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Chapter 62 – Honorable Membership

“Yes, the membership card will cost one million, and it only includes the first ten.

After that, each membership card will cost ten million.” Yu Qingqing glanced at her, and said: “Furthermore, all of the dumplings are sold, even if you buy a membership, you wont be able to eat them.

The boss will not cook more for you.”

“Oh.” The woman chuckled and shook her head slightly.

She didnt show any intention of mocking anyone, because she felt that the Egg Fried Rice here was really delicious.

It was just that the membership card was a bit too expensive.

The Egg Fried Rice could be said to be a luxury.

The three hundred yuan was enough for two people to eat four dishes in other restaurants.

Here, you would only get one serving of Egg Fried Rice.

“Oh my god, a membership card cost a million, its so expensive!” The female at Sun Donghengs side opened her mouth, looked to the side of Liang Mengqi, and said:

“So all four of them are members here”

“So rich, a million membership card, and they bought it without hesitation.

So cool.”

“The Egg-Fried Rice is so delicious.

The dumplings must be delicious too.”

“Oh no, this restaurant is so unique.

Its a pity that only members can enjoy such delicious food.”


The womans heartless words, which Sun Dongheng heard, lingered in his heart.

He liked to act cool, especially in front of the girl he was flirting with.

If he showed off his strength, he could enjoy a night of romance.

But at this moment, he felt that he was somewhat aggrieved.

Bringing a girl here to eat delicious food, in the end the girl was amazed at the delicacy of the food and the heroic spirit of other people who bought a membership card.

The only thing she forgot was that he was the one who brought her here, and he was the one who paid!

“Oh god, how come I dont feel even a little bit of importance!”

Sun Dongheng cried out in sorrow in his heart.

At the same time, he felt that if he had a membership card in this restaurant, he would show it off all the time.

Just imagine, everyone was speaking highly of the delicious Egg-Fried Rice.

However, when they saw other delicacies and wanted to taste them, only members could!

Sun Dongheng felt that if he had a membership here.

This could be said to be the highest stage of prentending!

Just imagine, as a member, he brought a girl here to eat a meal that only members could eat.

Looking at the envious eyes of the others,Hiss! Thinking about it, Sun Dongheng felt goosebumps all over his body.

“How about… I applying for a membership card too ”

Suddenly, this thought rose up in Sun Donghengs mind, this thought became more and more intense.

“But I dont have that much money, what should I do… Right, how about … I calling my mom to come have a meal.

She tasted the Egg Fried Rice and would definitely give me a membership card! “Hahaha, thats it.

Theres nothing that cant be solved with a meal of Egg-Fried Rice!”

An idea came to Sun Donghengs mind, and his eyes faintly shone.

On the other side of the table, three people were already grabbing dumplings to eat.

Liang Mengqi realized that after putting all the dumplings on Yu Qingqings plate, she did not care about her ladylike appearance and extended her chopsticks towards Yu Qingqings plate.

As for Zhao Dahu, he sneakily and carefully reached for the chopsticks.

“What are you doing!” “What are you doing!” Yu Qingqing hugged the plate in her arms, and said warily: “Dont snatch it away, you are better than this! “Let me tell you this, I finally had a meal of leek, you all are not allowed to snatch it!”

“Qing Qing, Im not full yet.

Qing Qing, give me some …” Seeing that she could not snatch it, Liang Mengqi quickly pleaded her with her sweet voice.

Her coquettish gaze really stunned Zhao Fengs eyes.

The more they interacted with each other, the more he realized that Liang Mengqi was very close to the right girl he had in mind, very close.

Perhaps, it couldnt be described as close, but it could also be said that she was the right girl.

As for Yu Qingqing, she could not stand Liang Mengqis coquettish actions, and said repeatedly: “Alright, alright, alright, Ill give you some now, right”

Thus, she gave Liang Mengqi a third of the dumplings in her plate.

Seeing Zhao Dahu who was looking forward to it, Yu Qingqing only gave him five of them.

And this still made Zhao Dahu happy.

After finishing their meal, Liang Mengqi and the others went to pay the bill.

“Boss, how much are the dumplings” Liang Mengqi asked with a smile.

“The main course and food are all at the same price.” Zhang Han replied.

“Oh, then thats three hundred for each.” Liang Mengqi was slightly stunned, then she stuck out her tongue and said: “I just remembered, we only ate the main course, the food the boss cooked was simply too delicious, it was love to death… “Heeheehee …”

Liang Mengqi originally wanted to say “I love you to death”, but just as she was about to speak, she saw the vigilant little princess looking at her.

Mengmengs clear eyes put her words to an end prematurely.

“Then I ate a serving of Egg-Fried Rice, eh… Two dumplings and two cups of milk, for a total of eleven thousand.

” Liang Mengqi paid the bill.

Yu Qingqing, Zhao Dahu and Zhao Feng had also paid their own meals.

Originally, Liang Mengqi and the other two had a good relationship with each other, so they could treat each other well.but after they had decided that they will come to eat in here frequently, the thought it would be better go dutch.

“Oh yeah, the membership card is ready.

Ill give it to you.”

