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More than eight hundred spectators were standing on both sides of shores nearby Mount New Moon.

Moreover, the number was increasing rapidly.

Under these peoples gazes, the party led by Emperor Qing and another headed by the Man in Bamboo Hat stood facing each other with a distance of one hundred meters.

They all felt they were surrounded by an atmosphere of great tension.

The next conversation determined whether they would compete with each other or not.

To their surprise, a spear shadow appeared out of nowhere as soon as these people got the wind up.

Swish, swish, swish!

Soon after, various lights flashed and everyone began to move.

If they reduced speed by dozens of times, it might look like a martial arts movie with high ornamental value.

Now, the witnesses could only see these competitors dispersing quickly, with all kinds of horrible waves fluctuating.

Only a few people present noticed that a small group of about a dozen martial artists led by the Man in Bamboo Hat had been annihilated in an instant.


How dangerous the occasion was!

A variety of lights kept shining in that sea area.

Compared to the sea, however, the battlefield was still too small.

As for the people on the shore, they felt that the fighters were in great danger.

“Its tangled warfare!”

“Oh my god, such confused fighting is too fierce!”

They saw Gai Xingkong, Emperor Qing, the Warlord of Chan Clan, and the Man in Bamboo Hat seizing every chance to attack the weaker enemies while they were locked in battle.

The men of the group led by the Man in Bamboo Hat also grabbed the opportunities to attack without mercy.

Almost all of their attacks would be defended against.

Within three minutes, more than a dozen people of the Man in Bamboo Hats party were killed.

At this moment, those who were slightly weaker in strength stepped aside from both sides, flanking Lei Tiannan and his companions.

Fortunately, with the assistance of the disciples of the Heavenly Talisman Sect and plenty of Talismans, the troops did not suffer great losses.

Even so, Lei Tiannan and his companions were steadily losing ground.

The enemies were so large in number that there were three times more of them.

Furthermore, in view of the opponents oppressive strength, all the witnesses considered that the party headed by Emperor Qing was going to lose this battle.

“Theyll absolutely be defeated!”

Xiang Qitian, who hid in the forest, sneered and said, “The situation is pretty similar to what I had guessed.

The enemy is well-prepared, and Zhang Hanyangs connection is limited though strong.”

“Master, when shall we go up the mountain The two roads forward are all guarded by the two groups of people.

Instructor Liu, one of the Five-Tiger Generals, is on the right beach, while Zhao Feng, Zhang Hanyangs first disciple, is on the left.”

“Theyre just non-entities.

We can assault from the beach, go up the cliff and march forward via the back hill after Emperor Qing and his men are defeated.

Since the buildings on the front of the mountain all belong to them, well get closer to the divine objects from the back hill.

After getting the treasures, we can withdraw from the east.” Xiang Qitian stared at Mount New Moon for a while and gave the final response.

Other forces basically had their own goals.

As for the onlookers, they had been marveling at the energy fluctuations ahead.

On the main battlefield, Gai Xingkong and the Man in Bamboo Hat were fighting against each other in a chaotic battle.

The battle between Luo Disi and the Warlord of Chan Clan was in full swing.

Emperor Qing was competing with the blond-haired old man.

As time went by, the blond-haired elder, who was good at using fire, found that he was somewhat suppressed.

He suffered one defeat after another within five moves.

A hint of horror flashed in his eyes.

If this were a battle between the two of them, he would have definitely been defeated and run away in less than three minutes.

“Emperor Qing, youre indeed awesome.” After exchanging one move with Chen Changqing, the golden-haired elder stepped back and said, “Youll be a giant who is able to conquer the whole world after ten or twenty years.

But its a pity that you meet us today.”


As soon as he finished speaking, the two martial artists at the Divine Realm Stage who had been watching by the side rushed up in an instant.

One held a blade, while the other carried a five-meter-long iron chain.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

The two men, together with the golden-haired elder, performed their moves and stirred up the most intense fluctuations in three seconds.

Since they crashed frequently, a series of booming sounds were heard.

Chen Changqing held the Demon Dancing Sword and was forced to retreat.

At this moment, the Warlord of Chan Clan frowned.

