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Chapter 676 Was Zhang Hanyang Dead

They did not expect, on the east side of Mount New Moon several miles away…

The figure of Man in Bamboo Hat appeared slowly, as if it was a combination of dust.

He just moved some distance horizontally instead of the opposite direction of Mount New Moon.

His blood-red eyes were revealed under his huge straw hat.

He looked at the location of the castle on the mountain and his voice was low and hoarse, like a monster, “Blood, blood, blood!”

He fully felt that there were two strands of blood in the castle, one rich and the other thin and rare, and they gave him a stronger feeling than all of the people he had ever seen.

For him, it was like a starving man seeing a table of delicious food.

The blood had a great attraction to him, even surpassing the two divine objects behind the mountain.

He also wanted a divine object but he would undoubtedly choose blood If he could only choose one from the two.

Blood was fundamental to improve his strength.


Man in Bamboo Hat smiled.

Gradually, a layer of light began to cover him, the original tattered straw hat and robe suddenly changed into the hat and black robe he wore before.

If Zhang Han was here, he would quickly get a positive answer.

This dark martial artist with a hat had already turned his hat into a divine weapon.

Three seconds later, Man in Bamboo Hat disappeared.

He had promised someone to get back two divine objects with that man in a black robe.

Besides, he had planned to kill Gai Xingkong and absorbed Zi Yan and Mengmengs blood.

He was confident in victory, but he didnt expect that Emperor Qing would suddenly appear and disrupt his plan.

He was not a fool.

On the contrary, he was clever enough to make his way to his present position.

When he saw Emperor Qing, he knew Zhang Hanyang might have come back with the support of the Warlord of Chan Clan and Ji Wushuang, who were guarding Hong Kong.

Emperor Qing, Gai Xingkong, Zhang Hanyang, Warlord of Chan Clan, Ji Wushuang.

The five of them were all at the Divine Realm.

What was more, the Warlord of Chan Clan and Ji Wushuang were friends with so many forces and powerful martial artists, which was frightening.

Man in Bamboo Hat had made a detailed plan, and he even gave up the two divine objects.

All he wanted was the blood of Zi Yan and Mengmeng, which would help to promote his strength.

When Man in Bamboo was escaping as he had planned, Chang Changqing was faced with a problem.

“Has Han come back from the mountain” Gai Xingkong asked curiously when he and Chen Changqing went back to the shore.

If Zhang Han had been there, Man in Bamboo Hat would not have escaped so easily.

Now that he had come there wearing a broken straw hat instead of his precious bamboo hat, Gai Xingkong thought that with Zhang Hans puzzling and strange moves, he might be able to kill Man in Bamboo Hat.

“Well…” Chen Changqing was surprised at this sudden question.

He adjusted his facial expression and replied, “Brother Han was cultivating in the northern ice field.”

Gai Xingkong was surprised at the good news, “Really Great! Han will soon reach the level of the Divine Realm.”

“He must be making a breakthrough, but I dont know if he can reach the Divine Realm this time.

Brother Han had told me before that he would challenge his limits before he reached the Divine Realm stage.

You know that Brother Han can make a breakthrough at any time as he lied,” Chen Changqing took a deep breath and said.

“Yes, I knew it from his battle with you last time.

He can make a breakthrough whenever he likes.

But its still important for him to reach the Divine Realm and Im glad to hear that he is patient enough to polish himself.”

“You are right Uncle Gai.

I believed that I had made a perfect breakthrough before Brother Han taught me a lesson.”

“Haha, theres a world of young people like you, and Im not as powerful as you now.”

“Stop joking, Uncle Gai.

Im still much weaker than Brother Han.”

“Ha ha ha, you are right.

He is a freak and perhaps I will ask him for help.”

What Gai Xingkong referred to was Zhang Hans achievement in spear methods.

There were so many weapons including sword, saber, halberd, spear, fork, etc.

Gai Xingkong preferred spear.

He was so excited that he couldnt fall asleep for seven nights after he got a Dragon-tiger spear, the divine weapon.

When they came back to the shore, they saw Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu looking at each other.

