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Chapter 675 Rascals

After Vern left, the other martial artists at the Divine Realm shook their heads.

Even if some of them were at the same level as Emperor Qing, they didnt want to provoke a mad Emperor Qing.

They were going to lose more than they received.

Therefore, they waited for a few more minutes and then left.

On the other side of the pit…

The clansmen of the Ice Wolf Clan left after Vern got back.

Their destination was the core of the ice field.

The other martial artists left the ice field in groups.

They discussed it on the way.

“Its unbelievable that Master Ollie died.

He was at the Divine Realm and more than one hundred years old now.

How could such an experienced martial artist be killed”

“I heard from two Divine Realm Masters of the Ice Wolf Clan that it was so dangerous inside, that even one hundred Divine Realm Masters couldnt be able to conquer it.

At least half of them would be killed! They were lucky enough to get back.”

“Yes, they escaped from there at a critical moment.

It was frightening!”

“Zhang Hanyang, the young talent of Hua nation, also died there.

What a pity.

I heard a few days ago that the Martial Arts World in China is divided into two.

To the south of the Yangtze River, Zhang Hanyang dominates the world.

To the north of the Yangtze River, there is Emperor Qing.

They say that there is Merciless Zhang in the south and Emperor Qing in the north.

But I didnt expect that the two of them were friends.

They were both cruel men and they must be powerful to be recognized by the world.

Unfortunately, they were too arrogant and only the Emperor Qing escaped from there.

He is very lucky, but its a pity that Zhang Hanyang died.

He was just about to rise.”

Many people sighed repeatedly, They knew that since Zhang Han was able to serve as the peerless talent in Hua nation, which was very prosperous in martial arts, he must be more powerful than they could imagine.

The martial arts worlds in different countries and regions were different from each other, and there were even places where there was no martial arts world.

Although Russia had a vast territory and abundant resources, it had only three worldlets.

Relatively speaking, a stable worldlet was more important, which had rich spiritual Qi and was suitable for cultivate.

This was a basic element.

As for the relics, they were the treasures of the whole world.

Therefore, the local people might be hostile to Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing, but they did stop them.

This group of martial artists didnt talk much about One Eye and the other four men at the Divine Realm.

They were strong enough but still far from being called talents.

Zhang Hanyang was different from them.

Everyone knew that Zhang Han was a new star of the young generation, and it was a pity for him to be killed.

Those who got closer to the surviving men at the Divine Realm got more detailed information.

“Wow! Its so dangerous! Its scary that there were so many ghosts there.

Im lucky that I decided not to follow you, or I would have been killed immediately like those 20 men at Grand Master Peak.”

“I didnt expect that the crisis level would be so high! Zhang Hanyang and Emperor Qing are very powerful.”

“One Eye was killed by Zhang Hanyang, who was just searching for his own opportunities there.

Was he killed by a boat when he was cultivating”

The news was known by more and more people.

It could be imagined that in a period of time after that, this matter would become a thing that the local martial arts worlds were talking about.

“Is he dead No, its impossible!”

It was getting dark.

In the center of this ice and snow world, there was a deep pit, at the bottom of which stood Chen Changqing, who was already powerless.

“Even in the most dangerous places, there is no hope of survival.

Brother Han must be able to survive.

With the knowledge he knows, he could surely find his way.”

Chen Changqing tried to comfort himself, and then looked up at the sky.

A dark cloud covered the sky.

It was snowing heavily there, as if to set off Chen Changqings bad mood.

“Brother Han, Ill wait for you,” Chen Changqing whispered.

Then he rose into the air and flew far away.

He rushed to Auxerre and full speed.

After fighting all the way through the secret place, he vented his emotions and flew back as quickly as he could.

Although Chen Changqing was powerful, he still felt a little tired.

He returned to the private plane and entered the cabin with the courtesy of two stewardesses.

Chen Changqing looked a little embarrassed, and his clothes were torn in some places, but he didnt care.

Sitting on a chair, he closed his eyes and said slowly, “Go back to Hong Kong.”

“Why…” One of the hostesses was surprised and said, “Boss hasnt come back.”

They knew that Chen Changqing was the bosss good brother, but the boss was not there and they didnt want to fly back inexplicably.

They feared they would be blamed by their leader.

They didnt know how to refuse Chen Changqing, so they asked him with hesitation.

“Brother Han… He is cultivating someplace, and he will be back in several days.” Chen Changqing tried to calm himself down, but his voice was still trembling.

“This.” The two girls sensed his emotion, looked at each other and nodded, “Just a moment, please.

Well tell the captain to arrange the flight.”