Just as he was about to come to Chen Changqing, Luo Disi directly blocked his way.

“You cant get by.”

The stronger one at the God Realm Late-stage of the two who had been watching in the rear came straight over to stop the Warlord of Chan Clan.

As for the other man, he ran directly to Gai Xingkong and was ready to defeat him with the Man in Bamboo Hat.

Seven against three…

Others were also trapped in unequal battles.

Lei Tiannan, Jiang Yanlan, Wang Zhanpeng, and their companions were under great pressure since they had to fight against two or three opponents respectively.

The battlefield gradually transferred to New Moon Bay.

The Warlord of Chan Clan and two of his helpers were unable to get away in the face of the wild attacks of the seven men at the Divine Realm Stage.

During the battle, two men at the Divine Realm Stage even planned to attack the Grand Masters in the rear, but Gai Xingkong and the Warlord of Chan Clan resisted all of them.

The battlefield on the sea was in the shape of an awl at this point.

Several martial artists at the Divine Realm Stage fought against each other at the tip, while the others were behind them.

The waves became wilder and wilder, stirring up several giant whirlpools from time to time.

What a world-shaking battle it was.


Suddenly, a deafening sound rang out from the center.

The crowd looked over and saw a bolt of lightning flashing in the sky as the man with an iron chain swung it upwards.

The lightning gathered on his iron chain, making a loud noise, and he then threw it directly to Chen Changqing.


Chen Changqings eyes narrowed, intending to elude it but there were two other men at the Divine Realm Stage in front of him.

“You cant escape!”

“Go to hell!”

The two of them laughed grimly.

The blond-haired old man clapped his hands and shouter in rage, “Dragon Rising from the Sea of Fire!”

Ow, ow, ow!

The dragon roar was deafening.


A 100-meter-high vortex emerged in the sea.

The next moment, waves of seawater rose, turning into a red glow.

Finally, it turned into a sea of fire, as if the seawater had become gasoline, which could be ignited easily.

“Haha!” At this time, Chen Changqing burst into laughter.

“How dared he to summon the fire dragon in front of me”

A faint black mist suddenly curled up in his eyes all of a sudden.


A faint illusion, which looked like a blurry and sinister dragons head, suddenly appeared in the black clouds above.

The move he performed was one of the secret skills of all eight drought demonic dragon, namely Demonic Dragon Roaring Conquering the Vast Universe!

The sound seemed to turn into waves and shattered the fire dragon that had just soared into pieces in an instant.


The golden-haired old mans pupils contracted, for he did not expect that Chen Changqing actually mastered such a fierce move and broke through his final secret skill so easily.

Then he looked at Chen Changqing and said slowly, “Emperor Qing, youre indeed a strong opponent and deserve to be one of the top talents in the East.

Considering that youre so formidable, we wont let you live any longer!”

The instant he finished his words, he was ready to launch the next attack.

Yet at this very moment, the iron chain that had absorbed the lightning and the 100-meter-long blade approached Chen Changqing.


He failed to escape from the attacking area even though he retreated quickly.


A few more layers of defense suddenly surrounded Chen Changqing, but were still not enough to defend against the two moves.

Boom, boom!

Two violent shockwaves appeared.

Chen Changqing retreated a hundred meters to the right, with his Qi and blood stirred up.

A trickle of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

In fact, the three of them had performed their secret skills just now.

At such a crucial moment, no one would show any mercy.

Although Chen Changqing had already been injured, his wildness was stimulated in the face of the other two attacks.

“Kill!” Chen Changqing cried in anger.

Considering that the golden-haired elder was the weakest among the three, he intended to kill him first and then he did not have to worry too much while facing the other two people.

Therefore, he rushed to the old man.

Unfortunately, things went contrary to his wishes.

As soon as he rushed forward and resisted the attack of the golden-haired old man, the other two men got close to Chen Changqing.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

With another dense burst of thuds, Chen Changqing retreated rapidly again after holding on for 30 seconds.

As he retreated, the three men followed him with their threats, leaving no chance for Chen Changqing to take a break.


After one minute of fighting, Chen Changqings body was covered with blood and his face became a little paler.

