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Chapter 628 A Devil or an Immortal

“Brother Han”

“Whats going on”


“Why did Emperor Qing call him Brother Han”


All the martial artists on the mountain were astonished, including Ye Tianlang.

His facial expression froze and his mouth was quivering.

Ye Tianlang had carefully planned and guided this battle to see the limit and potential of the two men.

However, they were so familiar with each other that Emperor Qing even called him “Brother Han”.

What a joke!

Ye Tianlang felt as if he had swallowed a fly.

It made him uncomfortable!

As for the four captains following him…

All of Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise were stunned with their eyes widely opened.

They had expected to see an earthshaking battle and even witness Zhang Hanyangs death.

However, Zhang Hanyang was Emperor Qings “Brother Han”!

Though they felt much more relaxed now because of the imminent cancellation of this battle, they couldnt help complaining.

“Its unbelievable.

Zhang Hanyang, whats your real identity” Vermilion Bird was confused.

What had happened shocked her.

Their eldest brother got the same feeling they had.

On the other side, Ji Wushuang didnt know what to say now.

“Am I here to witness the reunion of you two”

“Id rather to see a fierce battle!”

He was ready to watch the battle and help Zhang Hanyang when he was in danger.

That was why he had come all the way here.

But now, he seemed useless.

Gai Xingkong was overjoyed because Zhang Han avoided this battle, and he was no longer worried about the outcome.

He almost burst out laughing.

“Whats going on” Mu Qisha grinned, hummed, and turned to leave.

He didnt want to stay here any longer.

“It turns out that Emperor Qing is Zhang Hanyangs brother.

Its amazing.” Mu Xue was surprised and then annoyed.

“I cant get Demon Dancing Sword back this time.

I must make a breakthrough as soon as possible and get it back by myself.”

At the same time, many people, including Ye Longyuan and Shi Fenghou, were stunned.

The most astonished were the Qiao, Lin, and Zhang families.

All the members in the presence of the Qiao and Lin families were pale.

They thought they had found a super-strong helper.

However, it turned out that their helper was Zhang Hanyangs little brother.

“This is ridiculous.”

Zhang Nan, the patriarch of the Zhang family, kept changing his facial expression in embarrassment.

He must pay back ten billion to Zhang Han.

At the same time, the other martial artists on Mount Five Flowers were in confusion.

They couldnt understand those Grand Masters.

Zhang Han was looking at Emperor Qing in surprise.

“Changqing,” Zhang Han whispered.

He found out more truth at this moment.

In his past life, he had been bullied and expelled from Shang Jing after suffering misfortune.

Then he had received Chen Changqings call, who had urged to go back to the Zhang family with him and get justice for him.

It turned out that he had begun to cultivate at that time, and he had disappeared several times in order to cultivate.

But every time he appeared, he would always follow Zhang Han and call him Brother Han.

He always acted according to Zhang Hans wishes.

When they were retaliated, they would always bear each others pain together.

Scenes of the past floated in Zhang Hans mind.

Almost everyone would make a lot of friends in their life, but few could be called brothers.

Obviously, Emperor Qing or Chen Changqing was one of Zhang Hans brothers.

“Brother Han, I didnt expect you to be Zhang Hanyang.

How could you become so powerful” Emperor Qing, who used to be calm, was now as excited as a boy.

While keeping talking, he rushed to Zhang Han and was about to give him a big hug.

“Wait.” Zhang Han could barely keep the smile off of his face.

He stretched out his palm to stop Emperor Qing and said seriously, “Our fight is not over.”

“The fight” Chen Changqing was surprised.

“Its impossible for me to challenge you.

And I may not be as powerful as you.”

He was modest in the face of Zhang Han.

If it were anyone else who challenged him, he would already have taken action.

All the onlookers were again shocked by Emperor Qings words.

“What are you doing”

“How come you, the famous Emperor Qing, become his little brother Do you remember that this is your time”

“Have you considered how we feel”

They didnt sigh for a long time because Zhang Han said, “Im here today to destroy the Qiao and Lin families.

