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Chapter 644 Disappeared Mount Red Leaf





While listening to the sound of Instructor Liu being beaten, Zhao Feng, Xu Yong and Leng Yue looked at each other.

“It sounds like a terrible fight.” Xu Yongs face shrank.

“Well, he deserves it!” Leng Yue murmured.

She had no pity for Instructor Liu.

Instead, she felt very happy.

“Ah, Instructor Liu is too naughty.

He usually follows the Master or Emperor Qing, and Captain Jiang dares not hit him.

Now that he is alone in Jiang Yanlans hands, he will surely be beaten violently.

After all, Captain Jiang is a strong woman at the top stage.” Zhao Feng shook his head and sighed.


Xu Yongs voice was very low, “Do you think that Instructor Liu and Captain Jiang looked like a couple”

“Hiss! Be careful! Do you want to be beaten, too” Zhao Feng was scared.

“We dont want to get involved!”

“Captain Jiang will beat all of us if she hears this, and we cant defeat her.”

Fortunately, Jiang Yanlan, who was so engrossed in beating Instructor Liu, did not hear their comments.

The screams lasted for ten minutes, and Jiang Yanlans hair was a bit messy.

“This feels good!”

Her eyes lit up, and she felt her pores dilate and bones softening with joy.

“Do you dare mess with me next time Next time Ill beat you until you are paralyzed!” Jiang Yanlan withdrew her hand and glanced triumphantly at the Instructor Liu on the ground.

“Ouch… I dare not, I dare not.” Instructor Liu replied while groaning in pain.

He looked at Jiang Yanlans expression with his eyes that had been beaten blue.

Her pride made him itch, not knowing when he could beat her back.

“Behave yourself and I dont want to see you again.” Jiang Yanlan snorted, reached out her finger, shook the keys of her car, and then turned around to walk back to her Beetle.

She felt so happy now and her steps were light.

Instructor Liu shivered with anger at her.

Under Instructor Lius gaze, Jiang Yanlan got in her car, shook her hair, stepped on the accelerator and drove forward.


Instructor Liu stood up in a flash.

Just as Jiang Yanlans car was caught in the middle by traffic and was about to disappear at the street entrance, Instructor Liu called out, “Wait for me.

Ill beat your ass next time.”

When he saw the Beetle stop, he almost ran away in fear.

Fortunately, the car behind Jiang Yanlans followed her closely and couldnt be got rid of at last.

Therefore, Jiang Yanlan failed to get out of her car.

Instead, she lowered the window and stretched out her left hand suddenly to raised her middle finger.

Naked contempt!

Just as Instructor Liu wanted to say something cruel, there was a slight cough.

“Young man, why were you beaten so badly by a woman Is she your girlfriend”

Turning around, he saw an old woman walking her dog, shaking her head, “You must have been caught wandering in the bar.

You are so impetuous when you are young.

How could your girlfriend, who looks very beautiful and quiet, be provoked by you Your eyes are black and youd better go back to see a doctor.”


Instructor Liu was dizzy.

“My God, do I have to be reprimanded after being beaten”

But Instructor Liu could not do anything in the face of the aged lady in her fifties.

So he forced a smile and said, “You are right.”

“This way, youd better walk slowly and be careful not to sprain your feet.”

“Your legs and feet are healthy.”

After a few words, Instructor Liu took over the topic and stopped giving her the chance to talk.

After the aged woman left, Zhao Feng and the others came back.

“Oh, you have been beaten into a panda.” Xu Yong looked at Instructor Lius dark eyes and said with a smile.

“You deserve to be beaten.” Said Leng Yue.

“Lets go home.” Zhao Feng nodded and went to the drivers seat.

“Ouch, my butt hurts, my leg hurts, my arm hurts, my eyes hurts.

Give me a hand.” Instructor Liu called out.

No one helped him.

“How merciless of you guys.” Instructor Liu limped to the back seat and fell onto it.

After driving all the way back to the Chen family, Instructor Liu covered his face and entered the villa where they lived.

