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Chapter 650 Parents Meeting

Zi Yan felt that it was strange when she saw the name.

She stopped asking when she saw Zhang Hans fingers dancing at high speed on the keyboard.

Just standing by and watching Zhang Han quietly made her very happy.

“If you ask me how it feels to have a super husband.”

“The most important thing is that there are fewer things for me to worry about.”

Zi Yan was soon attracted by the story.

“Is this a madmans story Eh, he is not mad, but wild.

Hes a captain, a pirate leader A story in which villains play the leading role…”

Zhang Han was typing very fast, but often paused to reflect on the story.

There werent many films and TV plays that impressed him, but he could still remember several famous Hollywood series, such as Transformers, Resident Evil with Alice as the heroine, X-Men and so on.

However, only Pirates of the Caribbean had never appeared in this world.

They happened to live in Hong Kong that was close to the sea, and it would be much easier to make pirate themed movies.

However, Zhang Han could only retell this story, but he didnt know how to shoot at all, and his idea of the movie was very simple.

But for a person like Zhang Han, it was just a matter of expressing one idea.

Countless professionals would soon come up with the best plan for him.

With Zhang Hans recollection, the outline of the story became clear in his mind, and his typing speed became faster and faster.

With Zhang Hans great memory, the outline of the story became clear in his mind, and his typing was speeding up.

“Why are you so quick Wait for me.”

“Okay, I see.” Zhang Han took a glance at Zi Yan, who was looking at the screen with earnest attention.

Zhang Han smiled and slowed down.

In this way, Zhang Han spent one hour completing the outline of the whole story.

When Zhang Han finished typing, Zi Yan asked him in confusion, “Why do you stop Are these the contents of the first movie Is this a series”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded, “I only watched the first three movies, and then I didnt pay attention to the series.

But the three are enough.” Zhang Han replied.

“Mm-hmm.” Zi Yans eyes were shining with happiness.

She stood up, went to Zhang Hans back and massaged Zhang Hans shoulders.

While doing this, she said in a delicate voice, “You worked so hard, sweetheart.”

She leaned over Zhang Hans side and kissed him.

Zhang Han took the opportunity to extend his hands backward, press them on her hips, and lift her up to his back.

At the same time, he said softly, “Any rewards”

“What reward do you want, rascal” Zi Yan poked Zhang Hans face with her fingers.

“You guess” Zhang Han asked.

“Hmph!” Zi Yan replied with a soft hum.

Of course, she… She was willing to give this reward.

While they were talking, Mengmeng ran back.

“PaPa, MaMa, Im tired.

I want juice.” Mengmeng jumped onto Zhang Hans thighs.

Dahei followed Mengmeng.

“Ooh ooh ooh ooh!” Though it wanted to lie on Zhang Hans thighs, Dahei dared not to do so, considering its giant body.

It gave up on this idea.

Zhang Han took a glance at Dahei and smiled.

If Dahei grew up a little bit more, it could play the leading role of King Kong directly.

“How great is its acting skill.”

“Dads going to squeeze juice for you.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head.

Then he stood up, with a notebook in one hand and Mengmengs palm in the other, and walked to the castle.

Zi Yan happily followed them at a brisk pace.

She was overjoyed.

Dahei and Little Hei walked with them to the thunder yang tree, and then returned to the pet area,

“Ooh!” At the command of Dahei, Little Hei jumped forward like a black shadow and soon came back with a Hungarian sheep-pig in its mouth.

The pig was from a new batch purchased by Pearson, and it was smaller than ordinary pigs.

Not only these, Pearson had introduced new species of chicken, duck, goose and fish to Mount New Moon, and they were all rare and precious food materials.

Now Pearson was a foodstuff buyer, shopping crazily all over the world.

They didnt lack money.

After returning to the castle, Zi Yan and Mengmeng sat on a round sofa on the first floor.

Zhang Han went to squeeze two cups of watermelon juice.

