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“How many more treasures” asked Chen Changqing in surprise.

“A lot,” Zhang Han replied after calculation.

Chen Changqing was shocked at Zhang Hans simple words.

Looking at Zhang Han in astonishment without blinking his eyes, Chan Changqing asked, “Brother Han, how did you find so many treasures I didnt sense them at all.”

Chan Han shook his head and smiled, “I can smell them.”

Chen Changqing was confused again.

“What does it mean”

They marched forward to the right, and in half an hour they came to a canyon.

Flowers and grass were flourishing in the canyon.

In the center was a crystal-liked willow about one meter high.

There was a plant with six white petals hidden in the willow.

Knowing Chen Changqing would ask about the tree, Zhang Han introduced, “Cloud Willow can be made into Cloud Clear Pill.

Cloud Clear Pill is a kind of special antidote that can detoxify divine objects.”

“Its amazing!” Chen Changqing slightly narrowed his eyes.

Chen Changqing knew that there were various divine objects with different functions, like Thunder Yang Tree and Thunder Yang Flower on Brother Hans mountain.

While some divine objects were beneficial to cultivators and fought for by big sects, some of them were useless or even noxious.

Chen Changqing was surprised at the fact that this holy object could detoxify the divine objects despite the gap level, which meant it was more important than he could imagine.

“Put it away, Brother Han,” Chen Changqing said, “Lets plant it on the mountain after we go back.”

“Okay,” Zhang Han smiled.

He rushed towards Cloud Willow, stopped five meters in front of it, and slapped it 36 times.

Cloud Willow was uprooted and put away in Zhang Hans Space Ring.

“Lets go.” Zhang Han motioned Chen Changqing to go straight to the left.

More than ten minutes later, they arrived at an inland lake.

Under Chen Changqings gaze, Zhang Han made a movement with his right hand as if he was lifting something up.

A holy object was found by him.

“Lets go.” Zhang Han turned around and went to the next object with Chen Changqing.

He was not as lucky as before, and he only got a third-stage spirit treasure.

His next objects were five third-stage spirit treasures and more than ten second-stage spirit treasures.

In this way, they visited more than ten locations of treasures.

When they started off again, Chen Changqing saw light suddenly and turned his gaze at Zhang Hans nose.

What he said embarrassed Zhang Han, “Brother Han, do you have a dog nose Why do you have such a good sense of smell”

Zhang Han fell into silence with a darkened face.

He thought Changqing was right.

“But can you be more tactful”

Zhang Han turned around and said, “Changqing, you are naughty recently.”

“Ha ha ha,” Chen Changqing burst into laughter, “Just a bit.”

Zhang Han was amused by him.

Changqing was his good friend and Zhang Han enjoyed playing jokes with him.

Except for Zi Yan, Mengmeng, Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, and anyone who didnt know much about the martial arts world, there were so many people in awe of Zhang Han.

Therefore, Zhang Han cherished friends like Changqing who could still make fun of him.

Zhang Han enjoying the feeling of freedom.

After thinking it over, Zhang Han explained, “This ability is useful but it still had a lot of flaws.

Ill give it up later.”

As one of Zhang Hans amazing abilities, Treasure-sniffing nose got Zhang Han the nickname “Treasure Immortal” in his previous life.

He had so many treasures than that even the tips he gave others were enough for them to cultivate for one hundred years.

No one in the Cultivation World knew how wealthy Treasure Immortal was.

While everyone envied Zhang Han of his ability to get so many treasures, Zhang Han knew that it would be still difficult for him to get through the divine thunder over the sky if he continued to practice Treasure-searching formulas and use Treasure-sniffing nose, the supernatural power.

What was more, now Zhang Han had Ten Inches Dantian and a weird soul sense sea, which might finally bring him a lightning punishment much more severe than the divine thunder over the sky.

It takes a good blacksmith to make steel.

Treasure-searching formulas were to serve for strength, and now Zhang Hans Ten Inches Dantian and weird soul sense sea had raised his starting point very high.

Therefore, Zhang Han planned to take a better road.

Maybe the gifted supernatural power like a dog nose was more suitable for that small black thing.

All this could only be done after Zhang Han reached the Divine Realm.

He was just at the Building Base Stage now and was not capable to change the current situation.

Chen Changqing was even more confused after hearing Zhang Hans explanation.

But he was more interested in treasure hunting and soon forgot this matter.

He didnt expect that one-day treasure hunting would become like picking up treasure.

Chen Changqings eyes were shining as he asked, “Where to go”

“Turn right.”

“What are those treasures Is there a holy object”

“Perhaps one of them is.”

“Okay, lets go!” Chen Changqing laughed and rushed towards the right with Zhang Han.

They searched for treasures in a large area in this very mysterious place.

Chen Changqing was excited to see all kinds of spirit treasures, while Zhang Han remained calm.

The number of these treasures was large in Chen Changqings eye, but Zhang Han was not surprised at it at all.

Zhang Han was thinking about another thing.

He wondered why the cultivator who had drawn that map hadnt taken all the treasures with him.

“What did he mean”

There might be two possibilities.

One was that the cultivator had specifically left the treasures for the one who wanted them, and the other was that he didnt get through the apparition zone.

Zhang Han felt that the former was more likely.

