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Thousands of thunderbolts blazed in the sky at the same time, and what was that look like

It was as if the sky was suffering from a doomsday disaster.

All the martial artists around were stunned.

They couldnt believe it was true and thought they were dreaming, so they were all pinching themselves.

“It hurts.”

“It really hurts.”

“Its true.”

“Its scary!”

“Perhaps Merciless Zhang is now in the Divine Realm.”


“My God, if it is true, this is the era of the real Merciless Zhang!”

These onlookers were shocked.

Their legs were now too soft, and they could hardly move their body.

It wasnt just that they saw it.

The thousands of thunderbolts made many people gather in front of the windows of the office buildings of New Moon Bay and even Zhu Keng District.

“Whats going on Is a cultivator here suffering from lightning punishment”

“Ha ha ha ha.

You got it.

The one fighting against the thunderbolts must be my little brother.”

“Record it! Its bound to be popular if it is posted on the Internet.”

People who saw the scene in New Moon Bay and Zhu Keng District quickly took out their mobile phones.

Yet they were not quick enough to capture the thunderbolts with their cameras.

It was a pity.

They liked to take pictures while traveling.

It was a pity for them that they didnt capture such a spectacular scene.

Nonetheless, they didnt know what the thunderbolts just took away.

On the main battlefield in front of Mount New Moon.

Zhang Hans appearance surprised many enemies.

The shock of the Boat of Curse had not yet dissipated, and the space door appeared along with Zhang Han.

He stepped out.

The whole picture, in the eyes of the martial artists including Luo Disi, was somewhat incomprehensible.

What he could understand was… the thunderbolts in the sky.

He was afraid of them!

“How could it be”

Luo Disi stared at the huge thunderbolts in the sky, which were light green in his eyes.

“What are they”

He felt that there was terrible unknown energy hidden in the thunder.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

With a huge racket, thousands of thunderbolts fell head-on, covering the whole area of the sea nearby.

When the thunderbolts were 1,000 meters away from Luo Disi, he suddenly started to sweat and his face paled.

Then he shouted, “Run!”

Strong men like him were very accurate in predicting the crisis.

Luo Disi knew that he couldnt survive all these thunderbolts since he had already been badly injured.

The other martial artists all heard his warning.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

They began to escape as quickly as they could.

The aged man with golden hairs face was bloodless, for he could feel that there were more than a dozen thunders around him, as if blocking his retreat.

The Warlord of Chan Clan had killed one and badly injured another one of them.

The aged man with golden hair knew that he was not only the weakest among the eight of them, but also the one worst injured.


Shoichi Shimamotos and Miyake Mitsuyasus faces changed.

They came late, so they were in better condition.

Miyake Mitsuyasu, the Secret Disappearance, raised his right hand while chanting something.

Knowing at first sight that his partner was using the art of escape, Shoichi Shimamoto ran to the east side of the sea quickly regardless of him.


They escaped the fastest and were the first to be attacked.

Zhang Han looked at them indifferently.

Miyake Mitsuyasu, the Secret Disappearance, turned into countless stars and floated to the sea below.

The other martial artists, including the aged man with golden hair, were shocked by their actions.

“They are good at escaping.”

If one of them left the others would face more pressure.

Each of them wanted to be safe.

As soon as they had this idea, they saw Zhang Hans disdainful expression.

“How dare you show me such a low-grade escaping skill”

“Four Symbols Formation, Xuanwu, tiger, and divine thunder.”


Zhang Hans divine weapon appeared.

Between the lightning and thunder, a thunderbolt beside Miyake Mitsuyasu was suddenly extinguished and was replaced by flashing cards.

The heavy Qi of Xuanwu and White Tigers Qi of life and death formed a mysterious array.


When everyone heard a blast coming out of the sea below the card, they saw a very deep whirlpool 50 meters in diameter in front of them.


Miyake Mitsuyasu suddenly stood up from the center of the whirlpool in confusion.

He didnt know why his best water escape skill failed.

He raised his head and saw the outline of a double-wing tiger king.

It fell down on him in an instant with dozens of thunderbolts.


A scream rang out.

