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Chapter 66 – For membership card

Two months ago, Sun Dongheng was about to graduate from university, and he was expelled because of the fight,which made Sun Ming very angry.

For this matter, Sun Ming often scolded Sun Dongheng,and he had even tried to find a lot of ways to help his son get bac to university but to no avail.

“Isnt it because the father of the brat that got beaten up is the school directorAs a man, he wouldnt tolerate bullying my girlfriend! ” Sun Dongheng argued.

“Girlfriend, girlfriend, how many girlfriends have you had Cant you have an ambition How old are you What do you know now What can you do in the future What can you do ” Sun Ming said angrily.

His career developed well, but there was only one son in his family, so he hoped that Sun Dongheng could inherit his career.

But this brat didnt study well in university, he fooled around with society all day long, making Sun Ming disappointed and angry.

“Its none of your business what I do!” Sun Dongheng clenched his teeth and turned his head, his tone harsh: “Mom, I want money, eight hundred thousand.”

“You dont need me but ask me for money” Sun Ming slammed the table heavily.

“I ask my mom for money, not you! Did I ever ask you for money ” Sun Dongheng was enraged, he stood up and answered angrily.

“Didnt I make the money in the family What did I make money for In order to support the family, in order to let you stand out, what kind of bear do you think you are If you have no future, you would only spend money everyday and spend lavishly.

Do you think that it is easy to earn money now” Sun Ming said angrily.

“I dont need you to care! If you dont want to give it to me, so be it! ” Sun Dongheng kicked the chair behind him to the side and angrily walked out.

“Say less.” Sun Donghengs mother rolled her eyes and chased after him.

“Xiao Heng, Xiao Heng.” In the hallway, Suns mother caught up with him.

She pulled Sun Dongheng and said softly: “Your father is for your own good too.”

“Hes not.” Sun Donghengs tone was a little sad as he said: “He scolded me every time for my own good Besides, Ive already explained that matter to him many times.

It wasnt because I provoked him, so he didnt listen to what I had to say.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Suns mother followed and said: “Mom understands, your father is just anxious, he hope that you can succeed his career.”

“I dont like the software industry.

Ive already said that my dream is to be a celebrity.

Why doesnt my dad support me You want me to learn some lousy software, Im not interested in that! ” Sun Dongheng said angrily.

Why did he inherit his fathers dream Why couldnt his father understand he and support him

Sun Dongheng was very confused.

At this time, a hint of bitterness and sorrow flashed across Suns mothers eyes.

She shook her head and forced out a smile, saying: “Your father is also not having an easy time, you … … By the way, what did you just say you wanted eight hundred thousand dollars for Didnt I give you three hundred thousand this month ”

“I, I…Its useful.

This time, I really have serious business to attend to.” Sun Dongheng slowly said.

“What is it Tell Mom.

” The Suns mother said with a smile.

“I …” “I want to get a membership card for a restaurant.”

“Restaurant membership card It wont cost that much money.

” Suns mother was puzzled.

“Mom.” Sun Dongheng muttered to himself for a moment, then said: “This restaurant is called Mengmengs casual restaurant, the membership price is one million, the Egg-Fried Rice in this restaurant is delicious, whatever the boss cooks is delicious, the household dishes are especially delicious too, but, besides the Egg-Fried Rice, everything else needs to be eaten by members, Mom, if you and I will go eat tomorrow morning, and you will know.”

“Alright, then Mom will accompany you in the morning.” Suns mother nodded.

“Okay, thank you, Mom.” Sun Dongheng laughed at this time.

Needless to say, in Sun Donghengs opinion, if his mother tasted the Egg-Fried Rice, she would definitely give him a membership card.

Then, Sun Dongheng waved his hand towards Suns mother and said, “Mom, Ill go back now.”

“Yes, drive slowly.”

“Got it.”

When Sun Dongheng left, the Suns mother sighed deeply and walked back to the house.

Seeing that Sun Ming was coughing non-stop, her expression turned bitter, and quickly patted on Sun Mings back lightly.

“Why are you angry at your child …” Suns mother said in a choked voice.

“Cough cough …” “Sigh…”

Sun Ming coughed for a while, then took away the handkerchief in his hand.

There were a few streaks of fresh red blood in the center of his hand, causing Sun Ming to sigh deeply and say:

“Im not angry, Im just anxious, I dont have much time left.

If he continues like this, then the company will lose all hope.

The company has closed down, what about your lives …”

“How about telling Xiao Heng” Suns mother said with his eyes red.

Sun Ming sighed and shook his head slightly.


The next morning.

Not long after Zhang Han opened the door, the manager of the neighborhood shop walked in, and lightly nodded towards Zhang Han as he sat at a table in the corner.

