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Chapter 651 Amazing Speed of Preparation

“Stefen is the second in the list of little red flowers.

He is also a good student and got 16 little red flowers in the last semester.

He was obedient in class.”

Lu Guo continued, “Martin and Xinran go16 little red flowers respectively, and the last ones who got 15 little red flowers were Li Muen, Wang Yihan…”

It was like a praise meeting.

Every parent was affected by the lively atmosphere and hoped that their children would be praised.

A few parents even forgot how many flowers their children had got and were looking forward to hearing their names, which was impossible.


“This is the difference between reality and imagination.”

“After learning about their performance in the first semester, all of you now have a better understanding of your children.

The first semester of junior class offered everyone an opportunity to get familiar with each other, in which the proportion of games was large.

But in the second semester, the proportion of learning will gradually increase, and a small amount of homework will be given.

I hope that all parents can encourage and praise your children more when they are studying hard.”

Lu Guo turned to smile at Zhang Han, “In terms of encouragement and praise, I think Mengmengs father did a very good job.

In the first semester, Mengmeng got 18 little red flowers, the maximum number of flowers one child can get in a semester.

Whats the reason Its that kind of expectation.

Every child expects the praise or reward from parents after getting the little red flower, and you can consult Mengmeng dad in private if you are interested in this common sense.”

“Good!” The flatterer was back.

Li Kais voice was louder than before, and then he took the lead to applaud again.

Although Wang Jiawen and Martins mother were confused, they decided to follow him and applaud.

All the other parents were clapping again.

Applause filled the classroom.

Lu Guo was a little confused, because her speech did not warrant such a warm applause!

“Well, education should start from a young age.

For children aged three to six, the three years spent in kindergarten are very important.

I hope that every parent can cooperate with us to educate your children, and that they can become talents in all aspects in the future… ”

After Lu Guo introduced some related information and discussed precautions with the parents, the parents meeting ended.

Zhang Han bid farewell to Li Kai and the others who followed him.

He was very polite, smiling, like an ordinary person, which made Wang Jiawen, who knew a little about Zhang Hans real identity, sigh with emotion.

“As a powerful man, Mr.

Zhang is still approachable.

How nice he is.”

He knew that all the parents in the room, including him, were even unqualified to serve Zhang Han.

It was their honor to chat with Zhang Han in this way.

Just now, there were two other parents wearing Armani and Patek Philippe, asking Zhang Han how to teach Mengmeng so well.

They called Zhang Han “younger brother Zhang” to get closer to him, which confused Wang Jiawen.

But he remained silent because he didnt know Zhang Hans thoughts.

However, Li Kai, the flatter, told the two men something about Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant after hearing their conversation.

The two men were scared and immediately changed “younger brother Zhang” to “elder brother Zhang.”

Zhang Han was still polite and patient with them.

Wang Jiawen was surprised at his attitude.

He didnt know that since Mengmeng was going to spend two and a half year in school, Zhang Han decided to help her get along well with the other children.

Therefore, he temporarily changed his temper and tolerance to make a good impression on other parents.

After leaving school, Zhang Han took out his mobile phone and called Zi Yan, “The parents meeting is over and Im coming back.

Teacher Lu has praised Mengmeng a lot.

Well, Ill buy her an ice cream later…”

When Zhang Han went back home, he handed Mengmeng an ice cream.

Mengmeng was very happy.

She stood in front of Zhang Hans legs, looked up at him and blinked.

Compared with ice cream, Mengmeng preferred the reward and praise of PaPa, although she still didnt understand it very well.

“Mengmeng, teacher Lu said that Mengmeng did the best in the whole class, praised your father and mother, and other parents applauded you several times.

Mengmeng is fathers good daughter, Im proud of you.”

Zhang Han said with a smile, “This is the ice cream for Mengmeng, little hero of our family.”

“Ha ha.” Mengmeng was overjoyed.

Then she took the ice cream and enjoyed it in Zhang Hans arms.

Hearing this news, Zi Yan felt as happy as if she had won the prize.

She rewarded Zhang Han with a charming smile.

Zhang Han and his family were having a good time.

However, there were discordant quarrels in the conference room of their company at the same time.

Sun Ming had read the script and arranged for Xu Yong to contact the historian.

It didnt take Xu Yongs men a long time to bring him 18 authoritative historians.

They were very persistent and arrogant in the field of history.

They had a heated debate in the conference room after reading the description of the costume and the scenes involved in the movie.

“According to the customs, the details of dress, the daily life, the navigation and military conditions described in the script, Im sure that this is between the 16th century and the 18th century!”

“Its too inaccurate, Mr.


Youve been studying our own history, but you may not be good at the history of the West and pirates.

Piracy flourished in the 17th century, and I think it should be set in that era!”

“No, no, no, do you really understand it I have been studying pirate culture for more than ten years, and I know more about them than all of you.

