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More than 30 people behind that man were surprised.

Under the guidance of Divine Realm martial artists, they were sure to win and never expected to acquaint someone else at the Divine Realm stage.

“Who is it”

Under their gaze, an old man with long gray hair and a walking stick carved with a wolfs head was limping towards them.

When he got closer, he said slowly, “Ji Wushuang is not the only strong man in Hong Kong.

Youll never get the chance as long as Im here.”

Many people who had never seen him before were confused.

A Divine-Realm martial artist in his thirties was surprised and said excitedly, “You You are still alive”

He was shocked.

The strange mans name was Shen Jiangshan.

13 years ago, he lived in northwest Hua nation as a martial artist at Grand Master Late-stage.

When exploring a relic with his companions, he was plotted against and left in that relic.

The same as Zhang Hanyang, he was believed to be dead.

“Why is Shen Jiangshan here”

“Has he any ways to re-open the same relic”

“I dont believe it.”

The Divine-Realm man was even more confused.

Knowing what he was thinking about, Shen Jiangshan smiled and said, “It was not me who was left in that relic.

I have been closing myself all these years for cultivation, and it surprises me that there are still young generations who remember me.

Im here to guard Mount New Moon at my old friends request, and youd better leave now since I dont like to resort to violence.”

The Divine-Realm man with a flattop haircut and all the martial artists behind him were surprised at Shen Jiangshans words.

While everyone behind the flattop-haircut man thought they were likely to go back empty-handed…

The reality was different from what they thought.

The man with a flattop haircut nodded and said, “Okay, well leave the mountain after we get the divine object.

We can even help you at the seaside after that.

Its reasonable that you ask me to leave or help at the expense of the divine object on the mountain.”

He remained calm as if he were just bargaining at a market, as least he thought so.

“The divine object doesnt belong to me.

Ask Emperor Qing if you want it.

Anyway, I wont let you pass,” Shen Jiangshan replied in a calm tone.

“You still want to stop us.” There was a passion for battle in the flattop-haircut mans tone.

“Young man, will you behave yourself if I make way for you” asked Shen Jiangshan.

“Ha ha ha ha,” The man with flattop haircut burst out laughing, “You are right.

I wont give up unless I get the divine object.

A holy object is not enough for me.

Now that you dont want to make way for me, lets see how powerful you are.

Are you as good as you were then”


Please.” Shen Jiangshan moved his walking stick before he suddenly flashed to one side.

The man with the flattop haircut followed him.

Thousands of kilometers away from there, violent vibrations began to spread.

As for all the 30 people behind the man with flattop haircut…

They were a little confused.

“Big Brother is fighting.

What can we do”

They slowly turned around, only to see Dahei and its bloody mouth.

“Damn it!”

The group of people began to fight against the beast, and it seemed to be a fierce battle.

Yet, the man with a flattop haircut was actually retreating while fighting with his companions.

They didnt want to waste their energy before their Big Brother won his battle.

In other places, Ah Hu and Xu Yong were also facing some enemies.

Among their rivals, the most powerful one was a martial artist Grand Master.

Therefore, Ah Hu and Xu Yong faced the least pressure on the whole battlefield.

On the other side, Emperor Qing was under the most pressure.

“Third brother!”

The sect chief of the Heavenly Elixir Sect was almost mad upon seeing his third brother, who was on the right, being torn into pieces.

Then he began to throw all kinds of high-level talismans at his enemies.

Instantly, all those martial artists from the Heavenly Elixir Sect aimed at that Grand Master who had just made a move.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Though that poor man took protective measures as quickly as he could, he immediately disappeared in the light of the attack.

There were all kinds of chaos on the battlefield.

There were casualties on both sides.

The death of their opponent or teammate made them angrier and angrier.

For a moment, the field was filled with evil spirits.

The battle turned white-hot.

“Kill them!”

In Lei Tiannans chest, there were three deep knife wounds, extending to the waist, and the blood was still flowing out.

He had no pain, only numbness.

Although he could not feel the pain at all, the loss of blood and his gradually weakened body could be clearly felt.

He roared and rushed to the three swordsmen in front of him.


Among all the martial artists present, Jiang Yanlans strength was second only to that of the Divine Realm.

