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Chapter 643 News From Father

All the way, as Zhang Han was driving, he was listening to the beautiful women and pretty girls singing happily in the back seat.

This was an experience that more than 90% of men would look forward to.

He had a beautiful wife, a delicate and lovely daughter and a Rolls-Royce.

Some rich people were enjoying similar lives, but each family had their own problems, and their happiness and pain were not appreciated by others.

But Zhang Han didnt worry about anything.

Strength was everything.

Now Zhang Han had gathered many forces.

The powerful Gai family in the northeast! The Chen family, who had an important position in the whole Hua nation! The whole Wang family in Xihang, as well as the Rong family in Lin Hai City and the family of Zhang Hans mother-in-law in Singapore.

The social relations and status he had were unimaginable.

Apart from all these families, there were the Warlord of Chan Clan, Chen Changqing and Gai Xingkong at Divine Realm, who had good relationships with Zhang Han, and even Ji Wushuang could help him sometimes.

In addition, there were more Grand Master Strongs, including Lei Tiannan, Wang Zhanpeng and even the six Martial Arts Grand Masters in Mengmeng Security, which were beyond count.”

This was already a huge power, and everyone in the martial arts world knew who Zhang Hanyang was.

They knew how powerful he was.

They also knew that Zhang Hanyangs wife was a beautiful woman named Zi Yan, and he had a lovely daughter named Mengmeng.

Neither of them could be provoked.

Many families warned their children that they would rather provoke Zhang Hanyang than provoke his wife and daughter.

All the super forces in the city were aware of this fact.

But those with little influence were still not clear about it.

Strength decided everything, and they didnt have access to the news from the upper level.

The whole Martial Arts World in Hua nation were talking about Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qings affairs in Shang Jing.

But as one of the parties, Zhang Han didnt pay much attention to this.

He was driving at this time, and did not observe the gem left by his father, because he felt the unique seal on the gem.

Although the seal could be opened easily, Zhang Han thought that there may be some news stored in the gem and planned to go back to the villa and make plans.

Zhang Han was familiar with Shang Jing and soon drove back to the villa where the Chen family lived.

He saw Patriarch Chen and two men in suits standing at the gate.

Patriarch Chen hurriedly went to welcome Zhang Han.


Zhang, we have made a detailed plan for the road construction in Hidden Dragon Village.

This is the planning book, which covers the whole Hidden Dragon Village.

Would you like to have a look at it”

“No, of course Im not worried about what Patriarch Chen has planned.”

Zhang Han was in a good mood, so he smiled and continued, “The cost of this project can be handed over to Xu Yong.”

Zhang Han wanted to pay for the construction, though he had no idea how much it would be.

Because he knew that he would not be short of money or spirit treasures.

Since Zhang Han had learned the skill known as Treasure-sniffing nose, he knew that he would never be short of “money” in his life.

But Patriarch Chen didnt know this, so he felt nervous after hearing Zhang Hans words.

“Dont do that, Mr.


You are Changqings brother and a member of the Chen family.

I will be criticized by elder Chen if you pay for the construction.


Zhang, please stop saying that, and I will personally supervise this matter.”

Zhang Han looked at Patriarch Chen and shook his head without saying anything more.

Then he took Mengmeng and Zi Yan directly to the villa.

Zhao Feng, Instructor Liu and Xu Yong were left outside to talk with Chen Jiazhu about the construction of Hidden Dragon Village.

They just needed to confirm the plans, and other things could completely be entrusted to the Chen family.

This matter was too small for the Chen family.

“Lets play with the toys!” Mengmeng saw several dolls on the sofa by the side of the big balcony and hurried to them.

Zi Yan smiled and followed Mengmeng.

“Oh, Im tired.

Ill come back after a nap.” Zhang Li stretched out, threw herself into the sofa and said lazily.

“Youd better take a look at this before that.” Zhang Han sat next to her and showed her that gem.

The gem was just a third-stage spirit treasure.

Zhang Han could smell it but had no other feelings.

“What is this” Zhang Li asked, not surprisingly.

“Its something our dad left.”


Zhang Li sat up straight and looked at the gem carefully, “What is this”

“Lets see what is in it.” Zhang Han said and then pierced his soul sense into the gem.


The gem suddenly turned into a deep blue, like the vast ocean with clouds above it.

Zhang Han sensed a mysterious and profound Qi.

“Han.” The familiar voice caused the two people on the sofa to shiver.

It belonged to their father.

“You are the only one who can find this.

Since you can activate the mark I left, you must be a martial artist now.

I didnt expect you to set foot on this road without my guidance.

“Now you know a lot about the martial arts world, right Dad didnt want to keep it from you deliberately.

I was going to tell you about it when you were 18, but you went out for a day and a night on your 18th birthday, which made me feel that you were still a little immature.

Therefore, I planned to tell you on your 20th birthday and to lead you on the road to martial arts.

But I was very unfortunate.

“You should have heard about the worldlet.

If you dont know it, I will tell you when I return.

You can simply regard the worldlet as the Xanadu in Peach Blossom Spring.

Your mother and I are now in Heavenly Knights Sect in the worldlet to deal with some matters.