“Is he Man in Bamboo Hat” Zhao Feng was confused.

“Yes,” Gai Xingkong nodded and said, “Now that Man in Bamboo Hat knew Zhang Hans address, he will come back again.

Dont worry about the mountain since Ill stay here to guard it.

But Mengmeng has to go to school and we must guarantee her safety.

Luckily, Changqing is back and he can safeguard Mengmeng.

Xiaofeng, tell the whole security group to be careful these days, and inform me whenever there is something strange.”

Zhao Feng nodded, “Okay, Uncle Gai.

Im going to arrange it.”

“Damn it, how dare Man in Bamboo Hat challenge us in this way Ill apply for a batch of heavy weapons.

Oh, no, Ill apply for a batch of large weapons against the strong martial artists.

If he dares to appear, we will shoot him immediately,” Instructor Liu said.

That kind of weapon of new technology was not very easy to borrow.

Even his uncle might not be able to get them successfully.

Eventually, he managed to get a number of new weapons with high legality, which could be used for covering attacks.

Although these weapons had no threat to Divine-Realm Masters, they were enough to scare Grand Masters.

The army had always been a very powerful force, and martial artists at the Divine Realm, Earth Realm, or even Heaven Realm should be careful in the face of nuclear weapons.

Once there was a country that used nuclear weapons to blow up a worldlet.

Now, all martial artists knew how frightening nuclear weapons were.

Nevertheless, no one would use nuclear weapons until the last resort.

It was seven oclock in the afternoon when Chen Changqing and Gai Xingkong went back to the mountain.

Not knowing if Zi Yan and Mengmeng had woken up, Chen Changqing sat on a chair on the side of the road and chatted with Gai Xingkong.

They prepared to have breakfast with Mengmeng.

Zi Yan didnt know how to cook, so they always went to the main restaurant for a meal after Zhang Han left.

Ten minutes passed.

At 7:30 a.m., Chen Changqing dialed Zhou Feis number.

He wanted to see Feifei and be comforted by her.

“Hello Who is it Why do you call me so early”

Zhou Feis lazy voice came from Chen Changqings mobile phone.

When a woman just woke up, her lazy voice was charming.

At least Chen Changqing thought so.

After hearing the voice, he chuckled and said, “Its me.

Im back.”


Chen Changqing clearly heard a sound.

It was the sound of her sitting up.

“Hello Changqing You are back Where are you”

“Im in the chair on the left side of your villa,” Chen Changqing replied.

“Wait for me!”

Zhou Fei lost her sleepiness completely.

She hung up the phone and rushed to clean herself up.

Though she was quick enough, it took her some time to dress.

Eventually, she left the villa at 7:30 a.m.

and ran towards Chen Changqing happily.

“You two are back!” Zhou Fei approached Chen Changing and gave him a pretty smile.

Chen Changqing heard the word “two”.

“Not the two of us, but myself.”

Chen Changqing sighed.

When he was about to say something, Gai Xingkong stood up and smiled, “Its time for the young couple to have a talk, Ill go to the restaurant.”

“See you later, Uncle Gai,” Zhou Fei said and smiled.

Then she sat down beside Chen Changqing and smiled, “Your skin turned white after several days.

Is Russia so cold that you are frozen to snow white”

“I never feel cold.” Chen Changqing slightly shook his head, “Which do you prefer, white, black, or tan”

“I like to see you darker than me.

Your skin is smoother than mine and you are not as masculine as my brother-in-law.

Youll be regarded as a star if I post your photos online.”

“Ha.” Chen Changqing was amused and he felt better now.

Yet he was still depressed.

Zhou Fei noticed him at this time, “Sister Yan and Mengmeng are coming.

Where is my brother-in-law”


Chen Changqings facial expression froze as he slowly turned around to face Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

He clearly saw the surprise in Zi Yans eyes.

She looked around as if she were looking for her husband.

When she found out that there was no one else there, she looked in the direction of the restaurant with some doubts.

“Is he preparing breakfast

“Its impossible, or he would be in the dining hall on the third floor of the castle.

“If he came back, he would look at me gently by the bed and give me a good morning kiss.