The term pirate generally refers to a person who commits a crime on the seas.

In that era, anyone who stole or destroyed property in open waters could be judged as a pirate.

At first, the pirates were all self-employed.

Later, they became teams.”

“We are talking about the era.

Why do you mention so many useless things To show off your knowledge The Caribbean island is an ideal place for pirates, because there is a continuous flow of ships carrying treasures and goods.

According to the description of the script, I think it should be at the end of the pirates heyday, which can be seen from the mature military.”


This group of knowledgeable historians discussed for an hour intensely, and no one gave up.

When they were thirsty, they remembered that they were in the meeting room of Purple Moon Entertainment Company to complete their superiors task.

Therefore, they immediately changed their attitude.

They began to really discuss the problem.

Two heads are better than one, let alone all these authoritative historians.

They spent two hours setting the social background of the film between 1720 and 1750.

After the meeting, Sun Ming came to another conference room with the result of the discussion, where there were 13 people chatting.

Seeing Sun Ming come in, all these men and women quieted down.

Sun Ming opened his notebook and said, “We decided to set the movie between 1720 and 1750.

You can start to study the customs of people living near the Caribbean Sea at that time, and design all kinds of costumes for people of all walks of life.”

Hearing Sun Mings words, everyone in the room turned on their laptop to start working.

After checking their working conditions, Sun Ming went out and entered another office.

There were 15 well-dressed people, young and old.

“The era has been determined.

I want you to design the buildings near the Caribbean Sea area at that time, whether they are residential buildings, castles or iron shops, etc., which should be closest to the situation at that time…”

Sun Mings men were all in another office, and he directly arranged the task.

“Go find suitable places for the movie according to the information I just sent to you.

I want to see at least ten places that meet the requirements today.”

In the next room…

“Director Hu, Im sorry to keep you waiting.

Everything is going on and I hope you make some reasonable recommendations according to the script.”

In the next room…

“In terms of engineering matters, you should arrange them properly as soon as possible.

Dont waste time on the preparations if you want to start the construction.”

Sun Ming found his long lost sense of business.

But when he came out of the last room, he suddenly found that he seemed to have nothing to do.

This amazing number of tasks had been split into different tasks that were carried out in an orderly way.

Sun Ming felt himself being useless.

He realized that the Purple Moon Entertainment Company had such incredible potential in terms of quality and speed, because the staff here were all so outstanding.

“Well, Im like a general commanding the army.” Sun Ming was amused by this idea.

Several months of practice made Sun Ming more confident and more like a leader.

But in terms of character, he was not as good as Liu Qingfeng and was more suitable for financial work.

Because of Sun Mings careful and serious work, all tasks were in full swing.

In the afternoon…

Zi Yan came to the company, looked around, and found that she didnt need to do anything.

So she went back to Cold Immortal School to accompany Mengmeng.

After all, her little princess was going to school the next day.

After such a long holiday, she still felt that she didnt have enough time to play.

“How can I start school so soon I havent had enough time to play.

I dont want to go to school.” In the morning of the next day, Mengmeng pouted her lips unhappily.

“Well…” Zhang Han even wanted to discuss with Ziyan to let Mengmeng play for a few more days.

Knowing that his words wouldnt work, Zhang Han didnt say them.

“Mengmeng, dont you want to chat and play with your classmates” Zi Yan asked with a smile.

“But I want to play with PaPa, Big Heihei and Little Heihei.”

“You can play after school.”

“Hmph!” Mengmeng snorted unhappily.

Zi Yan felt helpless, when suddenly, she saw a small blackboard on one side.

Her eyes brightened and she stepped to the front of the blackboard.

“Eh There is one little red flower missing.” Zi Yan pretended to be surprised.

“Why” Mengmeng was stunned and hurriedly turned her gaze to the small blackboard.

Then she ran towards it nervously and said, “I cant lose them, or there will be fewer things that PaPa promises me, no…”

“Well, MaMa is wrong, and none of the 18 flowers is missing.

But… Mengmeng, if you dont go to kindergarten, you wont get any more little red flowers.

MaMa wont force you to go to school.

Now you can do whatever you want.”

While speaking, Zi Yan secretly observed Mengmengs expression.

Her method worked.

Mengmeng was a little confused and began to hesitate.

A few seconds later, she murmured, “Im going to kindergarten, MaMa, and I want more little red flowers.”

“Okay, good girl.” Zi Yan smiled and squatted down to kiss Mengmengs face.

Mengmengs mood changed rapidly.

After a while, she laughed again and followed her PaPa and MaMa to the lovely panda car.

After they arrived at the kindergarten, Zhang Han walked Mengmeng to the gate.

“Good bye, PaPa.

Come quickly to pick up Mengmeng!”

“Okay, PaPa will be here in advance.”

Zhang Han burst out laughing after Mengmeng entered her classroom, “Clingy little guy.”

