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Chapter 617 He is Zhang Hanyang

“Billions of compensation”

“Or hes going to tear down the whole Zhang mansion”


All the Zhang family members present were outraged.

If they paid 10 billion yuan of compensation, the Zhang familys overall strength would fall by half!

In Shang Jing, a highly competitive place, such a blow could easily bring them down

When they heard this, they were initially shocked

“Did I mishear”

Then they heard Zhang Hans threat, and all the family members led by Zhang Nan, the patriarch of Zhang family, and the only Martial Art Grand Master, were enraged.

“You are a junior! How could a younger generation who had been kicked out of the family be so unbridled Do you really think youre somebody Even if your father is here, he would not say such words.

What is your qualification to be so arrogant”

Some people beside Zhang Nan couldnt help sneering, “Ten billion Are you crazy about money”

“Zhang Han, Zhang Li, dont think you can do whatever you want even if you find a backer!” Zhang Nans face turned dark, and his voice became serious, “Though you were expelled from the family, you could still come back through Zhang Guangyous return.

But I dont think its necessary now to give you this opportunity.

Whats the point of you bringing someone back to cause trouble here”

“Are you not going to compromise” Zhang Han took a step forward and looked at the people in front of him.

“You are too arrogant!” The only Grand Master of Zhang family frowned and walked toward Zhang Han.

The other eight martial artists beside him looked at each other and followed him to show their opposition to Zhang Han.

Their actions shut Zhang Nans mouth, who looked at Zhang Han indifferently.

“You really want to do it the hard way!”

Looking at Zhang Han, who seemed arrogant and ignorant to them, they thought it was better to punish him properly so that he could realize where he actually stood.

The Grand Master who led the way said coldly as he walked, “Zhang Han, for Guangyous sake, Ill give you one last chance.

Now, leave or…”

“Or what” Zhang Han frowned a little and his left hand moved forward.

Everyone heard a crash, like the sound of a wave.

All the martial artists in the Zhang family felt an amazing and irresistible force rising from their feet and binding them like a python, so that they could not move at all!

Zhang Nan and others saw that all the nine family members who were walking towards Zhang Han were lifted up by an invisible force and floated in the air two meters high.


Grand Master Zhang tried to twist his body, but he could only move a little, which made him a little confused, “What is happening”


His heart sank sharply as he looked at Zhang Han in horror.

The expressionless young man was controlling their body with his left hand without touching them.

An awful suspicion and horror rose in his heart.

“He, he is a super martial artist How can this be!”

The group of people behind Zhang Nan were also stunned.

They seemed to forget to breathe, and were completely stunned.

They all focused on Zhang Han in astonishment, who stretched out his left hand to control these nine people.

They were all wondering, “Is it true”

In front of them, Zhang Han relaxed his eyebrows a little and said impatiently, “Dont test my patience.”


With a wave of Zhang Hans left hand, Grand Master Zhang and the eight martial artists were all forced to fly backward.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

After a dull noise of soft bodies hitting the wall, the nine of them were a little dizzy and slightly injured.

Zhang Han, looking at Zhang Nan and others, raised his right hand and pointed to the pavilion by the pond.


With a crisp sound, the whole pavilion was uprooted.

As Zhang Hans right hand continued to clench, it was compressed smaller and smaller, as if crushed by an invisible big hand.

Plop, plop…

Gravel fell into the pond and aroused waves, just like the mood of Zhang Nan and others at the moment.

“You have three days.” Zhang Han finished, looked at them, and then turned around.

Zhang Li, who said nothing from the beginning to the end, silently followed Zhang Han to the car.

Two black Rolls-Royces slowly left under everyones eyes.

“Is he still the Zhang Han I know”

There was a voice of doubt, “How could he become so powerful”

“His strength…” Grand Master Zhang gasped in fears, “He is at least at Grand Master Late-stage, or even at peak stage.”

With that, the Grand Master took out his cell phone which rang many times from his pocket and picked up the phone.

“What shall we do Must we give him 10 billion”

“He demanded an exorbitant price!”

“Well go bankrupt if we give him 10 billion yuan.”

Hearing many “unwilling” voices, Zhang Han sighed, and a glimmer of determination flashed in his eyes.

“Although he has become powerful, we are not helpless.

Whats more, there is Shang Jing.

Zhang Fen, you are responsible for contacting him to make it clear to him that we can give him the money he spent on the auction, but we dont owe him any extra money.”

“Yes.” A woman in her twenties nodded.

Just at this moment…

“What did you say!”

A thunderous scream came from the crowd.

Many people were scared and turned their heads to see the only Grand Master in Zhang family, who seemed to see something horrible with widely opened eyes and mouth trembling.


His mobile phone fell to the ground, but he didnt notice it.

He was standing still at a loss.

