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Chapter 630 A Faithful Little Brother

The news that Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing would fight with each other in Mount Five Flowers had swept the whole martial arts world in China, and almost everyone knew it.

But there were not many people who could go there to watch the battle.

Thus, there were still a lot of people who didnt know the news, and the tens of thousands of martial artists on the scene, very kindly and excitedly, spread the news.

“You know what Just now, I was watching the battle in Mount Five Flowers.

It was a shocking battle, and Zhang Hanyang was too cruel.” “You know what Just now I was watching the battle in Mount Five Flowers.

It was a shocking battle and Zhang Hanyang was too cruel.”

“Both the Qiao family and the Lin family in Shang Jing were destroyed.

I cant believe it.

I didnt expect such huge families to be defeated by Zhang Hanyang and casually handled by him.”

“Which one is it If I remember correctly, the Gu and Li families in Hong Kong, He Qingtian and the He family, the Shi family in Xihang, the Gu family in Lin Hai City, and the Qiao family and the Lin family in Shang Jing City.

My God, seven families were all destroyed by Zhang Hanyang alone.

Its too terrible.

The Li, Gu, Lin, and Qiao families were the lords of Hong Kong, Lin Hai, and Shang Jing City.

Is Zhang Hanyang the terminator of great families”

“Today is just like a dream.

You may not believe it that Emperor Qing called Zhang Hanyang brother Zhang! Do you believe it Merciless Zhang is the elder brother of Emperor Qing!”

“Zhang Hanyangs move just now seemed to be able to destroy the world.

Even the several God State Strongs in the scene were shocked by Zhang Hanyangs strength and dared not speak.

Ive heard from several elders that Zhang Hanyang may be as powerful as a Divine-Realm master in some aspects! Although he has not completely reached that stage, his strength is comparable to those martial artists at the Divine-Realm stage.”


All kinds of discussions boiled the whole Martial Arts World in China.

Zhang Hanyangs reputation had surpassed all the martial artists of the same stage, and he had become the No.1 Grand Master in many peoples eyes.

He was a real Invincible Grand Master.

He was Merciless Zhang in Hong Kong.

This amazing news also swept overseas at a breakneck speed.

Many people in the martial arts circle in other regions had heard that the time of Emperor Qing was over and replaced by the time of Merciless Zhang.

In Dongfang Hotel…

Zi Yan, Zhang Li, and Wang Zhanpeng were all very nervous.

Soon it was one oclock in the afternoon, and they didnt know if Zhang Han had started fighting.

Unconsciously, Zhang Han had become their backbone.

As long as Zhang Han was there, his presence alone could make them complete their tasks with confidence and soberness, even if he didnt say anything or make any decision.

Once Zhang Han was not with them, they would feel confused, let alone that Zhang Han might be dueling with Emperor Qing at present.

It could be seen from their expressions that Emperor Qing was indeed a powerful opponent, and they were not sure whether Zhang Han could win the battle.

Even Mengmeng sensed this kind of depressing atmosphere and fell into silence.

While playing with her little finger, she didnt know what to do or when her father would come back.


Suddenly, Zi Yans mobile phone rang.

She quickly sat up straight and answered the phone.

“Sweetheart” Her voice quivered with nervousness.

“Yes, its me.”

Zi Yan heard Zhang Hans soft voice.

“Dont worry as I told you before.”

“Phew…” Zi Yan sighed with relief.

Her beautiful big eyes shone again, and her lips curled up.

“When will you be back” she asked excitedly.

Zhang Han must have won the battle since he was able to call her.

Zi Yan didnt care about other things.

Zhang Han said with a smile, “Well, it will be a while before I go back.

It turns out that Emperor Qing is a little brother and good friend of mine.”

“Huh” Zi Yan was surprised.

“I have something to share with his grandfather, the elder master of the Chen family, and it will take me some time.” Zhang Han added, “But I should be able to go back before 3 p.m.”

“Oh, thats good.

Take care of yourself.” Zi Yan replied in confusion.

“Dont worry.” Zhang Han comforted her, “Uncle Gai is with me.”

He knew that Gai Xingkongs company could make Zi Yan feel more relieved.

Hearing this, Zi Yan was completely relieved and smiled softly.

“Okay, we will wait for you.”

Wang Zhanpeng was the first to ask, “How about it Did Han win”

“How about it Did Han win” Wang Zhanpeng asked at the first time.

The others in the room were nervous too, with their eyes widely opened.

“Huh” Mengmeng blinked in confusion and then turned her gaze to her mother.

Seeing their expressions, Zi Yans slightly narrowed her eyes as she chuckled and shook her head.

“No, he didnt win the battle.”


“Is Han Okay”

“He didnt lose the battle either,” added Zi Yan.

Everyone was confused.