Seeing Zhang Han return, Mengmeng put down the toy in her hand, took the juice and drank it.

Zi Yan took a big sip, and then handed the juice to Zhang Han.

“Ill call Feifei to read the script! She must like it.

Then Ill discuss other matters with her and tell Uncle Sun to arrange the task tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

Zi Yan quickly picked up her mobile phone and dialed Zhou Feis number.

“Where are you, Feifei Zhang Han wrote a script for me.

Come to the castle and check it…”

Within five minutes after she hung up, Zhou Fei and Chen Changqing walked into the castle quickly.

“Where is it” Zhou Fei rushed to Zi Yans side and asked excitedly.

“Here you are.

Read it first.” Zi Yan handed the laptop to Zhou Fei.

The document was not closed.

Zhou Fei took the laptop, put it on her lap, and then sat on the sofa to read it carefully.

Soon, Zhou Fei was attracted and began to enjoy it as a story.

Chen Changqing shook his hand and smiled at Zhang Han, “Brother Han, when we went for a walk here, Feifei and I found that your land is already the top treasure land in Hua nation.

The spiritual Qi here is stronger than that in my Mount Red Leaf.”

He couldnt help feeling excited, because it was so amazing for Zhang Han to create a blessed region himself.

In addition, there were two kinds of divine objects in this area.

As Chen Changqing could imagine, there must be plenty of martial arts resources for the security group and the Wang family.

It was even like an embryonic form of a large sect.

“If brother Han founded a sect, Ill be at least a Protector, no, Elder.” This was what Chen Changqing thought.

Hearing Chen Changqings words, Zhang Han shook his head slightly without saying anything.

Mount New Moon had become a treasure place, not only for the divine objects, but also for the crystal ore hidden in the mountain.

If the ore was known by the others, Zhang Han was afraid that many large sects would come to make trouble here.

“By the way, was it you who made the Hundred-formation Image that elder Wang is studying in the back mountain” Asked Chen Changqing.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded and then explained before Chen Changqing could ask more question, “Not only arrays, but I am also good at alchemy.”

“Thats great!” Chen Changqings eyes lit up, “My grandfather has a lot of martial arts resources, and Ill bring more for you next time.”

Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or to cry.

In ancient China, the daughter married to another family was regarded as water being splashed out.

Zhang Han felt as if Chen Changqing had married into his family.

Zhang Han knew that Chen Changqing was unwilling to leave the mountain as long as Zhou Fei was here.

In Zhang Hans opinion, the relationship between the two had developed very smoothly.

After all, they had a deep friendship foundation.

But there was still some time before they became true lovers.

While they were chatting, suddenly a cry came from their side.

It was Zhou Fei, who slapped her thigh and cried out, “Is this written by you, brother-in-law You are amazing.”

Zi Yan smiled.

Zhang Han was amused and nodded his head, waiting for Zhou Feis praise.


“How much will this cost” Zhou Feis eyes widened as she asked, “The story is splendid, but its too difficult to make a movie based on it.

Only the top special effects teams in Hollywood can undertake such post production, but the cost will be high.

Ive read your notes, and the scenes are so grand.”

“Nothing serious.” Zhang Han comforted her, “Do it at any cost as long as Zi Yan likes it.”

“Thats what you said.

Dont blame me if you lose money then.” Zhou Feis eyes brightened.

This was the first time she had been involved in a film like this.

She felt so excited that she had goosebumps all over.

Knowing that Zhou Fei was nervous, Zhang Han replied, “You can do it without worry.

It doesnt matter to me to lose billions.”

Many people online would scold Zhang Han if they heard his words.

But if they knew that Zhang Han was the boss of Mengmeng Group worth nearly 10 billion yuan, they would probably take this as a famous saying.

Seeing this, Zi Yan couldnt help but cover her mouth and laugh because she knew Zhang Han well.

How could he possibly lose money on the things he brought out

Out of her understanding of Zhang Han, Zi Yan knew that this series of films would definitely be recognized by the market.