Knowing that she could do nothing to control the situation, she rushed to Lei Tiannan, who had almost lost his mind, to help him.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

A violent roar sounded.

In a short period of five seconds, Jiang Yanlan and Lei Tiannan killed one of the other three.

From another side soon came two more helpers, forcing the two of them to retreat.

On the other side, Zi Qiang, Zi Hu, and the other martial artists from Singapore were fighting against more than 30 enemies.

There were only a dozen people on their side

It was a crazy fight.

It was so intense that they almost hurt their teammates.

“Retreat and fight, pay attention to the formation!”

While fighting with the two men in front of him, Zi Long paid attention to the battlefield situation.

Seeing their formation was broken up, he hastened to remind them.

When he was shouting, he felt danger approaching from the left.


He dodged to the right, only to find a huge ax above his head as soon as he turned around.

“No!” Zi Hu cried.


A sound of metal ringing came out, and the huge ax was blocked by a long sword.

The crisis was resolved.

At a critical moment, everyone saw that this sword was Emperor Qings unpredictable shadow sword.

“He saved me”

Zi Long retreated as soon as he could while looking forward, only to find that Emperor Qing was covered with blood and had been beaten flying to his right side.

“Someone beat his sword flying”

Everyone who saw this scene, including Zi Long, was shocked.

Zi Long knew that he was lucky enough to be saved by Emperor Qings sword.

Under everyones gaze, Chen Changqing flew for one hundred meters and then stretched out his right hand.

The unpredictable shadow sword turned into light and went back to his hand.

He rushed forward again like a tiger!

Zi Long and his companions continued to fight with the enemies in front.

Looking at Lei Tiannans battle line in the distance, they also began to retreat while fighting.

If their front lines were divided, the situation would be even worse for them.

On the side of the coast, many martial artists felt cold on their backs and numbness on their scalps.

“My god, the fight is too fierce, this is a bloody battle! Its terrible.

If Im in it, I cant even react in time.”

“I was so dazzled that I couldnt locate them.”

“For how many years has the martial arts world seen such a war I didnt expect that I would witness the war with my own eyes, but… it seems that the invincible Emperor Qing will be defeated today.”

“There are too many of them.

They are using the advantage of numbers to bully others.

Its shameless.”

Many people present thought so.

Besides, there were some rational analyses.

“You are wrong.

This is a war in the martial arts world with only victories or defeats.

There are no rules because this is not a one-on-one duel.”

Hearing his words, many people fell into silence.

They focused on the fierce battles in front of them nervously, and their facial expressions were complex.

The battlefield had already been divided into two parts.

On one side, four Divine-Realm martial artists, including Chen Changqing, were fighting against seven Divine-Realm rivals, including the Man in Bamboo Hat.

On the other side, there was a tangled fight with dozens of people fighting against more than 200 rivals.

They fought for nearly twenty minutes.

None of the God State Strongs were killed.

As for those who were locked in the tangled fight, many of them fell into the sea or were turned into blood mist.

So far, the total number of deaths on both sides had reached 50 to 60.

Still, there was a big gap in the number of casualties between the two sides.

While 80% of the Man in Bamboo Hats men were killed, 20% of Lei Tiannans men lost their life.

This was due to the disciples of Heavenly Talisman Sect, who protected the fighters and reduced their consumption greatly.

They themselves became the enemys targets.

It was like in the game of war, the disciples of Heavenly Talisman Sect were medicine boxes and nannies, who were hated by the other side and became their target.

Nearly half of the people killed in the battle were from Heavenly Talisman Sect.

Casualties were inevitable in battles.

A small-scale battle could not affect the overall situation.

Everyone could see that it was not far from the defeat of Emperor Qing.

“Youll all be killed! Kill you! Kill you!”

The Man in Bamboo Hat grinned.

The attacks from all the seven Divine-Realm martial artists on his side brought Emperor Qing great pressure.

There were injuries on both sides, but the Man in Bamboo Hats side was in better shape.

“Warlord of Chan Clan.”

Luo Disi gasped and his right arm was bloody.

At this moment, he showed a happy smile and looked at the Warlord of Chan Clan, who was difficult to deal with.

Then he said slowly, “Perhaps you, a myth in the old generation of Hua nation, and Emperor Qing, the talented man in the new generation.

Its my honor to kill you myself.”