On seeing what happened, the Warlord of Chan Clan felt quite anxious.

He had never been so angry for many years!


He drew circles with both hands and suddenly summoned a black-and-white mark.

Unfortunately, the Warlord of Chan Clan had no choice but to retreat constantly since his opponent was Luo Disi, the strongest among them.

Luo Disi was very close to the Earth Realm Stage, not to mention that another man at the God Realm Late-stage launched attacks at the same time.

As for Gai Xingkong, he was completely suppressed by the Man in Bamboo Hat and a master.

His breath was in disorder, and he had also suffered serious injuries.

Lei Tiannan and his companions in the rear were deeply troubled, retreating at a very high speed.

At this moment, Jiang Yanlan said anxiously, “Retreat!”

“Master Ji!” Her cry for help was heard.


A figure rapidly rushed over from Mount New Moon.

It was Ji Wushuang.

As he approached the battlefield, he said in a cold voice, “Ive informed you that Ill kill you all as long as you dare to come over!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

He came in from behind.

At this time, there were more than 20 Grand Masters from the Man in Bamboo Hats party battling on the right.

Ji Wushuang seized the opportunity to perform seven moves in two seconds.

Luo Disi and his companions wanted to stop him, but it was too late!

Puff, puff!

20 or so martial artists who went deep into their enemys rear all turned into a bloody mist and drifted away with the wind without exception.

“Retreat quickly!”

At this point, the others led by the Man in Bamboo Hat retreated a few hundred meters.

As Luo Disi nodded to the person next to him, the person rushed straight to Chen Changqing.

Facing four martial artists at the Divine Realm Stage alone, Chen Changqing would probably die before long.


Ji Wushuang gave up killing the other enemies on his right but rushed to Chen Changqing.

Before he took action, two men at the Divine Realm Stage came over, which relieved Chen Changqings stress.

More and more spectating martial artists were stunned by what was happening.

“How can Emperor Qing, Ji Wushuang, Gai Xingkong, and the Warlord of Chan Clan win in the face of seven men at the Divine Realm Stage”

“Havent you noticed that the group headed by Emperor Qing has retreated more than a thousand meters in the past five minutes and kept moving backward.

Once they retreat to the sea area in front of Mount New Moon, theyre likely to be defeated.”

“Is Emperor Qing going to lose”

“Of course!” Xiang Qitians eyes were full of tension and excitement, “Even Ji Wushuang cant reverse the situation.

Its time for me to harvest when they are about to fail!”

At this point, the force on the front left of Xiang Qitians party had already sneaked to the left.

After walking out of the jungle, they moved faster and faster.

As they were hundreds of meters away from Mount New Moon, Zhao Feng and his men gathered from the side and stood in front of these people.

“Get out of the way if you want to live,” the man who took the lead said calmly.

“Leave now if you want to live.” Zhao Fengs gaze became cold.

No one spoke any nonsense after they finished speaking.

Whoosh, whoosh!

As people moved, the two parties began to dogfight.

The man who took the lead was at the Grand Master Middle-stage, overpowering Zhao Feng and Leng Yue alone.

Those who saw what happened all realized that Zhao Feng and his companions would be defeated sooner or later.

Meanwhile, groups of people showed up from all directions of Mount New Moon, aiming to fight for the divine objects.


On this cloudy day, near the dense forest of Mount New Moon, two light blue eyes, which burst out fierceness, were fixed on a dozen people in front of them.

“Senior brother, our Iron Cloud Palm Sect is about to possess a divine object this time.”

“Hahaha, thats right.

Emperor Qing and his men are badly battered on the sea.

Although there are guards in the backyard, I believe well definitely succeed this time with the help of Eldest Brother.”

In the praises of more than a dozen people, the Eldest Brother put on a proud expression and said, “The situation is the same as what Ive guessed.

At the very worst, one of the Five-Tiger Generals is guarding the route.

The people on Mount New Moon are so few that they cant withstand our attacks.”

“Hahaha, youre right, senior brother!”

A charming junior sister ran over and ogled her Eldest Brother at this time, and then she said, “Eldest Brother, youll be promoted to an elder of our sect if you make contributions this time.”