Are you going to stop me”

Chen Changqing was surprised.

“Brother Han hasnt changed at all.

He is always fierce when punishing his rivals.”

He took an indifferent glance at the Qiaos and Lins and then nodded at Zhang Han.

“I wont stop you.”

His words pushed the Qiaos and the Lins into the freezing ice cave.

They all turned pale in desperation.

“Okay.” Zhang Han replied in relief and then stretched out his hands.

“Blood Curse.”


A red haze covered all 23 of the Qiao and Lin family members present.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Several screams resounded.

Three seconds later, the red haze and the 23 people dissipated at the same time.


Many people gasped in fear.

“No wonder he is called Merciless Zhang.

He is merciless, indeed!”

“Zhang Hanyang is worth his fame.”

“Ive witnessed how this amazing man became famous!”

Most of the martial artists were talking rationally.

But the members of several other families near the place where the Qiaos and the Lins once stood were frightened!

They all stepped back and looked at Zhang Han in horror.

Liu Feng, Zhang Chen, and others of the young generations were shocked.

At the same time, they felt frightened.

“Is this the power of a top-level martial artist”

“He is beyond comparison! No one can defeat such a talented martial artist.”


Only immortals have such great power.”

Their world view was broken again.

Zhang Han remained calm after killing the members of the two families.

He looked at Chen Changqing again and then turned his gaze to the tens of thousands of martial artists below.

At this moment, he was like a king!

“Someone said that beauty brings disaster.

“Its not entirely unreasonable.

Many people in Hong Kong know that Zi Yan is my wife, and no one dares to covet her because they are afraid of me.”

Zhang Han seemed to be giving a speech to the whole world.

His voice was like thunder.

“But there are still many people outside Hong Kong who dont know about it and always want to deal with us by all kinds of means.

Well, Im here to warn all people with such intentions by the fate of the Qiaos and the Lins.”

When Zhang Han finished speaking, the Qi covering him suddenly became stronger.

All the people on the mountain were nervous and got a sense of suffocation and oppression.

They all knew that Zhang Hanyang or Merciless Zhang was going to take action.

Just at that moment…

Chen Changqing looked at the cloud in the sky on the left side, and then turned his gaze to Zhang Han and sighed.

“Brother Han, form my sake, let me deal with it.”

As the grandson of the Chan Clans Warlord, he could get more information and knew that someone had just come from that direction.

That was a man he was afraid of.

But he was afraid that his brother Han wouldnt give up.

Just as he expected…

Zhang Han smiled at Chen Changqing and then said slowly, “What if I refuse you”

Chen Changqing fell into silence after hearing Zhang Hans words, and then he found the Chan Clans Warlord ignoring him, which meant that it was up to him to make a decision.

Ten seconds later, Chen Changqing looked at Zhang Han and smiled.

“Lets fight together.”

There were many complex emotions in this sentence

Maybe they could be summed up with the word “bromance”.

Zhang Han could remember Emperor Qings mobile phone number 500 years later, which showed that this man was very important to him.

After all, the legendary Emperor Qing, who had a very high status, still called him Brother Han.

“Lets fight together” meant he would bear the pressure together with Zhang Han in the face of the hidden strongman.

“Lets fight together” means he would bear the pressure together with Zhang Han in the face of the hidden strong man.

“Hahaha, okay.” Zhang Han burst out laughing.

What he wanted to know most was Chen Changqings attitude.

Chen Changqing had never changed though he was called Emperor Qing now.

Tens of thousands of martial artists on the scene fell into an uproar and panic after seeing this scene.

“It was like a movie.”

“It turns out that Emperor Qing and Merciless Zhang are brothers.

My gosh, their alliance is amazing.”

“Why are my eyes full of tears Why dont I have brothers like Emperor Qing and Zhang Hanyang Otherwise, I wouldnt stay in the Obvious Strength stage for such a long time!”

