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Chapter 664 Death Before Victory

Everyone around was chatting in a low voice.

The most powerful men who had attracted the attention of Chen Changqing kept silent.

They were not poor at words, but disdained to talk to these people about some boring content, such as who was the most powerful, who was the most powerful, and who was gay.

In the whole bar, only the area where they and Zhang Han were located was relatively quiet.

Everyone here drank wine and waited silently.

At eight oclock in the morning, the man in the overcoat, who had brought Zhang Han in before, came from the back with eight strong men in the same clothes.

“Lets go.

Keep quiet on the road and dont make any noise.

Follow my instructions,” the man said and took the lead to go out.

Zhang Han and Chen Changqing found a large SUV behind the pub with only a driver in it.

Maybe the others disliked the car.

Each car could hold six people, and these cars were enough.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

The motorcade set out on the road north of the town, passed a forest, and then continued on into the edge area of the northern ice field.

There was snow and ice everywhere and no road was left for them.

How peaceful the accumulated snow surface seemed to be, the area was threatened by growing crises and the newcomers had to follow the tread marks left by the previous cars.

They should thank the pioneers who helped them find their way.

Zhang Han and the others had been driving in, and soon they seemed to have entered a snow-white world, just like the middle of the desert, which was a little depressing.

Although they could judge the direction according to the sun, the sky here was gray and they could only continue to use the previous method to drive forward for more than two hours.

They suddenly found that there were helicopters patrolling back and forth in the air ahead.

Twenty minutes later, they found dozens of armed military vehicles parked on both sides of the road ahead, and there were many tents beside the vehicles.

After seeing the motorcade coming, more than a dozen armed people appeared on both sides of the road, and the leader raised his hands to stop the motorcade.

The leading car stopped slowly, and the passenger rolled down the window.

A bearded man took out a certificate and handed it to the leader of the soldiers.

The leader took a glance at the certificate and then to the men in the car.

He waved his hand and let them go.

The motorcade passed the blockade and continued to move forward.

Instead of driving straight ahead, they turned intermittently to find their own way.

It was a very large area, and they had been driving for hours until dusk when they finally got close to the center of the ice field.

Not far in front of them, by the side of the canyon, stood more than 30 people.

They were from the force of local martial artists.

When they were one hundred meters away from the local martial artists, Zhang Han and others stopped and got out of the car.

The leading man in the overcoat said in low voice, “I can only send you here.

Help yourself from now on.”

The leading man took a glance at Zhang Han and Chen Changqing, walked towards them, and said with broken Mandarin, “In, by yourself, only here.”

“I see,” Chen Changqing nodded.

Then the leading man went back to his own car.

Instead of leaving immediately, he decided to wait and see the performance of this group of explorers.

In particular, he wondered how Zhang Han and Chen Changqing would pass Ao Fans test.

“Someone introduced them at a high cost in order to kill them”

He was confused.

Under the gaze of the leading man and his men, the other explorers approached those local martial artists slowly and stopped not far away from them.

All the explorers were martial artists and it was not too terrible for them to enjoy the temperature here of more than 30 degrees below zero.

“Long time no see, eldest brother Ao.”

“Grand Master Ao.”

“Master Ao Fan, you look better than before.”


Seven or eight explorers who had met Ao Fen before began flattering him, which surprised Zhang Han and Chen Changqing because all these strong men showed their poker faces to them when they entered that pub.

Ao Fan ignored their compliment and didnt even spare a glance at them.

Glancing over the crowd, he was suddenly surprised by something, “Wow!”

Then he began to look at Zhang Han and Chen Changqing happily.

It seemed that he was more interested in Chen Changqing, who was more “beautiful”.

He thought for a while instead of taking action immediately.

Someone whispered to help him make the decision, “They are sent here by someone, maybe as gifts for you.”

“Really” Ao Fan burst out laughing with a friendly look on his face.

Taking a glance at the motorcade, he waved his hand and said, “Thanks brother Bu.”

Then he walked forward and stared at Chen Changqing.

“The little brother from Hua nation is so beautiful.”


Ao Fan was satisfied because he finally had some fun in this cold place.

Swish, swish, swish!

The newcomers, the people in the rear team, and Ao Fans men all feel a little pain in their buttocks.

“Im so lucky that Im ugly.

All of Master Aos men were ugly, otherwise, wed dare not to come here.”

“Arrange a tent for me.” Ao Fan waved his hand and then approached Chen Changqing slowly.

He planned to enjoy the more beautiful man first.

“Ha ha ha.” His man burst out laughing.

All of a sudden…

They heard a hissing sound.

Everyone stopped laughing and widely opened their eyes and mouth as if they saw something horrible.

Even the leading man and his subordinates in their car were confused.

Under their gaze, Ao Fan, who was still laughing, suddenly shrank in half.

Like a balloon being squeezed, there was a “bang” into a blood mist, leaving only a few traces where he had just stood.

“Whats that” Ao Fans men were shocked and began stepping back while staring at Chen Changqing, who was slowly withdrawing his palm.

This man slapped the air and killed Ao Fan, a Grand Master Strong, like killing a fly.

What did this mean

That man was powerful enough to kill Ao Fan easily, and he was at least at Grand Master Late-stage.

They even felt that Chen Changqings seemingly casual movement was like that of a powerful God State Strong.

Their guess was right.

All the strong men Chen Changqing had scanned with his soul sense in the pub were now looking at him in horror.

There was a moment of complete silence.

When everyone fell into silence, they heard someone say, “Lets go.”

It was the more masculine man next to Chen Changqing who spoke in a low voice.

He didnt use honorifics while speaking to Chen Changqing, who was so powerful in other peoples eyes, which surprised them again.

“Is he more powerful”

Someone was thinking about it.

“Okay,” Chen Changqing nodded.

Whiz, whiz!

They began walking forward for hundreds of meters with each step.

They disappeared in an instant, leaving a group of stunned men behind.

“Our, our Master Ao Fan was killed”

It was a heavy yet realistic topic.

Swish, swish, swish!

Everyone looked again at the place where Ao Fan had stood, where only a pool of blood was left on the snow.

“They are so powerful!”

“Ao Fan is at Grand Master Middle-Stage.

Ordinary people cannot kill him easily.”

Ao Fans men began discussing it.

They were unwilling to believe what they had seen, but they dared not to question the truth of the matter.

Thinking they worked for Ao Fan, they cherished their own lives more.

As for the several strong men Chen Changqing had met in the pub, a small-eyed man in their group gasped and then said slowly and seriously, “Judging from their body shape and face, they must be Chinese.

Their strength reminds me of two men.”

“Who” asked his companion.

“Emperor Qing and Merciless Zhang!” The small-eyed man said word by word.


His companions gasped in fear.

“The two well-known martial artists”

One of the mens pupils suddenly changed due to his violent mood fluctuation.


His eyes became those of a wolf with ice marks around them, and his pupils kept shrinking.

If Chen Changqing was here, he would find that all these strong men were from the Ice Wolf Clan.

Nevertheless, Zhang Han had already discovered the secret, because he had scanned the wolf cubs thoroughly with his powerful soul sense.

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