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Chapter 668 Refining a Divine Weapon in a Minute

“Oh my god! What did I see”

“Is it true”

“Its them!”

A large number of people could not help but cry out in shock.

They considered that they would have been safe for the time being since they hid in the water and did not foresee such a horrible situation.

An incomparably huge pyramid appeared in front of them.

They could not see its edge while looking down, but caught sight of its spire.

The pyramid flickered with a faint blue light, as if it was a corpse fire.

Yet, their hair stood on end as they found that the entire pyramid was formed by apparitions.

Apparently, all the people present were moved since no one expected that they would see such a scene.

In the meantime, what chilled them was that they were likely to get into trouble and even none of the dozen Grand Masters would survive once encountering so many apparitions in the water.

They were more astonished when they figured out the apparitions, in the shape of a huge pyramid, were actually being absorbed by a tiny object.

What was it

They neither saw nor sensed anything.

The burning flames, like the Fire from Heaven, were specifically used to burn apparitions.

Still, they were really clear that this object was cast by the mysterious man over the pyramid!

Who was he

What was this on earth

All these people fixed their eyes on Zhang Han and vaguely saw his calm face though they were hundreds of meters away.

Chen Changqing, always known as Emperor Qing who ruled this era actually followed him leisurely.


The one-eyed man suddenly felt a little scared at this moment so that his right hand trembled.

Although he knew one of the two men who came over was Chen Changqing, he was not afraid.

He was sure that he would draw even if he did not win.

Yet, at this point, he was afraid of Zhang Han, the man next to Emperor Qing.

He was counted as a devil with such powerful strength!

It felt as if they were sparing no effort to chop with blades and swords, while the man was using an automatic Gatling.

How did they bear comparison with him

“Which stage is this expert at”

They were all stunned at this time, feeling confused about who the man was.

Ice Wolf Wang Vern, however, slightly frowned and said at this moment, “Young as he is, he is able to cast such weird and powerful moves.

I guess his name is Zhang Hanyang!”

“Hiss! Zhang Hanyang Thats right! It must be him!”

A Grand Master in the crowd widened his eyes all of a sudden and said in a trembling voice, “It occurs to me that Emperor Qing found a brother not long ago whose name was Zhang Hanyang.

He, at Grand Master Peak, killed Gu Donglai, an expert at God State Strong.

Whats more, he once killed five local masters ranked on the martial artist list by virtue of a strange spell in Hong Kong! Its definitely him! But… why is he so formidable since he is just at Grand Master Peak”

A few peoples faces changed as they heard his words.

They fixed their eyes on the cloud of blue flames beneath Zhang Han.

“Is this object a divine weapon”

In the blink of an eye, their eyes sparkled with cupidity.

Among the ten of them who were at the Divine Realm, except for Snow Wolf Vern and the other one who possessed divine weapons, the rest of them did not have one.

Not every martial artist was in possession of divine objects or divine weapons, for they were extremely rare treasures.

They would have been extremely jealous when they saw divine weapons and divine objects and might have killed the enemy to loot them together at ordinary times.

After all, divine weapons were really rare.

Even if the gate of the small world opened, only a small number of people owned divine weapons.

Although some sects collected a certain number of them, they would be regarded as the awards for completing extremely difficult tasks and only the disciples who made a great contribution to his sect were qualified to win them.

The three treasures with millions of points respectively attracted some martial artists attention in the National Security Agency and helped them to carry out tasks in an efficient way.

Similarly, such incentive systems were also applied in the large sects.

Although they gazed at the object with avarice at that moment, they remained rational.

What was it on earth since it was able to absorb so many apparitions

Under their astonished gazes, Zhang Han and Chen Changqing flew down a hundred of meters away.

“Ha, someone is clearing the way for us!”

After they came to their senses, the one-eyed man grinned hideously.


At this point, the strange man in the distance turned his head and glanced at the one-eyed man.

His pitiless eyes chilled all the people here.

Somehow, they seemingly felt stressed.

“Zhang Hanyang”

One of them with a long beard took on a dignified expression, “This young man is definitely not a mortal!” The two people next to him moved their mouths after hearing his words.

Wasnt this nonsense How was an ordinary person so powerful

Vern, the man who was standing on the far left, sighed inwardly, “A wealth of young talents comes out in succession in the Wu Dao World in China.

When will such a dazzling talent emerge in our Ice Wolf Clan”

He highly approved of the strength of Emperor Qing and was shocked by Zhang Hanyangs power at the same time.

He had thought that the news of Zhang Hanyang, who drew public attention recently, was false and exaggerated.

Unexpectedly, his strength was even more powerful than he could ever imagine.

Considering that he was able to rapidly absorb tens of thousands of apparitions, he absolutely possessed extraordinary strength.

Moreover, they did not know what the flag which was hidden in the blue fire with burning black flames was.

