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Chapter 632 Two Divine Objects

“What is the cause of the grudge between Heavenly Knights Sect and Wind Snow School” Gai Xingkong asked.

Many people in the martial arts world, especially those of the older generation, knew that Heavenly Knights Sect and Wind Snow School were rivals.

But they didnt know the specific reasons as to why these two forces were sworn enemies.

Gai Xingkong was also curious about the reason.

“This… I dont know.” The Warlord of Chan Clan shook his head, “But Zhang Han will surely find out later.”

“Yes.” Gai Xingkong nodded and looked at Zhang Han, “Prince of Heavenly Knights Sect, uncle Gai may depend on you in the future.”

“Uncle Gai, you are good at joking.” Zhang Han shook his head.Even without Zhang Hans help, Gai Xingkong could become a member of Heavenly Knights Sect or at least use the resources of Heavenly Knights Sect by virtue of his relationship with Zhang Hans father.

If Zhang Han didnt go to the northeast and didnt meet with Gai Xingkong, Gai Xingkong would go to Heavenly Knights Sect after the gate of the small world was opened, where he would find another perfect way to advance into the Divine Realm.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, Gai Xingkong turned his gaze to Emperor Qing with his eyes narrowed slightly.

He had to admit that Emperor Qing was outstanding, and even as excellent as Zhang Han in terms of strength.

After all, martial artists with Qing Dragon blood were very rare

Gai Xingkong hesitated for a while, and felt that his relationship with Zhang Han had brought him closer to the other two, so he continued to ask, “Emperor Qing has also advanced to the higher stage in a perfect way, right”


Just call me Changqing, uncle Gai.” Chen Changqing replied politely.

“Ha ha…” Gai Xingkong smiled and shook his head.

He secretly sighed with emotion that three of the four people on the scene had reached the Divine Realm, while Zhang Han, though at a lower stage, was actually a genius even more powerful than martial artists at the Divine Realm..

Zhang Han and Emperor Qing both experienced a perfect breakthrough.

There were also differences in advancing from the Grand Master Late-stage to the Divine Realm, which could be divided into the early stage, the middle stage and the later stage.

Martial artists who had made perfect breakthroughs had a stable foundation and could advance directly to the God Realm Medium-stage.

Their future cultivation would be much easier as if their talent had improved.

Ordinary breakthroughs could only promote martial artists to the early stage of Divine Realm, where it required more resources for them to advance to the Middle-Stage.

Therefore, most martial artists cultivated hard to make perfect breakthroughs.

As for the Warlord of Chan Clan, Zhang Han knew that he was at God Realm Late-stage and very close to the Earth Realm.

After chatting for a while, Zhang Han checked the time, stood up and said, “Its late.

I have to go back.”

“Why Are you not going to try some of my own chickens, ducks and geese” The Warlord of Chan Clan asked politely.

“No, thank you.” Zhang Han shook his head.

Gai Xingkong grinned and joked, “Elder Chen, I dont want to get you down, but the ingredients on Hans mountain… Well, you can try them when it is convenient.”

“I found out for the first time that you dont know the art of speaking.” The Warlord of Chan Clan glared at Gai Xingkong.

“Grandpa, Ill visit them.

Could you please… Lend me some gifts” Chen Changqing whispered.

“Dont you have some treasures of your own What do you want to borrow from me” The Warlord of Chan Clan waved his hand.

He knew that there were two Divine Objects and a few Heaven-grade treasures in Chen Changqings Space Ring, which were enough as gifts.

But Chen Changqings next words made the Warlord of Chan Clan almost spit blood.

“Well, Grandpa.

Maybe you can lend me your Soul Protection Bracelet.”

“Boy!” The Warlord of Chan Clan stared at him, “Now that you have obtained some achievements, you are starting to pay attention to your grandfathers treasures”

“Ill definitely pay it back later.” Chen Changqing felt a little embarrassed.

At this moment, Cheng Changqing was like a very ordinary person, who was completely different from the extraordinary Emperor Qing.

It was rare to see such a shy Chen Changqing.

The Warlord of Chan Clan controlled his trembling mouth while looking at Chen Changqing helplessly.