He must kiss Mengmeng.

“What happened”

Zi Yan turned her doubtful gaze at Chen Changqing and she became nervous.

Even her pace became slow, revealing her hesitance.

Mengmeng didnt sense the strange atmosphere.

As a simple girl, she looked at Chen Changing happily, “Wow, Uncle Qing is back!”

Mengmengs big eyes lit up.

She ran towards Chen Changqing and asked happily when he was still five meters away, “Uncle Qing, where is my PaPa Where is my PaPa”


Chen Changqings heart missed a beat.

Looking at Mengmeng, who was waiting for his answer with expectation, he felt as if being cut by a knife from the inside.

He tried to remain calm and smiled, “Your father is dealing with his own business.

Hell be back in several days.”

“Why” Mengmeng was stunned and her mood fell down to the bottom, “Why doesnt PaPa come back”

“He has something urgent to do now.

He said that when he comes back in a few days, he will make delicious food for Mengmeng and bring gifts for you.

There are many more promises he made,” Chen Changqing said in a hurry.

He never lied, but this time he made an exception.

Zi Yan seemed to notice something from Chen Changqings poor acting skills.

She approached him and asked, “He… he is still busy there What is he doing”

Chen Changqing hesitated and hurried to give her a smile, “Brother Han is busy and he cant feel the passage of time there.

It will take him a few more days.

Im no longer needed there, so Ive come back to inform you.

Otherwise, youll worry about him.”

Zi Yan still doubted Cheng Changqings words.

Though she didnt know the martial arts world well, she got nervous after Chen Changqing came back.

Mengmeng was sad now and about to burst into tears.

Zi Yan squatted down to comfort her, “Mengmeng, PaPa will come back in a few days, and he will bring you gifts and delicious foods.

Lets wait for him.

Its not the appointed time yet.

You agreed that you should go to school obediently, and then he will come back before this Saturday.”

“I dont want to go to school.

Ill have a holiday today, MaMa.

If I have a holiday today, today will be Saturday,” Mengmeng said unhappily.

“Well, its not Saturday today.

Yihan will soon be here,” Zhou Fei said, “Mengmeng, go to school as usual.

When your father comes back, he will be very happy to see so many red flowers on the small blackboard.”

Zhou Feis words worked.

Mengmeng pursed her lips after hearing this and said, “Well, Ill go to school.”

“Puff…” Chen Changqing sighed with relief.

Anyway, he passed the first test.

The second test is that on the day Zhang Han was scheduled to come back.

Chen Changqing felt nervous upon thinking about it.

“What can I do”

Still, the second test did not wait until Saturday.

On Wednesday morning…

Terrifying news came back from Russia.

It was like a storm at level 18, which swept the whole martial arts world of Wu Dao World in China in an instant.

“Emperor Qing and Zhang Hanyang, the talents of Hua nation, suffered a lot in the A-level relic at the northern ice field of Russia.

Chen Changqing escaped, while Zhang Hanyang, the new star, was killed.”


Everyone who got the news felt like they were hit by lightning and couldnt breathe for a moment.

They asked in astonishment, “Is it true”

“Its impossible! Zhang Hanyang is so powerful.

How could he be killed easily”

“Its probably hearsay, isnt it The moral level of Russian martial artists is so low that they dare to make rumors about such things.

If they annoy Zhang Hanyang, he will let them know why he is called Merciless Zhang.”

In the beginning, 80% of martial artists didnt believe the news.

As the exact news came back, they were all silent.

“Its true.

The A-level ruins are extremely dangerous.

As for Russias side, ten God State Strongs and 29 men at Grand Master Peak were sent into it.

Only six of them at the Divine Realm escaped, while all those at Grand Master Peak were killed.

After being confirmed by several masters such as Vern, the Ice Wolf King, that all the others, especially Zhang Hanyang, had no chance of surviving.

It was due to their good luck that Vern and Emperor Qing were alive.”

“Two satellite photos have just been sent out by Russian officials.

The first one shows that deep hole at the entrance of the relic, and the later one, as well as those holes in the ice field, were made by Emperor Qing.

