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Chapter 673 Boat of Curse Appeared Again

“Whats that” Chen Changqing asked in confusion as he saw the scene.

The diameter of the platform in front of them was about one kilometer, but the ground they could step on was only ten meters in width.

In the center was a deep pit, and Chen Changqing couldnt see its bottom at all.

There was profound Qi in the cave, as if there were nebulae constantly rotating below.

Chen Changqing sensed unknown energy in it, which was as old as the planet.

He had never seen such a weird scene, but he knew that Brother Han might be familiar with it.

Since they came in, they had not experienced any risk, except for a fierce battle at the stone tablet; they had made it all the way there.

Chen Changqing was now used to asking Zhang Han whenever he met something he didnt know.

Zhang Han chuckled, “They are thunder spirits.”

“Thunder spirit Whats that, a kind of thunder” asked Chen Changqing.

“No, they are the core energy of thunder.

It took them hundreds and thousands of years to grow to be thunder spirits, and now they look like happy penguins.”

Zhang Han looked at the penguin-like, light blue thunder spirits swimming in the hole before him and said, “They are given birth by heaven and earth, and perhaps some of them would become real self-conscious creatures after thousands of years, which are at a higher level and more precious.

Though they are not self-conscious now and just a little smarter than before, they have plenty of thunder power for us.”

“Thunder power Whats the usage of it Can you get thunder attributes with the help of it” Chen Changqing was confused.

Generally speaking, everyone was born with his or her own attributes and constitution.

Chen Changqing was born with some power of blood and could adsorb real Qing Dragon blood, which was called inheritance.

Some attributes could be gotten in other ways after one was born, but they couldnt change ones constitution thoroughly.

At least, Chen Changqing had never heard about it.

Yet Zhang Han knew too much and Chen Changqing decided to follow him.

“The power of thunder may be useless in some cases or for some, but it is suitable for us at present.” Zhang Han said looking into the hole.

“There are so many thunder spirits here, and one of them must be the thunder spirit god.

Lets find it and catch it.”


How can we find it in thousands of thunder spirits” asked Chen Changqing.

Chen Changqing didnt know thunder spirits well, and he could only act as a helper.

“Thunder spirits dont know how to launch an attack, but the thunder spirit god has a sense of crisis and can make commands to other thunder spirits.

Ill go find it and you must keep it within a scope of one hundred meters.

Leave the rest to me.”

“I see,” Chen Changqing nodded.

“Lets start and finish it in 20 minutes.” Zhang Han took a glance at Chen Changqing.

Their Qi was rocketing, breaking through the suppression of the mountain, and reaching the level of Grand Master Peak.

Chen Changqing was still a little more powerful than Zhang Han.

Whoosh whoosh!

They rushed forward.

Zhang Han took the lead to jump into the hole and release his spiritual force along with Chen Changqing.

Then Zhang Han began falling down while controlling his speed.

During this period, all the 18 cards were surrounding Zhang Han and the Demon Dancing Sword was in his hand.

Chen Changqing carried nothing besides his unpredictable shadow sword.

They reached someplace thousands of meters below the platform and saw the thunder spirits.

Getting closer to the thunder spirits, Chen Changqing found that those penguin-like thunder spirits were just blue light balls with fine lightning in them, like a Tesla coil.

Zhang Han didnt waste time looking at them carefully, because they couldnt be distinguished by the eye.

When they fell to a depth of two thousand meters, they were in the middle of the thunder spirit group.

Zhang Han took a deep breath and gathered all his remaining power of soul sense to his eyes.

“True Spirit Eye!”

Swish, swish!

In an instant, Zhang Hans pupils turned into two black whirlpools, and his Qi changed greatly.

It seemed that he had become a spiritual creature bred by heaven and earth, and integrated with them.

Under Zhang Hans gaze, the shape of all the thunder spirits changed, Now they were like fine lightning, bright or dim.

Zhang Han looked around quickly.

He could only use True Spirit Eye for three seconds.

It was enough for Zhang Han to find the thunder spirit god in all these thunder spirits.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zhang Han kept searching, and finally, in the most remote place on the right side of the lower side, he found an unusual light ball.

“Got you!”

Zhang Han flashed towards that light ball.

Chen Changqing followed him and was ready to restrict the thunder spirit Zhang Han found.

The other thunder spirits were not aware of what was happening, but the thunder spirit god sensed the crisis.


It ran so fast.

Zhang Han was fast, too.

