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Chapter 598 Heaven-Earth Formation

The area of the Rong familys dining room was not large, and it was usually used by young members for dinner.

Sometimes, the elder generation would come to celebrate their birthdays or festivals.

They didnt expect that there would not be enough space in the dining room today.

Therefore, the Rong family could only send a few representative core members to accompany these guests.

Rong Yong and Rong Sheng, who had originally been marginalized, were now the most core family members.

Rong Yong, the second bureau chief in the Rong family, was at a much higher position now because of his being promoted in the Yilin Office.

Besides, both Rong Sheng and Jia Wei were promoted in the family company, and Rong Zhenxing would even appoint Rong Sheng as the chairman if he was capable.

In any case, he would soon become the chairman.

Rong Nan, Rong Han, and the young generation of the Rong family had never expected that Zhang Han would be so strong.

They were now in the square outside the dining room, chatting in groups while looking carefully at the inside of the room.

“There are so many people here! Ive just heard from my uncle that any one of them is very powerful, even better than the elder of the Rong family.”

“Really Are you sure that they are all so powerful”

“Of course its true.

Dont you see that our elder is very courteous and polite to them And the patriarch can only sit in the corner.

God, this is the first time in our dining room.”

“The most powerful is cousin Zhang Han!” Rong Han stretched out his tongue and said, “Look, my cousin and his family are sitting in the middle, and others are looking at them respectfully.”

“You dont understand after all.” One of the men, who was nearly 30 years old, looked at Zhang Han with admiration, and said to himself, “This man, who is as dazzling as the sun, is the super martial artist who just destroyed the Gu family!”

While many young people of the Rong family were waiting outside, the atmosphere inside was quite lively.

After more than two hours, everyone was no longer shocked and began to chat in groups.

However, they kept their attention on Zhang Han while chatting.

“Han, Yan, and Elder Yong, since we have dealt with the affairs here and there is nothing else to do, well go back to the northeast tomorrow morning,” after dinner, Gai Xingkong took a sip of wine and said.

“Youll leave tomorrow Why not stay here longer” Rong Changjiang felt depressed.

“As the host here, we havent treated you yet.”

“Nothing serious.

Well have another chance, and you can go to visit us in the northeast.” Gai Xingkong shook his hand.

“Okay.” Rong Changjiang smiled.

“Its settled.”

Rong Changjiang was also very happy to know Gai Xingkong, but the happiest thing for him was Zhang Hans return.

It was beyond his imagination that Rong Jiali should give birth to such a talent.

While looking at Zhang Han carefully, Rong Changjiang couldnt help smiling.

Although Zhang Han and the Rong family had some conflicts in the beginning, Rong Jialis role as a link was still very effective.

After Rong Jiali came back, the relationship between the two families could be more harmonious.

Rong Changjiang believed that he had got along well with Rong Jiaxin, Rong Jiali, and Rong Sheng, and he was very confident about their future relationship.

Zhang Han, after hearing Gai Xingkong words, said with a smile, “Uncle Gai, you can stay here for two more days, then Ill take you to a place.

Perhaps it will be unnecessary for you to go to the Heavenly Knights Sect after that.”

The Land of Extreme Yang was a treasure land, and the number of treasures there was certainly not small.

Moreover, Zhang Han thought about hundreds of Lands of Extreme Yang that he had been to, and he knew that there was a great possibility for them to get something there, which could help Gai Xingkong reach the Divine Realm.

The treasures in such a treasure land were beneficial for cultivators below the Elixir stage.

But there were many levels of treasure land, and Zhang Hans Treasure-sniffing Nose told him this was not a high-level treasure land when he was swimming around Jinsha Island.

Fortunately, Zhang Hans “high-level” had to be different from that of ordinary cultivators.

Hearing his words, the other people at the table all changed their expression.

“What did he mean”

While the others were confused, Gai Xingkong narrowed his eyes slightly in astonishment.

“Han, is that…”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.


Gai Xingkong was overjoyed.

“Okay, Ill stay here.

This… Thank you so much.”

“No, thank you so much.” Zhang Han shook his head.

Zhang Han appreciated that Gai Xingkong could bring his men here from the northeast.

Although they didnt say it clearly, many people with active minds understood it.

They were all cheered up.

Especially Gai Rulong, who couldnt help smiling happily.

“Second grandfather is finally going to break through! We are going to have a Divine Realm master in the Gai family.”

After Gai Xingkong said thanks, he kept silent for a few seconds and then asked in a low voice curiously, “Where will we go What I need is extremely…”

“If we can find that thing there, it will be enough for you.” Zhang Han smiled but didnt answer his question.

There were accidents in everything.

Thought they were sure to find treasures in the Land of Extreme Yang, and there was a great chance that they could get something to help Gai Xingkong advance to the Divine Realm, there was also a chance that they wouldnt find such treasures.

Therefore, Zhang Han did not give an accurate answer.