Since she decided to do it, Zhou Fei began to ask some professional questions, “There are some details that you didnt write about.

The buildings are older, and the rifles, right But what era are you talking about We need to know the elemental style of that era in order to build such buildings.”

“Era” Zhang Han was really stunned this time, “I dont know.”

“Ah You dont know what you wrote ” Zhou Fei was confused, “Well, Ill ask Uncle Sun to find me a historian.

The second question…”

Zhou Fei began raising questions.

The details she asked were almost unknown to Zhang Han.

He had made great effort to recall the plot, and he couldnt remember the details as clearly as the producer or the director.

Zhou Fei decided to fix all these problems tomorrow.

After finishing their work, they began to talk.

Then they played with Mengmeng until nine oclock in the evening.

Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei planned to go to Star-Moon Bar.

“Mengmeng, we should go to bed.” Zhang Han checked the time and decided to have a good rest.

In the bedroom on the third floor, Mengmeng fell asleep after Zhang Han told the story in his deep voice for 20 minutes.

Then he heard Zi Yan coughing.

Zi Yan blushed shyly.

She got up, took something out of the wardrobe, and then went out of the door.

“Come to me in a few minutes.”

Zi Yans charming eyes tickled Zhang Han.

Three minutes later, Zhang Han got out of bed and quickly went to the second bedroom…

The next day…

Zi Yan opened her eyes lazily at half past eight in the morning.

She sat up and found that neither the father or the daughter were in the room.

“Its half past eight.” Zi Yan pouted, “I got up too late.

Its all his fault.”

She left the bed and went out of the bedroom to see Zhang Han and Mengmeng playing with toys in the hall.

“You are awake Wash up and have breakfast.”

“Okay.” Zi Yan nodded and went to wash her face.

She was relieved to see Zhang Han and Mengmeng at home.

When they finished their breakfast, it was already after nine.

Zhou Fei had gone to the company.

Zhang Han drove Mengmeng and Zi Yan to the company and accompanied Zi Yan to go upstairs.

After seeing them, Zhou Fei, who was busy with her works, kept on tutting.

Zi Yan blushed again.

When they were about to work, Zhang Han left the company with Mengmeng in his arms and went to the Disney Resort Mengmeng liked very much.

The parents meeting would be held the next day, and school would start the day after tomorrow.

Therefore, Zhang Han played with Mengmeng all day.

Mengmeng would never feel bored in the amusement park.

She had been laughing all day.

Mengmengs laughter made Zhang Han feel better and better, and he even laughed from time to time.

This was a very special feeling caused by the company of Mengmeng.

He did his best to take care of Mengmeng and make her happy, which made him happy from the bottom of his heart.

He received an unparalleled sense of satisfaction.

For Mengmeng, her fathers company might only make her feel happy and proud, but it was undeniable that after contacting Zhang Han, Mengmeng had been changing in a good direction.

At five oclock in the afternoon, the father and daughter returned to Cold Immortal School and played in the back mountain for a while.

When Zi Yan came back, they had dinner together.

In the evening, Zhang Han and Zi Yan had a discussion to try to keep the companys work in order.

They planned to leave Zi Yan at home tomorrow morning to look after Mengmeng, and Zhang Han would go to the parents meeting.

Zi Yan and Mengmeng wouldnt get up so early in this way,

Therefore, Zhang Han and Zi Yan took the opportunity to do something romantic this evening.

At about 8 oclock the next morning, the family of three finished their breakfast.

“Dad is going to attend the parents meeting.

Play with mom at home.” Zhang Han waved his hand before leaving home.

“Good bye, PaPa.

Remember to come back early.” Mengmeng said.

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled at Zi Yan and went out of the door.

Then he got into his panda car.

It took him half an hour to drive to the gate of Saint Kindergarten.

Both sides of the gate were full of cars at this time.

Though only the parents meeting for junior classes was held in the morning, the number of parents was still relatively large.

It was almost the same as when Mengmeng went to school.

