There was only one person on the battlefield.

Only Zhang Hanyang was there.

They wondered if Gu Donglai was dead.

They looked around, but Gu Donglai was nowhere to be found.

The earth on the top of the hill had been exposed.

The hill now looked like a bald head.

Ye Longyuans expression was a little stiff.

He actually felt quite panicked.

They were so curious about how Zhang Hanyang had killed Gu Donglai.

They were wondering if Gu Donglai really had reached the Divine Realm.

“Well, well, well! Zhang Hanyang, you are very powerful! But the more powerful you are, the more I want to kill you! Ill come back to you as soon as I reach the real Divine Realm!”

Ye Longyuan seemed not to be afraid of Zhang Han at all.

He looked at Zhang Han arrogantly, and then he flew down the hill.

Those people around Ye Longyuan were startled by his move.

They also rushed away in a hurry.

Zhang Han was speechless because sometimes Ye Longyuans actions were so curious.

Zhang Han wouldnt mind keeping Ye Longyuan here if he still had enough spiritual sense energy.

“Ha!” Shi Fenghou sneered as usual.

A pair of transparent wings grew out on his back.

He turned away like a gust of wind.

Nobody knew who he was sneering at; it might have been Gu Donglai, Ye Longyuan, or even Zhang Han.

No one really knew the meaning of Shi Fenghous usual sneer.


Mu Xue looked around and found that the Demon Dancing Sword, Golden Armor, and the divine weapon, Roaring Flame Saber, were all gone.

Zhang Han must have put them away.

So Mu Xue snorted and said, “Zhang Hanyang, after I advance into the next realm, Ill get my sword back and take the Roaring Flame Saber as interest!”

After saying that, Mu Xue also left with her two maids.

There were dozens of people standing on the hill, some of which were powerhouses from other countries.

They were all staring at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han slowly landed on the ground from 10 meters above.



“Second Brother!”

Lei Tiannan was so thrilled that he called Zhang Han “brother”.

Lots of people around them heard that and looked at him.

Zhang Han felt joyful and a little embarrassed.

“Well… or I should call you director or boss,” said Lei Tiannan, smiling awkwardly.

“Lets go.”

“Lets go inside,” said Zhang Han as he led the way down the hill to the beach.

He felt a bit weak at this moment, and he could really use some time to recover.

He was temporarily safe in Lin Hai City now, and he could get recovered after a few days rest because this was a Land of Extreme Yang.

Zhang Han still wanted to take away the treasure hidden in it.

Other people watched them going down the mountain.

Halfway down, a woman in tight leather clothes blocked their way.

It was Vermilion Bird Jiang Yanlan.

She looked at Zhang Han with a complicated expression and said, “Your fight… has accidentally killed half of the martial artists of Lin Hai City!”

“They deserve it,” Mo Chengfeng replied to her.

He knew that Zhang Han tended to spoil the woman.

Jiang Yanlan glanced at him, and then she looked at Zhang Han and sighed.

“I was indeed happy to see you win, but it had cost too much.

Five minutes ago, I was told that the top of Mount Donglai had been smashed by a spear, which caused a serious mudslide, now the Gu Familys house has been buried!

“Nobody in Lin Hai City will offend you again, so…”

After a moment of hesitation, she moved her lips and talked to Zhang Han using telepathy.


Zhang Han nodded calmly.

Jiang Yanlan stepped aside and watched Zhang Han and his companions go down the mountain.


Jiang Yanlan sighed again.

Jin Mu and other people were from more than 10 different influential families or clans, and she never expected that she would have to beg for Zhang Hans mercy for them.

She then took out a gorgeous phone and dialed a number.

“Hello Zhang Hanyang is the winner… He killed Gu Donglai, and the latter one had advanced into the Divine Realm…”

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