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Chapter 642 Little Secret

The tiled house on the edge of Hidden Dragon Village seemed to be in disrepair.

There was a small yard in front of the house, with a red brick pavement.

There were many weeds growing between the cracks of the bricks, which made the yard even more desolate.

The iron door was rusty, and the nearby house was also abandoned, which looked like this one.

Zhang Han was very familiar with the layout of these two houses.

The kitchen was near the door, and there were big bedrooms to the left and right sides.

There was no living room and the TV was placed in the bedroom.

Although it had been a long time, Zhang Han still remembered that the TV seemed to be only 20 inches.

Bang, bang, bang!

All the others opened their door and stepped out of the car.

“PaPa, where is it” Mengmeng blinked her big bright eyes and looks around curiously.

In the memory of the little princess, she had never been to such a place before.

After taking a few looks at the village, Mengmeng was soon attracted by a group of children tens of meters away.

The clothes they were wearing were quite new.

Except for a little girl who was clean, everyone else was a little dirty.

It seemed that these boys were very naughty.

They didnt know what a Rolls-Royce was, so they all focused on the strangers.

Here is…” When Zhang Han was about to answer, Zhang Li, who walked towards him from behind, took over the topic and said with a smile, “This is the place where your father and I spent our holidays as children.”

“Huh” Mengmeng was slightly stunned.

“A vacation Right here There is no amusement park!”

Before Mengmeng asked, Zhang Li took the initiative to say, “Its different from traveling to other cities.

Its mainly about experiencing the lifestyle of the countryside.”

“Well, I see, Aunt Lili.” Mengmeng replied vaguely, and then turned her gaze to the children playing with the top not far to the right.

“They are having fun.”

Zhang Han was recalling his childhood while observing the houses.

Then he found the houses filled with dust after scanning them with his soul sense.

The contents of each house were also clear at a glance, including some of their photos and belongings.

A relatively large picture was displayed at the top of the bedroom closet.

There were five people in the picture, including Zhang Han, Zhang Li, Zhang Guangyou, Song Jiali, and a man with gray hair and heavy eyebrows who looked old but heroic.

Zhang Li remembered his name, “Its weird.

How come there is no one living in Elder Mus house nearby”

“They may have moved away.” Zhang Han replied casually.

“Thats impossible.

Elder Mu had no children.

Where can he go alone He said before that he would spend the rest of his life here.” Zhang Li curled her lips.

“Who is Elder Mu” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“He was our neighbor.” Zhang Li smiled and replied, “Elder Mu is very good and handsome.

He must have been a good-looking man when he was young.

Every time we came here for a holiday, he would greet us.

He was very kind and my father would play Go with him for a long time every time we came here.

I dont remember the other details clearly.

I brought him a gift this time, but I didnt expect that he has moved away.”

“Oh, I see.

Shall we go in and have a look” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han again and asked.

“No, just leave it as it is.” Zhang Han slightly shook his head.

In front of him was the place where he had lived for months.

He had been here three times, every time during the summer and winter holidays, and every time they would stay here for two months, altogether for six months.

“Were going to another place.

Its a ten minute walk from here.” Zhang Han looked at a small path on the side of the street.

In front of a field to the right, there was a relatively small lake.

There were many memories from his childhood.

At the same time, Zhang Han firmly believed that what the people from Wind Snow School were looking for was hidden there!

Xu Yong, Instructor Liu and Zhao Feng stayed to watch the car, and the others all walked to the field path.

At the edge of the field, they saw a white haired man in his sixties on a bicycle approaching them slowly.

Seeing the two cars parked at the gate, he was slightly shocked and looked at Zhang Han, “Who are you”

Zhang Han saw the old man and smiled, “Elder village head, we come back to have a look.

My father is Zhang Guangyou.”

“Ah You are Old Zhangs son” It took the old man sometime to recall who was Zhang Guangyou.

Then he asked, “You havent come back for many years.”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded, “you are in good health, elder village head.”

“No, not so good.” The old man said while controlling his bicycle, “My stomach is not good.

I cant eat too much.”

By the way, elder village head.” Zhang Li suddenly jumped out, smiled and asked, “when did Elder Mu move”

“Mu” The old man stroked his beard and sighed suddenly.

Zhang Li mistakenly thought that elder Mu next door to them had passed away, and the joy in her eyes gradually dissipated.

However, after touching his beard, the old man said with a smile, “After you left here the last time, he left the next day.

Mu is a good man and he helped the villagers to do a lot of farm work.

His and your house were built by himself.

Its interesting that he didnt live in our village very much, but he would come back before you came here each time.

It was like an appointment.

Ah, so many years have passed, and your two little kids have grown up too.

How time flies.”

“Huh” Zhang Han was surprised.

Its the first time he knew about these things.

When he came before as a child, he never asked where their house came from.

And he didnt care about Elder Mus identity, either.

But after hearing this news, Zhang Han wondered whether this Elder Mu was also his fathers man.