We didnt tell you about this in order to keep you safe.

“But now that you are a martial artist, Zhang Guangyous son must be of extraordinary talent.

Anyway, you should remember that no matter where I am, I will return regardless of all the restrictions.

If this world doesnt accept me, I will cut this world to pieces!

“So what you have to do is to live a good life, take care of your sister, and tell her that her parents are returning.”

Zhang Guangyous words slowly came out of the gem and came into Zhang Hans and Zhang Lis mind.

This third-stage spirit treasure was actually a rare gene stone, which could play the words recorded in it after being activated.

Zhang Han and Zhang Li were stunned after hearing their fathers words.

Zhang Li bit her lower lip to remain calm.

She was so excited now.

The dark blue on the gem was a lot lighter.

Obviously, the energy left by Zhang Guangyou was being consumed.

“Well, its time to get down to business.

Since you can open this gem, it means that you are at least above Qi Strength Master stage, but its not enough.

I call this stone a guiding stone, and its a map.

“The map will guide you to a very dangerous secret place called Dark Abyss.

Remember that its so dangerous that 90% of explorers will be killed there.

You cant go there before you reach the Divine Realm stage, and youd better wait for me to return.

As for your cultivation, you can go to Qingfeng Sect in Xihang to ask Chief Yue Wuwei for your fathers belongings kept by him, which can help you cultivate for a long time.

Foundation is very important in cultivation, which represents the extension of your strength in the future.

Therefore, I left you a set of cultivating methods called Anti Heaven.

Ill explain this set of methods later.

“Finally, Id like to tell you that though you dont always listen to your father, you have to be obedient this time and wait for your parents to return.

We are very sorry for leaving you and wonder if you can give us a chance to make up for it.”

Along with the familiar voice, a set of cultivating methods was sent into Zhang Hans and Zhang Lis mind along with three-dimensional illustrations.

Zhang Li wanted to cry, while Zhang Han was looking at the set of methods with a soft smile.

“Ah, I will give you a set of methods a hundred times better than this one when you come home.

Dont jump up in fear at that time.”

The dark blue light on the gem disappeared, revealing a seal that needed to be broken with a certain level of spiritual sense energy.

Only martial artists at the Divine Realm stage could break this seal and get the map inside.

Zhang Hans father didnt expect that though Zhang Han hadnt reached the Divine Realm stage, his spiritual sense mind trick was powerful enough to break the seal.

It was easy for Zhang Han to break the seal, but he shook his head and murmured, “Ill listen to you this time.

It sounds as if I used to be so naughty.

Ill wait for you to return.”

Dark Abyss was also a very dangerous place in Zhang Hans eyes.

It should be less than half a year before the gate of the small world was opened, and Zhang Han decided to wait for it.

It would take more than half a year for Thunder Yang Wood to mature.

If the Thunder Yang Wood was successfully shaped, Zhang Han would not have to worry.

If it was not shaped, he could make other plans.

But Zhang Han didnt plan to take the Thunder Yang Pill soon, because he wanted to gather ten thousand thunder clouds above his soul sense sea before he reached the Innateness stage.

He would get a lot more benefits from breaking into the Innateness stage after reaching his limits.

Zhang Han could imagine how strong he would be.

Zhang Han had never heard about the Ten Inches Dantian or ten thousand thunder clouds before.

Even in his previous life.

Qi Refining stage was said to be the beginning of cultivation, and Building Base stage was the foundation of the road to cultivation.

Both the two stages were the entry level, and Innateness stage was the real beginning of cultivation.

Zhang Han looked forward to the time when he reached the Innateness stage and achieved the wonderful strength.

He wanted to be powerful in both the martial arts world and worldlet.

Comparatively speaking, the world he lived in was the main world, but the worldlet was the main battlefield.

But it was still a little far away.

Zhang Han withdrew his senses from the gem, sat on the sofa with Zhang Li for a few minutes, and then heard Zi Yan calling him, “Sweetheart, teacher Lu Guo sent a WeChat message to me just now.”

“Its our teacher Lu.” Mengmeng put down the toys for a while and looked up at MaMa.

“What did he say” Zhang Han stood up and walked towards Zi Yan.

“Here I come, baby!” Zhang Li went to find Mengmeng.

She was in a low mood now and wanted to have fun with the little girl for a while.

While Zhang Li sat down beside Mengmeng, Zhang Han sat down beside Zi Yan.

“Teacher Lu said that we will start school on the 26th and have a parents meeting on the 25th.” Zi Yan asked, “Now we have only five days.

Lets go back and prepare for it.

Maybe Ill be busy with my work.

Should I go to the parents meeting together with you”

“Lets talk about this later.

You can come with me if you want, or I will go alone.” Zhang Han answered casually.

“Okay.” Zi Yan nodded softly, and then leaned her head on Zhang Hans shoulder.

She felt so happy to have such a husband.

At least she didnt need to worry about anything.

So in these two days…

According to the plan, Zhang Han and his family went to the childrens park the next day, where Mengmeng had a good time.

After all, the little princess could try out all the different rides, which she had never seen in other amusement parks.

