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Chapter 665 Vern

Everyone was surprised by Ao Fans death.

Based on what they knew, Ao Fan, a pervert who liked to ravage men, would force the two Chinese boys into the tent and enjoy their screams.

They had never expected Ao Fan to be killed before he could scream himself.

Something unexpected could happen at any time.

Zhang Han didnt care about their confusion and astonishment.

He and Chen Changqing were moving at full speed.

The canyon was just at the edge of the deep northern ice field.

The closer they were to the core area, the lower the temperature was, which was one of the reasons why there were few people here.

When they were on the edge of the snow field, there was still earth under the thick snow, which was replaced by ice here.

Zhang Han began scanning in all directions with his soul sense.

His soul sense could be extended to a distance of ten miles, and he could felt every plant within this range.

However fast Zhang Han and Chen Changqing were, it took them two hours to move forward before they found something strange.

More than 50 people were standing ten miles away from them.

Zhang Han sensed that except for seven God State Strongs, most of them were at Grand Master Peak.

The so-called level A relic was too attractive.

Only martial artists at Divine Realm or above could explore the relic, that was to say, only the seven men at Divine Realm in that 50-people group were qualified.

In fact, all the martial artists, even ordinary people, could go in and explore the relic, but they would die there.

Zhang Han knew that many of the men at Grand Master Peak were ready to explore the relic.

As for those who remained outside, they planned to wait for some opportunities.

It was not rare to see a badly injured Divine-Realm martial artist, who was carrying with treasures, be killed by a group of low-level martial artists who were driven by greed.

Therefore, all the seven men at Divine Realm brought someone with them in case they were robbed.

The stronger men they saw, the more careful they were.

These people were in a plain in the middle of a mountain range.

The ground was flat, and there were mountains in all directions and in the distance,

Five meters in front of them was a huge pit with a radius of 500 meters.

Zhang Han extended his soul sense into the pit and found it bottomless.

200 meters down, Zhang Han felt an invisible wave blocking his soul sense, and the situation inside was unknown.

“This should be the huge hole made by the boat of curse.”

Zhang Han was thinking about the current situation.

Perhaps it was another entrance of the Dark Abyss, not the original one he had seen, or it might just be a treasure land found by that weird boat.

Anyway, it was not a relic, though it was classified into A-level relics according to its energy wave.

Zhang Han didnt know that this kind of secret land was also a relic with both risks and treasures in it.

But in some cases, this kind of place would be absorbed by a subsidiary space and become a real relic, which was called stable relic by martial artists.

But it was slightly different from those time-varying stable relics.

“Let go and see it.” Said Zhang Han.

Zhang Han rushed forward.

He planned to get all the treasures in this so-called relic before going to the Dark Abyss if it was proved to be a different secret place.

It was hard for him to leave home, and he should get as many benefits as he could.

He was going to get close to the pit and see what it was.

That was why after Zhang Han made this decision, that Chen Changqing was confused, “Where will we go”

His soul sense couldnt extend as far as Zhang Han, so he hadnt found that group of people yet.

Under the guidance of Zhang Han, Chen Changqing finally sensed that group after narrowing the distance in half.

“Wow, its amazing.” Chen Changqing looked at Zhang Han in surprise, “Brother Han, your spiritual sense mind trick is so strong.

Its unbelievable.”

“Changqing, you will know more about it later.

Practice as hard as you can, and this is just the beginning.”

Zhang Han said ambiguously.

Chen Changqing was a talent, and he would grow to be a great cultivator if he could turn the Qing Dragon blood into Bone Dragon blood and master the method of all eight drought demonic dragon.

There was still a long way to go, and gradually Changqing would be able to know what he should know.

They chatted while rushing forward, and finally were only hundreds of meters behind the crowd.

The crowd saw them.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Most of the martial artists in the crowd turned their gaze at the new comers.

One of them was a one-eyed man at God Realm Medium-stage.

Looking at the new comer with his only eye, his finally settled his gaze on Chen Changqing.

Then he moved forward and came to the front of the crowd, followed by three martial masters at Grand Master Peak.

They looked forward with no good intention.

They were hostile!

When Chen Changqing and Zhang Han arrived, the one-eyed man suddenly said, “Boy, did you kill Ao Fan”

He looked at Chen Changqing and his Qi was flourishing as if a fight was about to begin at the next moment.


All the others were surprised by Ao Fans death, which was good news.

Most of them did not like Ao Fan and were happy to know about his death, as it was not very pleasant to see Ao Fan.

If it had not been for a one eyed man helping him, someone else would have killed him.

