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Chapter 605 Divine Realm

Gai Xingkong looked serious now.

“Hiss… whoo…”

Gai Xingkong took three deep breaths to calm himself down, and then he took two steps forward to sit cross-legged on the grass.

When he closed his eyes, a golden pearl suddenly appeared in his hand.

As soon as Golden Fog of Extreme Yang and other energy gushed out of the pearl, Zhang Hans eyes lit up.

He controlled all the energies in his territory to converge onto Gai Xingkong.

All of a sudden, a hurricane appeared around Gai Xingkong.


Everyone could hear it clearly.

A pale golden storm covered Gai Xingkong.

At the same time, half of the Thunder Yang Flowers energy had gathered in the golden pearl in Gai Xingkongs hand.

The rest of the energy was transformed into thousands of stars, and then fell down onto the whole territory like a meteor shower.

The color of the pleasant smelling grass was brighter, the land was more fertile, and all the ponds, fish ponds, and planting areas were being improved.

All these changes could only be sensed by soul sense.

Most of the people present, except for Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanhong, and Wang Zhanzong, who were going to the back mountain, did not sense this change.

The three of them felt that the whole Cold Immortal School was changing.

They did not know what it meant.

Zhang Han was the only one who knew what was happening.

Everything was being promoted—from the crystal vein at the bottom of the mountain to the spirit water in the cave, and then to the surface.

This was a comprehensive promotion brought by these two kinds of thunder yang spirit treasures.

Both the Thunder Yang Tree and Thunder Yang Flower were related to the five elements.

If Zhang Han managed to gather all five elements in the future, the Cold Immortal School would be turned into a fairy palace on a treasure land.

Zhang Han sensed all these changes and his face slightly changed.

“Master Wang, give me those spiritual herbs.”

“Okay.” Wang Zhanpeng summoned his Mountains and Rivers Flag and took all the spiritual herbs out.

Zhang Han took a glance at one side of the Thunder Yang Tree.

With a wave of his hand, the pleasant smelling grass in the front came out of the ground and moved to other places.

Then he planted the spiritual herbs and surrounded them with holly trees, making the piece of land a medicinal field.

“It should be able to burst out a wave of energy, Thunder Yang Flower…”

Zhang Han took a look at the Thunder Yang Flower.

In this way, the Thunder Yang Flower could maintain its best condition and nourish the territory every day.

Zhang Han wanted to improve the quality of the spiritual herbs in the medicine field because what he had now was far from useful.

If the five third-level herbs could be upgraded to the fourth level, and more than 50 second-level spiritual treasures could be upgraded to the third level, he could refine Spiritual Pills with them.

A Spiritual Pill could help to improve the spiritual force of the security group members, who would soon advance to a higher level.

Zhang Hans “Five Generals” might be able to advance to the Grand Master level with the pill.

However, this required the Thunder Yang Flower to pay a relatively large price, that is, half of its essence.

“The Thunder Yang Flower nourishes not only the territory, but also the other four spirit treasures as the most powerful spirit treasure of the thunder yang series.

Although the Thunder Yang Flower is slightly damaged, it will also be restored by the Thunder Yang Tree over time.

I can give it a try.”

Zhang Han thought about it and made up his mind.

There were more than 20 third-level spiritual herbs in the center of the whole field, but there were only five kinds that Zhang Han wanted to upgrade, three of which were very close to the fourth level.

Zhang Han was still not absolutely sure, so he decided to give it a try.

If he couldnt improve them all, he could upgrade three of them.

With a wave of Zhang Hans hand, the Thunder Yang Tree suddenly released a lot of energy that could be felt by Wang Zhanpeng.

It gathered on the Thunder Yang Flower and made the latter spew out a stream of hot energy, which landed on the medicine field.


All the spiritual herbs in the whole field vibrated.

Five minutes later, Zhang Han got a satisfying result.

All five spiritual herbs were upgraded to the fourth level, and 90% of the second-level herbs he needed were upgraded to the third level.

Then the energy dissipated, and the color of Thunder Yang Flower was much dimmer.

The five spiritual herbs newly promoted to the fourth level sent out a stream of energy, which was absorbed by the Thunder Yang Flower, making it recover a little.

“Why” Zhang Han felt surprised.

“The quality of the Thunder Yang Flower is higher than I thought.”

Wang Zhanpeng was shocked by everything happening here.

“Han, am I hallucinating There seems to be something wrong there,” Wang Zhanpeng said in confusion.

“Yes, its weird.” Zhang Han nodded.

Gai Xingkong was sitting not far away from them.

The golden light had formed a cocoon that wrapped him up.

This showed that Gai Xingkongs cultivation had entered a stable stage, but he still needed five hours to a day to make a breakthrough.

Zhang Han walked to the pet area in the back mountain after saying this.

Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanhong, and Wang Zhanzong looked at each other and then went to the front of the medicine field.

They couldnt help exclaiming.

“Are they upgraded”

“Wow, so many holy objects!”

“Its so weird and amazing.”