“Ha ha ha.” The Warlord of Chan Clan, who looked pale and weak, slightly shook his head and said, “Perhaps its you who will be killed.”

“No way.

You dont have a chance.” Luo Disi spread out his hands and made a powerful attack again.

“Lets rub ones eyes and wait.”

In the face of this attack, the Warlord of Chan Clan suddenly gave up all his defenses.

“Oh” Luo Disi was slightly stunned and changed his moves in an instant.

He strengthened the attack by more than ten times and converted it into his own secret skill.


A storm, like a blade, surrounded the Warlord of Chan Clan.

The storm, in the form of a whirlwind, thinned rapidly and pressed down on the Warlord of Chan Clan.

Luo Disi slightly frowned, “Why doesnt he dodge my moves Why must he block this dangerous move”

“Lets see how capable you are to block my attacks with bare hands.”

Luo Disi sneered, but in fact, he felt something strange.

“As a well-known martial artist, the Warlord of Chan Clan has been at the Divine Realm stage for a long time.

Isnt it a pity for him to be killed here”

“Its impossible.”

Yet, Luo Disi didnt know what the Warlord of Chan Clan was doing.

Just when he began to wonder, suddenly, the right hand of the Warlord of Chan Clan moved, and there was a shining gem in his palm.

The gem was round, like a bracelet.

It looked ordinary, but Luo Disi thought of something and changed his face.

He stretched his right hand forward, trying to dissipate this move, but he was unable to take back the overwhelming move.

When the thousand blade wind was about to reach the Warlord of Chan Clan…


All of a sudden, a powerful wave of energy came from the center.

The figure of the Warlord of Chan Clan suddenly flickered, and then the whole person disappeared.

Nonetheless, there was another person in the thousand-sword wind, who was at the God Realm Medium-stage and stood near Luo Disi just then.

He was stunned when he saw what was happening.


The thousand-blade wind came so fast that he was unable to make any defenses.


The thousand-blade wind left nothing behind.

That strong man left only a faint mist of blood.

As for the Warlord of Chan Clan, he had spent ten minutes preparing for this move.

His appeared in the place where the man had just changed his position.

When the Warlord of Chan Clan appeared, he immediately attacked the enemy on his right hand.


Though that man hurriedly took defense, he was thrown into the sky at thousands of meters above the ground.


The Warlord of Chan Clan spit out a mouthful of blood, and his Qi dropped rapidly.

It was the limit of the Warlord of Chan Clan to kill one and injure one of the Divine-Realm martial artists on the other side.


Luo Disi was angry.

He began to rely on his massive spiritual force to run all kinds of moves while chasing the Warlord of Chan Clan, who was injured.

Although it was now a battle between the four Divine-Realm martial artists and their five Divine-Realm rivals, their declining tendency was revealed more quickly.

While the Man in Bamboo Hat was fighting against Gai Xingkong, Luo Disi was chasing the Warlord of Chan Clan, who was injured.

As for the elder man with golden hair, who was relatively weak, he was pinning down Ji Wushuang.

The remaining two Divine-Realm martial artists were focusing on Chen Changqing.

The people guarding the mountain had been retreating and would soon be close to the sea area in front of Mount New Moon.

For those onlookers on the seaside, the closer they were to the battlefield, the more frightened they felt.

It was a fierce battle.

In the jungle on the hill on the west side of Mount New Moon, Xiang Qitian slightly narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Its time for us to show up!”

“Lets go!”

He ran quickly along the beach to Mount New Moon with some disciples of the Mystical Fog Sect.

This is the closest place to the back of Mount New Moon.

Xiang Qitian could see the scene there and guessed that there were battles all around Mount New Moon.

He thought he could break through the blockade line of Instructor Liu at will.

Once he broke the line of defense and went up the mountain, it was a matter of certainty to obtain the divine object.

Many people saw them.

“Arent they from the Mystical Fog Sect of Xihang Is that Xiang Qitian, their sect chief What is he going to do”

“It must be for treasure that he appears at this time.”

Everyone else on the scene knew that the forces attacking Mount New Moon at this time were almost all for treasures.

The attraction of interest was too great.

Seeing Xiang Qitian and his disciples…

Instructor Liu felt nervous.

Instructor Liu and his other five brothers met the enemy head-on.

