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Chapter 60 – Making Dumplings

As they were talking, the restaurant welcomed another two groups of guests.

The first group was two men.

They entered the room and looked at them strangely, their hearts were shocked by the high membership price.

The second group was a woman in her thirties, carrying a bag.

Her expression was very calm, after entering the room, she sat at a table in the corner, and took out her phone to play with it.

Not even two minutes after them, Liang Mengqi and the other two arrived as scheduled.

“Ah!” Theres no space left! ” Entering the house, Liang Mengqi saw that there was no place left, so she looked at Zhang Han and asked: “Boss, theres no space left, what should we do “Or else …”

Liang Mengqi wanted to say, why dont we also sit at the dining table and eat

However, before she could finish speaking, Zhang Han had already answered: “Lets wait.”

“Huh” Liang Mengqis expression froze.

“Sigh, then lets wait a bit.

Next time, just come a little earlier.” Yu Qingqing shook her head and sighed.

“Ill go discuss it.” Liang Mengqi rolled her eyes, said something and then walked towards Zhang Han who was busy working in the kitchen.

“Noodle food Boss, whats so delicious about cooking at noon ” Liang Mengqi asked.

“Dumplings.” Zhang Han replied.

“I want to eat too.” Liang Mengqis eyes lit up.

“Mm, you have your share.” Zhang Han nodded.

Since the membership system was introduced, then Zhang Han would have more dishes in the future.

He did not doubt that these people would be picky about their food.

For example, Yu Qingqing did not like eating the leek.

It was easy to handle, but after tasting it, one would know that the Mount New Moon did not grow food that were picky.

What Allergy

Sorry, there was no allergy about the things that the Mount New Moon grew.

In other words, everything that was grown in the Mount New Moon was the best to fit peoples tastes.

What a joke, under the nourishment of spirit water, spirit earth, and thunder yang tree, how could the things have grown to be simple

“Boss, then … then where are we waiting Why dont we sit at the dining table as well Or the little table over here.

” Liang Mengqi pointed to the round table and chair to the right of the sofa.

“No.” Zhang Han immediately rejected her.

If they were allowed to sit here, then there would be more and more members in the future.

Could it be that everyone was sitting around in the house Zhang Han would not allow that to happen.

“Then what should we do, boss …” Liang Mengqis expression became bitter.

If it were any other time, if it were anyone else who repeatedly rejected Liang Mengqi like this, she would have already exploded.

Dont forget, Liang Mengqi was a purebred second-generation purebred!

Even though she is gentle, she still has a temper.

However, in this restaurant, no matter how rich, how temperamental, and how willful you are, you will always behave yourself, because if you arent obedient … There was no food.

Seeing that, Zhang Han muttered to himself, and Liang Mengqi felt that there was no chance for her to communicate with Zhang Han, so she looked at Mengmeng, and whispered in her heart:

“Humph!” A mean boss! If you dont agree, someone else will! ”

After a few days of interaction, Liang Mengqi and the others had found out about Zhang Hans lifeline!

Rather than trying to please him, it was better to satisfy Mengmeng.

If Mengmeng spoke up for her, the owner would not refuse!

As if Zhang Han had noticed her gaze and thoughts, he swept his eyes over the dining room, pointed to the two long cabinets outside the kitchen, and said: “Then you guys can throw those two cabinets out and go buy a few tables.

Consider them your fixed seats as members.”

“Huh” Liang Mengqi slightly froze for a moment, then said happily: “Alright, Qingqing, Sissy, come quickly.”

Liang Mengqi immediately waved her hands towards her two companions.

“Hehehehe, its done.

Lets throw these two cabinets away, then go buy tables and chairs.” Liang Mengqi said while laughing.

“Sure thing.” Zhao Dahu laughed, rolled up his sleeves and prepared to work.

The cabinet was two large ones.

One of them was about two meters long, and it was around forty centimeters wide.

Zhao Kai made this cabinet according to what he thought; it was used to store some ancient treasures.

However, before the antique had even been placed, the cabinet had alreadydied.

From the kitchen to the small dining table in front of the window, about four meters in total, it was more than enough to set down three dining tables.

“One, two, three, use your strength!” Yu Qingqing instructed.

With a push, Yu Qingqing was lifted, but on the other side, Liang Mengqi and Zhao Dahu did not raise either.

The strength of a man and a woman couldnt even be compared to Yu Qingqing alone.

This couldnt help but cause Yu Qingqing to feel a little discouraged:

“You two havent eaten your fill”

“Aiya, its too heavy.” Liang Mengqi pouted, she had clearly used all her strength, then looked at Zhao Dahu, and said snappily: “Calling you sissy, you are a sissy, you dont have any strength left!”

“How could I do such menial work!” Zhao Dahu said with a bit of grievance.

“A cough…” What are you doing ” At this time, a low voice sounded from the door.

Turning his head, he realized that it was the late Zhao Feng.

Yu Qingqing knew that this brat had some skills, so she quickly said: “Dont just stand there, quickly come and work.”

“What is this” Zhao Feng looked at Zhang Han with some disbelief.