“Boss, one Egg Fried Rice.” the manager asked.

“About half an hour.” Zhang Han replied.


A few minutes after he entered, a silver white horse, Z4, pulled up in front of the restaurant.

“Mom, I promise you that you will definitely have a surprise later!” Sun Dongheng welcomed Suns mother out of the carriage with a smile.

“Alright, then Ill have a taste of it later.”

Suns mother smiled slightly.

Her personality was very gentle, and she had the demeanor of a lady.

Before entering, she purposely looked at the notice board in front of the door.

When she found out that the opening hours and the high price of the membership card were already up, her gaze couldnt help but reveal a bit of curiosity.

She did not understand why such a small restaurant would be so … Strange.

“Good morning, Boss! Where is Mengmeng” Sun Dongheng greeted, and seeing that Mengmeng was not at the first floor, he asked.

“I… Im here …” Suddenly, Mengmeng who was lying on the sofa and playing on the side sat up.

“Oh hehe, so she was hiding somewhere.

Good morning, Little Princess Mengmeng.” Sun Dongheng said with a smile.

“Mhmm, alright.” Mengmeng waved her arms and replied.

“So cute, so cute, so beautiful.” Suns mothers eyes were immediately filled with love.

She really liked children, especially a child with “outstanding genes” like Mengmeng.

“Of course, the boss is amazing, its only right that his daughter is so pretty.” Sun Dongheng laughed and said: “Come, mother, sit here.”

They sat down and waited in silence.

On the other hand, Suns mother looked around at the decorations of the dining hall.

She recognized the luxurious TV background wall, but she did not know much about the Steinway Piano.

From the layout of the house, she felt that the owner had good taste.

When it was seven oclock, the small white dining table was fully filled.

People started to line up in the small chairs outside the window.

“Why didnt they come in Isnt there a seat there ” Suns mother asked curiously.

“Mom, this is what I told you.

Only members can sit there.

Look, those four are the first batch of members here.” Sun Dongheng pointed outside.

Suns mother looked over, Liang Mengqi and the other two got off from the Volkswagen, while Zhao Feng also got off from his Toyota.

A few of them came in and greeted Zhang Han and Mengmeng.

Very soon, at 7: 20, there were already a dozen of customers waiting at the door.

Suns mother couldnt help but feel that the food in this restaurant was really not bad.

But she was wrong.

When she tasted the first mouthful of Egg-Fried Rice, she finally understood what the real Egg-Fried Rice was.

She also finally understood why Sun Dongheng urgently wanted the membership cards here.

It was because the Egg-Fried Rice… It was too fragrant.

Suns mother enjoyed it while her heart was filled with bitterness.

She had cooked at home for dozens of years and had never cooked such a fragrant meal before.

‘How did he do it…

Suns mother was full of doubts.

After finishing the Egg-Fried Rice, Suns mother closed his eyes and savored the aftertaste for two minutes.

“Mom, try some milk.” Sun Dongheng said with a smile on his face.


Suns mother lifted her cup and drank her first mouthful of milk.

“This milk …”

Gurgle gurgle…

Suns mother finished all the milk in one breath, and then looked at Sun Dongheng in a daze.

“Hehehe, Mom, how was it How was the Egg Fried Rice Is the milk good to drink ” Sun Dongheng said with a look of anticipation.

It had to be known that everyone was shocked the most when they ate in this restaurant for the first time.

After that, they became addicted to the delicacies here.

The shock in their hearts would also disappear and be replaced with deep anticipation.

“Its really delicious, really delicious.” Suns mother sincerely said: “The boss here is so amazing, this is the first time Ive seen such a delicious meal, the taste of the milk is also very strong and delicious, but … …” If its so fragrant, there must be something wrong with it.

Could it be that something has been added to the meal … ”

She had read before that some kind of delicacy was extremely delicious.

In the end, she found out that there was a chemical additive inside that was extremely harmful to the body.

Seeing her expression, Sun Dongheng laughed and said: “Hey, mom, you can put your heart in your stomach.

The food here is delicious because of the inherent problems, the boss has said before, the Thai fragrant rice and the North American wild rice cant compare to his rice, and you see, the bosss daughter also eats like this, do you think that as a father, he will make the child eat badly Also, that cute little princess is called Mengmeng, and this restaurant was opened by the owner for his daughter.What about my dad?”

“Dont say that, your dad cares a lot about you.” Suns mother said gently, “Your father specifically gave me a bank card this morning.

Inside it is the money for you to apply for a membership card.”

“Oh …” Sun Dongheng replied somewhat depressingly.

“Lets go, well register for your membership card.” Suns mother laughed and pulled Sun Donghengs hand to the counter.


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