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Chapter 621 Hantai Entertainment Club

Dong Hu tried to make trouble for their car last time, but in the end, he fell down the hill.

Zhang Han didnt see his ending, but he knew that Dong Hu would only suffer slight injury if he was lucky, and die if he was unlucky.

Dong Hus present condition proved that he was very lucky.

As for Ma Sanman, Zhang Han had conflicts with him.

He was a member of a big family in Xicheng District and the nephew of Patriarch Ma.

Several years ago, Zhang Han was so arrogant that he went to challenge Ma Sanman in Xicheng District, who was badly injured by him.

Ma Sanman was not convinced, so he went to learn freestyle grappling for two months and challenged Zhang Han again.

Though they were close to each other in strength, Zhang Han won and seriously injured Ma Sanman again in the end.

Ma Sanman learned Taekwondo for another two months and challenged Zhang Han with enough confidence.

However, just as he rushed to Zhang Han, he made a false step and his face hit Zhang Hans fist directly.

That was their last fight.

Later, Ma Sanman was taken away by his elders for business and gave up the idea of challenging Zhan Han.

In Zhang Hans view, he was very interesting.

As for Liu Yun, who Lin Jie had mentioned, he was once taught a lesson by Zhang Han after bullying Zhang Li.

Lin Jie smiled when he heard that Zhang Han had agreed to keep the appointment.

He just regarded Zhang Han as a toy rather than an opponent, and he didnt know what was waiting for him.

Zhang Han hung up and shook his head slightly.

Zhang Han was not interested in Dong Hu, a coward.

As for Lin Jie, Zhang Han was going to teach him a lesson because of what he had done before, but he didnt expect Lin Jie to come to him first.

If Lin Jie had contacted the martial arts world and learned of Zhang Hans identity, he would have escaped from Shang Jing to protect himself as soon as Zhang Han arrived.

However, Lin Jie didnt know that he was in danger at all.

Even the Zhang family didnt know Zhang Hans identity in the beginning.

There were few people who knew that Zhang Han was Zhang Hanyang, which was also the reason why martial artists used this kind of “inner-circle nickname” in the beginning.

Zhang Han finished thinking, put his mobile phone on the coffee table, and went to the bedroom.

At the door, he heard Zi Yan and Mengmeng discussing where to go tomorrow.

“Would you like to go there”

“Whats this, MaMa”

“This is the Palace Museum and the Forbidden City of ancient times.

The area of this scenic spot is very large.”

“Is there a Ferris wheel”

“No, they dont have a Ferris wheel there.”

“Is there a merry-go-round”

“No, its a scenic spot, not an amusement park.” Zi Yan was amused by Mengmeng.

Zhang Han came in, smiled, and said, “Why not go to the amusement park”

Mengmeng was overjoyed.

“Wow!” Mengmeng stood up from the bed, ran up to Zhang Han, jumped into his arms, and kissed him on the face.

“You will spoil Mengmeng.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han.

“Of course, she is my unique little princess, right Mengmeng” Zhang Han smiled.

“Yes, I like PaPa the best.” Mengmeng was still in Zhang Hans arms.

Zi Yan pretended to be annoyed.

“You dont like MaMa”

“Yes, I dont like you for the time being.” Mengmeng pretended to be angry as well.

“Huh” Zi Yan sat upright and said deliberately with a serious look, “MaMa is angry.”

“Huh” Mengmeng was surprised.

She looked up at Zi Yan carefully but failed to understand her emotions.

So she raised her head and looked at Zhang Han.

“PaPa, MaMa is bullying me.”

“Really How did she bully you” Zhang Han asked.

“She scolded me.”

“I see.

Let me punish her.” Zhang Han put Mengmeng down and climbed forward to crush Zi Yan on the bed.

“Ah!” Zi Yan screamed under the pressure.

“Dare you scold Mengmeng again” Zhang Han stretched his hands to Zi Yans waist and tickled her.

Zi Yan was ticklish, so she wriggled like a snake on the bed and couldnt help laughing.

When Mengmeng saw it, she ran to join in the fun and touched Zi Yans waist with her little hands.

The family of three started to play in bed.

Half a minute later, Zi Yan begged for mercy.

“OK, dont scratch me.

Its too itchy.”

“Is it your fault” Zhang Han said with a light cough.


“Will you scold Mengmeng again”

“Will you scold Mengmeng again” Mengmeng echoed.


Seeing that Zi Yan had given in, Zhang Han released her.

However, he felt a little hot because of Zi Yans wriggle, so he motioned to Zi Yan with his eyes.

Zi Yan blinked as she received Zhang Hans signal.

After rolling her eyes at Zhang Han, Zi Yan reached out and scraped at the tip of Mengmengs nose.

“Hmph, you are a child without a conscience.

You are actually bullying your MaMa together with your PaPa.”

