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Chapter 597 Like Someone Elses Home

In a courtyard within the scope of Second Ring Road in Shang Jing…

An old man in a light-colored robe with half-white hair and an inch-long white beard was sitting at a tea table under a Sophora tree.

His right hand was holding a fan that looked ordinary, and he was gently waving it.

On the opposite side of him sat a middle-aged man, dressed in dirty black clothes, with some dust on them.

His hair was black, long, and dirty, which made him more like a beggar.

His eyes were always shining with blurry light, as if he was drunk and not awake.

His facial expression was frivolous and casual, with a mysterious smile at the corner of his mouth.

This middle-aged man looked like the kind of man who was once rich and young.

Though he was down, he was still rebellious.

They both sat at the tea table, but the old man drank tea and the middle-aged man drank wine!

Next to them was a well-dressed man, over half a hundred years old, who was reporting some news with great respect.

In fact, the old man in the suit was famous in Shang Jing City and could shake the whole city with his own strength.

But why was he so respectful at this time

The two men sitting in front of him were too strong!

After the old man in the suit finished reporting, he bowed and left.

The old tea drinker paused his hand.

His calm face changed slightly as he smiled softly and said, “Gu Donglai was killed by Zhang Hanyang after he reached the Divine Realm.

It seems that Zhang Hanyang knows a lot of things.

Incantation is not something that ordinary martial artists can play with.”

“All right.” The slovenly middle-aged man in front of him slanted his mouth and said, “He killed not only Gu Donglai, but also many promising young men in dozens of other forces, including the Jin and Mu families.

And those poor boys were also stupid, who kept rushing forward after knowing that the other side was Zhang Hanyang.

It was so stupid.

I didnt expect that Gai Xing Kong would come here to help Zhang Hanyang.

He hurt Zhang Guangyou in the beginning, and now he helps his son, which is really like what I said before.

There must be something fishy in the relationship between Gai Xing Kong and Zhang Guangyou.”

The old man in the long gown shook his head and said slowly, “Whether something is true or not is only the result of your own judgment.”

“Why Elder Chen, have you got any other news about them”

“Youll know it later.” The old man didnt answer him directly.

The slovenly middle-aged man hummed, “Zhang Hanyang has greatly weakened the martial arts world in Lin Hai, and the Zhang Family is busy with that thing recently.

Perhaps he will return to Shang Jing.

Ill leave for Russia tomorrow, and if I cant go back in time, you shall pay attention to that boy and stop him from destroying the whole Shang Jing City.”

“Hahaha.” The aged man smiled.

“Even if both you and I are not in Shang Jing, he wont destroy the city.”

“Oh! How can you pretend to be stupid, Elder Chen!” The slovenly middle-aged man said angrily, “Zhang Hanyang is Zhang Han.

There are too few people who know the news, not to mention the Zhang Family and the other families.

Zhang Han will definitely show his attitude to the Zhang Family when he returns.

Its okay for him to kill those arrogant and ignorant young men, but if he does too much, you know what I mean.

Now this boy is a member of the National Security Agency.”

“There are very few people who can gain your favor, Tianlang.” The old man nodded.

“There are some things I must do without your warning.”

“Alas.” The middle-aged man drank up a glass of wine and then said, “I also know that though he is now working for the National Security Agency, he will definitely leave in the future.

I really cherish his relationship with us.

In fact, I also want to see if he can grow into the person who can turn the situation of the Heavenly Knights Sect around!”

“Oh” The old mans eyes flickered.

“Your evaluation of him seems to be very high.”

“No, he deserves my evaluation.

Im not bragging,” said the middle-aged man, curling his lips.

“Even your grandson may not be able to defeat him!”

“They may not… fight.”

“Youre always thinking about fighting.

I hate talking to you!” The middle-aged man finally drank up a glass of wine and said, “Im leaving!”

His figure flickered, just as the TV screen suddenly flickered, and then disappeared.

This mysterious person was Ye Tianlang, the head of the National Security Agency.

The old man surnamed Chen who could drink at the same table with him was the Warlord of the Chan Clan.

Even Ye Tianlang and the Warlord of the Chan Clan had paid attention to this matter.

It could be imagined that the whole martial arts world would gradually be swept by this appalling news.

Such an earth-shaking event happening at the beginning of the year was regarded as a sign because the gate of the worldlet would open this year.

It was nearly three oclock this afternoon.

Zhang Hans motorcade drove back to the Rong Family.

Everyone in the Rong Family was very busy now, especially those in Zhang Hans villa.

Gai Rulong and eight Grand Master Strongs were standing in front of the door, chatting.

In the pavilion on the right, Zi Yan, Mengmeng, Wang Ya, Zhou Fei, and Rong Shengs sons, Rong Han and Rong Nan, were all sitting there.

The most eye-catching picture was that Gai Xingkong was sitting next to Mengmeng, playing with her happily.

The battle of the day was perfectly arranged, especially with their well-planned defense, which was made by Gai Xingkong and his men staying in the villa.