When Liang Mengqi and the others were cleaning up the tableware, Zhang Han said this and took out the membership card from the drawer.

“Im Number One, Im Number One.” Liang Mengqi hurriedly said.

When she picked up the membership card, she was shocked and looked at it carefully.

“Wow, the boss surely has spent some money.

The words are inlaid with diamonds.”

With just a glance, she could tell the material of the membership card.

She was a high-end jewelry appraiser, and one of a very high quality at that.

Liang Mengqi carefully placed the membership card into her purse.

It was not because of the materials on the card, but rather because she knew with just a glance that the card cost was only around 40,000 to 60,000, and that the difficulty was due to the diamond inlay.

She was very careful because this membership card made her feel that it was very precious!

Not because of the price, but because it could let them enjoy the delicacies here.

The other three people also got their treasurable card.

Yu Qingqing was the second member, Zhao Dahu was the third and Zhao Feng was the fourth.

They held their membership cards and were elated, but they never thought that in the near future, Mengmengs casual restaurant would become the number one restaurant in the world.

Every single membership card in the restaurant would be auctioned off at an astronomical price!

Receiving the membership card, her heart was filled with joy, but Yu Qingqing was slightly stunned, and subconsciously asked: “Boss, why is there no phone number on the membership card”

“What do you need a phone number for” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said: “the business hours are settled.

The restaurant will not accept reservations, so there is no need to leave the number.”

“Oh, thats true.” Yu Qingqing realised, and looked at Zhang Han with a complicated look.

If it were any other restaurant, they would probably accept all kinds of reservations.

However, in this restaurant, the cooking time was only that short.

The boss acted as if he didnt care; However, everyone who came was convinced.

When they were cleaning up their tableware, the woman opposite to Sun Dongheng shook her head and sighed: “The membership here is already this high class, wow, thats a real diamond, its too beautiful, this is the first time Ive seen such a membership card.”

“Oh really” Sun Dongheng forced a smile and said: “Its really pretty nice to look at, really quite good …”

Sun Dongheng only wanted to eat the delicacies that only members could enjoy.

yesterday was home-made dishes, today was the dumplings, no one knew what would be tomorrow.

The exclamations of the girl on the other side was more like a type of aphrodisiac, making Sun Dongheng unable to endure it any longer.

He wanted to quickly buy his membership card, thinking about what he should say when he returned home tonight.

The customers left one after another, leaving behind a chorus of praises.

Zhang Han did not count the money he had collected, but from the thickness of the stack of hundred dollar bills, he could tell that it was around seven to eight thousand.

A few new customers left early, and another three people came in one after another and bought all the leftover Egg Fried Rice.

Those who came after could only run out of food.

Furthermore, from the looks of the people when they left, it was obvious that they had completely submitted to the Egg-Fried Rice.

It seemed that the restaurant would soon become crowded.

Sichuan restaurant in the next door.

The manager in front of the door frowned as he watched the people leaving Zhang Hans Restaurant.

“why there are still customers when the food is that expensive”

“Those people seem to come for every meal, three times a day.”

“Whats going on”

The manager could not understand the situation.

If it was just 30 RMB for a serving of Egg Fried Rice, he could understand.

However, if it was 300 RMB for a serving of Egg Fried Rice, with which people could even eat three decent dishes in his restaurant, and there are still people to eat the Egg Fried Rice.

“Is that meal really that special” Looking at their expressions, it seems like there are some tricks in it.

300 for each, I should go and try it out another day … ”

The manager muttered to himself.

Zhang Han was originally playing with Mengmeng on the sofa, but when he got up, he realized that the dining room had already been cleaned up by Zhao Dahu and Zhao Feng.

Zhang Han laughed slightly, people like the two who quietly helped Zhang Han with his work, in Zhang Hans eyes, was consideredrespectful.

If someone help me, I would help them back more, which was why they were able to become more and more casual in the restaurant, and Zhang Han would not say anything.

looking around the restaurant.

Aside from the missing items, the photo frame on the wall had not been changed.

There were six framed photographs on one side of the kitchen wall, and eight framed photographs on the direction of the piano.

“Mengmeng, can we go take a picture in the afternoon” Zhang Han said with a smile.


Mengmeng was startled, then after understanding the situation, she was very happy.

She immediately put down the toy in her hands, raised her small hand and said: “Okay okay, go take a photo.”

Girls were born with a love for beauty, of course Mengmeng was no exception.

Furthermore, before she met Zhang Han, she was very, very, very beautiful.

However, not long after she stayed with Zhang Han, the strong inpulse to poo broke the lady image, which Zi Yan had painstakingly educated for more than three years!

According to Zhang Hans words, “What kind of woman are you My Han Yang Immortals daughter, naturally has the aura of someone who can look down upon the world.

Zhang Han carried Mengmeng out to the photo studio in New Moon Bay.

“Welcome, sir.” A waitress came over and greeted him with a smile, “Do you want to take a family picture”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “i want fourteen photos, the frame is 600X800.”

“Alright, Mister, let me introduce you to our service package …”

The woman wanted to introduce, but Zhang Han shook his head lightly and said: “No need to introduce.

I want the best, the price doesnt matter.”


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