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Chapter 614 Its Your Turn

Liu Fengs words made Zhang Chens face freeze.

Half a year ago, Zhang Han won Liu Fengs Ferrari.

He then sold it and left Shang Jing.

Zhang Chen had heard about that.

Now Zhang Chen was just curious how Zhang Han, the former young master of the Zhang Clan, would solve the trouble brought by Liu Feng.

Zhang Yuan, who was standing next to Zhang Chen, looked so glad to see the upcoming confrontation.

The expression in his eyes indicated that he was desperately wishing for the confrontation to come.

When Liu Feng walked forward, he grew nervous seeing all kinds of faces.

Zhang Han looked calm.

Some people looked at Liu Feng with cold faces, some with a sneer, and some with a meaningful expression.

“What if these reckless young men pick a fight”

Liu Feng didnt want to be beaten, and he was a little uncertain about what Zhang Han really wanted from him.

He didnt know if Zhang Han would follow the rules of the auction.


This was the Heavenly Strange Auction.

Nobody dared to make a scene here!

Liu Feng was suddenly confident again, but before he could say something, somebody behind him sneered.


He turned around and saw two well-dressed elders walking out of the auction hall, followed by four men in suits.

Liu Feng and other peoples faces didnt change much when they saw the two elders.

However, when they saw the four people behind the two elders, Zhang Feng, Zhang Chen, Zhang Yuan, and the yellow-haired man were all shocked.

“The president of the Dingxi Group!”

“Boss Hu of Mas Group.”

“They are both famous entrepreneurs, but why are they acting so cautiously now The two elders can have those people be their companions, which means that its highly possible the two of them are both formidable powerhouses.”

Having figured out the situation, even Liu Feng decided not to push himself forward.

He took two steps back and made way for those people.

Their faces changed dramatically when they heard the old man sneering and asking, “Are you the person in room No.



The corner of Liu Fengs mouth froze.

He was still surprised to know that Zhang Han was in room No.

8, the one where the 2-billion-yuan bid came from.

“Whats going on”

Zhang Yuan and the yellow-haired man were also stunned because this was going far beyond their imagination.

Zhang Chen was also astonished when he found that his speculation from before was true.

Under the onlookers numb gaze, the two elders walked up to Zhang Han and his fellows, then they stopped five meters away from Zhang Hans group.

Instructor Liu checked the elders from head to toe, and answered casually, “Yes.

What do you want”

“Haha!” The short-haired man next to Elder Han sneered.

“How dare you steal the items we wanted Were from the Wind Snow School! Youre playing with fire!”

“Wind Snow School”

Lei Tiannans face changed as soon as he heard the name.

He was surprised that those people were the disciples of the Wind Snow School.

The one standing behind the short-haired man opened his mouth and introduced them.

“This is Grand Master Han and Great Master Che from the Wind Snow School.

I think both of you should be smart and not get yourself in trouble.”

Zhang Chen, Zhang Yuan, Liu Feng, and the yellow-haired man looked so scared when they heard that.

“Damn, those two are Wu Dao Grand Masters” Liu Feng couldnt help cursing to himself.

“No wonder the four entrepreneurs are so cautions.

It turns out that the two are both Wu Dao Grand Masters,” Zhang Chen said to himself.

His eyes were shimmering.

When he was studying in the UK, he learned that all the great local forces had mysterious powers to back them up.

He also accidentally learned that the most well-known forces were the vampires as well as the martial artists that were called superpower-holders there.

When he got back, he had been fully aware of what martial artists meant to the development of a clan.

Martial artists werent too influential in Shang Jing because the power of the government outshone all of them.

Nobody dared to make trouble here.

In other places, martial artists carried much weight to the development of local clans.

He knew that there were more than a dozen martial artists in the Zhang Clan, the most powerful of which was the Seventh Uncle, a Wu Dao Grand Master.

He was still trying to learn more about the martial arts world.

The Seventh Uncle once told him that Wu Dao Grand Masters were very rare, but now there were two of them standing in front of him.

“That must be because the auction is a very important event.”

While he was thinking, he glanced at Zhang Han and Zhang Li.

Then he sighed to himself.

“He couldnt even get rid of Liu Feng at first.

Now that the two Wu Dao Grand Masters have come, he will definitely have a hard time.”

As for the short-haired martial artist, he was staring at Zhang Han and his fellows.

When he found that these people were still very calm, he felt confused.

When he saw Lei Tiannans face change, he laughed at him.

Then he took out a card from his pocket and walked over swaggeringly.

“This is the address.

Youd better send the items to this place before six oclock in the evening.

Ill pay you some money for them.

Its not like the Wind Snow School is bullying you.

You deserve this because youre arrogant.”

Everyone knew what “some money” meant.

It would be no more than a symbolic small sum of money.

His face was too arrogant for a middle-aged man in his 40s.

Judging by his manner and words, he seemed very confident.