Chen Changqing did not pay attention to them.

He closed his eyes as if he were asleep, but his breathing was short and fast.

Ten minutes later…


A stewardesss cell phone rang.

She picked up the phone and connected it.

After saying a few words, she hurried to Chen Changqing from the door.


Chen, Mr.

Chen, Mr.

Zhao wants to talk to you.”

Chen Changqing finally opened his eyes.

His eyes were bloodshot and his face was pale.

He slowly raised his hand and took the cell phone.

“Brother Qing, I heard that you are coming back on the plane.

Is my Master cultivating there When will he come back”

Chen Changqing didnt know how to answer Zhao Fengs questions.

There was a violent convulsion in his heart.

He knew that if he told them that Brother Han was still in that secret place and he didnt know if he was dead, a large number of people would be in a state of emotional collapse.

“Brother Han, you left me such trouble to solve! Youd better hurry out, or I wont be able to afford it.”

Chen Changqing sighed and replied in a weak voice, “Yes.

Ill be back first and wait for him.”

“Okay, Brother Qing.

Ive already contacted the people over there to arrange the flight for you as soon as possible.

Well talk about it when you come back.”


Chen Changqing did not have the interest to speak, so he directly handed the mobile phone to the stewardess.

The stewardess went to the back, whispered a few words to Zhao Feng, and began to prepare for the voyage.

Two hours later, the plane took off and landed in Moscow just as it was when it came the first time.

After a rest of an hour and a half, the plane took off again and headed for Hong Kong.

This time, it took a long time.

Chen Changqing sat in the seat by the window and stopped the two stewardesses from disturbing him.

He said in advance that he didnt need anything except for a good rest.

It was quiet around.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep for a while.

In his sleep, he saw the mountain in the secret place again.

He was flying backward while seeing the boat of curse rushing down.

Suddenly, he seemed to see Brother Hans face.

“Why didnt you save me” Zhang Han said in his dream.


Chen Changqing suddenly opened his eyes.

His pupils contracted and he had some cold sweat on his forehead.

He gasped and looked out of the window in the dark.


Chen Changqing sighed heavily and leaned back on the chair, powerless.

His mood could not subside for a long time.

It made him despair.

He knew that once lost in the ruins, Zhang Han had no hope of escaping, even if he would not be killed immediately.

“What can I do”

Suddenly, he was afraid of going back to Hong Kong.

He didnt know how to face Zhou Fei, Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and Zhao Feng.

What was he going to say What should he say Did he want others to follow him in despair

“No, I cant.

I cant do that!”

“Ha ha ha ha…”

Chen Changqing burst out laughing and then whispered with determination.

“All the pressure and all the work should be borne by me, Chen Changqing.”

Chen Changqing was not the kind of person who did not accept reality.

Since the current situation was so bad, it was up to him to bear all the responsibilities.

After figuring out the matter, Chen Changqing closed his eyes again after taking two pills.

Then he began to practice all eight drought demonic dragon, and wisps of light black mist swirled around his face.

The morning arrived soon.

At about six oclock a.m., the plane arrived at the airport behind Mengmeng Group in Hong Kong.


The engine room door opened, and Chen Changqing stepped down the stairs.

A Rolls-Royce Phantom was parked nearby, Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu were leaning against the door, smoking.

“Brother Qing, you are back.” Zhao Feng snuffed out his cigarette and stepped forward with a smile.

“Brother Qing, Brother Qing.” Instructor Lius eyes lit up.

He ran towards Chen Changqing and shouted, “Is our boss cultivating again Will he become a God State Strong as powerful as you when he comes back”

“He… He is better than me now.” Chen Changqings tried to remain calm and forced a smile.

Then he calmly replied, “You may not believe it.

Brother Hans comprehensive strength is much stronger than me, and Im just a little higher than him in terms of level.”

“Haha, it seems that he will be at the same level as you.” Instructor Liu smiled.

“Yes,” Chen Changqing nodded.

“Have you had breakfast yet, Brother Qing Lets get in the car first and go to the restaurant on the mountain.

After dinner, Ill go with Leng Yue to send Maam and Mengmeng to the kindergarten,” said Zhao Feng.

“Okay, lets go back first,” Chen Changqing replied.

Normally, he would nod his head instead of speaking, but he answered all the others questions today.

Anyone familiar with him would find it strange.

Yet, Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu didnt notice it.

Instructor Liu was so excited now that his boss was going to make a breakthrough again.

It only took them more than ten minutes to get back to Mount New Moon from the company.

When they approached the mountain…

Chen Changqings face changed and his eyes turned cold.

Even the windows were suddenly cracked by the cold air released by him.

Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu were shocked, not knowing what happened.

Under their gaze, Chen Changqing said, “Ill kill you.”

His voice sounded indifferent.


In an instant, they saw Chen Changqing jump out of the window and fly to the seaside near Mount New Moon at a low altitude.

“Damn it.

Whats going on” Instructor Liu was stunned.

“Somethings wrong! Lets go!” Zhang Fengs face changed as he accelerated the car and rushed towards the seaside.

They were shocked by what they saw there.

Gai Xingkong and Chen Changqing were fighting with two other strong men in the distant sea.

One of them, dressed in a black robe, was able to stir waves with a gesture, while the other was a man in a robe and a hat.

He was Man in Bamboo Hat.

Chen Changqing was furious.

He didnt expect that when he and Brother Han went out, there would be two such rascals coming!

Originally, Gai Xingkong was under great pressure in the face of the two Divine-Realm martial artists.

He never expected that the strength of Man in Bamboo Hat had increased so much.

It was hard for Gai Xingkong to deal with him alone, not to mention there was a black-robed man with a strong spiritual sense mind trick.

Gai Xingkong didnt know who that man was, and he felt he was unable to win the battle against the two.

Luckily, Gai Xingkongs Dragon-tiger spear helped him hold on longer though he was doomed to lose the battle.

He had informed Ji Wushuang, and the helpers arrival would reverse the tide.

He didnt expect Emperor Qing to be back earlier than Ji Wushuang.

Gai Xingkong was surprised.

“They want to rob the treasures on the mountain.

Lets kill him, especially Man in Bamboo Hat!”

Gai Xingkong rushed towards Man in Bamboo Hat with the Dragon-tiger spear in his hand.

“Haha, Gai Xingkong.

You are so weak now,” Man in Bamboo Hat sneered and ran towards Gai Xingkong.

A fierce battle began.

Chen Changqings anger was only faced by the black-robed man alone.

“You are Emperor Qing”

The man in black sneered, “You are not qualified to fight with me, and youd better return to your grandfather.

Get out of the way.

I will leave after I get the divine objects on the mountain, or you will die!”

Chen Changqing burst out laughing, “Haha! I must kill you rascals!”

While speaking, Chen Changqing began to launch attacks.

“The King of All Directions!”

“Demonic Dragon Suppressing the Soul!”

“Bloody Sky!”

“Demonic Dragon Guarding All Directions!”

He fell silent.

Chen Changqing was not stingy with his spiritual force and soul sense.

He constantly used all kinds of unique skills to cooperate with all eight drought demonic dragon, and made the most of the powerful secret skill that Zhang Han had taught him.

The black-robed man retreated one step after another.

Finally, his voice trembled as he shouted.

“How could it be possible!”

“Emperor Qing, you are also at this level!”

“Its impossible! Impossible! No… Ah!”

With Chen Changqings last move, the black-robed man said his last word in the world and turned into a cloud of blood mist.

“Huh” Man in Bamboo Hat turned around in surprise.

He didnt expect that the black-robed man, who was at the God Realm Medium-stage, was killed within several moves by Emperor Qing, who was also at the God Realm Medium-stage.

“The young man is worth his fame.”

Thinking about it, Man in Bamboo Hat sneered again.


“Ill spare your life.

“The next time I come, there will be a river of blood here.”

When Chen Changqings huge sword and Gai Xingkongs shining Dragon-tiger spear were about to hit him…

The figure of Man in Bamboo Hat turned into a cloud of fog and slowly dissipated.

He came and went freely, showing that he was much stronger than the last time.

Gai Xingkong felt it difficult to deal with him.

“His way of escaping is even more bizarre,” Gai Xingkong said and frowned.

Chen Changqing fell into silence.

He didnt sense any energy of escaping method or magic with his soul sense, which showed that Man in Bamboo Hat had exerted a high-end escaping method.

It was big trouble.

“Luckily, you are back.

Or I would have been defeated by them.” Gai Xingkong looked at Chen Changqing in surprise.

Then he smiled, “I didnt expect you to be so strong now.

Your moves scared me just now.

They are so powerful.”

Chen Changqing nodded his head and looked at the distant sea.

Then he said in a faint voice, “They are powerful indeed, and each of them is enough for a martial artist to be well known in the martial arts world.

It was Brother Han who taught me all these skills.”

“Really” Gai Xingkong smiled, “Its a world of young people like you.

Ill go to learn from Han when I have time.”

“Im sure he will teach you more powerful methods.”

Gai Xingkong smiled to himself.

At the same time, he was murmuring silently.

“He will come back!”

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