“Cant you see its gone” Liang Mengqi answered: “I was begging the boss for a long time before he agreed to leave this place for us so that we can set up our table.”

“Oh.” Zhao Feng nodded, and said: “Let me do it.”

Zhao Feng walked in front of Liang Mengqi as he said that, with one hand grabbing the cabinet, he and Yu Qingqing lifted it up and slowly walked out.

At this moment, the people sitting at the small table by the window all stood up.

Sun Dongheng said: “You want to carry the cabinet, why didnt you say so earlier Everyone should help out a little; we thought that you guys felt that the cabinet was slightly crooked and was adjusting its position.”

After he finished speaking, Sun Dongheng and the others brought out the other cabinet.

He placed it beside the trash can, where the old man, who just happened to clean up, was nearby.

After seeing this scene, his smiling mouth couldnt close.

It seemed like another batch of goods had come, oh, he felt perfect will in Mengmengs casual restaurant.

“Lets go and buy tables and chairs.

We need to pick the better ones to demonstrate our VIP status!” Liang Mengqi cheered as she urged Yu Qingqing.

“Ill go with you.” Zhao Feng looked at Liang Mengqi and smiled slightly.

He had a good impression of this girl, but it seemed that Liang Mengqi was not interested in her at all.

“What are you going to do” Liang Mengqi curled her lips.

Zhao Feng was speechless and didnt know what to answer.

I am a member of the restaurant, lets go together.

Zhao Dahu glanced at Zhao Feng and said: “Then drive the car behind us and follow us.”

“Alright.” Zhao Feng nodded.

Thus, they quickly drove towards the nearby shopping mall.

Twenty minutes later, they returned with three small gray rectangular tables, each for four people.

The delivery man put down the table, Liang Mengqi and the other two sat at a table and waited silently.

“Zhao Feng, come, sit by my side.

Zhao Dahu passionately patted the empty chair beside him and said.


Alright.” Zhao Feng smiled and nodded.

Usually, he would not bother with such things, and would not care about such things.

But this time, Zhao Feng agreed.

The reason was simple; he liked to look at Liang Mengqi.

The chair beside Zhao Dahu was also facing Liang Mengqi.

Honestly speaking, Zhao Feng really wanted to touch Liang Mengqi from the bottom of his heart, and so he longed for a sense of love.

But it seemed that Liang Mengqi didnt like him at all, and this made Zhao Feng wonder again and again if he had not taken good care of his outer appearance.

He remembered that when he went out, the other girls from the gang all praised him because he was handsome!

Soon, the fragrant Egg-Fried Rice was served.

Zhang Han directly placed it on the counter, and the customer served their food.

This time, Liang Mengqi cooked about half of the Egg-Fried Rice and ate a portion of Zhao Dahu and Zhao Feng.

Because Liang Mengqi wanted to leave some food for the dumplings, and because Yu Qingqing didnt like leeks, it could even be said that she disliked leeks.

Thus, she only planned to eat the Egg-Fried Rice.

The others also began to serve their meals in succession.

If one person were to serve their rice, they would not feel happy.

However, since they were all obediently standing in line to serve their rice, everyone would think that it was nothing to them.

“Lets sit here too.” Seeing that the table was getting higher, Sun Dongheng wanted to bring his new sister and sit.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Liang Mengqi quickly stopped them: “This is where the members sit.

Its not like theres nowhere for you to go when you go back!”

“Eh …” Sun Donghengs expression froze as he nodded and brought his female companion back to the small white dining table by the window.

Zhao Feng smiled at Liang Mengqi, thinking that she was very interesting.

“What are you laughing at” Liang Mengqi glared at him.

“Un…” I think youre brave.

” Zhao Feng nodded his head lightly.

“What does it have to do with you “Eat your food.” Liang Mengqi was not used to spoiling Zhaofeng at all, so Zhao Feng could not help but laugh bitterly to himself.

He didnt have any ill intentions!

The rice was still fragrant when they ate it, especially the few newcomers at the back.

They did not look too good when they were eating it, and the praise was written all over their faces.

As for Zhang Han, he boiled a pot of water and placed the panel on the round table.

“Papa, what are you doing” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“Daddy is going to make dumplings for you to eat.” Zhang Han replied with a slight smile.

“Ugh …” Then Mengmeng will help the Papa.

” Mengmeng said as she ran over and sat on the small chair and looked at Papa.

Zhang Han placed some flour on the surface of the dough, as a precaution against the powder sticking to the mixture, splitting the dough into three pieces and transforming into three small dough.

Then, he placed the two dough back into the basin.

Zhang Han placed his finger in the center of the circle, and in a circle, he started to revolve it.

Zhang Hans moderate strength pulled the loop, and gradually, the ring reached a certain degree of thickness, and when it was as thick as a thumb, Zhang Han cut it off.

The next step was to use it to roll the dough wrappings.

Zhang Han did not use his blade to cut the dough but used his hand to pull the dough directly.

He needed to use even more strength to pull the dough; otherwise, the dough would be stretched out.

Zhang Hans control of his energy could be said to be at the peak of perfection.


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