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Chapter 609 Merciless Zhang Was Back in Town

“But I know you well.”

Zi Yan rubbed her head against Zhang Hans neck.

Her soft cheek was clinging to Zhang Hans skin.

Then she whispered, “You are very gentle to me and Mengmeng.

You dont even care much about other things.

Youre cold to your enemy.

You can be masculine and gentle at the same time.

Our relationship is destined, and I feel lucky to be with you.

Mengmeng and I will always be happy as long as youre with us.

Well hold our wedding as long as you bring your parents home.

we will live a happy life together forever.”

“Ha.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Of course, well be happy then, and thats just a small part of our ultimate goal.”

“Its just… youre so excellent, which makes me feel like a trophy wife.

Im not sure if your parents will like me,” Zi Yan pouted and said.

“Thats impossible.” Zhang Han laughed.

“Youre not a trophy wife.

Youve brought up Mengmeng so well, and youre a great star.

Youve also helped me to promote my cultivation level, which means our dream of a peaceful life will soon come true.

People need to sail out of disturbance before they find peace.

You and Mengmengs safety always comes first to me.”

“Well, I feel extremely safe as long as youre here with us, and by safe, I mean the security of this place.

I dont know if there are any morerisks… for example, there are temptations you cant resist… if you dare to submit to any of that, Ill go back to my parents place and bring Mengmeng with me,” Zi Yan snorted and said.

Upon hearing that, Zhang Han almost burst into laughter.

Zi Yan then moved her head so that she could cling to Zhang Hans body more comfortably.

Then she asked, “Why are you upset Is it because of Zhang Clan”

“Yes,” Zhan Han nodded and answered.

“They moved everything out of my parents house.

The furniture, antiques, and even photos.

All of them will be auctioned in the Heavenly Strange Auction tomorrow.”

Zi Yan hesitated for a while.

Then she pouted her lips and said, “They are way out of the line.”

“They surely are.” Zhang Han nodded and looked at the sea in the distance.

The moon was hiding in the clouds now, and the light was dim.

The sea looked dark and depressed, but that brought no influence on Zhang Han.

“Lets go to Shang Jing City tomorrow.”

Zhang Han suddenly proposed softly.

Zi Yan nodded in Zhang Hans arms.


She had a faint feeling that their trip to Shang Jing City would cause a great disturbance.

Shang Jing City used to be Zhang Hans home field until he was forced to leave.

Now that he had to go back, those people who had looked down upon him, schemed him, and plotted against him should be prepared to pay the price.

Zi Yan was also thinking to herself.

“Anyone who made my husband unhappy and who had bullied him will pay a heavy price!”

A few seconds later, Zhang Han smiled as he saw Zi Yan move her arms.

He then carried Zi Yan in his arms and went back to their bedroom.

They fell asleep in each others arms.

Around six oclock the next morning, when Zhang Han got up to prepare breakfast, he called Zhao Feng,

“Xiaofeng, prepare for our trip to Shang Jing this time, and be sure to bring more money.”

Zhao Fengs facial expression froze when he heard what Zhang Han said.


He hastily got up from his bed, completely awake.

His eyes gradually opened as those words echoed in his mind.

“This morning Shang Jing Prepare more money

“Something must have happened!

“The Merciless Zhang will be back in Shang Jing The show is on!”

Zhang Feng wore a mysterious smile.

He was weaker than now last time he went there, but he still had beat Lin Jie, Zhang Yuan, and other people because he had made a lot of preparations for it.

But now…

He was already a Wu Dao Grand Master! The five generals of the security team and Leng Yue had all advanced into the Grand Master Realm.

There were six Grand Masters and nearly a hundred Heaven-stage and Earth-stage Masters in this team.

He thought the team was powerful enough.

So this time, they wouldnt need as many followers as last time.

He could deal with small-scale fights and disturbances, and as to those real powerhouses, his master would help him.

Zhao Feng quickly picked up his cellphone and dialed a number.

“Yong, get the companys working capital prepared and book the tickets of a flight at 8:00 clock to Shang Jing.”

“Is our boss going to Shang Jing”

The man on the phone seemed surprised.

“Yes,” Zhao Feng replied.

“I dont know exactly what it is now.

Just get ready first.”

“I want to go with you this time,” said Xu Yong after some hesitation.

“We dont have many things to do in the company recently.

I can let Instructor Liu take my shift when Im off.”

Zhao Feng thought about it for a moment and agreed.


Ill tell him about it.”

After that, he hung up the phone.

Then he dialed Instructor Lius number and told him the situation.

The man on the phone exclaimed, “What did you say!”

“You two little bastards.

How dare you go out for fun and leave me in the camp I took such good care of you before, and now youve left that behind.

You ungrateful brats…”

Zhao Feng felt so embarrassed.

The man talked as if Zhao Feng had abandoned him, so Zhao Feng replied annoyedly, “Thats enough, you can go with us.”

“Thats right! Then Ill get up and wait for you in the company,” Instructor Liu answered joyfully and immediately hung up the phone.

He knew very well what would happen when Zhang Han returned to Shang Jing, especially after the release of the ranking list.

He was a sensitive man, and he had the hunch that his boss would inevitably end up in a fight with Emperor Qing, which would be a collision between the most powerful young men from the south and the north.

Would Emperor Qings rule continue Or would it be the end

He couldnt wait to see it.

Moreover, the members of the security team knew why Zhang Han had to leave Shang Jing.

They didnt understand why Zhang Han chose to return now, but they knew the return of Zhang Han would shake the martial art world of Shang Jing.

The news of Zhang Hans return gradually spread in Shang Jing City.

Zhang Hans family got themselves dressed and had some breakfast.

Then they walked to the first floor and saw a huddle of men standing beside the parterre on the small square.

Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanzong, Wang Zhanhong, Wang Ming, Rong Jiaxin, Zhao Feng, and other people were standing there chatting.

There were at least 20 of them.

Seeing Zhang Han and his family coming out, all of them turned around and greeted them.

“You…” Zhang Han looked at them and asked, “Are you all going with us”

“Of course.

Shang Jing is a dangerous place.

Han, I dont think you can keep them safe alone,” Wang Zhanpeng said in a low voice.

“And you are not alone now.”

“Yes, it will be safer if you have our company.”

“Very well.”

Finally, Zhang Han nodded his head.

Wang Zhanpeng thought for a while and tell Wang Zhanhong to stay so that the restaurant could be managed.

Other people walked down the hill.

They got in their car and followed the panda car to the company.

When he arrived at the company, Zhang Han saw Zhang Li, Zhou Fei, Xu Yong, and even Lei Tiannan.

This guy didnt care much about ruling Hong Kong, and he was happy to hang out with Zhang Han.

He was here this time mainly because he knew there would be a fight between Zhang Han and Emperor Qing.

He wanted to see the fight by himself.

Moreover, Lei Tiannan wanted to help Zhang Han by helping his beloved ones, like Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

Finally, at eight oclock in the morning, a private jet landed on the airport behind Mengmeng Group.

Zhang Hans family, Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanzong, Wang Ming, Zhao Feng, Xu Yong, Elder Meng, Instructor Liu, Leng Yue, and Lei Tiannan.

There were nine Wu Dao Grand Masters in total, except for Zhang Han.

Gradually, there had been a significant change of Zhang Hans followers power.

Twenty people got one the private jet, including Zhang Li and Zhu Fei.

Soon, the engine started and the private jet rose into the sky.

The stewardess on the plane pushed the drink cart and walked around to distribute drinks to everyone.

Mengmeng ordered some juice and sat by the window.

She looked so thrilled.

The family was going out to hang out together again!

After three hours flight, the private jet finally landed at the Shang Jing International Airport.

Although Xu Yong had just been informed of the trip in the morning, he arranged the trip perfectly in a very short time.

As soon as they got off the plane, they saw ten black Rolls-Royce Phantoms waiting there.

There was nobody else in those cars.

A man in a black suit was standing in front of the cars respectfully.

Zhang Han and the other people walked to the cars, and Xu Yong walked to the man.

He raised his right hand to greet the man in the suit.

“Hello, Mr.


Im Xu Yong.”

“Hello, Mr.

Xu, here are the keys to those cars.

Just call me when you dont need them anymore.” The man quickly shook hands with Xu Yong and explained the tips.

He was one of Liu Qingfengs subordinates.

Liu Fengqing had thousands of helpers all over the country, many of which were in big cities.

So it was more than easy for him to arrange some cars for Zhang Han.

Xu Yong knew this clearly, so he called Liu Qingfeng without hesitation in the morning.

They didnt need any drivers, because the members of the security group could drive.

After the greeting, Xu Yong got in the first car and drove it out of the airport.

An hour later, they checked into the Dongfang Hotel on North Third Ring Road, which was the most luxurious hotel in this block.

The presidential suite cost 160,000 yuan a day, and they booked seven suites, each shared by two or three people.

When they arrived at the hotel and finished lunch in the restaurant, it was almost one oclock.

They split up and went back to their own suites.

“Papa, when are we going out to have fun” asked Mengmeng who was sitting on the sofa next to Zhang Han.

There were other people in Zhang Hans suite waiting for a discussion.

“It wont be long…”

Before Zhang Han finished speaking, Zi Yan interrupted him with a smile,

“How about tomorrow We need to have some rest today.

Its already in the afternoon now and it will soon be dark outside.

Papa still has things to do.

How about we watch cartoons here and wait for him to come back”

“Uh” Mengmeng seemed surprised.

She raised her head to look at Zi Yan and Zhang Han.

She seemed to have other ideas in her mind.

Zi Yan lowered her head and whispered something to Mengmeng.

Mengmeng then nodded her head.

“Uh-huh, okay, Papa.

Mama and I will wait for you to come back, but dont you leave us waiting for too long.”

“Very well,” Zhang Han replied and nodded.

Then he stood up and looked at Wang Zhanpeng and the others.

“Ill stay,” Wang Zhanpeng said.

He had read Zhang Hans mind through.

“Ill stay here as well.

I dont want to spoil your fun,” Wang Zhanzong said with a smile.

Everyone knew that they didnt need to worry about Zhang Hans safety.

Theyd better stay here to protect Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

Moreover, they didnt have much interest in the auction.

“Then we wont go either,” said Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin.

Most of them chose to stay.

“Ill go.”

Instructor Liu raised his hand.

He said with a smug smile on his face, “Boss, Ill go with you.”

His words made Zhang Han laugh.

In the end, only Zhao Feng, Xu Yong, Zhang Li, Instructor Liu, and Lei Tiannan had joined Zhang Hans trip to the auction.

It was almost time.

They were ready to go out.

Before they left, Zi Yan stood in front of Zhang Han.

She gently tidied Zhang Hans collar and whispered with a smile, “Youre so handsome.

Just follow your own will.”

She knew that with her and Mengmeng around, Zhang Han would restrain himself from making troubles, but now she didnt want him to do that.

Since he had returned to Shang Jing, it was time to tell those who made him suffer in the past that the Merciless Zhang was back in town.

“Thats great!”

Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan and laughed.

He reached out to touch her fair cheeks and rubbed Meng Mengs head.

Then he left the suite with others.

The moment he walked out of the door, those people could feel that…

The boss was no longer who he used to be.

They wondered if that was an indication of a change in the situation of Shang Jiang City.

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