The parents standing in the field were divided into two rows, waiting to go to class together at ten oclock.

“You are back.” Lu Xiong stood in the gate of the school, took a broom and said hello to Zhang Han.

“Hello, Master Lu seems to be in good spirits.” Zhang Han looked at Lu Xiong in confusion, finding that the aged man had made a lot of progress in martial arts from the Qi he revealed.

“Im lucky.

I went abroad with my granddaughter, where I received a good opportunity.” Lu Xiong smiled.

“That should be what you were meant to get.” Zhang Han nodded slightly.

Fate was very interesting, and no martial artist knew when treasure would appear in front of him or her.

“Well, I cant say any more.

I have to sweep the floor.

The leaders are coming.” Lu Xiongs eyes slightly narrowed.

Seeing all the high-level managers such as Luo Shan coming from the gate, he walked to the other side as quickly as he could.

Zhang Han was amused by the aged man and shook his head.

Lu Xiong liked Lu Guo so much that he was willing to be a real cleaner in the school.

If Luo Shan knew his strength, he might appoint Lu Guo as the head of kindergarten without hesitation.


Zhang.” Luo Shan changed direction to say hello to Zhang Han, and then kept going into the school, which showed his respect for Zhang Han.

After greeting Luo Shan, Zhang Han went to join the parents of class 5.

Many parents took the initiative to say hello to Zhang Han, especially Li Kai, Li Muens father and real estate businessman, who were very enthusiastic.

At the same time, he was very respectful to Zhang Han.

Now he knew how incredible Zhang Hans background was as the owner of Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant.

As the prominent boss of Mengmeng Group, Zhang Han had been running the humble restaurant, which made Li Kai admire him very much.

“I cant understand the happiness of a successful man.”

Li Kai sighed with emotion.

Children were the common topic of all parents.

They talked for a while and the time for the parents meeting came.

“Parents, please follow me to class.” Lu Guo clapped her hands.

Then she took the lead into the classroom.

All the adults sat down in silence, waiting for the start of the parents meeting.

Standing on the platform, Lu Guo looked forward with a smile and said, “Happy new year to all parents and your children.

Wishing all of your angels happy growth.”

The simple opening words won her applause.

When the applause stopped, Lu Guo took out a notebook, looked at it and said, “The parents meeting was to be held at the end of last semester, but it was postponed to today because the school had to urgently reconstruct some venues.

You may also see that the swimming pool and the playground with lawn have been reconstructed on the right, as well as the teaching building with piano, art and other professional classrooms.

We hope to cultivate childrens interests more attentively.

“First of all, let me summarize the study of last semester.

“The reward of the class is the little red flower.

Children who get more than 15 little red flowers will get a trophy.

Every child has a chance to get the little red flower, but only seven of them got the trophies in the last semester.

Zhang Yumeng was the best one, who got 18 little red flowers in a semester.

Her parents are willing to cooperate with us, and this kind of education is believed to be very beneficial to the growth of children.”

“Good.” Li Kai, the flatterer, cheered in a low voice, and then took the lead to clap his hands vigorously.

Martins mother, Wang Jiawen and the others follow him to applaud.

Gradually, everyone in the classroom was clapping.

There were also many exclamations.

“Zhang Yumeng, is she that cute little girl God, she got 18 little red flowers!”

“Its marvelous.

Teacher Lu is very strict and it cant be fake.

My children only got 14 flowers, but teacher Lu refused to give him one more and help him get a trophy.”

“The children with 14 flowers are among the best.

My naughty son only got four.”

A man in the back seat was silent.

“You can still show off.

My son only got one flower.”

Comparison was the most common in society, and getting more than others would make many people feel happy.

Therefore, everyone in the classroom was looking at Zhang Han with admiration.

At least, he was the best one in educating his daughter among them.

The applause from the other parents made Zhang Han smile proudly.

But it was not because of the flattery.

The applause was won by Mengmeng.

This was Mengmengs honor.

Zhang Han was happy because of this.

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