“Im lovelorn…”

A lot of people began to talk about it.

But their focus changed gradually.

“Wont they fight Which of them is stronger!”

“Yes, the duel has been canceled, and we cant say they are tied.”

“You know nothing.” Many experienced martial artists shook their heads and sighed.

“Emperor Qing had put himself in a lower position when he called him Brother Han.

But in terms of strength, do you think Emperor Qing, who is now at the Divine-Realm stage, could not defeat Zhang Hanyang Although Zhang Hanyang is powerful, he hasnt reached that level yet.

As long as he is not at the Divine-Realm stage, he can never defeat Emperor Qing! Although he killed Gu Donglai last time, dont forget that Gu Donglai made a breakthrough in the battle and was killed before he could understand the power of the Divine Realm.

This is enough to make Zhang Hanyang respectable in the world of martial arts, but it cant prove that he is better than Emperor Qing!”

The others fell into silence.

The aged martial artists words convinced them.

More than 90% of them thought that they wouldnt witness the world-class battle today.

Fortunately, the legend of Zhang Hanyang could continue, or it would really be over.

Fortunately, the legend of Zhang Hanyang could continue, or it would really be over.

Even the captains of the four detachments sighed with relief.

“Its good, or the National Security Agency in Hong Kong would lose one of its directors.

The martial arts world of Hong Kong will be in peace as long as Zhang Hanyang is alive.”

“Yes.” Jiang Yanlan also relaxed and smiled while looking at Zhang Hans back.

The figures of Zi Yan and Mengmeng were floating in her mind.

‘It would be so pitiful if they lost their husband and father so early.

Jiang Yanlans attitude towards Zhang Han was different from that of other people, not only because of Zhang Hans strength but also because of Mengmeng.

She had observed Mengmeng for a long time and found the little girl so lovely.

Now and then, she would think of the delicate face of Mengmeng.

Therefore, she sighed with relief in the face of this scene.

But in fact, this was also because she thought Emperor Qing was better than Zhang Hanyang, and there was an 80% chance that Zhang Hanyang would die here if he insisted on participating in the battle.

But in fact, this was also because she thought Emperor Qing was better than Zhang Hanyang, and there was an 80% chance that Zhang Hanyang would die here if he insisted on participating in the battle.

“So boring.” Ye Longyuan snorted and left the mountain quickly.

He never wasted time.

“Ha ha.” Shi Fenghou was sneering at someone.

Two light-colored wings stretched out from his back, with which he flew to the distance and soon disappeared.

Many martial artists who could fly in the sky or travel in the earth seldom showed their skills in urban areas.

Otherwise, they would be chased by the National Security Agency because of the chaos they made.

Of course, there were some unbridled exceptions.

Their behavior might be sensational at first, but gradually it would be interpreted as magic or computer special effects.

“All right.” Mu Xue snorted and left.

A few other impatient people also left, losing the chance to see the horror scene after that.

“Old Chen, you made a good plan.” Ye Tianlang smiled at the Chan Clans Warlord.

He knew that Zhang Hanyang couldnt defeat Emperor Qing, who had just made a breakthrough and would be badly injured.

Then he could save Zhang Hanyang in exchange for his loyalty to the National Security Agency.

He had never expected them to be brothers.

Ye Tianlang was annoyed and even wanted to beat the Chan Clans Warlord.

The Chan Clans Warlord was smiling at Ye Tianlang as if everything was in his expectation.

As for Gai Xingkong and Ji Wushuang, the other two Divine-Realm martial artists, they were much more relaxed now.

Almost 80% of the onlookers believed that Emperor Qing would win the battle.

Almost 80% of the onlookers believed that Emperor Qing would win the battle.

As for the captains of the four detachments and several God State Strongs, they even thought that Emperor Qing would undoubtedly defeat Zhang Hanyang!

They could best understand the gap between the Divine Realm stage and the Grand Master stage.

“Lets fight if they dont fight.” Mu Qisha took another sip of wine and looked at Gai XingKong, who was a little unhappy just now.