“Wow, did you come back with such good cars Are they Rolls-Royce worth millions” The old man carefully stared at the two cars in front of him and said, “You are really promising.

You are related to Hidden Dragon Village, and Im proud of you.

Its very good.”

The old man smiled and applauded Zhang Han.

From his clear eyes, Zhang Han could see that kind of simple blessing.

Then the village head noticed Mengmeng standing behind Zhang Hans legs.

Suddenly, he smiled and asked, “What a delicate girl.

Whose child is she”

“My daughter, isnt she beautiful” Zhang Han laughed and touched Mengmengs little head, “This is the elder village head.

You can call him Grandpa.”

“Hum, hello, grand village head.

My name is Mengmeng.” Mengmeng waved her hand.

“So lovely.” The aged man laughed and took out a small bag of milk candy from his pocket, “Have some candy.”

“Huh” Mengmeng hesitated and looked up at Zi Yan.

She knew very well that MaMa seldom permitted her to eat such sweet candy.

“Take it.

Well, what should you say when you receive a present” Zi Yan smiled and said to Mengmeng.

“Well, thank you, grandpa.” Mengmeng took the candy and thanked the village head happily.

“You are welcome.” The aged man grinned.

Mengmeng took the candy, tore the wrapper off with her small hand, ate it happily, and mumbled, “Garbage cant be thrown on the ground.”

Mengmengs clear eyes turned twice, and finally they were fixed on Zhang Hans trouser pocket.

Mengmeng took the wrapper in her little hand and stuffed it directly in.

Zhang Han didnt know whether to cry or to laugh.

He thought of the picture when Mengmeng was crying and cleaning her face on Zi Yans clothes.

“Are you going to the Sishui Lake” The old man looked at the direction over there, shook his head and sighed, “Originally, a concrete road was planned to be built, which led to the Sishui Lake, and it would take you only three to five minutes to get there by car.

But… Lets stop talking about it.

Go and have fun there.

Im going back to prepare for lunch.

Would you like to have a drink with me when you return”

“Elder village head, can you still drink at your age” Zhang Han said with a smile.

The elder village head was a little unhappy, “I can drink at least 250g of wine now!”

“Ha ha, OK.

Lets go sightseeing first.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

After saying goodbye, he looked at the back of the aged village head, and then turned his gaze to Zhao Feng.

Zhang Hans lips moved slightly as he said a few words.

Zhao Feng nodded and followed the aged village head to his house nearby with Xu Yong.

A bank card suddenly appeared in Zhao Fengs hand.

In Zhang Hans opinion, the aged village head was very nice, who had devoted himself to the villagers.

Seeing that he was a little depressed just now, Zhang Han thought it was simple to build a road or something, so he decided to help the aged man.

Sometimes, what Zhang Han threw out casually would be a great opportunity for others.

Now many things seemed so simple for him.

Even if he didnt understand it, there would be many people competing to help him.

“Brother, the ice hasnt melted yet.

What are we going there for” Zhang Li couldnt help asking Zhang Han while walking on the field path,

“Lets take a look there and take what our father left us.” Zhang Han replied.

“What did father leave us” Zhang Li was even more curious about it.

“I dont know, but it should be a good thing.” Zhang Han replied.

Zhang Li gave up asking and began to talk with Zi Yan.

Mengmeng was still happily enjoying her milk candy and had no time to talk.

So she held PaPa and MaMas hands while walking forward.

Their speed was relatively slow, so they walked for about 20 minutes and saw the lake from a distance.

The water was still frozen.

If it was summer, it would be sparkling.

There were nothing interesting to look at here.

On the right side of the small lake, there was a stone platform extending more than ten meters inward.

On the stone platform was a pavilion, with some chairs in it for people to fish.

This was something that existed before.

The pavilion looked ancient and had a bit of charm.

But different from before, there were three newly built houses on the left side with smoke curling up above their roofs.

In addition, there were many small trees on the lake.

It seemed that the small lake had been used to raise fish.

Zhang Han went straight to the pavilion, looked at the ice, and said with some emotion, “It was here that my father and I counted ducks.”

“Why didnt I count them” Zhang Li was surprised.

“Well, perhaps you were more obedient than me.”

Zhang Hans words amused Zi Yan.

It was true that when a girl was a child, she would be relatively more obedient than a boy.

“Brother, what are you looking for” Zhang Li looked around and said, “theres nothing here.”

“Of course you dont know.

Thats a secret between our father and I.” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Hmph!” Zhang Li was depressed, “You both have secrets.

I will ask him carefully when he returns!”

“Well, he must be punished!” Zhang Han said to support her.

“Haha, you two are so funny.” Zi Yan covered her mouth and laughed.

“Can you stop crying when you get your father back”

“What is that” Mengmeng finished eating the milk candy, looked up and muttered to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han slightly narrowed his eyes, and waved to Zi Yan and Zhang Li to leave, which he rarely did.

“You go first, then turn around and dont peek.”

“Why” Zi Yan was surprised.

“What is he going to do Why cant I witness it”

Then Zi Yan realized that Zhang Han wanted to share a secret with Mengmeng.

