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Chapter 620 A Dangerous Dinner

Lin Jie ignored Zhou Feis disdainful gaze and didnt answer Zhao Fengs words.

Instead, he leaned slightly to look at Zi Yan and said politely, “How are you, Miss Zi Its been six months since we met last time, and Miss Zi is as beautiful as ever.”

As he spoke, Lin Jie held out his right hand.

However, Zi Yan neither answered his words nor shook hands with him.

It was embarrassing.

“Miss Zi” Lin Jie was annoyed but he still kept smiling.

“I am ashamed that I didnt treat Miss Zi well last time.

It was also because of some very special reasons.

Well, Ill pay for your meal as an apology, and Im going to hold a special apology dinner in the evening for you all.”

With that, Lin Jie glanced at all the people at the table and found that they were all looking at him as if he was a fool.

Lin Jie felt even more embarrassed.


Im no longer the Brother Lin you were familiar with.

Now Im Qiao Feis follower! How dare you look down on me”

Lin Jie felt like a clown performing.

Just as Lin Jie wanted to continue, Zhao Feng slowly stood up.

When Lin Jie saw that, he took a half step back subconsciously and was enraged by his own timidity.

“Haha.” Qiao Fei glanced at Zhao Feng, then walked forward, turned right to face Zi Yan, reached out his right hand at will, and said, “Hello, Miss Zi.

Im Qiao Fei from the Qiao family.

Ive heard about Miss Zis beauty for a long time.

I didnt expect Miss Zi to be more… Ah”

Before he finished speaking, he was pushed hard by someone and his upper body fell to the side.

If he didnt crash into the brush-cut man, he would have been badly injured.

“You!” Qiao Feis face darkened.

However, Zhao Feng didnt give him any chance to fight back.

Zhao Feng flashed over to Qiao Fei and stretched out an arm.

Though it seemed that he put his arms around Qiao Feis neck, he actually grabbed Qiao Feis throat with his elbow and almost suffocated him.

Lin Jie was trembling upon the thought of how he had been punished.

But the next moment, he felt his neck surrounded by someones arm as well and got a feeling of suffocation.

It was the man who just sat on the side and looked frivolous.

He was Instructor Liu.

While putting his two arms around Lin Jie and the brush-cut man, Instructor Liu smiled amiably at the waiter here and then gestured Zhao Feng to go forward with him.

“Were friends,” Instructor Liu explained.

Under the astonished gaze of the waitress, they went to the bathroom, closed the door, and then a muffled sound came from inside.

Less than a minute later, Instructor Liu and Zhao Feng came out calmly.

It was another five minutes before the three men came out of the bathroom.

They were well-dressed when they went in, but shabby and pale when they came out.

But they didnt seem to be hurt, as if they were having a water fight in the bathroom just now.

As soon as they came out, they bowed their heads, endured the pain on their bodies, and ran out quickly.

All three of them were embarrassed and angry.

Luckily, their faces were not beaten, or they would be even more embarrassed.

They didnt know that Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu wanted to leave their faces for Zhang Han.

Zhang Li liked to tell Zhang Hans story when he was young to her friends, so they knew each other.

Lin Jie also saw Zhao Feng and knew he was good at fighting.

But Lin Jie didnt even think that they were so reckless as to beat them without taking Qiao Feis identity into consideration.

“Dont blame me for being ruthless if you want to die!”

Although Lin Jie was in pain, he was very spirited.

Qiao Fei was the most famous young master in Shang Jing City, and even Lin Jie dared not to provoke him.

Would Qiao Fei let these guys go after being beaten by them

That was impossible.

Lin Jie believed that Qiao Fei would not give up.

According to Qiao Feis habit, he would definitely kill all the people here, including Zi Yan.

Beauty was innocent, but it might be a source of sin.

Lin Jie and the brush-cut man followed Qiao Fei to the outdoor parking lot.

“Dammit.” Qiao Fei kicked the Ferrari, which was worth nearly 10 million yuan in front of him, and made the bonnet concave.

He didnt care at all because it was not his car.

It was the brush-cut mans car, while Qiao Feis was not far away.

The brush-cut man didnt care, not only because the little damage didnt matter, but also because he was too angry to care about other things.

He rolled up his sleeves and shouted, “There are so many bruises! Those two guys are so ruthless! Ill find someone to kill them!”

As he spoke, he took the cell phone out of his pocket to make a phone call.

“Get lost!” A cursing started in front of him, then he saw Qiao Fei looking at himself angrily.