“You have also reached the Divine Realm stage, and I dont know how powerful your Dragon-tiger spear skill is now.

Let me see if you have made any progress.”

Everyone was excited after hearing his words.

“God, I didnt expect that Emperor Qin and Zhang Hanyang wouldnt fight, but the two God State Strongs are going to fight instead!”

“They all represent the top fighting capacity in the martial arts world, and their wills will shake the world with a fierce battle!”


They thought they would see another battle, but they heard a bland voice just at the beginning of their discussion.

“Its not your turn to perform.”



Everyone turned their gaze to Zhang Han because he was the one speaking!

“How dare he say this to Mu Qisha Does he think he is invincible”

That was what most people thought.

Even Ye Tianlang was surprised by Zhang Hans attitude, but he liked it.

The Chan Clans Warlord frowned slightly at the fearless yet stupid young man.

“Are you talking to me” Mu Qisha smiled at Zhang Han.

According to Mo Qishas expression, the Chan Clans Warlord, Ye Tianlang, and Ji Wushuang knew that he was going to take action.

However, Zhang Han ignored him.

Dazzling light suddenly burst out of his eyes, making him look like an immortal or more like a devil.

Then his body began to rise tens of meters above the ground!

Then he began floating above the tens of thousands of martial artists on the ground, who were looking up at him.

Gai Xingkong, Jiang Yanlan, and other Grand Masters didnt know what he was doing.

All of a sudden, their faces changed.

Mu Qisha, the Chan Clans Warlord, Ji Wushuang, Gai Xingkong, and Emperor Qing were all stunned with their eyes widely opened.

Zhang Hans voice was echoing above the mountain.

“The Lin family and the Qiao family provoked me several times, so Ill destroy them today.”

Everyone was astonished after hearing his words.

“Its not over yet!”

“Zhang Hanyang will take further actions!”

Under everyones gaze…


There were only a few dozens of clouds in the clear sky above Mount Five Flowers.

However, everyone felt a sudden moment of darkness.

Zhang Han was playing one of his trump cards for the first time.

The 4,000 clouds above his Soul Sense Sea!

The most perfect process of producing rain involved 999 clouds above ones Soul Sense Sea, but Zhang Han had 4,000 clouds now.

It meant that his soul sense was now at the Middle Innateness Stage though he hadnt reached the Innateness stage yet.

In terms of strength, Middle Innateness Stage was equal to the Earth Realm.

However, though Zhang Han was at Foundation Late-stage, which was equal to Grand Master Late-stage, he could defeat all the martial artists at Grand Master Late-stage.

Therefore, there was no comparability between the two strength-scoring systems.

Zhang Hans vast Spiritual Sense Energy was expanding.

His crazy spiritual force covered the sky of Mount Five Flowers with lightning and clouds, which made the other martial artists tremble.

The thundercloud, which was oppressive, swept in all directions.

One kilometer, two kilometers… Seven kilometers away from the mountain, it completely covered the Qiao and Lin families on both sides.

It was like the end of the world.

Zhang Han, as was mentioned before, was more like a devil than an immortal.

Mu Qisha and the Chan Clans Warlords faces changed.

“Whats going on”

“How can his spiritual sense mind trick be so strong Has he reached the Earth Realm”

“What happened to him”

In the place that Chen Changqing paid attention to before, there was no place for that man to hide.

That cloud had dissipated under the pressure of such magnificent soul sense.

There was an old man with small eyes, who looked at Zhang Han and stretched out his hand.

It seemed that he wanted to say something but finally gave up.

He was also confused.

“His soul sense is at the Earth Realm”


When everyone was looking at Zhang Han in fear, he said in a soft voice, “Lightning.”

When Zhang Han finished speaking…


A thunderbolt flashed through the clouds.

It was followed by a second, third, and finally thousands of thunderbolts.

Everyone was trembling now and couldnt help wondering if Zhang Han was going to destroy the world.

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