Zi Yan and Zhang Li were amused and soon left the pavilion.

“PaPa, what are we going to do” Mengmeng raised her head and asked curiously.

“Do you want to play a very interesting game” Zhang Han smiled softly.

“Yes!” When Mengmeng heard this, she was happy and nodded repeatedly.

“Wait for me.” Zhang Han held Mengmeng in his arms and went to the southeast of the pavilion.

Then he turned Mengmeng upside down, grabbed her ankles and slowly set her down.

“Do you see a heart-shaped pattern” Zhang Han said.

“Well, no, I feel a little dizzy.” Looking down made Mengmeng a little uncomfortable.

Zhang Han activated his spiritual force.

Then a gentle breeze blew away the thick layer of ash covering the stone in front of Mengmeng, showing a heart-shaped light blue mark.

It was about the size of an adults palm, and it was also upside down.

From the perspective of Mengmeng, it was just in the shape of heart.

“Yes, I see it, PaPa.” Cried Mengmeng in surprise.

“Mengmeng, now put your right hand on the heart-shaped mark.”


Mengmeng reached out her little hand and pressed the mark three times.

Then Zhang Han smiled and carried Mengmeng back.

Mengmeng blinked her eyes and looked at Zhang Han in confusion, “I saw nothing.”

“It will come out soon!” Zhang Han replied softly.

At this moment, he felt that this mark could only be activated by those who inherited his genes! The others couldnt even feel it at all, because that heart-shaped stone was also a Divine Object!

It was interesting for Zhang Han to find that his father left a fourth-stage spirit treasure here as a little secret.

After all, his father was the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect and had many treasures.

The heart-shaped stone had a great significance of commemoration.

It was the secret of Zhang Guangyou and Zhang Han before, and now it had become the secret of him and Mengmeng.

Zhang Guangyou did not expect that it would be his granddaughter who activated this mark!

“Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!”

What Mengmeng didnt see was that the heart-shaped mark was shining like a diamond now!


All of a sudden, under the full attention of Mengmeng, the stone at the edge of her foot moved, like a drawer opening slowly.

The space inside was almost as big as the desk, and a piece of palm-sized light black diamond was lying in it peacefully.

“What is it” Mengmeng asked curiously.

Zhang Han bent down to take out the gem, and then the stone box slowly closed.

Zhang Han looked at the gem and smiled, “This is our secret, Mengmeng.

If you cant find dad one day, you can come here, open the box, write a letter and put it in.

Dad will see it one day, or put some other things in the box, such as the stone in my hand.”

“Huh No, I dont want it.” Mengmeng shook her head to refuse Zhang Han.

“Why not” Zhang Han was surprised.

“Because, because I wont be unable to find PaPa.

PaPa, you promised to accompany Mengmeng all the time, forever.”

Zhang Han was amused and slightly narrowed his eyes to hide his mood.

Then he nodded, “Yes, Ill always be by Mengmengs side.”

Zhang Han chuckled and hugged Mengmeng.

He kissed Mengmeng on her small, pink face, and then went to Zi Yan and Zhang Li.

“Hum, have you finished sharing the little secret” Zi Yan asked.

“Well, I cant tell MaMa the little secret between PaPa and me.” Said Mengmeng solemnly.

“If you dont tell MaMa, MaMa will be sad.

” Zi Yan covered her eyes with her hands and pretended to cry.

Mengmeng was nervous and hurriedly said, “Dont cry, MaMa.

Ill tell you.”

“Ha ha.” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

Then she reached out and pinched Mengmengs little face, “MaMa is playing with you.

You and PaPas little secret must be kept.”

“Huh” Mengmeng was confused.

When they returned to the village, Zhao Feng and Xu Yong had been waiting for them by the car.

Zhao Feng walked towards Zhang Han and whispered in his eyes, “Master, the elder village head is very frank and wants nothing from us.

So I called Patriarch Chen, and he has sent someone to take full charge over it.”

This was the influence of the strong in martial arts, there would always be many people willing to help Zhang Han.

However, the Chen family was an exception.

Because of the all eight drought demonic dragon Chen Changqing got, the whole Chen family was very grateful to Zhang Han, and the Warlord of Chan Clan specially informed Patriarch Chen to treat Zhang Han as himself!

When he heard the news for the first time, Patriarch Chen was a little confused.

“What did he mean

“Should I call Zhang Han uncle Zhang”

He soon understood it and was a little surprised.

He didnt expect that elder Chen would make such a decision, which showed that Zhang Hanyang was placed in the same position as him.

“Zhang Hanyang hasnt reached Divine Realm yet.”

“What will happen after he makes a breakthrough”

Patriarch Chen was looking forward to it.

After receiving Zhao Fengs call, he immediately sent someone to arrange the matter.

When Zhang Han and his family returned to Shang Jing, they met some Chen family members.

When they saw Zhang Hans cars, they parked their cars on the side of the road.

Then they got out of the car and waved.

It seemed as if they met their leaders.

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