Zhang Han ignored their exclamations and went straight to the pet area.

He felt that both Dahei and Little Hei, who were playing, had been promoted.

Thanks to the Dragon Bone Fish.

Daheis Qi and blood had increased by 20%, and Little Heis bones became harder.

But the fish didnt help them in cultivation, and they were still some distance away from the Grand Master Middle-stage.

These two guys were playing happily around Mengmeng.

Mengmeng ran and jumped when she was not tired, and then took a rest on the shoulder of Dahei.

Zi Yan and the others were sitting in a pavilion on the edge of the pet area.

Seeing Zhang Han coming, Zhang Li said with a smile, “Brother, would you like to play mahjong with us”

“Mahjong” Zhang Han was surprised.

He hadnt heard that word in a long time.

Before Zhang Han answered, Zhang Li said, “Ill play with my sister-in-law, Mengqi, and Feifei.

You can sit aside and give my sister-in-law advice.”

“I have no choice.” Zhang Han was amused by Zhang Li.

They had already arranged everything well.

“Yes, Im just being polite.” Zhang Li smiled mischievously.

“Come on, Ill watch you play.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

Then they moved to the small table nearby, and Zhao Feng soon came back with a mahjong machine.

Although there was no mahjong machine in the castle, there were other people who liked to play it, including many girls of the Wang family.

After the mahjong machine and chairs were arranged, Zhao Feng sat behind Liang Mengqi, Liang Hao sat beside Zhang Li, and Zhang Han sat beside Zi Yan.

“Ahem, Brother, you are not allowed to cheat.” Just before they started, Zhang Li looked at Zhang Han and warned him.

“Yes, Brother-in-law, you cant cheat, otherwise the game will be boring.

Sister Yans skill in playing mahjong is not good, and we all want to win her money.” Zhou Fei agreed.

“Whos not good at it” Zi Yan took a glance at her.

“Not me.”

“Im not familiar with your mahjong rules.

Could you please explain them to me Liang Mengqi said.

“Well, Ill introduce it first, and then you can make a supplement…”

The three girls began talking about the rules, leaving Zi Yan sitting quietly beside them, holding Zhang Hans hand.

After a while, another problem arose.

“How much is our bet”

The girls checked their wallets and suggested, “Is a hundred yuan okay”


The game started.

Zhang Han, Zhao Feng, and Liang Hao watched the game casually.

After a while, Mengmeng came over to sit in Zhang Hans arms for a while, and then ran out to play.

This was how they spent their afternoon at leisure.

In the evening, Mengmeng was stunned when she passed the Thunder Yang Tree on her way back to the castle.

“PaPa, how can there be such a big egg there” she asked, pointing confusedly in the direction of Gai Xingkong.

“Er…” Zhang Han pondered and replied, “Its an ornament.

Its for viewing.”

“Well, is there anything in it” Mengmeng asked again.

She thought it was a golden egg that could be smashed.

“Nothing is inside it.

It will be taken away tomorrow,” Zhang Han replied.

He took Mengmeng back to their castle.

Zhang Han and his family had hotpot for dinner in the dining hall on the fifth floor of the cylindrical building.

After dinner, they watched TV for a while, until it was past nine oclock.

They went back to their big bed in the bedroom on the third floor.

Zi Yan jumped on the bed and lay down.

“Being at home is the most comfortable.”

“Hmm!” Mengmeng ran forward a few steps, went to the bedside, took off her slippers, climbed onto the bed, stood up, and then fell on the bed like MaMa, cheering, “Being at home is the most comfortable.”

Mengmeng sat up again.

“MaMa, shall we play with toys for a while”

“Its almost 10 oclock now.

We should change into our pajamas, listen to PaPas story, and then go to sleep.” Zi Yan reached out and scratched the tip of Mengmengs small nose.

“Well, all right.

Change into pajamas, listen to a story, and go to sleep.”

While Zi Yan and Mengmeng changed into their pajama outfits, Zhang Han took off his coat, got in bed in boxer shorts, and lay in the middle.

Zi Yan was on the right and Mengmeng was on the left.

It was story time.

“Where did we stop last time”

“The King of Dwarves met the big shark and wanted to fight it.

The dwarfs must not be eaten!” Mengmeng mumbled.

“Right.” Zhang Han smiled.

Mengmeng remembered it clearly.

Zhang Han began to tell the story, and the mother and daughter fell asleep soon.

In general, Zi Yan would go to bed late, but she had been flying all morning and playing mahjong all afternoon today, which made her a little tired.

So she fell asleep quickly.

Zhang Han also lay on the bed with peace of mind and closed his eyes to rest.

It was a quiet night.

At half-past six the next morning…


An extremely fine hum was heard all over Mount New Moon, followed by a breeze.

If all the martial artists here scanned it with their soul sense, they would find that this was an energy storm.

Just at this moment…

Dahei and Little Hei suddenly stood up and turned their gazes to the Thunder Yang Tree.

Because they felt that there was a terrible thing waking up!

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