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Chapter 64 – Start Queuing

After Sun Dongheng stood there for a few minutes, three customers came into the restaurant

“Hey, hey, hey!” Where to go Its a place where only members can sit.

If you want to eat, line up behind me.

” Sun Dongheng immediately waved his hand towards the three of them.

“Arent there only four members There are three tables over there, only one table had been taken, there are still two empty tables.” One of them said hesitantly.

“Even if its empty, its not some seats that nonmember can sit on.

Dont you see that Im standing here” Sun Dongheng said unhappily.

“Oh.” The man nodded his head slightly and stood behind Sun Dongheng.

He had come to eat before, but his friends had never eaten here before.

One of the slightly plump man frowned and said,

“There are only three tables for ordinary customers Isnt that a bit too exaggerated Brother Liu, I think this place is average.

Are you exaggerating “Why dont we go to that specialty soy sauce bone house and have a meal there”

“Why would I lie to you” The man answered, “Let me tell you, if you dont eat the Egg Fried Rice here, you will regret it for the rest of your life.”

“This is too exaggerated.

Whats the point in eating Egg-Fried Rice” His companion sneered.

There was a trace of disdain in his words.

“Hur hur.” Sun Dongheng turned around and laughed coldly, “I had the same idea as you in the past, but what happened then Didnt I finally submit “Let me tell you, eating the Egg-Fried Rice here is a great blessing.

If you dont want to eat it, you can leave.

I dont want to hear the voices behind my back.”

“Okay, lets eat.” The three of them smiled awkwardly.

After the three of them, there were another seven or eight customers who came one after another.

They all crowded at the entrance of the restaurant and waited in line.

“Eh So many people ”

Liang Mengqi and the other two squeezed in from the entrance, feeling that the popularity of the restaurant was going a little too fast.

It had only been a few days since the opening and people were already queuing up.

After they finished their meal, there would probably be more people waiting to get into the restaurant to eat!

However, they also felt that all of this was reasonable.

With such a delicious Egg Fried Rice, not a single foodie could resist it.

one could tell just by looking at the three of them, because all three of their meals were here.

Under everyones envious gaze, Liang Mengqi and the other two sat on the member seats.

Liang Mengqi originally wanted to go greet and chat with Zhang Han, but when she turned her head to look, she saw that Zhang Han was busy in the kitchen, and Mengmeng was concentrating on watching the scene on the screen.

A few minutes later, Zhao Feng arrived.

He slightly nodded to the few people seated to the side of Liang Mengqi.

“Zhao Feng, why are you sitting opposite me again” Liang Mengqi rolled her eyes and muttered.

“Eh …” The corner of Zhao Fengs mouth twitched a few times.

“Ah, Mengqi, why are you not friendly at all” Zhao Dahu curled his lips and joked: “Zhao feng is still a handsome guy after all, and youre not young either, arent you going to think about it”

“hum.” Liang Mengqi pouted and said: “If I want to like someone, I would like the boss, not him.”

“Do you like the boss” Zhao Feng smiled and said.

“Why do you care who I like” Liang Mengqi said snappily: “Arent you a busybody of some kind of gang Why arent you collecting the rent Three meals a da here, why are you so free ”

Zhao Feng heard and paused.

A look of helplessness flashed past his eyes as he said solemnly: “I dont like that kind of behavior either, but Im just a subordinate, not the boss.”

He was not the boss, so he couldnt manage his subordinates, and he couldnt stop this kind of thing.

This was a kind of helplessness, but once he dealt with Tang Zhan and became the gang leader, it would be time for him to properly clean up the gang.

However, he would definitely not say such a thing.

Even if he somewhat liked Liang Mengqi, he would not explain it to her.

“Hmph, whats so good about being in a gang You really went astray.

even if you got a pretty face, who knows if youre a bad person.” Liang Mengqi snorted.

“I …” Zhao Feng was truly speechless.

Fortunately, at this time, Zhang Han said from the kitchen: “The food is ready.”

Liang Mengqi immediately stood up and walked away with a smile.

However, the moment Zhao Feng stood up, he realized that Zhang Hans gaze was fixated on the people lining up at the entrance.

After Zhao Feng saw this, he muttered to himself for a bit.

He did not first serve the food, but turned around and walked to the door and said to the other people: “Dont stay here, line up outside, the table is right here.

If anyone leaves, you can enter.”

The moment Zhao Feng opened his mouth, Sun Dongheng hurriedly stood up.

“Thats right, thats right.

Lets go out and queue up.

Come, lets do it according to the ranking just now.

No one is allowed to cut in line.”

Regardless of whether they were satisfied or not, the dozen of people all walked out and lined up at the entrance.

However, there were two people who were dissatisfied and directly left.

Zhao Feng thought about it, then got on the car to the supermarket to buy some chairs.

“What the heck You have to queue up for just to eat Egg-Fried Rice.”

“Little Hu, if the Egg-Fried Rice is not as delicious as you say, let me tell you, we will not be friends!” Ive been in the Xiang Jiang for three years, but have never come across such treatment while eating.

Who was that person he is not the boss and giving orders already ”

“Thats right, the boss didnt even say anything, and now hes trying to be in charge.”

