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The Chan Clans Warlord and other God State Strongs finally found something different.

The thunderbolts were not real.

They were composed of spiritual force.

Though they were not as powerful as true thunderbolts, they were also destructive.

Surprisingly, the spiritual sense mind trick was real.

Though Zhang Hans spiritual sense mind trick was powerful enough, he could not make the most of it now because he hadnt reached the same stage as his soul sense.

But what he did was enough to shock the others.

He wanted to show the power of this move.


In the thunder and lightning, the dark clouds were compressed down under everyones panicked gaze!

What was their feeling now

They felt as if there was a large mountain falling slowly over their heads!

“Damn it! Run!”

“Oh, the sky is going to collapse!”

“What can I do I dont want to die! Ah! Ah!”

A lot of people were going crazy because there were also dark clouds above their heads, and the flashing thunderbolts were like sharp swords that could fall.

Chen Changqing looked at the sky carefully and then said, “Keep calm and stay within the range of Mount Five Flowers.”

His voice contained part of his energy, which awakened tens of thousands of martial artists in panic.

They suddenly realized that they could only survive by staying at Mount Five Flowers.

Some martial artists lost their ability to think in fear.

Azure Dragon and the other captains took the lead to help them with their men in all directions.

Among them, the places where the big family members stayed were the most in need of help.

All the Zhangs, including Zhang Nan, Zhang Chen, and Zhang Yuan, were staring at the approaching dark clouds and forgot to hide.

It seemed that they had stopped thinking.

They were at a loss.

“Is this still the power that human beings can have”

Liu Feng looked at Zhang Hans figure in the dark cloud as if he were an immortal.

After a while, he even knelt on the ground, crawling.

He was grateful that Zhang Han hadnt killed him a few days ago.

He regarded it as a gift from the immortal.

As for the members of the other big families, they didnt know what to do now.

They were too frightened to make a decision.

The dark clouds were approaching them under everyones gaze.

However, they found that the dark clouds above Mount Five Flowers gradually dissipated before landing on them.

Perhaps they moved to other places.

The clouds were gradually divided into two parts.

They covered the Qiao family and the Lin family, respectively.


The shaking lasted for thirty seconds.

When Zhang Han waved his right hand to dissipate all the clouds, the other martial artists on the mountain all gasped in fear after seeing what had happened.

“Both the Qiao family and the Lin family were destroyed.”

“He managed it.

Its terrible.”

“I didnt expect to witness this scene today.

Zhang Hanyang is invincible!”


Many people were shocked at what they saw.

Both the Qiaos and Lins manors were turned into ruins.

They didnt how many people were in the manors.

But they knew that the Qiao family and the Lin family no longer existed in Shang Jing.

Even if someone in the two families were lucky enough to survive, they couldnt make any difference.

Like the ordinary martial artists, all the Divine-Realm Masters on the mountain were also shocked.

They had witnessed Zhang Hans move.

It seemed not powerful enough and could even be called a showy but not practical skill.

They could resist it easily.

What shocked them was Zhang Hans weird spiritual sense mind trick.

It had reached the Earth Realm, which was beyond their imagination and couldnt be merely recognized as powerful.

“How can a Grand Master have such a weird power Its unbelievable.”

“How far can his soul sense go

All the Divine-Realm Masters in the crowd knew that their soul sense could at most stretch a little less than one kilometer.

However, Zhang Hans soul sense could reach someplace seven kilometers away easily, and they didnt know where his limit was.

If Zhang Han did this in the urban area, it would lead to an irreversible disaster.

He was a great threat to ordinary people and could not be completely resisted.

Everyone was frightened by this thought.

Besides, how destructive would Zhang Han be if he attacked a range of meters in diameter with his spiritual sense mind trick

Could he be easily stopped

The other martial artists didnt know the answer.

Even Mu Qisha didnt know what to say in the face of Zhang Han.

He had already given up challenging Zhang Han.

As an experienced Divine-Realm master, it was not an honor to defeat a Grand Master, let alone that he was likely to lose the battle.

“This…” The strong man who was hidden in the cloud looked at the direction of the Qiao family and the Lin family and then turned his gaze to Zhang Han in discouragement.

Finally, when he heard the light cough of the Chan Clans Warlord, he snorted coldly and left quickly.

“Hoo…” Chen Changqing sighed with relief after making sure that man had gone.

Then he looked at Zhang Han, who landed on the top of the old tree in the front, and said with a smile, “Brother Han, you are still so powerful.”

“if not, I couldnt be your elder brother,” Zhang Han replied happily.

His words dumbfounded countless people.

They had not digested the fact that Zhang Hanyang was the eldest brother of Emperor Qing.

“Young man.” the Chan Clans Warlord moved towards Zhang Han and said, “Have you calmed down Follow me if youre not angry now.”

“Why must he go with you Where will you go” asked Gai Xingkong.

The Chan Clans Warlord shook his head helplessly when he saw Gai Xingkongs alert look.

“We are going to talk about some private matters.

You can follow us if you dont trust me.”

Then he smiled at Zhang Han.

“Im in a good mood and want to tell you some secrets.

Its up to you to make the decision.”

The Chan Clans Warlord turned into a light and flashed toward the west.

“Lets go, Brother Han.

I have a lot to share with you.” Chen Changqing laughed and walked towards Zhang Han.

“How about comparing our speed” Zhang Han was amused.

“Lets go.” The vague outline of a dragon once again surrounded Chen Changqings body.

Zhang Han took a glance at Gai Xingkong and nodded.

With the skill Steps of Immortals, he could advance tens of meters with every step, and his speed was as fast as sound.

Gai Xingkong was slower than Zhang Han, so he took out his Dragon-tiger spear.

“Why can these two abnormal young men be so fast”

Ji Wushuang looked at their backs and smiled.

“The sea laughs, leading the mighty waves forward…” he sang.

At that moment, he even felt the chivalrous spirit that he had lost for a long time.

Ji Wushuang turned around and left the mountain.

“You all escaped.” Mu Qisha mumbled, took a big gulp of wine, and left in the air.

After the influential masters left, the tens of thousands of martial artists were left in shock.

“You can go now.” Azure Dragon, who was now the most powerful man on the mountain, waved his hand.

His voice was echoing above Mount Five Flowers.

Countless people began to leave.

They marveled as they walked.

“I still feel my scalp numb.

I couldnt breathe just now because of the heavy cloud!”

“He is so fierce.

No wonder he is called Merciless Zhang.

What an amazing man! Even the Divine-Realm master failed to persuade him.

According to the several God State Strongs, Zhang Hanyang is qualified to be regarded as a Divine-Realm.

Oh, he is just a Martial Arts Grand Master now.

Its a miracle that he could reach that level!”

“Whats more frightening, Emperor Qing is Zhang Hanyangs little brother.

Is today the end of Emperor Qings time”

“Everyone will know how powerful Zhang Hanyang is after today.”

When this sentence was heard, someone immediately objected, “Stop talking nonsense.

Zhang Hanyang had already become famous in the Martial Arts World in China.

Whats more important is Zi Yans identity.

Id better tell my friends that Zi Yan is his wife and must stay away from her.

Otherwise, they will be killed by Zhang Hanyang one day.”


There were all kinds of discussions.

None of them would ever forget what had happened here!

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