He wanted to save Zhang Hanyangs life, but he was unable to control an A-level relic.”

At first, people from the National Security Agency were also refuting the rumors, but when they heard the news coming back from there, everyone was silent.

They didnt expect it to be true.

For a time, the whole martial arts world of Wu Dao World in China was in a state of uproar.

As the news spread faster and faster, it was heard by people all over the martial arts world of Wu Dao World in China in the morning.

All the martial artists were discussing it.

“My gosh.

Zhang Han died.

I can never witness his advancing to the Divine Realm.”

“A-level relic is so scary! Four Divine-Realm martial artists, including Zhang Hanyang, and 29 men at Grand Master Peak died in it.

Its terrible.”

“Perhaps its all doomed.”

However excited these martial artists were, they were just onlookers.

Those who were familiar with Zhang Han felt as if being struck by lightning after getting the news.

“Is the news confirmed” The Warlord of Chan Clan dialed Chen Changqings number as soon as he got the news.

Facing his grandfather, Chen Changqing said sadly in a low voice, “I, I dont know.

Brother Han may be still alive now.

He was left in that relic.”

Chen Changqings eyes turned red.

“This…” The Warlord of Chan Clans hand holding the phone trembled slightly as he hung up the phone.

In his small yard, there was a heavy sigh.

Staying in the remains was basically the same as declaring a death penalty.

In the National Security Agency of Shang Jing, Ye Tianlang sat in his office and drank tea leisurely, which was rare to be seen.

Yet, after hearing the news brought by Captain Azure Dragon, Captain White Tiger, and Captain Xuanwu…

Ye Tianlang was stunned and then put his teacup on the table.

“Are you joking”

“Eldest brother, it is true.

I dare not joke with you.”

“He died” Ye Tianlang couldnt accept it for a moment.

He narrowed his eyes in confusion and sighed after five seconds, “What a pity.”

His facial expression didnt change greatly.

He had seen so many dead talents and made no comment on their death.

Still, he felt sorry for Zhang Hanyang this time.

Even those talents from worldlets, who were now cultivating in their own sects, got the news.

“What” Ye Longyuan got angry, “He was still in that relic Damn it, my Golden Armor!”

Relics appeared frequently, but they were not the same relics.

That was to say, even if Zhang Hanyang could survive there, he had no hope of coming out in his life.

For those outside, it was like he was dead in the relic.

Mu Xue didnt hate Zhang Han as much as Ye Longyuan.

The Demon Dancing Sword was not a necessity for her, and most of her divine weapons were in the Luo Fu Sword sect worldlet.

What annoyed her was the mark on her forehead, “He provoked me! How could he die so easily I wanted to kill him myself.”

The mark was still there, indicating that Zhang Han was still alive.

Mu Xue guessed that the mark would disappear on the same day next month.

Shi Fenghou smiled as usual, “Ha!”

He said nothing.

As for the other disciples, some of them were happy because Zhang Hanyang had killed two of their brothers.

Xiang Qitian, the chief of Mystical Fog Sect, and the other sect forces, were all thinking about the news.

They were just shocked by the A-level relic, and Zhang Hanyangs death had nothing to do with them.

There was another group of people who were very happy now.

In a manor in the east of Shenzhen, there were more than 30 remaining members of the Hong Kong Li family with a history of one hundred years.

Their leader was the former martial master who was lucky to be spared by Zhang Han.

They decided to hold a party and celebrate it as soon as they got the news.

“Lets celebrate! Zhang Hanyang has died.

There is divine justice after all”

He Qingtian of the Hao family was as happy as the Lees.

Zhang Han, since he became famous, liked to destroy his rivals whole clan, but there were still some who remained in the Li family and the He family.

That was because Zhang Han was suppressed by some rules in the martial arts world.

He was not strong enough to break all the rules.


Everyone in Hong Kong got the news.

Zhang Hanyang was famous in Hong Kong and was regarded as the most powerful martial artist there.

Ji Wushuang was at the Divine Realm, but he was not as well-known as Zhang Han.

Therefore, the news detonated the whole martial arts world in Hong Kong.

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