“By then I wont have forgotten you,” Eldest Brother replied with a smile and gave his junior sister, who frequently followed him into the woods, a look.

“So…” The junior sister stuck out the tip of her tongue and was about to say something.


Suddenly, a pool of blood splashed on the faces of Eldest Brother and the others present.

They froze in an instant.

The junior sister had been killed on the spot!

“What is it”

Eldest Brother was also stunned.

He had reached the Grand Master Middle-stage in the sect and was expected to break through to the Late-Stage in two years.

It was not the first time he had gone down the mountain but had taken others to do a task.

He actually saw such a strange scene.

What was that shadow just now


Another voice rang out from behind.

Everyone immediately turned around and saw one of their younger brothers was only left with half of his body.


From behind this group of people, a voice was heard again.

“Hurry up! Make a circle!” Eldest Brother said in a trembling voice.

He completely forgot what he had learned before at this moment!

Puff, puff…

Accompanied by dreadful voices, Eldest Brother felt desperate.

He madly attacked in all directions but failed to touch any shadows of his enemy.

In the end, only he was left.

He could have left, but he gave up.

He looked up into the sky in confusion, which was covered by dark clouds.

As they gradually turned crimson, his breaths slowly faded away.

He saw what the black shadow was!

It was a wolf!

“I, Dong Fansheng, was actually killed by a wolf after paying so much effort to cultivate.”

He was not resigned to die.

Still, if he knew that Little Hei was a dog, he would die with a grievance.

Among the forces that came there, in addition to some formidable people, there were a number of smatterers like him.

After all, there were various kinds of people in the world.

After all these people died, Little Hei stopped and looked at the right side of the front mountain since he heard Daheis roar.

He moved and quickly rushed over.

Dahei and Elder Meng were facing more than 30 people and fighting in the melee at this time.

To everyones surprise, there was a martial artist at the Divine Realm Stage among them!

Why did a man at the Divine Realm Stage launch a sneak attack

Elder Meng felt as if he was about to die.

After that man at the Divine Realm Stage casually struck out his fist, Dahei appeared in front of him to protect him.

In the face of danger, they chose to fight together!

Elder Meng felt warm.

Although Dahei was a spirit beast, it was much more credible than the martial artists of the outside world.

“Dahei, we may not see the sun tomorrow.”

Looking at Dahei beside him, Elder Meng suddenly burst into laughter.

Even if his opponent was a man at the Divine Realm Stage, he was still fearless.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

Dahei scratched its head and felt a little dull, glancing at the castle on the mountain with a sense of spirituality.

There lived the hostess and the little host that it wanted to protect.

Since it met its host, who saved its life, its strength gradually increased.

It remembered the scenes of playing with the little host on the back hill.

It threw the little host high and let her sit on its shoulder and belly.

It remembered the gentle hostess and its brother Little Hei.

It could not bear to part with them!

Dahei pouted and reluctantly looked away.

When it turned its head to look forward, the tenderness in her eyes disappeared, replaced by a touch of fierce wildness.

The people in front of it…

“Ow!” Dahei suddenly roared.

It was less than three meters tall but it became taller at this time, rising to five meters.

It strode to the God State Strong, who was seemingly in his thirties!


The man sighed softly and said, “I came out of seclusion only because I intend to take two divine objects.

Perhaps I wont kill you if you escape, but now you are bound to die since you appeared in front of me.

I cant tell whether you are naive or stupid.”

Accompanied by his voice, a ten-meter-diameter azure ball slammed into Dahei and Elder Meng.

Time seemed to stand still.

Dahei, Elder Meng, and more than a dozen members of the security group all knew they couldnt resist this move.

Fleeing seemed to become an extravagant hope!

Looking at the azure sphere that was getting closer and closer, they stayed calm.


Just at this critical moment, a powerful fluctuation formed a blue air shield in front of Dahei.


A seemingly electric current friction emerged as the sphere and the shield touched each other.

Within three breaths of time, two streams of energy counteracted each other.

When they dissipated, the man at the Divine Realm Stage looked at the back of Dahei, “Oh Theres actually a latent expert.”

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