Gai Xingkong was curious about their conversation and wondered what was the Soul Protection Ring.

Zhang Han was amused by them, But he didnt want to refuse Chen Changqings gift.

The Warlord of Chan Clan hesitated for five seconds and finally summoned two bracelets that looked the same.

Zhang Han was surprised because he failed to see through the bracelets.

The Soul Protection Bracelet can protect your mind and soul from being hurt by various spells.

In general, it takes more than a minute for martial artists at Divine Realm to break its defense…” The Warlord of Chan Clan stopped introducing the treasures.

Because he felt that Zhang Han had pierced his soul sense into them.

Zhang Han withdrew his soul sense within one second.

A long examination would damage the pair of Divine Objects.

“Two Divine Objects that can protect ones soul.

Pretty good.”

Zhang Han made a gesture of obeisance at the Warlord of Chan Clan without saying anything.

“Thank you, grandpa.” Chen Changqing grinned and took the pair of bracelets with his right hand.

Then he looked at Zhang Han, “Brother Han, lets go.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded and then turned his gaze to Gai Xingkong.

Knowing that Zhang Han was about to say something, Gai Xingkong waved his hand and smiled, “You go first.

Ill stay here to have a talk with Elder Chen.”

Zhang Han and Chen Changqing ascended into the air and flew to the shore.

While flying, Chen Changqing said, “Brother Han, I will not prepare your gift.”

“Forget it.” Zhang Han smiled and shook his head, “Ill give you a gift in a few days.”

“Wow, it is better to accept deferentially than to decline courteously.” Chen Changqing replied with a smile, “By the way, I didnt expect Zi Yan to be my sister-in-law.

Brother Han, you are so marvelous that you got married with such a beauty.

Is my sister-in-law a martial artist”

“No.” Zhang Han shook his head.

“Well… Brother Han, you are so powerful that it must be easy for you to turn my sister-in-law into a Grand Master.” Chen Changqing was confused.

“Isnt cultivation a better way to protect Zi Yan than relying on bodyguards or treasures”

“She, she cant cultivate for the time being.” Zhang Han thought about it and said slowly, “Perhaps she will become a very powerful cultivator when she is able to cultivate.”

“Really Thats good.” Chen Changqing took a glance at Zhang Han.

Though he still had a few questions, he thought it would be better for him to ask Zhang Han later.

“Shall we go back by car” Chen Changqing asked when they arrived at the shore.

“Sure.” Zhang Han nodded.

They landed in a deserted forest and scattered the light around them, showing their bodies.

As they walked out of the woods, they found it a paradise for trysts.

As soon as they reached the edge of the forest, they saw a man and a woman coming from the front.

When the latter saw Chen Changqing and Zhang Han chatting happily, they were stunned first, and then their facial expression became complicated.

When Zhang Han and Chen Changqing left, the man exchanged a look with the woman and then exclaimed, “Thats so cool.”

They seemed to have misunderstood something.

Walking to the side of the road, Chen Changqing saw a shop not far from them, and he suddenly smiled, “Want a cigarette”

He thought of the time when they were smoking and bragging on the side of the road.

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled casually.

A note with a face value of 100 yuan suddenly appeared in Chen Changqings right hand, and green light began swirling around him as he waved his hand.

At the next moment, the note disappeared and was replaced by a box of cigarettes that they used to smoke.

Clap, clap!

The sound of two lighters sounded, and then the two began to smoke on the side of the road.

“Phew…” Chen Changqing puffed out a puff of cigarette smoke and shook his head, “this cigarette has no flavor.”

“What flavor do you want since you have reached the Divine Realm” Zhang Han was amused.

“Yes.” Chen Changqing saw a taxi coming and waved his hand.

When the car stopped in front of them, they threw away their cigarettes, which turned into ashes and dissipated before landing.

“Where do you want to go” The driver asked when they got into the taxi.

“Dongfang Hotel.” Zhang Han replied.


The driver started the car.

He didnt know that the two people sitting in the back could shake the whole city with a single stomp.

At this time, many big families were still shocked by what had happened at noon.

The Liu family held a collective meeting.

When Patriarch Liu saw Liu Feng, he would sigh with emotion, “You are so lucky.