“What do you mean by gesticulating” Sun Dongheng raised his eyebrows, looked at the few men who spoke, and smirked: “Do you guys think that he doesnt have the qualifications to command all of you Heh, I dont mind telling you guys, hes Brother Feng of the Yonghe Society.

Besides the gang leader, hes the strongest! ”

“If Brother Feng heard this, you guys wouldnt be able to escape!” Sun Dongheng saw that the faces of the few people had changed, he slightly raised his head, and said with a bit of satisfaction: “Moreover, hes my big brother! Let me tell you, even my big brother has to behave himself in this restaurant.

“Yes, yes, yes, you are right.”

“Ah, I didnt expect that little brother is from Yonghe Society.”

“Were just chatting, it means nothing.”

The few of them hurried to compliment Sun Dongheng.

Sun Dongheng snorted and ignored them, and returned with his car five minutes later.

He took out about thirty small chairs from the trunk.

After knowing Zhao Fengs identity, Sun Dongheng took the lead, and everyone followed.

They helped place the chairs neatly in front of the window on the left side of the dining hall.

After they were done, they sat down in an orderly manner and started chatting, while Zhao Feng entered the dining hall to prepare for dinner.

“Ah, I couldnt tell, but you do have a bit of good intentions.” Liang Mengqi said in a strange tone.

“I like it here.” Zhao Feng smiled slightly.

It had to be said that his unintentional actions had caused Liang Mengqi to have some changes in her opinion of him.

In fact, if Zhao Feng didnt do these, Zhang Han would say it too.

This restaurant only existed because of Mengmeng, of course Zhang Han would not allow the restaurants atmosphere to become chaotic, but if Zhang Han invited everyone out, he would not prepare chairs for them.

This scene was also seen by the people from the spicy restaurant next door.

“It cant be That restaurant actually queued up ”

“Are these people fool “Thats three hundred yuan worth of rice.

A portion of rice can eat four dishes here.”

“Crazy, truly crazy.”

“Little Mei, go take a look at the situation.” The manager said with a slight frown.


Xiao Mei was the woman who went to Zhang Hans Restaurant to ask for the price previously.

When she walked out of the restaurant with a nod, she asked curiously:

“Why are you guys sitting here”

“Line up for dinner.” “Yes,” one of them said.

“This …” Xiaomei grinned and said, “His restaurants food is so expensive, why are you all still queuing up to eat”

“Its delicious.

The food is worth it.

Of course we have to eat it.”

“300 yuan is worth it” Little Mei stared with her eyes wide open.

“huh!” A man who had just finished eating sneered and said, “Let me put it this way, even if the boss sells three thousand yuan of food, there will still be a lot of people queuing up to eat it.

The boss is kind and wants to benefit everyone by selling three hundred yuan.

“that impressive” This time, Lil Mei was completely stunned.

This time no one answered her.

Xiaomei pondered for a moment, and said tentatively, “Erm… Our restaurant still has a lot of places.

Do you want to have a taste of Sichuan cuisine “Not just Sichuan Cuisine, but also some snacks.

tasty but not expensive, its worth experiencing!”

“Ah” Sun Dongheng put down his phone, his eyes staring straight at her: “What Youre here to snatch the guests ”

“No, Im just looking at how tired you are standing in line.” Lil Mei smiled awkwardly.

“Im sorry, but were not tired.

We have plenty of time to wait after work.”

“You dont have to say anymore.

We definitely have to eat Egg Fried Rice.”

“Thats right.

no matter what you are going to say, even if you were to place a delicacy before me, I would not even spare a glance.

I will only eat the Egg-Fried Rice.”


With just a few words, Xiaomei returned to the restaurant in a slightly embarrassed state.

In less than two minutes, Xiaomei came out again.

This time, she was standing in front of the entrance of the restaurant as she shouted,

“Sichuan Spicy Cuisine.

Its not expensive to eat.

Quickly come and have a taste.

There are all kinds of snacks and pretty good Egg-Fried Rice.

Its only 18 yuan, its only 18 yuan …”

After shouting for ten minutes, the manager saw the people lining up and frowned.

What was going on

What was going on

Could it be … Was the Egg Fried Rice in the next restaurant really that delicious No one came even after shouting that

No, there must be a problem.

I have to go and have a taste tomorrow.

The manager made up his mind.

In Zhang Hans dining hall, because there were quite a few people queuing up, the customers eating at the small white table did not rest for too long.

Most of them only ate, sat for two minutes, then paid and left.

After all, everyone understood each other when they went out to eat.

It was like when someone forgot to bring a cigarette from a shopping mall and asked others for one.

Many smokers had this kind of experience before.

After Zhang Han and Mengmeng finished their meal, they would play two piano pieces on a daily basis.

The melodious melody of the song was very attractive.

After playing the song, Mengmeng went to watch TV.

At this time, most of the people in the line had already eaten their meal, and two of them had already sold out, sighing and leaving.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng, after everyone had left, enthusiastically cleaned up the dining hall.

“Boss, do you have any wine” Zhao Feng sat at the white table beside the window and asked.


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