On this side, except for a few of them, all the rest of the 40 martial artists were well-equipped and hiding at the edge of the jungle.

As martial artists, they knew how to hide better, and now they seemed to become chameleons and merged with the surrounding environment.

It was difficult to be detected unless the observers were at the Divine Realm.

Even Xiang Qitian thought the defense there was the weakest.

He would be shocked if he knew that there were so many people hiding in the jungle.

Although those weapons did not necessarily hurt him, there were some martial artists at Grand Master Early-stage and disciples at Heaven Stage.

“Stop.” Instructor Liu walked tens of meters along the beach and held out his hand to Xiang Qitian.

“You Are you here to stop me” Xiang Qitian sneered, “Zhang Hanyang was just a little more powerful than me.

You five tigers mean nothing to me.”

“It seems that you are also one of those rats who are hiding everywhere,” Instructor Liu said sarcastically.

“Huh” Xiang Qitian was angry.

He was so patient that he didnt even change his face when he was defeated by Zhang Han.

Still, what Instructor Liu said provoked him.

“Ill help you since you want to die.”

Xiang Qitian raised his eyebrows.

Then he threw out a gem with his left hand, which attacked Instructor Liu like lightning.

With the shortening of the distance, the gem suddenly bloomed and turned into a silk thread, implicated into an array, as if it turned into a chopper, cutting head-on to Instructor Liu.

It was full of murderous looks.


A slender Tang sword suddenly appeared in the right hand of Instructor Liu.

It was a Heaven-grade treasure.

His uncle tried his best to ask for it.

Instructor Liu made a horizontal chop.


A clear sound.

That array was cut by half, but more energy hit Instructor Lius body.


Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Instructor Liu was forced back more than ten meters.

Looking around, he found several of his brothers were also injured.

They were doomed to be defeated.

Instructor Liu looked depressed.

That was quite a big difference!

“You are like an ant to me.

I can crush you with two fingers! What can you do to stop me” Xiang Qitian grinned…

As he walked slowly to Instructor Liu and others, he looked at the battlefield on the right side of the sea.

Suddenly, the situation changed.

From the east, two more Divine-Realm martial artists appeared, who were wearing kimonos with samurai swords around their waists.

They stopped in front of the Man in Bamboo Hat and said, “Sorry, we are late.”

“Not late at all.”

The situation was getting worse again.

The two Divine-Realm martial artists waved their Samurai swords.

The Warlord of Chan Clan was injured again, Chen Changqing and Gai Xingkongs Qi became weaker, and Ji Wushuang began to be inferior.

“They are done!”

“A rout is like a landslide!”

Many people on the coast were shocked.

Xiang Qitian smiled more happily.

Believing that he had enough time, he looked at Instructor Liu jokingly, “Do you want to live”

“Do you dare to challenge me alone” Instructor Liu stood up, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and made a gesture to the other people beside him.

They scattered quickly, but they were soon discovered and followed by the disciples of the Mystical Fog Sect.

They were on the verge of another round of fighting.

Xiang Qitian flew up and kicked Instructor Liu 50 meters away.

“Ha ha ha.”

Looking at Xiang Qitian and several strong men beside him, Instructor Liu wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth again and staggered when he stood up, “Great!”

He looked around quietly.

Not far from the sea on the left were Wang Zhanpeng and others.

He would be rescued if he fled to that side.

“Is it possible”

Wang Zhanpeng and others were under great pressure, and with the addition of Xiang Qitian and others, they might be killed before they returned to the shore.

His brothers were hidden not far from the right side, but the distance there was a little too far.

Those weapons were certainly not lethal to those who were fighting with Qi Tian.

“What can I do”

Instructor Liu felt depressed.

Finally, he took the Tang sword in his hand.

Then he rushed to Xiang Qitian and stopped 20 meters away from his enemy, where he made a horizontal cut.

A blade-shape light with a width of more than 10 meters flew towards Xiang Qitian.

“Its just a trifling skill!” Xiang Qitian sneered.

With a wave of his hand, he defused the move and beat Instructor Liu with his palm.


Instructor Liu was beaten and flew away.

“Puff… Ahem…”

He collapsed to the ground and stood up again.

He was beaten down again.

He stood up again and was beaten down for the third time.