After entering the room, he found an iron pot, took some herbs out of his Space Ring, boiled them into a pot of soup medicine in half an hour and drank it.

Then he took out a few leaves and applied them to his eyes.

After all these were done, he threw himself onto the sofa.

He waited for about half an hour like a girl with a facial mask.

“Puff.” Instructor Liu breathed out a breath and took off the changed leaves.

His eyes were back to normal, his body didnt hurt, and he could jump again.

“Instructor, I didnt expect you to be so active after you left the army.” Zhao Feng looked at Instructor Liu and said with a smile.

“Thats not the same.” Instructor Liu replied seriously, “I was the leading wolf in the army who would set an example for all my brothers.

When I was on a mission, I needed to be more careful.

If any brother died because of my mistakes, I dared not think about it.”

So he wasnt very active in the army.

He was disciplined most of the time.

Then instructor Liu laughed again, “My life now is just like a vacation.

Its easy and casual.

Its like a dream, but Im really a Martial Art Grand Master now.

In fact, I thought I would return to the army in the future, but now it seems that I wont.

Ive recommended a lot of Qi Strength Masters to the army as instructors, which is also a great achievement.

My uncle is also very satisfied with me.

As for me, I want to stay in Mengmeng Security, hug my bosss thigh and enjoy my life.”

“But that cant be a reason to provoke Captain Jiang.” Leng Yue reminded him.

Instructor Liu fell into silence.

“Yes, are you interested in Captain Jiang” Xu Yong asked curiously.

“No!” Instructor Liu jumped up, “Me interested in her Thats impossible…”

His words were persuasive, but his expression betrayed him.

His friends smiled and gave up trying to persuade him.

Maybe his dream would come true one day.

But he must reach the same stage as Jiang Yanlan first.

Jiang Yanlan was at Grand Master Peak stage, and would soon reach the Divine Realm stage.

Where was Instructor Liu…

Lets stop talking about it.

At first, he was a little complacent because he became a Martial Arts Grand Master.

But now, with the level of the people he came into contact with getting higher and higher, he realized that he was still a beginner!

Many martial artists in the martial arts world respected Martial Arts Grand Masters like him.

They dreamed to become a Martial Arts Grand Master.

But Instructor Liu always followed Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing, who were at a much higher level than him.

There is no harm without comparison.

The next day, Instructor Liu and the others continued to travel, eat, drink and have fun.

Zhang Hans family of three went out to entertain themselves, leaving Zhang Li at the villa, who felt bored.

But this was Shang Jing City, where Zhang Li was born and raised, and there would always be some old friends.

Zhang Li made several phone calls to invite her good friends out to have fun.

They had dinner together and then went to the club.

Originally, the first half of the reunion was about reminiscing the past.

Later, after the arrival of two girls boyfriends, they called seven or eight more friends, and the atmosphere changed a little.

One of the girls jeered at Zhang Li, and her boyfriend echoed.

He claimed that he could invite these girls to the largest nightclub in Shang Jing City for entertainment.

He had good relationship with the big brother who was guarding the club there.

They went to the new nightclub and were arranged at table 3.

But after they stayed there for an hour, there came a man in a suit, frowning and scolding the big brother who was guarding the club.

“Did I ask you to fill the first three tables at will What would you do when those distinguished guests come later”

“Yes, yes, Ill change the table for them right away.” The big brothers forehead was covered with a cold sweat.

Then he turned his head quickly, “Youd better leave.”

“No!” Under everyones gaze, the man in a suit stared at the big brother and then patted him on his head.

There he approached the girls carefully, “Miss Zhang, why are you here I didnt know that you are here, and I almost made a mistake.

Im sorry, please forgive me.”

All the other girls and their boyfriends were stunned.

“Im sorry, but who are you” Zhang Li asked hesitantly.

“Im Ma Xiaonan of the Ma family, and you have never met me before.

But I know you, Miss Zhang, and our chairman must be very happy to know you are here.

Ill go inform him.”


Facts speak louder than words.

