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Instructor Lius eyes were red and his breath almost disappeared, but he still tried to stand upright.

Xiang Qitian was suddenly scared.

The air seemed to turn cold suddenly.

As a Last-Stage Grand Master, he felt cold, which was unreasonable.

He shivered, but his heart was colder.


Xiang Qitian swallowed subconsciously.

His eyes were a little dull, and he felt that maybe his coming was a mistake.

“Did I make a mistake

“But that is a divine object.


“Although I killed him, I could never defeat him.

Who gave him this firm belief

“Why is he so firm

“He would rather die than step back.

Even if he died, he would die standing!

“What can I do”

Xiang Qitian was at a loss.

Looking at the ants in his eyes who rushed to him crazily from behind, he thought, “Do they want to die”

Then he saw Jiang Yanlan, who was approaching him.

Xiang Qitian was frightened.


He didnt make any moves.

He didnt dare and didnt want to see such a person as Instructor Liu again.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Xiang Qitian and his men ran to the side of the jungle and retreated quickly.

Just at this moment…

Instructor Liu smiled.

He gradually lost consciousness, as if the world turned into white fog.

His body could not hold on under the impact of a wave, which slowly fell down.

“No!” Jiang Yanlan turned pale and felt the pain in her chest.


She did not understand her feelings at this time, but she knew that she did not want to see Instructor Liu die!


Jiang Yanlans figure was suddenly covered by a layer of red clouds, as if turned into a faint shadow of a phoenix.

She was so fast that she held on Instructor Liu when he fell down.

“Dont die!”

Jiang Yanlans eyes were red.

She gave Liu two pills, but they didnt help.


All the members of the security group led by Instructor Liu surrounded him.


“Hold on, Instructor.

You can do well!”

“Dont close your eyes, Instructor.

Dont close your eyes!”

Everything went silent.

In these bleak voices…


Instructor Liu spat out a mouthful of blood again and recovered a little consciousness.

Still, it seemed that no one could save him.

He looked at Jiang Yanlan and said, “Its… worth… dying in a beautys arms…”

“You cant die!” Jiang Yanlan was transmitting her original energy to Instructor Liu, and these energies floated out along Instructor Lius body.

Jiang Yanlan knew what it meant.

She felt hopeless.

The members of the security group fell onto the beach in despair.

“It doesnt work.” Instructor Lius body convulsed, but he didnt close his eyes.

“Tell… Tell my uncle… I cant take care of them.


“Puff, ahem.”

When he finished speaking, Instructor Liu looked like a dead man.

He turned his gaze at Mount New Moon.

“Xiaofeng, Ah Hu… Dont cry like a girl.”

“I cant… I cant fight with you any longer… Take care of yourself.”


Instructor Liu could not breathe now.

Looking at Mount New Moon, he asked in a hoarse voice, “Will we… win the battle”

Everyone was moved by him.

“Yes, we can,” Jiang Yanlan responded with a trembling voice.

“Instructor, we can!” the members of the security group roared.


Instrutor Liu wanted to laugh sardonically, but all he could do was make a laugh sound with his eyes dulled.

Looking at the direction of Mount New Moon, he slowly closed his eyes.


“You said you can win the battle.”

“I believe you, so I can die with my eyes closed.”


Lightning was flashing in the dense clouds, illuminating the whole land.

“Ah! Xiang Qitian!” Jiang Yanlan murderously looked at the beach, intending to kill the enemies, but Xiang Qitian and his men had long lost their shadow and hid in the corner.


All the members of the security group felt sad.

Yet, they couldnt save Instructor Liu.


A huge thunderbolt, in the air above instructor Liu, divided into eight branches, and spread to the side of the sea.




It was like a beginning.

One thunder roar came to an end and the next one appeared.


Heaven seemed to be venting its indignation caused by this unfair battle.

The thunderbolts began to flash one after another, as if there were several thunderbolts every second.

Jiang Yanlan carried instructor Lius body to the beach.

“Take care of him,” she said before disappearing into the jungle.

Five minutes later, she appeared again with an evil spirit, and she hadnt found Xiang Qitian.

When she looked at the sea…

Her facial expression froze.

She did not expect that Emperor Qing and others would be defeated so quickly.

The battlefield was very close to Mount New Moon, and fierce fighting was taking place in the sea area hundreds of meters ahead.

Everyone, including Lei Tiannan, Wang Zhanpeng, and Zi Long, were badly injured.

The clothes of Emperor Qing had been dyed red with blood, and the Warlord of Chan Clan was pale and unable to attack.

Gai Xingkong and Ji Wushuang were both at the end of their tether and struggling.

On the other side, the Man in Bamboo Hat, Luo Disi, and the aged man with golden hair were also badly injured.

Nonetheless, the two Divine-Realm martial artists from Japan were helping them.

One of them was Shoichi Shimamoto, a famous Saber Master.

The other man was Miyake Mitsuyasu, a Ninja at the highest level of Secret Disappearance.

They joined the battlefield, making Emperor Qing lose faster.

This scene made the thousands of martial artists who watched the war feel dispirited.

“The Warlord of Chan Clan, he vomited blood!”

“Dont give up!”

“This battle is too tragic.

Is this the war of the martial arts Its terrible and pathetic.”

These scenes had a great impact on the onlookers.

Jiang Yanlans face changed when she saw this.

As soon as she moved, there was a violent fluctuation in the direction of the front left side of Mount New Moon.

Jiang Yanlan flew over to have a look, only to find that Shen Jiangshan, facing two Divine-Realm martial artists, was retreating.

In front of him were the sect chief of the Heavenly Elixir Sect and a young man with a flattop haircut.

The others were fighting in groups, and they were defeated faster than Emperor Qing.

Jiang Yanlan rushed towards them to offer help.