Those exciting rides such as roller coasters were not suitable for her, but lots of amusement parks focused on these exciting rides to attract customers.

While the family of three were having fun, Instructor Liu, Zhao Feng, Xu Yong and Leng Yue were also enjoying their holiday.

They were not like elder Wang, Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin, who would stay in the villa all the time.

They went out on the first day, not to the amusement park, but to the great wall and other tourist attractions.

Interestingly, when they drove to the Forbidden City, they saw a refitted Beetle at a traffic light intersection.

The two cars were waiting for the green light side by side.

Sitting in the back row near the window, Instructor Liu saw Jiang Yanlan in the other car, who was wearing a leather suit.


Instructor Liu was attracted by her.


No sooner had Jiang Yanlan opened the window than she heard a provocative whistle.


When Jiang Yanlan saw Instructor Liu, she raised her eyebrows subconsciously.

“Little beauty, why do you wear leather all day Cant you change your style As a gentleman, I can accompany you to the shopping mall and help you choose some good-looking clothes, such as lace…”

“Get lost!” Jiang Yanlans face darkened as she cursed, “Dont behave like a rogue.”

“Ah Youre not right.

Im kind… Bang bang bang bang!”

When the green light came on, there were four loud noises from the tires of the car which Instructor Liu was in.

The others were stunned.

Jiang Yanlan smiled and hummed, and then she stepped on the accelerator to rush forward.

Everyone left behind were staring at Instructor Liu.

“You! You are unreasonable!” Instructor Liu stretched out his head and shouted, “Ill put you on the ground and whip your ass the next time I catch you.”

Jiang Yanlan almost stopped and came back to beat him.

After thinking about it, Jiang Yanlan gave up.

Zhao Feng and his fellows lifted the car slightly with their spiritual force and then went to change the tires.

So their plan for the day was abandoned.

At 8 p.m., they went to a big bar.

They all missed the atmosphere of the bar very much.

Even Leng Yue, who didnt speak very much, would drink foreign wine and shake her body to the rhythm of heavy metal music.

They ordered a relatively large table.

After sitting for a while, Xu Yong stood up and said, “Lets dance.”

“Lets go.” Zhao Feng stood up.

However, when they entered the dance floor…

“Ouch” Instructor Liu suddenly felt an evil spirit and turned to have a look.

He gasped in fear.

Jiang Yanlan was grinning while walking slowly towards him.

Jiang Yanlan was at Grand Master Peak stage and Instructor Liu couldnt defeat her.

Therefore, he forced a smile and said, “There you are, captain.

What a coincidence.”

“Yes, what a coincidence.” Jiang Yanlan licked her red lips and was about to beat Instructor Liu.

“Its just a misunderstanding.” Instructor Liu kept retreating.

Zhao Feng and others quickly withdrew from the battlefield.

“What misunderstanding Huh Do you know the result of annoying me” Jiang Yanlan came over with a sneer.

Instructor Lius forehead began to sweat.

However, when Jiang Yanlan was about to approach Instructor Liu, she heard someones voice.

“Lanlan, why did you come here alone Why didnt you wait for us”

Then she saw one young man and three young women.

Jiang Yanlan quickly withdrew her evil spirit and turned to look at her teammates, “I came here because I saw someone I knew.”

“Wow, who is he”

“Hello!” Instructor Liu approached Jiang Yanlan and smiled at her teammates, “Im Liu Weimeng, Lanlans boyfriend.

Im here for her.

Just have fun here and Ill pay for all of you.”

Instructor Liu ignored Jiang Yanlan, whose face had darkened, and turned his gaze to a stunned short girl, “Where is your table”

“We, we are at table 556.” She answered without thinking.

“Okay, see you soon.” Instructor Liu nodded politely and left the dance floor.

Before he left, he smiled to provoke Jiang Yanlan again.

“What are you going to do” Leng Yue asked Instructor Liu while being pulled off the dance floor by him.

“Ill be beaten if I stay here.

Lets visit another place!” Instructor Liu replied.

As he passed the counter, he said to the waiter, “Hello, Im at table 556.

Please serve us several bottles of expensive wine…”

After ordering some expensive drinks, they left the bar.

Zhao Fengs mouth was slightly quivering as he said, “Instructor, I didnt know that you are so naughty.

Arent you afraid of being killed by Captain Jiang”

“Ha! Its the most important to enjoy ourselves.

Well soon go back to Hong Kong and she cant find me.” Instructor Liu was confident.

He succeeded.

Seeing all these bottles of expensive wine served one by one, Jiang Yanlans teammates shouted, “Lanlan, how generous your boyfriend is!”

Jiang Yanlans face darkened again.

When she went to pay the bill…

She was shocked by the bill.

However, what goes around comes around.

After Zhao Feng and others left for another bar, they enjoyed themselves until 11 p.m.

When they left the bar and went to the parking lot…

They saw the woman in leather sitting at the top of their car.

Under Instructor Lius astonished gaze, Jiang Yanlan slowly turned around and smiled.


“She is so scary!”

Zhan Feng and the others retreated as quickly as they could.

The scream of Instructor Liu soon emerged from the parking lot.

“Just enjoy it if you cant resist her, Instructor Liu.”

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