It seemed that only Lei Tiannan and several other martial artists were following Zhang Han, but in fact, there were more than a dozen martial artists protecting him secretly.

This was mainly because Gai Xingkong had a better understanding of the background of Gu Donglai, who would do everything he could to achieve his goal.

Therefore, it was necessary for Zhang Han to take precautions.

After dealing with the martial artists led by Wuqi, Gai Xingkong went to Mount Donglai alone.

Shortly after he came back, he sat here to amuse Mengmeng.

However, childrens thoughts were always simple and unique, and Gai Xingkong couldnt even keep up with Mengmengs ideas.

“Mama, when will Papa come back” Mengmeng played for a while, then looked up and asked Zi Yan.

She had asked many times.

“Hell be back soon.” Zi Yan pursed her mouth, blinked her beautiful big eyes, and looked out of the front yard.

As soon as she had finished speaking, she saw a Bentley coming.

“He is back.” Everyone present moved.

Zi Yan also stood up for the first time and took a few steps forward.

“Im going down, too.” Mengmeng looked at the chair, turned around, and climbed down it slowly.

Then she ran happily to Zi Yans long legs and reached out her small hand to grasp her slender palm.

Under their gaze, a long motorcade line stopped in the parking space outside the yard.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

A lot of people got out of the cars amidst the sound of doors opening and closing.

Mengmengs big bright eyes were very sharp.

At a glance, she saw Zhang Han on the left.

“Wow! PaPa is back! PaPa!”

Mengmeng released Zi Yans palm and ran forward.

Looking at Mengmeng and Zhang Han, Zi Yan relaxed completely.

She smiled and followed Mengmeng to the side of the gate.

Zhang Han became soft upon seeing them.

This kind of change made the people around him who saw his fight before feel a little shocked.

Perhaps this was the father, the husband, the love.

Before, he was just like a king in the battle, and in an instant, he became a gentle ordinary man.

As a young man who was only 27 years old, he was expected to be as arrogant as Ye Longyuan with his amazing strength.

But he kept calm and modest, as if he didnt care about anything else except for his family.

It was precisely because of this type of mind that his charm seemed to have a kind of magic, which was very attractive.

Seeing his little princess, Zhang Han quickened his pace.

“PaPa!” Mengmeng stretched out her little arms when she saw Zhang Han approaching.

“Im back.” Zhang Han chuckled and held the little girl in his arms.

“Mwah!” Mengmeng reached out and kissed Zhang Hans left cheek, then raised her small head and mumbled, “PaPa, why are you so late I missed you.”

“Daddy missed you too.

Look, what did daddy bring you” Zhang Han chuckled.

When he took something out of his back with his right hand, Mengmengs eyes lit up.

“Wow, ice cream.”

“Go enjoy it.” Zhang Han put Mengmeng on the ground, opened the ice cream box, and Mengmeng began eating happily.

Zi Yan stood aside with a smile.

After appeasing Mengmeng, Zhang Han would let her wait for a moment.

Looking at the beauty in front of him, Zhang Han reached out and hugged her gently.

To Zhang Hans surprise, Zi Yan stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the right cheek.


“She is braver than before!”

“Lets go over there and sit down.” Zhang Han looked at Gai Xingkong, who was sitting at the table in the pavilion, and took the lead to head there.

On the way, Gai Rulong and others looked at Zhang Han with great admiration.

“The young man has just killed a martial artist in the Divine Realm!”

One of the most confused and surprised ones was Rong Changjiang, who had just reached the Middle-Stage.

He was carefully accompanying Zhang Han with dozens of martial artists in the Rong Family, full of shock.

“Wow… So many Grand Masters!”

“The legendary North Tiger Gai Xing Kong!”

“That is Mo Chengfeng of Hong Kong.

There are so many famous people and they are all at Grand Masters at the Late stage or Peak stage! Im afraid these people together can overturn the martial arts world in Lin Hai.”

“Its frightening.

Shall we go to say hello to them It feels like… its not our own home.”

Rong Changjiang and others stood aside nervously and uneasily, feeling like humble guests in someone elses home.

This mood soon affected Rong Zhenxing, the patriarch of the Rong Family, his younger brother Rong Zhenmao, Rong Fan, and Rong Jin.

They were going to celebrate in the evening.

Rong Changjiang thought about it and invited three famous chefs in Lin Hai City to prepare several tablefuls of rich dinner at five oclock in the afternoon.

When they came to the dining room for dinner…

The core members of the Rong Family were all sitting in the corner, because they were not powerful enough to be arranged in the main seats.

Besides, even if they were sitting in the middle, they wouldnt have any common language with the others.

“Its so horrible!”

They looked at Zhang Han, Zi Yan, and Mengmeng sitting in the main seats.

Rong Zhenxing and his followers had a complex feeling now.

When Zhang Han and his family came here at the beginning, they looked ordinary and were arranged in the corner.

Now their position had changed greatly after a few days, which was unbelievable.

At the same time, they realized how modest Zhang Han was.

Even though he was a powerful man.

Then it occurred to them that Zhang Han was Rong Jialis son.


“We must have a good relationship with him.”

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