At this time, all the people who knew Zhang Li were confused and found that her position was even higher than before.

“Why She is not a member of the Zhang family now.”

Of course, they didnt know what a terrifying brother Zhang Li had.

Everyone knew that if Zhang Li was provoked, her brother would soon be there in person.

Who could resist the arrival of Zhang Hanyang

The Qiao family and Lin family that had been destroyed were examples.

The whole Shang Jing City had performed deep research on the people around Zhang Han, and most of the managers knew they couldnt be offended or provoked.

Zhang Lis table was immediately served with a wide range of delicious food and drinks, which were of high value and free of charge.

Zhang Li didnt sit for a long time because everyone beside her didnt know what to say.

The chairman standing like a waiter at the door made them feel a lot of pressure!

This was the last episode of Zhang Hans group left in Shang Jing.

They all went out and enjoyed themselves.

Instructor Liu did not meet Jiang Yanlan the next day.

However, on the third day…

It was eight oclock in the morning.


A boom of thunder resounded all over Shang Jing City!

Many martial artists turned their gaze to the south, feeling it was so weird.

Because the other places were sunny.

Only the area of Mount Red Leaf was covered with dark clouds, like being pressed by an invisible mountain, which made people feel depressed.

What was more, the dark clouds were still surging like boiling hot water.

Many people were surprised and kept observing in that direction.


When an unknown, frightening roar came from afar, they were stunned!

“Damn it.

What a strange scene.

Is there a demon being born”

“That layer of clouds are strange.

Is it an experiment”

“What did that sound like just now How strange it is!”

Many people were discussing about it.


The second roar sounded closer to them.

Many people in the high-rise buildings on the edge of the Southern District of Shang Jing suddenly saw a huge black shadow flash by in the dark cloud like an airplane, whose huge tail shocked them.

“Whats that

This topic soon spread through WeChat.

The whole martial arts world was shocked by the news.

“That is Mount Red Leaf, where Emperor Qing lives.”

“What is he doing”

“Lets go to have a look!”

A lot of martial artists rushed to Mount Red Leaf like worshippers.

Ye Tianlang, the head of National Security Agency was the first to arrive at that mountain.

When he arrived, he found that the stone house of Mount Red Leaf had been overturned, and Chen Changqing was sitting on the platform inside.

His heartbeat was steady, the tattoos on his chest and back were shining, and there was black mist flowing in the light.

“Whats going on” Ye Tianlang looked at the Warlord of Chan Clan in confusion, “How did he reach the Divine Realm again Hasnt he made a perfect breakthrough before”

The Warlord of Chan Clan smiled without answering his question.

“You!” Ye Tianlang was annoyed.

The Warlord of Chan Clan slowly replied, “You wont understand.”

Then he turned his gaze to Chen Changqing with a smile.

He was also shocked just now.

At the beginning of Chen Changqings breakthrough, Elder Chen made eight layers of protective arrays around him.

However, when he began to break through, he was able to absorb the energy of heaven and earth, and the strange scene was overwhelming, which immediately destroyed all the protective arrays.

He could not stop it, and he had no choice but to watch Chen Changqing.

It took him a long time to digest what he had seen.

The power of Zhang Hans methods was beyond his imagination.

“All eight drought demonic dragon!”

“What a high-level set of methods it is!”

“The inheritance of Han Yang Immortal, ha ha, the future of Changqing is limitless.”

“I didnt expect that he could enjoy such a great opportunity by finding a good brother for himself.”

“The power of his blood was improved, and his cultivating method was changed into a much higher-level one, which helped him to get back to the Divine Realm within three days.”

“No one else can do this.”

“Its amazing!”

“What a great martial artist will Zhang Han grow to be”

“Whats going on” Ye Tianlang frowned, “The fluctuation above has caused some chaos.

I dont want it to be more severe, old Chen.”

“This…” Warlord of Chan Clan said helplessly, “I have no idea.

I set eight arrays before, which were all destroyed by the strange scene.”

“Really Ye Tianlang slightly narrowed his eyes.