When he approached the thunder spirit, he stretched out his right hand.

All of a sudden, blood mist burst out from Zhang Hans right palm.

Zhang Han began chanting while making a casting gesture.

The thunder spirit god was covered by the blood mist instantly.

“Ten minutes.” Zhang Han closed his eyes.

Chen Changqing didnt answer Zhang Han, because he was focusing on the thunder spirit covered in blood, knowing it was his target.

He didnt expect that blocking the thunder spirit god would be so difficult.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Chen Changqing moved with the thunder spirit god and blocked its way with his sword.

The thunder spirit god began to call its fellow thunder spirits for help.


Seeing so many thunder spirits rushing towards him, Chen Changqing was shocked.

He felt like he was going to get an electric shock.

He guessed right.

Five minutes later, Chen Changqings hair stood up.

He kept blocking the thunder spirit god.

Ten minutes later…

Zhang Han opened his eyes.


Zhang Han opened his mouth towards the thunder spirit god.

The thunder spirit god couldnt help but fly towards Zhang Han and was swallowed by him.

Under Chen Changqings gaze, Brother Hans eyes turned into lightning and all the thunder spirits around him became larger.

All the larger flashes of lightning were blinking while moving upwards, forcing Chen Changqing to step back.

“Changqing, protect me.

I need five hours.”

Zhang Han said and sat down in the air, cross-legged, with hundreds and thousands of flashes of lightning surrounding him.

Now he looked like the god of thunder.

After digesting the thunder spirit god and absorbing all the thunder spirits, Zhang Han was confident that he could multiply the clouds above his soul sense sea.

The number was likely to be nine thousand if he was fortunate.

Most importantly, he could finally fill in what Taiyi Wood Thunder was missing before.

The moment he reached the Innateness stage, he could get a real new-born Taiyi Wood Thunder!

Zhang Han sighed with emotion.

It surprised him that this Saint Warrior Planet was full of scattered treasures even if it was sealed.

He was the only one who thought so.

With the gradual expansion of the scope of lightning, Chen Changqing retreated again and again, and finally returned to the edge of the upper plain.

Lightning was rolling in this volcano-like place, which shocked Chen Changqing.

He thought it was unnecessary for him to protect Zhang Han.

No one could break into the lightning screen including himself.

Seconds ticked by.

One hour, two hours, three hours… Four hours had passed.


“Damn it! Whats this”

“We are here at last!”

A hundred meters away from the right, a line of seven figures burst out of the sky.

They were Vern with the other six fellow martial artists.

There were nine of them at the foot of the mountain, but only seven could get here.

As for the other two, they might have retreated or died somewhere, but Chen Changqing didnt care.

He glanced at the seven martial artists and didnt say anything.

Even if Chen Changqing was not protecting Zhang Han here.

It was impossible for them to break into the lightning barrier.

The height of the lightning barrier had dropped a few hundred meters in the past four hours.

Chen Changqing knew it was absorbed by Brother Han, which shocked him.

He was so curious about Zhang Hans constitution.

When the new coming martial artists saw what was on the platform, their faces changed.

“Nothing is here.”

“We risk our lives to come here.

What will we get”

They were depressed and saw Zhang Han in the lightning.

“Zhang Hanyang is there!”

“What is he doing”

Swish, swish, swish!

Everyone turned their gaze at Chen Changqing.

Chen Changqing shrugged, “All the treasures we found are kept by him.

Or you can try it with me if you are sure you can defeat me.”

Chen Changqing broke the seal on himself and released his Qi of a Grand Master.

All seven martial artists could not breathe for an instant.

Vern frowned and sighed, “Okay, we…”


As soon as he finished, there was a roar coming from the distance.

The sound was mysterious and profound, and no one knew what it was.

They looked in all directions, and when they looked back, everyone was scared.

“Black boat! It appeared again!”

“My gosh! Why does it appear Whats the reason What is it going to do”

“What can we do We have just got here.

Shall we run down the mountain”

Vern and his fellows narrowed their eyes in fear.

Chen Changqing turned to look at the direction of the roar.

He saw that “black boat”.

It was the boat of curse!

“What is it doing here”

Chen Changqing suddenly felt something was wrong.

He felt his heart in his mouth.

The boat was one of the unsolved mysteries of the world, and no one knew what it was and where it came from.

Looking at the boat of curse getting closer and closer, Chen Changqing was nervous and the perspiration was running down his forehead.

“Its goal seems to be arriving here!”

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