The brush-cut man was shocked and took back his mobile phone.

“Its not your turn to do it,” Lin Jie said angrily, and then looked at Qiao Fei.

“Two of my bodyguards are nearby, shall I call them Itll be more convenient for you to punish them after finding out where their place is.”

“Okay.” Qiao Fei nodded, looked coldly in the direction of the second floor of the restaurant, and then left.

They were lucky enough not to run into Zhang Han.

If they had, the situation might not have been the same.

Zhang Han and Mengmeng were driving a large electronic car, which was in the shape of a one-wheel cradle.

Zhang Han controlled the car to slowly move on the square with Mengmeng.

“PaPa, turn left.

PaPa, turn right…”

After two rounds of driving, Zhang Han came down with Mengmeng and played with several other toys.

Half an hour passed quickly.

If Zi Yan didnt call them, they would have played there for a long time.

After Zhang Han returned to his seat, everyone began to enjoy the wonderful dinner, during which no one said anything about Lin Jie.

Mengmeng liked roast duck, but she was soon attracted by the delicious shrimp balls here and ate several of them.

After dinner, they had a few minutes of rest and left for the Dongfang Hotel in their cars.

On the way, Zhao Fengs earphone lit up.

He made an “uh” sound and looked into the rearview mirror.

A white Cadillac was moving slowly beside him.

“Master, Lin Jie came here just now with Qiao Fei and another man.

They were beaten by me and Instructor Liu, so they sent someone to follow us.”

Zhao Feng gave a brief account of what had happened.

“I see.” Zhang Han swept that car with his soul sense and found a man in his 30s inside it.

That man, who was at the Inward Strength stage, was reporting their route to someone while following them.

When passing a highway interchange, Zhang Han moved his right finger slightly.

The Cadillac following them was slowly lifted up.

Now they were driving on a 20-meter-high viaduct.

Once the car fell over the guardrail, the Inward Strength martial artist would suffer a lot and even be killed.

The man in the car was still on the phone and didnt feel the car floating.

However, Zhang Han withdrew his finger after a while.

The car behind them landed smoothly.

The man driving didnt feel anything unusual until this time.

“Why is the car so slow”

He thought that it was a car problem; he didnt know that he had almost died.

He completed the task successfully.

When Zhang Han returned to his room, it was past seven oclock in the evening, and it was totally dark.

While both Zi Yan and Mengmeng changed into pajamas, Zhang Han didnt change his clothes because he usually only wore boxers when sleeping.

Their task in Shang Jing was completed, but Zhang Han was waiting for the three-day time limit given to the Zhang family, so they had to stay in Shang Jing for three days.

They planned to take this opportunity to travel.

Zi Yan lay comfortably in bed, constantly looking through the travel guide on her mobile phone.

Mengmeng sat beside her and played with some fluffy toys happily.

“Where will we go tomorrow” Zi Yan searched for a long time in vain, so she asked Zhang Han.

“Huh” Mengmengs eyes lit up.

“Where do you want to go” Zhang Han asked Mengmeng with a strange voice to amuse her.

However, the cell phone in his pocket rang suddenly.

It was a local number, and the numbers were lucky.

Zhang Han knew that this was Lin Jies number.

Lin Jie once took Zhang Hans phone number from Zi Yans mobile phone address book, and then called Zhang Han with his own mobile phone.

Therefore, Zhang Han kept his number in mind.

“Think about your destination for tomorrow.

Ill take this call,” Zhang Han said with a smile, then walked out of the bedroom, sat on the sofa in the living room, and answered the phone.

“Hello Zhang Han, long time no see.

You should be familiar with my voice, right”

“What do you want” Zhang Han casually took a bite of grapes and leaned on the sofa.

“At 7 oclock tomorrow evening, there will be a party on the sixth floor of the Hantai Entertainment Club.

I heard from Liu Feng and Zhang Chen that you are back in Shang Jing, and I want to meet you, my old friend.

Youre not going to turn me down, are you”

“When did I promise you” Zhang Han laughed.

Lin Jie smiled and then said, “I also invited some other friends, like Dong Hu, Ma Sanman, and Liu Yun.

Oh, by the way, someone there will be a surprise to you.

Im inviting you sincerely, but it doesnt matter if you refuse me.”

Zhang Han was a little surprised because he was familiar with the names mentioned by Lin Jie, and he had planned to go to the party to teach them a lesson.

“Okay, Ill be there on time tomorrow,” Zhang Han replied casually and hung up.

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