“Whats the matter with him”

The other Zhang family members approached him.

“Brother, whats wrong with you” Zhang Nan touched Grand Master Zhangs shoulder.

Grand Master Zhang seemed to wake up from a dream, pale and shivering, and then he slowly turned his head and looked to Zhang Nan, the patriarch of his family.

His eyes quivered as he stammered, “We are finished.”

“We, we seem to be in trouble!”

Zhang Nan frowned.

“Whats going on”

“Zhang Han, Zhang Han, Zhang Han…” Zhang Wu, the Wu Dao Grand Master seemed to be frightened.

After three times of trembling, he shouted out Zhang Hans identity, “He is Zhang Hanyang! Merciless Zhang in Hong Kong!”


The news seemed to strike everyone in the room like a bolt from the blue.

“What did you say” Zhang Nans brain felt like it had a lack of oxygen.

He stumbled and almost collapsed to the ground, “Zhang, Zhang Hanyang”

This name seemed to have a magic power, turning the faces of all the people present pale.

Almost all the people at the core of Zhang family were present, and they were clear about many things.

Of course they knew Zhang Hanyang, the famous martial artist in the martial arts world.

As Merciless Zhang in Hong Kong, he was well known for his ruthless means.

Even the Li family in Hong Kong was destroyed by him, who had a history of one hundred years and were much more powerful than the Zhang family.

“It must be easy for Zhang Han to destroy the Zhang family!”

“What can we do”

Everyone felt overwhelmed and pressured as if by an invisible mountain.

“Yes, what can we do”

“Zhang Nan almost fought against us.

How can we fight against him now”

Zhang Nan also felt regret, because he turned a potential good opportunity into a crisis.

“Well be teased by the other families for this mistake.”

Zhang Han, a member of the younger generation of the Zhang family, was kicked out of his family and became the respected Zhang Hanyang a few years later.

This would have become a legend to them.

But instead this is what happened.

“What can we do”

“Is it true” After a minute, Zhang Nan tried to remain calm and asked Zhang Wu.

“Yes, Zhang Chen called to tell me.

I think its probably true, because Zhang Han is really powerful, and I dont even have the strength to compete with him.” Zhang Wu replied with a sigh.

“How does Zhang Chen know it Doesnt that mean it could be fake Where is Zhang Chen” Asked a man next to Zhang Nan.

“They are coming!” A man on the side pointed to the front.

Everyone looked up and saw Zhang Chen and Zhang Yuan running towards them quickly.

Zhang Nan asked in a hurry, “Chen, how did you know Zhang Han is Zhang Hanyang Is it true”

Everyone saw Zhang Chens swollen left cheek, but they were all paying attention to his words, and no one asked him how he was injured.

“Yes…It is… It is true.” Zhang Chen panted violently.

His left face hurt because of his facial movements, and he couldnt say more.

Next to him, Zhang Yuan eagerly answered, “Zhang Han is so fierce as to kill someone who makes small mistakes! It was so frightening that he could make them disappear directly.

Manager Guan of Dingxi Group, Chairman Hu of Ma Group… They were all killed by Zhang Hans slap along with two guys from Wind Snow School.

They are all dead.

They were all destroyed by Zhang Han!”

His words were said in a staccato due to him panting, which made him hard to fully understand him.

“What happened” Zhang Nan gritted his teeth and looked at Zhang Chen.

“Hiss…” Zhang Chen took a deep breath, “It started…”

He started with what had happened before the Heavenly Strange Auction.

In the end, he said, “My friend said that Grand Master Zhang and Grand Master Lei sometimes appeared together.

According to the description of their body shape, he thought that they were probably Zhang Hanyang and Director Lei.

I called uncle Wu as soon as I got the news, but he didnt answer my call.”

After hearing what he said, all the Zhang family members turned pale.

“He is really a devil.”

“Id better ask second uncle about it.” Zhang Nan couldnt make up his mind.

They went back to the old dining hall with pale faces.

Zhang Nan told the news to the second master of Zhang family and waited for his input.

However, elder Zhang sighed with emotion, “A tiger father will not beget a dog son.”

Then he was silent for ten minutes.

The aged man seemed to be recalling something.

When he regained his composure, he stood up on crutches, looked at Zhang Nan, shook his head and said, “Do you know why we of the old generation like Zhang Guangyou”

“This…” Zhang Nan was confused and sighed, “I dont know.”

“Is it his ability His status as a martial artist Or something else” There were so many reasons, but Zhang Nan was not going to say anything.

The second master of Zhang family mumbled something that depressed him.

“Because he can guarantee the prosperity of Zhang family for a hundred years, and you, only for twenty or thirty years.

Forget it.

Im old, and its up to you to manage the Zhang family.”

After saying this, he headed out slowly.

Leaving the stunned Zhang family members behind.

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