Miyake Mitsuyasu wanted to hide and perform the skill of blood escaping.

Yet, he found that the air around him solidified, and there was no material for him to escape.


He looked at the approaching thunder and resisted madly, only to find that everything had been in vain.

At this moment, the other martial artists who were fleeing also turned to look at him.


Several thunderbolts flashed away.

Miyake Mitsuyasu was still in the whirlpool just now.

As the thunder fell, he didnt even have a hair left.

“Was Miyake Mitsuyasu killed by him”

Though he was at the low stage of the Divine Realm, he knew all kinds of escaping skills and was more famous than martial artists at the God Realm Medium-stage.

He was once even considered the toughest opponent in Japan.

For those who could escape from high-level martial artists, they might not be able to escape from Miyake Mitsuyasu.

Such a strong man was killed by Zhang Hanyang easily

“What on earth is that” Luo Disi saw all this with his hair standing on end.

All of a sudden, his face changed as he thought of something, “Is it something better than a divine weapon”

“Dont stay here for a long time.


For a moment, Luo Disi was frightened by what he thought.

Before he could say anything, he began to make the casting gesture with his right hand and patted his chest with his left hand.


A mouthful of blood was spurted out by him, and the blood mist seemed to turn into wings, pushing Luo Disi forward faster.

The Man in Bamboo Hat and the aged man with golden hair were slower than him.

It was terrifying and Shoichi Shimamoto had goose flesh all over.

He was far from Zhang Han and kept escaping wildly.

“It wont work.” Zhang Han took a glance at him and stretched his left hand.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

Suddenly, a small black flag appeared.

As it flew forward, it became bigger and bigger, and finally turned into a 100-meter-high flag.


Streams of dark energy swept out, accompanied by thousands of ghosts.

“Ah ah ah!”

Being covered with these ghosts, which could be seen faintly by the naked eye, Shoichi Shimamoto was swallowed up.



Shoichi Shimamoto roared for three seconds.

Suddenly, his body burst open and his soul was sucked out, which was constantly bitten by the ghost to wipe out his original consciousness.

Two seconds later, his original soul energy formed a newborn, unconscious ghost.

It blankly followed the ghost troop to the side of the golden-haired man and others.


Luo Disi and the others were shocked.

Their original faith had been destroyed by the thunder and countless ghosts…

They were now in trouble!

“He is more like an evil cultivator than I am.”

The Man in Bamboo Hat was not flustered and looked at Zhang Han in the process of escaping.

He was not so afraid because his clone was somewhere else.

The other martial artists were not as lucky as him.

Especially the group composed of nearly 200 Grand Masters.

They were scared out of their wits.

Even Emperor Qing or the Warlord of Chan Clan had never made such a move with a wide range and such great power!

Merciless Zhang…

How powerful he was!

No one could resist him!


“Be quick!”


“Alex, dont leave me alone, help me!”

People were mumbling and shouting at each other.

This mass of people fell into chaos.

When Zhang Han appeared, Lei Tiannan and his companions all stepped back.

They had a belief.

Zhang Hans return would help them win the battle!

The most exciting one was Wang Zhanpeng.

He could feel that the black flag, which was 100 meters high, was strong and oppressive!

It was his Mountain and River Flag Deployment!

“Divine weapon! Mountain and River Flag Deployment is transferred into a divine weapon.

Its amazing!” Wang Zhanpeng shouted, which was rare to see in him!

“Puff…” Chen Changqing took a deep breath.

He was relieved upon seeing this.

He took out more than 10 pills and gave them to the Warlord of Chan Clan, Gai Xingkong, and Ji Wushuang.

Then they began to restore their energy at the edge of the battlefield.

Many of the people who had been fighting in front of the mountain stopped to have a rest.

Shen Jiangshan, breathing heavily, looked at the two men in front of him with vigilance.

As for the Divine-Realm martial artist with a flattop haircut, they jumped into the air and saw Zhang Hanyang floating above the southern cliff of Mount New Moon.

They had a sudden shiver.

“Is Zhang Hanyang back” The martial artist with the flattop haircut slightly narrowed his eyes in confusion, “How did he come out Its impossible!”