Anyone at present could defeat Ao Fan at Grand Master Middle-stage.


“How dare these two foreign boys kill a local martial artist here”

The martial arts world was very exclusive, and it would be regarded as impolite for outsiders to act wildly on someones own territory.

In addition to the one-eyed man at Divine Realm, there were two God State Strong looking at Chen Changqing and Zhang Han meaningfully.

Not knowing what these martial artists were thinking about, Zhang Han and Chen Changqing realized that they had to show their strength to convince the crowd.

What was more, the pride of these two men was incomparable, especially Zhang Han.

Hearing the one-eyed mans words, Zhang Han was about to say something, but he was soon stopped by Chen Changqing.

“Yes, it was me who killed that unperceptive guy.

Do you want to be next” Chen Changqing said.


Many people gasped in fear after hearing this.

In their eyes, it was crazy for Chen Changqing to speak to the one-eyed man in this way.

They all knew that the one-eyed man was ill tempered and anyone who dared to provoke him would be punished.

“He is so arrogant and One Eye must be angry.”

The other martial artists present were all shocked.

The one-eyed man grinned under everyones gaze.

But when he was about to make a move, he saw the young man stretching his right hand forward.


All of a sudden, an unknown low hissing roar sounded, and then a blue outline of fist was seen bursting out of Chen Changqings palm, carrying towering power, and rushing at that one-eyed man with overwhelming power.

One Eye did not expect that the young man in front of him would dare to attack him, judging from the intensity of the attack, the young man was also at Divine Realm.

On Eye soon felt the pressure.

In the face of this ten meter high fist outline, One Eye jumped into the air as quickly as he could.


The fist hit the snow surface, sending the snow into the air and shaking the ground several times.

At the same time, a hole more than 10 meters deep was made in One Eyes original position.

This wave of attack brought a strong wind, which spread in all directions.

At this moment, everyone felt the power contained in the wave and knew what was going on.

Obviously, the young man was also at Divine Realm!

All the Grand Master Strongs present were surprised.

Although most of them were at Grand Master Peak, Divine Realm was still far away from them and they dared not to challenge high-level martial artists at all.

If they were alone, they would be afraid.

But now there were several Divine-Realm masters standing beside them, and they were not frightened.

“Who are you” In the air 20 meters above the ground, One Eye stared at Chen Changqing in confusion and guessed at his identity.

He was not sure.

“Ha ha.” Chen Changqing smiled and stretched his palm forward, “Step back.”

Many people present were provoked by his attitude, but Zhang Han smiled.

“My little brother has changed a lot.

Its good.”

Zhang Han decided to let Chen Changqing handle the matter since he was capable.

The seven men at Divine Realm were angry upon hearing Chen Changqings words.

“Are you courting death” Someone said.

“I can help you.” Another Master said hoarsely.

“Do you want to fight with me” Chen Changqing felt excited.

He hadnt fought with Brother Han yet, and perhaps he could took this opportunity to deal with all the seven high-level martial artists.

Chen Changqing wanted to fight, but it didnt work out, as things did not happen as he wished.

As soon as the atmosphere on the field became tense, suddenly a voice like thunder came from afar.

“Chen, you are still aggressive.”

Everyone turned around to look at their back.

A line of nearly 100 strong men in tiger fur coats came running from the foot of the mountain in the north.

The leading man was riding a white serrated tiger, more than two meters tall, with an awe inspiring momentum.

Zhang Han found that the spirit beast of the man was at Grand Master, and the man himself was at Divine Realm.

The two men beside him were also at the early state of Divine Realm, and most of his men around were at Heaven Stage, except for dozens of with Grand Master martial artist.

Ice Wolf Clan!

Seeing their arrival, all the people present were thinking seriously.

“Vern and many other powerful men are all here.

Now they were in chaos.

Someone murmured.

“He is from the Chen family.”

Most people began to stare at Chen Changqing.

“You are Emperor Qing” One Eye was surprised.

He had never expected Emperor Qing, who had suppressed all the martial artists in Hua nation, to come here in the flesh.

“Ha ha ha, how dare you come here Youll be killed by us.” Another Divine-Realm martial artist with white hair was excited.

They hoped to kill Emperor Qing and make a name for themselves.

Are you blind” Chen Changqing said without hesitation, “Im not alone, My brother is also here.”

The other martial artists were surprised.

“What is going on”

Followed by his men, Vern walked towards Chen Changqing and took a glance at both him and Zhang Han.

Then he glanced at the others and said in a deep voice, “If you want to fight, go somewhere else and dont delay our plans.”

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