No one in the Hua nation can stop Zhang Hanyang! Hes too strong! The era of Merciless Zhang is also the era of disaster for the rich and noble.

Ive announced that we cant provoke Zhang Han and his family members from now on, especially Zi Yan…”

This scene was taking place in all the rich or noble families in Shang Jing.

Especially the family members of the younger generation had been warned countless times!

The family members of the older generation were more cunning, and they would not have any problems or cause trouble.

Most of the people who caused trouble were the young and energetic generation.

While warning the young generations, the older generations began to reprimand them and list their recent troubles.

This incident between Zhang Han and Chen Changqing brought unexpected calamities to many people.

But they just felt afraid.

and didnt dare to be angry.

The Zhang family members all felt nervous.

“What can we do”

They thought Emperor Qing could suppress Zhang Hanyang and help them to get rid of the ten billion yuan compensation.

But it turned out that Emperor Qing was Zhang Hans little brother.

They had a headache.

They must be more careful now in order not to annoy both Zhang Han and Emperor Qing.

At this moment, all the core members of the Zhang family were silent.

They felt pain and regret!

They didnt seize such a good opportunity.

They didnt expect Zhang Han, who had left the Zhang family, to become so strong just a few years later.

“Alas…” Zhang Nan sighed, stood up and walked out.

His figure bent a little at this moment, as if he suddenly grew old.

When he came to the door, Zhang Nan slowly turned around, and there was no light in his eyes, “Get ready the compensation.

I will take you to Dongfang Hotel to make an apology tomorrow.”

Zhang Han and Chen Changqing took a taxi to the gate of Dongfang Hotel.

Chen Changqing paid 100 yuan and refused the change, which made the driver happy.

After entering the hotel, they took the elevator to the ninth floor.

When they stepped into the corridor, they saw a man push open a door and come out.

“Wow, boss is back!” It was Instructor Liu, who cheered and then turned around to run.

On the way to the innermost room, he knocked on the door of every room he passed and informed the people inside that “the boss is back!”

Everyone on this floor was shocked.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Ming, Wang Zhanzong and a few others ran out of other rooms.


They were surprised and confused to see Chen Changqing standing beside Zhang Han, and they seemed to have guessed something.

“Lets go in first.” Zhang Han smiled and everyone walked into the room on the innermost side.

The hall was big enough to hold more than ten people, and it was not very crowded.



Zhang Hans wife and daughter left the sofa to run towards him.

Zi Yan had long legs, so it took her less time to approach Zhang Han and give him a big hug.

After a while, Zi Yan gave Zhang Han to Mengmeng.

The little girl was anxious to hug her father.

“PaPa, give me a hug.” Mengmeng raised her head and stretched out her little arms.

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled and crouched down to embrace Mengmeng.

“Mua.” Mengmeng kissed Zhang Han on the cheek twice and then said, “PaPa, why did you take so long to return Its been such a long time.”

“Well… Dad had been talking with my good friend before he returned.” Zhang Han went to the side of the sofa with Mengmeng in her arms, “lets sit down first.”

After everyone sat down, Zhang Han introduced Chen Changqing to them, “Id like to introduce Chen Changqing, a good friend of mine from childhood, to you.

He is Emperor Qing you know well.”


All Zhang Hans friends gasped in astonishment.

“Emperor, Emperor Qing” Lei Tiannans mouth slightly quivered.

Wang Zhanpeng and others also felt the roots of their teeth cool.

This title was frightening in the martial arts world.

Zhang Li was the only one who looked at him casually and said, “Isnt it you little Changqing”

“Lili.” Chen Changqing smiled at Zhang Li and then stood up to greet the others, “Hello, everyone, Im Chen Changqing.”

“Nice to meet you.” Lei Tiannan quickly stood up and greeted him.

Wang Zhanpeng and Wang Ming followed him.

Though Emperor Qing was polite and modest, they couldnt just sit on the sofa and reply him casually.

Therefore, they all stood up as soon as they could.

Zhao Feng, Xu Yong, Instructor Liu, Leng Yue and others respectfully called him, “Mr.


Only the three members of Zhang Hans family did not stand up.