“He was closer to us”


It was almost the best distance.

“Brothers, its your turn to deal with him.”

Instructor Liu shook his bloody head, wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, and stood up trembling with his right hand leaning on his Tang sword.

With his left hand, he secretly made several specific gestures to the back.


“How can we fire”

“You are still there!”

All the people hiding behind were in tears.


Instructor Liu grinned.

Looking at Xiang Qitian, who was getting closer and closer, he said, “Even if I die here today, my brothers will avenge me in the future.

Your Mystical Fog Sect will disappear from the world one day.”

“Haha! You are not qualified to speak to me like this!” Xiang Qitian seemed to be playing with a doll, with his right foot kicking forward.


Instructor Liu was beaten back again.

Many people felt their hearts in their throats when they saw this.

Jiang Yanlan was one of them.

Jiang Yanlans face immediately changed.

She struggled to defeat her rivals and then rushed to Instructor Liu.

Xiang Qitian also noticed her, so he didnt want to continue playing the game.

Lying on the ground, Instructor Liu also noticed her.

Though seriously injured, Instructor Liu looked at Jiang Yanlan and said as loudly as he could, “Lanlan, I love you!”

“Wait for me in our next lives.”

Xiang Qitian led a dozen people to Instructor Liu, looked down at him, and slowly raised his right foot, intending to kill him.

Just at this moment…

“Ha ha ha, ha ha ha…”

Instructor Liu burst out laughing.

Someone roared, “Fire!”


All of a sudden, dozens of light spots lit up on the edge of the jungle.

High explosive bullets were extremely fast.

Xiang Qitian narrowed his eyes in shock.

Having no time to react, he activated the shield in front of him…

He succeeded in blocking the attack.

Among them, five Heaven-stage Masters didnt know what had happened before they were immediately shot into a sieve.


Xiang Qitians faced changed, and now he looked fierce.


He took out dozens of array flags and threw them forward.

A defensive array temporarily blocked the barrage of bullets.

“I failed to kill you,” Instructor Liu sighed.

He was too naive to know that he could not threaten Xiang Qitian with these weapons.

“Ill kill you!” Xiang Qitian kicked at Instructor Liu.

When the distance between Xiang Qitians feet and Instructor Liu was only ten centimeters, the others thought that Instructor Liu would give up.

Jiang Yanlan and all the members of security group were nervous.

Jiang Yanlan knew that this move was taught by Zhang Han for Instructor Liu to fight against her.

“How dare he use it now Will he be alive after he injures Xiang Qitian with this move”

Jiang Yanlans heart missed a beat.

She looked at the battlefield in a daze.

It was too late.


Instructor Liu fell to the side with a strange posture, and then he took the Tang sword with his right hand and stabbed Xiang Qitian.


Xiang Qitians face changed.

He tried to dodge the attack but was still stabbed by the saber.

He was angry.


There were thunder and lightning in his mind.

“Ah!” Xiang Qitian roared and grasped Instructor Lius neck with his right hand.

Then he grabbed Instructor Liu with his left hand, and took out the Tang sword and stabbed Instructor Liu again.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Instructor Liu felt a sudden roar in his ear.

He couldnt breathe.

He staggered back, trying not to fall down to the ground.

Step after step…

He couldnt maintain his balance when he stepped into the water.


Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Instructor Liu suddenly pulled out the Tang sword from his chest.

Blood spurted out.

Everyone present was scared.

“Ha ha ha ha ha.”

Instructor Liu looked at Jiang Yanlan, who was getting closer and closer, and his brothers who ran out of the jungle crazily.

He looked at Mount New Moon.

The direction of his uncles house.

The castle on the mountain.

In the end, he couldnt hold on.

Holding his last breath, he fixed his eyes on Xiang Qitian.

The cold water had flooded his knees.

His body shook again.

He held the Tang sword in his right hand and pointed to Xiang Qitian.

His posture was the same as usual.

Xiang Qitian suddenly felt nervous.

Under the gaze of Xiang Qitian, the security group and Jiang Yanlan…

Instructor Lius voice was like thunder.

“Liu Qi…

“Though Im dead…

“Im still one of the Five-Tiger Generals!”


A huge thunderbolt flashed through the air.

With the words of Instructor Liu, they seemed to convey a sense of sadness.

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