“No, well, Im not.” Mengmeng didnt want to answer this accusation, so she looked up at Zhang Han and said, “PaPa, do you think so”

“Ah Well, this…” Zhang Han said hesitantly with a smile, “Im afraid not.

Mengmeng also likes her MaMa, dont you”

“Yes.” Mengmeng nodded seriously.

“Go give your MaMa a kiss.” Zhang Han waved his hand casually.

“Okay.” Mengmeng approached Zi Yan.

Zi Yan was surprised by their cooperation and how obedient Mengmeng was.

After being kissed by Mengmeng several times, Zi Yan chuckled.

“I planned to go to the amusement park the day after tomorrow.

Tomorrow is good.

Many people recommend Happy Valley.

Although there is no Ferris wheel there, there are similar amusement facilities.”

“It doesnt matter if theres no Ferris wheel.

We can play on something else,” said Mengmeng expectantly.

Mengmeng was very happy because she was going to the amusement park again.

There were so many interesting entertainment items in the amusement park, so it didnt matter if there was no Ferris wheel.

At about 10 oclock in the evening, Mengmeng lay down on bed very cleverly and fell asleep listening to PaPas story.

At nearly 11 oclock in the evening, Lin Jie was leaning alone on the reclining chair in front of the window of his house, calling Qiao Fei.

“Really Brother Zhan promised you Then its settled.

My uncle will go there, and he was just a little weaker than brother Zhan.

The executives of the Dongfang Hotel are my uncles friends, and Im sure he will complete the task tomorrow.”

“Its OK.

I believe you.

But her young bodyguard had a conflict with me…”

The beauty of Lin Hai University was lying on Lin Jies bed.

Though her eyes were closed, she did not fall asleep.

She heard Lin Jies words and knew who he was going to deal with.

“Who is going to be bullied by them, alas…”

Sometimes, these top-ranked young masters could do whatever they wanted without any scruples.


The next morning, about half of the people went to Happy Valley Amusement Park after breakfast.

Wang Zhanpeng and Lei Tiannan didnt go with them because they were not interested in it and would not get any excitement from it.

They sincerely admired Zhang Hans patience and love for Mengmeng as a martial arts master.

Zhang Han often laughed and cried out when he was having a good time.

Although it might be a little exaggerated, he really enjoyed the process of playing.

Happiness is contagious.

Zhang Li and Zhou Fei, who followed Zhang Han, had a good time, and even began to try other exciting rides.

A happy time is always very short, and dusk soon came.

After having dinner there, they drove to the hotel and returned to their room upstairs at 6 p.m.

Before Zhang Han sat down, his cell phone rang in his pocket.

The call was from Lin Jie and Zhang Han didnt answer it.

“Is it their call” Zi Yan asked.


“Is PaPa going out” Mengmeng raised her head and asked.

“Yes.” Zi Yan patted Mengmengs head.

“We agreed in the afternoon that PaPa would go out for a while in the evening.”

“Hum, I see.

PaPa, you can go there.

MaMa and I will wait for you here.” Mengmeng waved her small hand.

“Huh” Zhang Han was very surprised because Mengmengs attitude was so good this time.

But at the same time, he felt a little depressed because he liked to watch Mengmeng act like a spoiled child.

Zi Yan leaned over with a smile and whispered in Zhang Hans ear.

Zhang Han burst out laughing.

“Okay, PaPa will bring you ice cream.”

“PaPa is great!” Mengmeng was overjoyed.

“Dont dress so casually for such a party.” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Hans blue coat and thought about it.

Then she went to the trunk and took out a pair of black shoes and a black coat.

“Try these.

They will make you look cooler.”

Zhang Han smiled and changed into the new clothes under the gaze of Zi Yan.

“Im going.”

When Zhang Han went out, he opened the door and saw Rong Jiaxin, Zhang Li, and Zhou Fei, with Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu following them.

“Boss, I heard that you are going to beat someone up.

Do you need my help” asked Instructor Liu.

Instructor Liu liked to join in the fun.

“You can go with me if you want,” said Zhang Han.

“Great,” Instructor Liu replied with a smile.

Zhao Feng curled his lips.

He didnt plan to go, but he had to keep Instructor Liu from causing trouble for Zhang Han.

The three of them went downstairs and took a car to the Hantai Entertainment Club.

The Hantai Entertainment Club was a relatively high-end club.

There were only four private rooms on the sixth floor, each of which was large enough to entertain nearly 100 people.

When Zhang Han arrived on the sixth floor…

Zhang Han didnt know which room the party was being held in.

Fortunately, there were several waiters in front of the round hall, so Zhao Feng asked them before they came to greet Zhang Han.

“Where is Lin Jie”


Childe Lin is in room 01 on the left,” one of the waiters pointed and answered.

“Thank you.” Zhao Feng nodded.

Then they went to room 01.

Just a few steps away, the three of them heard the waiters discussing in a low voice.

“Did you hear what he said Lin Jie instead of Childe Lin…”

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