But he was very happy for this.

He liked to be stuck with his daughter every day.

After leaving school and returning to the car, Zhang Han accompanied Zi Yan to the company.

When Mengmeng was in school, they enjoyed their time alone.

They toured the company for two rounds and found that the preparations before shooting were almost finished, so they didnt have to worry about it at all.

Therefore, Zhang Han took Zi Yan to the Deepwater Bay to have fun, where they rented a small yacht.

They went surfing, diving and playing games.

They seldom had a chance to be alone, so they took the chance and had a good time.

When Zi Yans parents and relatives heard that Zi Yan was about to start filming, they all called to congratulate her and planned to visit her later.

Xu Xinyu even asked, “Do you and Zhang Han plan to have a second child Do you usually take safety measures I think its good to have one child…”

Zi Yan blushed.

While the two of them were resting as if they were on holiday, Zhou Fei was often taken out by Chen Changqing, and so were Zhao Feng and Liang Mengqi, Liang Hao and Zhang Li.

Only the sissy Zhao Dahu was still busy in the company, but he unconsciously got closer with Yu Qingqing.

Instructor Liu learned to behave himself recently, because Jiang Yanlan often came to Star-Moon Bar and tried to beat him.

Instructor Liu had almost learned the trick Zhang Han taught him, and decided to attempt a big reversal and teach Jiang Yanlan a lesson when he got the chance.

What a relaxing day.

However, hot news about the entertainment circle was spreading rapidly.

Hong Kong Purple Moon Entertainment Company had spent 1.5 billion yuan to create an epic-level magic blockbuster, and was now seeking cooperation with roles in Europe and the United States.

This news was like a hurricane, sweeping the whole Entertainment Circle in Hua nation.

“What did you say 1.5 billion Did I hear you right”

Nowadays, the general cost of film and TV plays was about tens of millions, and hundreds of millions of yuan was a big cost in many peoples eyes.

Except for Hollywood, few people were willing to invest so much, otherwise it would be difficult to bear the failure.

Too many people were shocked by the amount of money.

“Its amazing, 1.5 billion! Its a huge cost!”

“Isnt Purple Moon Entertainment Company Zi Yans company Hiss! Her company broke the cost record on its first investment!”

“Wow, Im going to sign up, too.

Im going to pick up money.

What an irrational investor.”

After the shock, many sarcastic voices were heard in various entertainment companies, and even many management and senior staff were waiting to see Zi Yans company make a fool of itself.

“High cost requires high quality.

What kind of scripts worth such an amount of money They wont make money until the box office is more than three times the cost.

Do they naively think that their box office can reach more than 4.5 billion”

“Dont be kidding.

Its good for a film make a billion at the box office.

How dare they expect 4.5 billion They must go bankrupt!”

“Its true that the younger generation will surpass the older.

Purple Moon Entertainment Company, which was founded less than a year ago, is so brave and dauntless.

You can see that they just started their business and will not turn back without complete failure.

But the cost of $1.5 billion is a little too much.”

“Maybe its fake news.

Its just a gimmick, right I dont believe they can invest so much money.”

The whole entertainment industry was paying attention to the new film, and many people were even a little jealous.

Of course, such jealousy came from unknown small companies.

Those famous company didnt comment after they got the news.

Instead, they gasped in astonishment as soon as they got the news.

“Im afraid its something Mr.

Zhang has made.

Money is like dirt in his eyes, and he may do this to amuse Miss Zi.

However, such a lot of money can definitely make a film that is not too bad.”

“As far as I know, their directors, as well as some staff, are all elites from all walks of life.

They are serious about the film.”

“This years movie queen… Must be Zi Yan.”


Zhangs spiritual state is something we cant achieve in our whole life.”

These praises were all from the private chat of the chairman of some entertainment industry leaders, which Zhang Han certainly couldnt hear.

More than 90% of the people in the whole Entertainment Circle didnt know the background of Purple Moon Entertainment Company, and those who knew the origin wouldnt be so talkative.

So now nearly 70% of people were envious.

After all, they had never seen any films or TV series worth 1.5 billion yuan.

But all of a sudden, they found something weird.

Purple Moon Entertainment Company did not seek cooperation from Hua nations Entertainment Circle.

“Do they look down on us”

Many people were not happy with this, so 90% of the entertainment circle who knew this news were ready to witness the failure of Purple Moon Entertainment Company.

“They can kick my head if they are going to make a profit.”

Many comments like this were heard from many places.

But they misunderstood it.

All the historians employed by the company and other departments decided that the majority of the actors should be European and American to meet the background of the script.

Of course, Zi Yan was the heroine.

The news caused a stir, but Zhang Han never paid attention to it.

No matter what others thought about it, he just wanted to make Zi Yan happy with the movie.

As long as Zi Yan was happy, everything else would be OK.

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