“That should be a divine weapon, right”

Some of them looked at the flag with uncertainty.

“Well know after nosing into it,” the one-eyed man snorted.

He actually spoke out others true feelings.

Since they were so shocked by what they had seen, they forgot probing into it with their spiritual sense mind trick at that time for prudential reasons.

Now, as soon as the one-eyed man finished speaking, the five martial artists at the Divine Realm, including the one-eyed man, actuated their soul senses and drove it forward in the cold water, intending to find out what the great flag was.

As for Ice Wolf King Vern, he did not possess any mind sense because of his unique body.

It was more appropriate to cite an old saying, “God opens a window for you when he closes one door.”

Although the Ice Wolf King did not have a soul sense, he was much fiercer in other respects.

Furthermore, by virtue of the unique psychic ability of the Ice Wolf Clan, Vern perceived that the blue flames in front him contained enormous power.


With a scream ringing out, everyone turned to look at the one-eyed man, who staggered with a pale face and looked at the huge flag with amazement.


There were four people nearby, who were powering their soul senses.

At this time, their faces paled.

Yet, they did not let out a miserable cry as they did not have sufficient spiritual sense energy.

“How is this possible”

The one-eyed man gnashed his teeth and looked at the flag.

The blue flames surrounding him were like ancient fierce beasts that were formidable enough to suffocate everyone present.

Resembling a bottomless pit, the flag sucked up all the spiritual sense energy once touched, and its suction was getting stronger and stronger.

More importantly, the one-eyed man found that his spiritual sense mind trick had been fundamentally swallowed, that was to say, his qualifications had been reduced.

Other people also got a great fright, for they finally realized that the flag that could devour tens of thousands of apparitions was not simple!


Chen Changqing raised his head to glance at the man, giving him a disdainful smile.

He undoubtedly showed off before Brother Han, an expert whose soul sense was at the Earth Realm.

As for Zhang Han, he did not pay attention to those people, because he was taking control of the Mountain and River Flag Deployment below him.

Moreover, he did not expect that they would come over at a high speed with the help of him.

Zhang Han did not know that they had only moved 500 to 600 meters for such a long time.

After Zhang Han and Chen Changqing dropped by nearly a thousand meters, Vern and his companions looked at each other, “Lets follow them.”

They, therefore, followed the two of them from a distance.

They fell by 1,000 meters, 2,000 meters, 3,000 meters, 4,000 meters… 6,000 meters, but still failed to see the bottom.

“What on earth is this place”

Vern and some others felt somewhat stressed.

They had gone to various ruins, but they suspected that they were going to the center of the earth at that moment.

Even those at the Grand Master Peak behind Vern felt their blood froze in this dark space.

Such being the case, they had no choice but followed the two men.

They were under pressure, while Zhang Han was a little surprised under this circumstance.

“I thought these apparitions were not in a large number, but now theyre more than enough!”

Staring at the countless apparitions below, Zhang Han burst out laughing.

“Really” Chen Changqings eyes brightened, “Is the Mountain and River Flag Deployment going to be promoted”

“Thats right.”

Zhang Han nodded slightly and his aura suddenly changed, which gave Chen Changqing a false impression that he had disappeared from the world, but he was still in his sight.


All of a sudden, a fluctuation, from Zhang Hans body, turned into round ripples, like sound waves, hitting against the giant flag.


The light blue flames around the flag became increasingly violent, turning into a huge net.

No! It looked like a bloody mouth that devoured the apparitions below with black flames burning inside.

One second, two seconds passed, and it only took 10 seconds for all the apparitions within a hundred meters below to be devoured.

In the meantime, the Mountain and River Flag Deployment started moving under windless conditions.

Since there was no flame burning the flag, its whole body became black.

In the center of the flag appeared a deep blue mark of fire, like a corpse fire!

In fact, it was formed by numerous apparitions.

The Soul-gathering Flag was completed!

Thump, thump, thump!

It seemed that three heartbeats sounded here.

Then the Soul-gathering Flag calmed down and gradually became smaller, flying back to Zhang Hans palm.


Zhang Han exhaled and shook his head slightly, “Lets go down!”

As soon as he waved his right hand, the Soul-gathering Flag emitted a light blue glow that enveloped Chen Changqing and himself.

After moving downward for hundreds of meters, they found that the number of apparitions decreased greatly.

Furthermore, these apparitions seemingly could not see the two of them but allowed them to pass freely.

They usually felt very comfortable when he dived to the bottom of the sea, accompanied by a lot of fish.

Yet, Chen Changqing and Zhang Han were moving through the apparitions at that point.

Such an experience was totally beyond description.

Chen Changqing also focused on another matter, “Is Brother Han able to refine a divine weapon in such a short period”


Brother Han always kept awesome.

What happened stunned Vern and his companions behind them, “What the hell Dont they care about us anymore”

Some people said in a bitter tone as if they were like abandoned young wives.

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