“What do you mean”

“They didnt fight” Wang Zhanpengs eyes lit up.

“Its the best outcome! At least Han is safe.”

“Yeah, haha.

It would be too scary if they fought with each other.

They shouldnt fight.”

Lei Tiannan asked happily, “Doesnt that mean that Emperor Qing didnt dare to stop Zhang Han”

They all thought their guess was right.

Zi Yan was amused by them and decided not to keep them guessing.

She cleared her throat and said, “All of you guessed wrong.

He did see Emperor Qing, but they didnt fight with each other.

I heard from Zhang Han that Emperor Qing is one of his little brothers and good friends.”

“What… What did you say”

Everyone was stunned.


On the other side…

Zhang Han and Emperor Qing had stopped competing.

It could be seen from Emperor Qings depressed expression that he lost to Zhang Han in the speed competition.

But he was still very happy.

He took off side by side with Zhang Han, while the Chan Clans Warlord and Gai Xingkong were leading the way ahead.

Just after Zhang Han hung up, Chen Changqing sighed with emotion.

“Time flies.

Brother Han.

I didnt expect you to marry and have children.

We havent seen each other for many years.”

“Yes, we havent seen each other for more than six years.” Zhang Han sighed.

“I heard from your elders that you were sent abroad.

I was angry that you didnt tell me about it, and planned to beat you when you came back.”

“I deserve your punishment.” Chen Changqing thought about it and nodded.

“My family found I was talented at cultivation after I got in contact with the martial arts circle.

I absorbed Qing Dragon Blood and have integrated 30% of its power.

My grandfather said that if I failed to advance into the Divine Realm before I was 30 years old, I would be in danger.

Therefore, he made up his mind to take me away for further cultivation in all kinds of blessed regions.

I was isolated from the outside world, and only by breaking into the Divine Realm could I regain my freedom,” he said.

“How can Qing Dragon Blood threaten your life Your grandfather lied to you.” Zhang Han looked at the back of the Chan Clans Warlord and snorted.

The face of the Chan Clans Warlord darkened.

He could hear clearly what the two young men were discussing.

He didnt mind that Chen Changqing revealed all his secrets to Zhang Han, but he couldnt stand Zhang Han anymore after hearing his comments.

“Isnt Qing Dragon Blood unique and rare to be found Why should I cheat him for this reason”

Considering that Zhang Han was only a junior and a brother of Changqing, the Chan Clans Warlord decided to endure the arrogant young man, though he wanted to argue with Zhang Han very much.

Luckily, what Chen Changqing said comforted him.

Chen Changqing shook his head and replied, “Brother Han, youve misunderstood my grandfather.

I could sense that crisis during those days.

Sometimes I felt the pain as if ants were tearing my body.”

“Really” Zhang Han frowned slightly.

“There must be a big problem with your cultivation method.

Lets talk about it later.

Even if you were cultivating, why didnt you call me”

“Are you sure I didnt” Chen Changqing rolled his eyes at Zhang Han.

“Huh” Zhang Han was confused and then burst out laughing.

“Yes, I changed my phone number six years ago.”

“Haha.” Chen Changqing gave a rare laugh and looked at Zhang Han happily.

“Anyway, its not too late.

I didnt expect that you were Zhang Hanyang, Brother Han.

How did you get in contact with the martial arts world Your cultivation speed is amazing.”

“Its a long story which can be concluded as a coincidence.

I got an unimaginable chance.” Zhang Han gave a brief answer.

“Great, we can grow up in the martial arts world together.” Emperor Qing looked at Zhang Han sincerely.

Then he said with a smile, “Even if the gate of the small world is opened, I will help you and fight for the time of Merciless Zhang.”

His words surprised both the Chan Clans Warlord and Gai Xingkong.

Gai Xingkong recalled the old days when he and Zhang Guangyou were traveling in the martial arts world.

“They are really good brothers.” Gai Xingkong looked at the Chan Clans Warlord.

“Yes,” replied the Chan Clans Warlord.

But he was sighing to himself.

“Changqing, your life will no longer be peaceful if you are determined to help him.”

While the two elders were leading the way ahead, Zhang Han and Chen Changqing were chatting happily behind, and they burst into laughter from time to time.

The Chan Clans Warlord was delighted by Chen Changqings laughter.

“Changqing has suffered a lot all these years.”

Everyone knew the time of Emperor Qing and his amazing strength.

But few of them knew his efforts and pain.

The Chan Clans Warlord agreed with this saying, “If God would give an important task to a certain person, the first things he does is to temper his willpower, fatigue his muscles and bones, starve his stomach, and destitute his body.”

It was evident that Emperor Qing had suffered a lot that many people had never experienced before he made such brilliant achievements.

The saying made sense.

But if Zhang Han heard it, he would say, “All roads lead to Rome.

But what about those born in Rome”

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