Was that figure his fathers

The man was not like his father, but Zhang Han felt him familiar.

“Who is that man”

The recorded voice was his fathers, who left Zhang Han this map in the gem.

This land rich in treasures was worth Wind Snow School pavilion to search for.


Why did my father leave so many secrets to me”

Zhang Han didnt know whether to cry or to laugh.

He looked forward to seeing his father and telling him he neednt prepare anything.

Zhang Han was confident that both his father and he could reach the highest level easily.

“Ill see him soon.”

Zhang Hans eyes were glowing as he looked forward.

Anyway, the gate of the worldlet was to be opened and the time for his family to reunite was coming.

Chen Changqing was busy following Zhang Han and gathering all the treasures there.

On Mount New Moon…

Dahei lay on the ground with Mengmeng sitting on his belly, who was mumbling with her mouth pouted, “Why hasnt PaPa come back after such a long time”

“MaMa, its been so long.

Is PaPa coming back soon Call him and ask him!”

Zi Yan, standing beside Dahei, shook her head helplessly and said, “Its only one day.

PaPa will be back in a few more days.

Dont worry.”


Mengmeng angrily threw her toy on the grass in front of Dahei and complained, “I want PaPa to be back now!”

“Ow Ow…”

Dahei was taken aback by Mengmeng.

“My gosh.

My little host is angry.

Why hasnt my host been back”

“Woo Hoo,” Little Hei gave a low cry.

Little Hei hesitated because it didnt know how to coax its little host.

“How I wish my host was here.

Little Host is always happy with him.”

Zi Yan went to Mengmeng and touched her head to comfort her.

Mengmeng would cry if she kept ignoring her feeling.

Zi Yan said, “Ill call your PaPa in the evening, and ask him when he will be back if I get through to him.

Ill ask him to come back earlier.”

“Okay,” Mengmeng replied, still pouting.

“Be obedient if you want MaMa to call PaPa in the evening.

Do you understand” asked Zi Yan.

“I see.

Ill be obedient,” Mengmeng replied in a low voice.

“Did MaMa say that you cant throw things casually What if you accidentally step on the toy left in the grass when you invite Martin here It will hurt your feet.

What should we do now” Zi Yan reminded Mengmeng.

“Humph.” Mengmeng pursed her lips a little reluctantly, but she still fell down obediently and murmured, “Ill pick it up.”

She slid down Daheis belly and picked up the toy awkwardly.

Seeing this, Gai Xingkong and Wang Zhanpeng, who were enjoying their tea time not far away, shook their heads and smiled.

“Mengmeng was a happy and lucky girl,” Gai Xingkong sighed with emotion.

It was peaceful there for the time being.

All of a sudden, Little Heis ears moved as it turned its gaze at the dense forest in the back mountain area.

It was confused that nothing strange was found after two seconds.

In fact, there was really something strange.

In a dark place in the forest, a pair of greedy eyes were staring at the direction of Dahei, accompanied by a low husky voice.

“Blood! Blood! Blood! Blood!”

“Divine object! Divine object! Blood! Divine object!”


The man hiding in the dense forest looked at Gai Xingkong with resentment.

“Kill him! Kill him! Kill them!”

The whole face of that man was hidden in a straw hat.

As he spoke to himself, he retreated, and his figure slowly dissipated.

The straw-hat man who had recovered his strength and improved a lot had found this mountain.

While Gai Xingkong and the other martial artists didnt notice it at all, Little Hei sensed something strange.

On Zhang Hans side…

He was searching back and forth with Chen Changqing for treasures, making their progress relatively slow.

The only place visible to the naked eye was the towering mountain in the distance ahead, which must be the most central place.

Zhang Han was not in a hurry, and he also wanted to take the peripheral treasures.

“Im going to take all the treasures.”

As time went on, they were getting closer and closer to the mountain.

While the mountain seemed not to be large from a distance, they found it more and more spectacular as the distance gradually shortened.

Just at this moment…

Plop, plop…

Ten embarrassed Divine-Realm martial artists finally fought their way out of the apparitions and came there.

“Damn it!”

“We finally go out.

My brain almost exploded just now.

Damn it, how could there be so many strange things”

“Whew, it seems that we are safe for the time being.

I will go mad if we find those things here!”

They were pale, bloodstained, and lackluster in their eyes.

They were more or less injured.

Although the apparitions could only hurt their souls, their bodies were scratched as they cut through the ice cones.

Luckily, they finally broke out.

“Here,” Said Vern.

Vern, the Ice Wolf King, and his two brothers were slightly injured and they had strong self-healing abilities.

Taking a few looks at this land, Vern said, “Lets search for the treasures separately, and I wont interfere with you.

We three will meet at the foot of the mountain on the shady side of the mountain ahead.”

There might be danger in that mountain, and Vern thought maybe they could join hands to climb it.

Others, of course, understood what he meant, and scattered treasure hunting satisfied them.

Therefore, they answered immediately, “Okay, just do what Vern says.

Lets search the neighborhood separately, and gather in the shady side of the mountain in two hours.”

So they made such a happy decision.

Two hours passed and they gathered.

Everyone seemed to be confused and depressed.

“Whats going on”

“I got nothing!”

“I got nothing, either.”

“There is no treasure here!”

“Were here for nothing!”

There was silence.

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