Chen Changqing was a little embarrassed and waved his hand, “Please sit down.

Dont be so courteous to me.

You are Brother Hans elders and also my elders.”

His attitude relaxed the others.

They didnt expect the famous Emperor Qing to be so approachable.


A few martial artists present, including Lei Tiannan and Wang Zhanpeng, were surprised at their own thoughts.

“My gosh.”

“He is not approachable at all.”

“He is just approachable in front of Zhang Han.”

“So Zhang Hanyang is the greatest.”

Everyone turned their gaze to Zhang Han with admiration.

Everyone sat down.

But Chen Changqing, facing Zi Yan and Mengmeng, did not sit down.

He slightly narrowed his eyes and looked down at Zi Yan and Mengmengs feet.

It seemed too formal.

Everyone could feel Chen Changqings respect for Zhang Hans wife and daughter.

“Sister in law, and Mengmeng.

Its the first time Im meeting you, and I want to give you this pair of bracelets.

I hope you like them.” Chen Changqing summoned the bracelets, which appeared in his right palm.

Soul Protection Bracelet!

Both the bracelets were Divine Objects and forth-stage spirit treasures!

Zhang Han knew that they were able to effectively defend against spell attacks, so he was very grateful to Chen Changqing.

The bracelets were milky white, which looked like jade and were very beautiful.

But they felt more like leather than jade bracelets.

Chen Changqing held a corner of the bracelets with both hands and handed them to Zi Yan.

“Thank you.” Zi Yan hurriedly stood up and took the gifts, “The bracelets are very beautiful.

Changqing, please sit down You are Zhang Hans good friend.

Zhang Han keeps your old cell phone number, so I know you have a good relationship with him.”

“Ha ha, yes.

Sister-in-law, you can treat me as Brother Hans little brother.”

Chen Changqing smiled and then sat down on the side of Zhang Han.

It was not polite for him to talk with Zi Yan too much.

He felt that as a little brother, he must keep a proper distance from his sister-in-law, neither too close nor too distant,

The gifts were given, and Chen Changqing relaxed a little.

“Mengmeng, do you think the bracelets are pretty” Zi Yan sat back and looked down at Mengmeng.

“They are beautiful.” Mengmeng answered without hesitation.

“Then what should we say” Zi Yan asked with a smile.

“Well.” Mengmeng looked at Chen Changqing, and then waved her right hand lovingly like a Lucky Cat, “Thank you, big brother.”

“Haha…” Zi Yan burst out laughing, “Not big brother.

You should call him uncle.

He is uncle Chen.”

“Thank you, uncle Chen.” Mengmeng said again.

“Youre welcome, ha ha… Brother Han, sister-in-law, your daughter is so lovely.” Chen Changqing grinned.

All the others were also amused by Mengmeng.

They all liked Mengmeng.

At the same time, they realized the truth.

“When Mengmeng grows up, her supporters… Its amazing!”

She had Zhang Han who loved her so much, uncle Chen Changqing, Gai Xingkong, Lei Tiannan and so on.

It was amazing and they dared not think about it anymore.

But they didnt know that Zhang Han had a more amazing identity.

He was the prince of Heavenly Knights Sect.

It was beyond their imagination.

“Put on your bracelet.

Its a great gift.” Zhang Han smiled, reached for the bracelet and put it on Zi Yan and Mengmengs wrist.

While giving Mengmeng her gift, Zhang Han smiled, “Dads going to do a trick for you.”

“Great.” Mengmengs eyes lit up.

In her clear eyes, her PaPa shook his palm in front of her smaller one.

The large bracelet became smaller, began to flash, and then disappeared.

“Hmm Where is it” Mengmeng was surprised.

“It is hidden by your Dad.” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

Wang Zhanpeng, Lei Tiannan and others were all stunned.

“Damn it! Is it true Two Divine Objects”

They thought that this seemingly ordinary bracelets may be some valuable handicraft.

But when Zhang Han put the bracelets on his wife and daughter and made them take Zi Yan and Mengmeng as their masters…

The others recognized the treasures from their special Qi.

They were two Divine Objects!

Emperor Qing gave two Divine Objects at one time!

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