A mighty force of stars was formed from under the black clouds, intending to break them down one by one.

However, when the power of stars were about to touch the black clouds…


A bleak and majestic voice was heard again.


A hundred-foot-long dragon tail was thrown down to break Ye Tianlangs power of stars.

It was not enough.


Ye Tianlang felt his brain buzzing, and he stepped back more than ten steps.

When he raised his head again, he looked astonished.

“What an amazing power of heaven and earth.

What did Chen Changqing do Will the dragon fly out later”

Ye Tianlang got nervous.

If there was a dragon flying around Shang Jing City several times, the whole world would be shocked.

Perhaps they could take this opportunity to promote the martial arts in their own country.

But what if the outcome was not optimistic

Could they explain to ordinary people that this was a holographic display just as they had done many times before Who would believe that there was a holographic display covering the whole city

Even the other three captains in the city noticed the strange scene.

They rushed to Mount Red Leaf as soon as possible and were also shocked by the truth.

They had never seen such a kind of breakthrough!

On the other hand, the Chen family was overjoyed.

Such an amazing scene meant that Emperor Qing was even more powerful than before.

But they also knew that the dark clouds were not the manifestation of Chen Changqings strength.

His strength had not reached such a level, and even the powerful masters at Earth Realm stage could hardly exert such an amazing move.

This was because, at the time of breakthrough, his Qi could connect with the heaven and the earth and generate this amazing scene.

Since it couldnt be stopped, everyone could only watch it.

They came quickly and felt the pressure completely.

As for the martial artists who came to see the scene after them, they saw the dark cloud billowing more violently towards Mount Red Leaf, and the shape of the clouds soon turned into that of a tornado.

Under the gaze of all the people on Mount Red Leaf, large clouds were falling rapidly.

The shape of the whole cloud was like a dragon.

Everyone was stunned.


The dragon was heard again, followed by a huge amount of spiritual Qi carried by the Dragon shadow, which kept getting smaller and compressed, and finally converged on Chen Changqings tattoo.


A heavy heartbeat surrounded the whole Mount Red Leaf, as if other peoples hearts stopped beating at this moment and were suppressed by that low heartbeat.

Chen Changqing suddenly opened his eyes, and the weird light in his eyes gradually disappeared.

The clouds in the sky dissipated slowly.

They left as fast as they came.

It seemed as if the amazing scene had never appeared.


When Chen Changqing stood up, everyone else present sensed a kind of Qi ten times stronger than that he had released in the previous breakthrough.

The Warlord of Chan Clan was so excited, “Changqing!”

Ye Tianlangs mouth trembled slightly.

He had a feeling that Chen Changqing could defeat him.

Now there were two high-level martial artists in the Chen family, and it would be hard to change the position of this family for a long time even after the Warlord of Chan Clan left this world.

Besides Emperor Qing, his abnormal brother was also beyond Ye Tianlangs imagination.

“Zhang Hanyang!”

“What kind of cultivating method did you give Emperor Qing”

No one told Ye Tianlang about it, but he could guess the truth.

The duel that day gave Ye Tianlang a feeling that Zhang Hanyang was more likely to teach Emperor Qing.

Now it seemed that his guess was right.

The new-born Emperor Qing was more powerful!

While thinking about it, Ye Tianlang offered his wishes, “Congratulation, Emperor Qing.

Youve made such an amazing breakthrough.”

“Thank you.” Chen Changqing nodded happily.

He felt the great amount of spiritual Qi in his meridians, his vast dantian that had been greatly expended and his soul sense that was more precise than before.

“This is the real perfect breakthrough!”

“How could he have regarded the former one as a perfect breakthrough”

“Ha ha ha, good!” The Warlord of Chan Clan burst out laughing and said, “Changqing, your brother Han will leave in a flight this afternoon.

Lets go home first.”

“Okay.” Chen Changqing jumped into the sky and looked down at the scene of complete devastation on Mount Red Leaf.

He sighed, “There will be no Mount Red Leaf from now on.”

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