He slowly walked up to Zhang Han, who was in the front of his group.

Then he handed the card to Zhang Han disdainfully and hoped that he would take it modestly.


At that point, Lei Tiannans pupils sharply shrank and his heart skipped a beat.

He had a faint feeling that the disciple of the Wind Snow School standing in front of him was courting death.

The man had no idea what a horrible person he was provoking.

That was especially true when the Merciless Zhang was in a bad mood, and the girl that could calm him down wasnt around.

This was like a tiger showing its fangs, and the man just approached the tiger to ask it if it was a real tiger and dared it to bite him.

All right.

Under everyones gaze…

Zhang Han slowly raised his right hand.

He was going to take the card with the address on it!

This made Liu Feng feel a little uncomfortable.

“Damn, I came here to make trouble for him.

Why did I give the chance to other people”

Zhang Chen, Zhang Yuan, and the yellow-haired man had the same thought in their minds.

“They are two Wu Dao Grand Masters.

Other people wouldve had a meltdown under that pressure.”

His hand was approaching the card.

Zhang Han looked very calm, and his eyes looked cold.

He slowly put his right hand on that card.


The clear sound of a breaking bubble echoed in the room.

Almost at the same time…

All the onlookers widened their eyes.

They saw the short-haired mans body shape suddenly changed.

It seemed that the surrounding air was squeezing him, and he was like a pressed balloon that was leaking.

The shape of his body constantly shrank and swelled.

Soon, he turned into ashes and was gone with the wind.

A real man just disappeared in front of everyone.

Liu Fengs dropped his jaw in surprise.

He had no idea what was happening.

Zhang Chen, Zhang Yuan, and the yellow-haired man were trembling.

The pressure in the air almost suffocated them.

“Were doomed!” Lei Tiannan patted his forehead and said.

He knew this was definitely going to be a mess.

These people were so dumb to have messed with Merciless Zhang.

Lei Tiannan was so angry that nobody recognized him.

If those people had recognized him, they couldve known who the young man was.

These people were so stupid, and they were going to pay for it.

What Lei Tiannan didnt know was that he was not as famous as the thought.

And those people really had no idea who he was.

Perhaps he just subconsciously skimmed over that possibility.

“What did you do”

Elder Hans face turned pale as he called out.

His mind was taken over by one word now, which was: RUN!

He knew very well how powerful one had to be given how easily his companion was killed.

“He might not be in the Divine Realm, but hes definitely a Grand Master Peak!


Elder Han was so shocked, and just as he was about to run away, he saw the young man point at him.


An invisible force imprisoned him.


Elder Hans eyes opened so widely that his eyeballs could pop out at any second.

He screamed, “Stop! Let me explain!

“Dont you dare kill me! Im a subordinate of Marquis Shi Feng.

If you let me go, Ill ask him to give you whatever magic weapons you want!

“Im a member of the Wind Snow School.

I can be your referrer to join us!”

Elder Han didnt know how to organize his language while facing deaths door.

“The Wind Snow School What do you think you are” Zhang Han replied coldly.

He raised his palm and then pressed down.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

As the four muffled sounds came out, the four men in suits behind Elder Han died immediately.

Their bodies burst into bloody mist.

Liu Feng, Zhang Chen, the yellow-haired guy, and Zhang Yuan felt as if their necks had been choked upon seeing what had happened.

They felt it hard to breathe and their bodies were going out of control.

They wanted to leave this horrible place, but it was already too late.

Zhang Han then grabbed a piece of black gem in his hand.

The rare gem contained the power of extreme yin.

Zhang Han kept it for special uses someday.

He never thought that the day would come so soon.

He clenched his right hand and broke the gem.

The dust turned into a dark mist that covered Elder Han.

“Please have some mercy!” somebody inside the auction hall yelled out.

The man in black, who had intervened in the auction before, rushed over hastily.

Zhang Han ignored the man.

His eyes turned all black, which looked quite creepy.


Elder Hans body suddenly burst into flames.

He was screaming and yelling while being devoured by the fire.

Soon, under the shocked gazes of many, Elder Han was burned up, but his roar was still echoing.

It made peoples hair stand on end.

“Whats going on”


Zhang Han raised his hand and the black mist gathered in the center of his palm.

Then it climbed to his head and covered up his face, like a constantly changing mask.

Even Lei Tiannan didnt know what was going on.


Zhang Han breathed out and looked at the man in black, who was standing 10 meters away from him on the right.

“Do you have a problem with that”

Zhang Hans voice was hoarse and low, which was quite different from how calm it used to be.

The voice now sounded even more horrifying, like the murmuring of a demon!

The mans hands trembled.

He took a step back and cupped his hands.

Then he said in a low voice, “No, I dont.

Hail to the Grand Master! Im Wang Mu from the Heavenly Strange Auction.”



Zhang Han took a slight breath, then his weird face turned around to Liu Feng and he said, “Its your turn…”

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