She felt desperate.

She felt that the situation was really terrible today.

She looked at Xiang Qitian behind the sect chief of Heavenly Elixir Sect with a fierce facial expression.

“Kill you!” She rushed towards Xiang Qitian, but couldnt go any further under the encirclement of he and his disciples.

At the end of the cliff on the south side of Mount New Moon.


A violent fluctuation sounded.

Both the Warlord of Chan Clan and Gai Xingkong were beaten and flew back.

Bang, bang!

They hit the huge rocks at the bottom of the cliff, smashing several rocks to pieces.

They almost couldnt breathe.

As for their rivals, the Man in Bamboo Hat, the golden-haired aged man, and Luo Disi were all covered with blood.

They were weak, too.

Both side of them were weakened by the battle, but the Man in Bamboo Hat had nine Divine-Realm martial artists on his side.

While one of them was killed and one injured by the Warlord of Chan Clan, seven of them were still able to fight.

Except for the two Japanese martial artists who came later, they were all exhausted.


In another dull sound, Gai Xingkong exchanged a move with the Man in Bamboo Hat.

Gai Xingkongs spear pierced the chest of the Man in Bamboo Hat, but his abdomen was pierced with a palm.

The Man in Bamboo Hat fell into the sea but stood up a few seconds later.

Gai Xingkong fell on a huge stone, short of breathing, and was unable to fight.


The Man in Bamboo Hat gave a hoarse and cold laugh, “I said youre all going to die!”

“Haha, its my honor to kill Emperor Qing, the Warlord of Chan Clan, Gai Xingkong, and Ji Wushuang with my own hands!” Shoichi Shimamoto said with interest.

“The Warlord of Chan Clan, you know you cant defeat us.

Why must you guard here”

At this moment, Ji Wushuang, the Warlord of Chan Clan, Gai Xingkong and Chen Changqing were all at the corner, and the battlefield of the Divine-Realm martial artists was temporarily quiet.

Lei Tiannan and others also retreated to a place close to the coast.

The defense of Mount New Moon was broken, and the side of the cliff had been exposed to Luo Disi and the other enemies.

They were relieved, ready to chat before killing those guardians.

They wondered what Emperor Qing and others were guarding

“Why are they so stubborn”

What they wanted were only two kinds of divine objects and some holy objects, plus two women, one mature and one young.

“Is it worth their lives to protect these things”

Luo Disi had just raised his question, and before he finished speaking, he couldnt go on.

Swish, swish, swish!

Everyone present turned their gazes to the back.

On the edge of the dark jungle on the cliff, a beautiful shadow came out slowly.

Zi Yan!

Her face was morbidly white, and she only wore a light blue dress in this cold weather.

She was barefoot.

She walked slowly out of the jungle, and the sea breeze blew her skirt back.

Her long hair followed.

She felt cold.

Subconsciously embracing herself with her arms, she looked sad with gloomy eyes.

Step by step, she came to the edge of the cliff.

Her voice was very soft, but she knew that she could be heard by the group of people in front of her.

“Dont fight.

Take whatever you want.”


Still, the Man in Bamboo Hat grinned, revealing two blood-red eyes under the hat.

He said hoarsely, “I want your life! Your life! Your blood! Blood!”


With the words of the Man in Bamboo Hat, another huge thunderbolt flashed by.

They didnt notice that the thunderbolt was getting bigger and bigger.


Rong Jiaxin, Wang Ming, Wang Zhanpeng, Zi Long, Zi Hu, Chen Changqing, and Gai Xingkong were all stunned.

They looked at Zi Yan on the cliff, feeling their heart stop beating.

Zi Yan slightly narrowed her eyes in fear.

Then she gave them a sad smile.

She turned her head slowly and took a look at the third floor of the castle.

There used to be laughter and happiness.

“Mengmeng, you have to grow up strong.”

She turned her head, leaving two lines of clear tears in her eyes, which converged into a drop of tears along her face and chin.


Tears fell down.

Everyone heard her words.

“If Zhang Han comes back one day, tell him that I will still be his woman in the next life.”


In the eyes of all, Zi Yan jumped forward.


A stronger thunderbolt flashed in the sky.

No one noticed it at this moment.




Chen Changqing, Wang Zhanpeng, Zi Long, and Rong Jiaxin turned pale.

They overdrew their strength and rushed to the cliff.

Everyone, including Chen Changqing and the Warlord of Chan Clan, was blocked.


The Man in Bamboo Hat with a sinister smile went straight to Zi Yan.

His blood-red eyes were full of desire, as if Zi Yan was a delicious meal!

Seriously injured, he was not fast.

Yet, he could gasp Zi Yan on the way and pinch her on the hand!


Chen Changqing roared up to the sky, his voice full of hate!

“Why It shouldnt be!”

“No!” Rong Jiaxin screamed.

In their despairing eyes, the Man in Bamboo Hat was getting closer and closer to Zi Yan.

He kept approaching Zi Yan.

At this critical moment…


With that drop of Zi Yans tears, falling into the waves, everyone heard a voice that seemed to come from heaven.

It was ethereal and profound.

It was strange.

Still, the Man in Bamboo Hat didnt want to know the reason.

He only wanted Zi Yans blood.

When he was about to touch Zi Yan…




Several deafening sounds came from the sea below the Man in Bamboo Hat.


The Man in Bamboo Hat felt creepy for a moment.

He subconsciously and quickly rose into the air.

Everyone was now looking at the sea in confusion.

A dark shadow, hundreds of meters in diameter, appeared from below.

Everyone felt very depressed, as if something was going to burst out of the water!


There were waves as high as 10s of meters.

At last, the underwater thing appeared.


“Its impossible!”

The Man in Bamboo Hat, Luo Disi, and Shoichi Shimamoto all gasped in fear.

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