For him, this opportunity was worth waiting for a few days, which was not only good for Gai Xingkong, but also a way for Zhang Han to express his thanks.

Zhang Han didnt give a clear answer, which confused Gai Xingkong and many people.

Until eight oclock the next morning…

In all, more than 30 martial artists arrived at a port in the motorcade and got on a yacht.

Many of them were still in confusion.

“Han, are we going to Jinsha Island again” Wang Zhanpeng asked.

“Yes, I didnt observe it very carefully yesterday and plan to explore the island again.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

His soul sense and spiritual force were almost exhausted yesterday, and it was impossible for him to investigate the island carefully.

Last night, he spent several hours of romantic time with Zi Yan…

After that, Zhang Han took the two restorative pills given by Gai Xingkong, and recovered his full spirit overnight.

However, the distance between the clouds above Zhang Hans soul sense sea was hard to be increased again, which resulted in the continuous chaos made by Taiyi Wood Thunder.

Now Zhang Han could hear the noise within his body every few seconds!

If he didnt pay attention to the sound all the time, he might be shocked, but Zhang Hans cultivation foundation was so strong that the chaos was not worth mentioning.

However, although he didnt pay attention to the chaos in his body, he was struck several times by the thunder above his Soul Sense Sea when he was in bed with Zi Yan last night.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, the other martial artists were cheered up.

“Is there a wonderland (dongtian in Chinese) on Jinsha Island that we dont know about” Gai Xingkong asked in a hurry.

The others were also staring at Zhang Han, waiting for his answer.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han nodded.

When he was about to say something, Mengmeng raised her little head and asked curiously, “PaPa, is it winter (also dongtian in Chinese) here Is it going to snow”

Everyone present was slightly surprised, and then they were all amused.

“Its a wonderland, not winter.

Winter is the coldest of the four seasons of the year, and some places will have snow.

A secret space is, er…” Zhang Han pondered then continued, “A wonderland is usually beautiful, with fresh air and a nice environment.

Its a good place for human health, and you can also call it a blessed region.”

“Well…” Mengmeng was confused and stopped blinking her clear big eyes.

She was thinking about something.

After three seconds, the little girl asked, “Is our Xanadu a wonderland”

“Yes, you can call it that.” Zhang Han smiled.

“I see.” Mengmeng lowered her head, hummed, and mumbled vaguely, “My PaPa is the best…”

Zhang Han didnt know what she was talking about.

Perhaps she was on the stage of adoring her mom and dad as a child.

Seeing Mengmengs cute expression, the others all laughed and shook their heads.

Nearly an hour later, they arrived at Jinsha Island again.

The sky was clear, but on the side of Jinsha Island, there were a few small clouds above the island, as if interpreting what happened here yesterday.

“Were going to the beach.

Were going to surf,” seeing that she was going to get off the ship, Mengmeng said happily.

Seeing this, Zhang Han smiled and said, “Ill take you to surf later.

Now you can play with your mother on the beach for a while.”


They took speedboats to shore one after another, with many sunshades, reclining chairs, cold drinks, and beach toys carried by Zhao Feng.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, Wang Ya, Rong Han, Mengmeng, and Rong Jiaxin were all on the same side, along with Liang Hao and Liang Mengqi, as well as Ah Hu and Liu Jiaran, who were increasingly close to each other.

Most of them came to play and some to watch, but Zhang Han was the only one who did business here.

Seeing more people gathered on the other side, Wang Ming took a look at the top of the mountain and asked, “Shall we go up the mountain”

“No, were going diving!” Zhang Han looked at the sea and let his body fall into the water without splashing any waves.

What seemed weird to ordinary people was normal in the martial arts world.

A few people, such as Gai Xingkong, Gai Rulong, and Wang Zhanpeng, followed Zhang Han into the sea in turn.

Most of the others thought about it, not actively following them, but decided to wait here.

About 20 minutes later…

They were still looking at the sea, but Zhang Han and his men came out of the jungle at the foot of the mountain behind them.

Seeing them, the people waiting didnt speak, but waited for Zhang Hans conclusion.

Zhang Han stood by the sea, looking at the waves with a complicated expression.

He didnt say anything for a while.

10 seconds, 20 seconds… until three minutes passed… Then he turned back slowly.

“How is it” Gai Xingkong asked.

“I need some natural precious materials.

Eight Void Stone, 49 Hidden Spirit Stone, Blue Stone, Octahedral Stone…” Zhang Han made a list of nearly a thousand gemstones.

Among them, most were at the first level, a few were at the second level, and more than 50 were at the third level.

This cost was a little high.

Fortunately, Gai Xingkong got a lot of gems in the relics of Mount He Snow, which made the quantity they needed relatively small.

But everyone was curious about what Zhang Han wanted to do.

“Why do you need so many gemstones“ Gas Xingkong asked.

Wang Zhanpengs face changed as he said, “Are you going to make…”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

His eyes lit up as he replied slowly, “Heaven-earth Formation.”

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