The sect chief of Heavenly Elixir Sect sensed the crisis.

He frowned for three seconds, and then took a glance at Shen Jiangshan.

“Tell Zhang Hanyang that within three days, he must give me an explanation about his killing of the elders of Heavenly Elixir Sect.

“Lets go!”

After that, he turned around and took the lead to walk into Mount New Moon without hesitation.

It sounded like he was questioning, but Shen Jiangshan knew that he had given up attacking Mount New Moon.

“Hes afraid that Merciless Zhang will destroy the Heavenly Elixir Sect, isnt he”

Shen Jiangshan slightly shook his head.

In fact, he understood the truth.

A strong man was formidable, while a cruel man was frightening!

The Divine-Realm martial artist with the flattop haircut said helplessly, “I wont stay here since he has left.

You are lucky this time.”

When he said this, his tone was still very peaceful, but then he sneered, “But I would like to advise you that the gate of the worldlet is about to open, and you will still not be able to protect the divine object.”

With that, he stepped back with his men.

“You dont have to worry about it, young man,” Shen Jiangshan answered coldly.

He was also relieved.

Although Jiang Yanlan had joined them, they were still unable to defeat the two Divine-Realm martial artists on the other side.

Moreover, more than half of the security group members had been seriously injured, and they would certainly suffer a lot in the next battle.

“Ill go to find Zhang Hanyang!”

Jiang Yanlan said and then flew towards Zhang Han.

At this critical juncture, her heart seemed to be shouting, “Zhang Hanyang, you have a supernatural power that must have been able to save Instructor Lius life!

“Ill tell him that Instructor Liu is in danger!”

It was a bit of self-deception.

In fact, at this time, it could be said that Instructor Liu was dead.

The enemies in other directions also saw Zhang Hans return.

They were all frightened.

“How did he come out”


“Wasnt he in that relic How could he come out”

“Is it possible”

This confusion, together with the thunder and lightning in front of them, as well as the thousands of faintly visible ghosts, sent shivers down their spines.


Everyone responded immediately.

Even Xiang Qitian, who was unwilling, retreated at once.

They saw more than 200 martial artists and strong men like the Grand Master and Luo Disi were running for their lives!

“My gosh!”

“How could Zhang Hanyang change the situation alone after he came back”

“Why does he know so many powerful methods”

Even the Warlord of Chan Clan was confused because he didnt know how powerful Zhang Han was as to make such an amazing attack.

“Ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”


Two shouts rang throughout the whole Mount New Moon.

Daheis speed with his four legs was several times faster than usual.

They were close to the cliff.

When they approached the cliff.

They saw their host and his wife in his arms.

They saw their backs.

They turned their gaze at the escaping enemies.

Daheis fists hit his chest.



Two Heihei powers kept roaring.

The muffled sound from Daheis chest was like a war drum and a bugle that heralded their victory.

When Daheis fists fell…

Jiang Yanlan reached the edge of the cliff, but what she saw froze her gaze.




In the thunder, Zhang Hans eyes twinkled with thunder and he looked indifferently.

“Taiyi Wood Thunder!


“Bone-Biting Yin Wind!”

He patted his right hand down.

Suddenly, thousands of thunderbolt fell above the heads of all of the 200 martial artists.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

They were astonished.

In a few seconds, more than 100 people were killed by the thunderbolts.

The others jumped into the sea in a panic.

“Its cold!”

“The sea water is so cold!”

“How could it be so cold”

Under their puzzled gazes, countless ghosts were grasping at their legs, waists, and their feet.


There was no way to escape in the entire world!

After that, Zhang Han looked up at the aged man with golden hair and the other two Divine-Realm martial artists.

With the remaining thousand thunderbolts, the Four Symbols Formation seemed to penetrate the space they were in.

“Zhang Hanyang! Stop!”

“Spare my life and Ill be your slave.

Zhang Han ignored the golden-haired mans words.

No matter how furious they were and how loud their scream was, the three seriously injured Divine-Realm martial artists couldnt bear the attacks and died in this sea area.

Zhang Han turned his gaze to those giant cruise ships in the distance.


The remaining 10 or so thunderbolts were smashed down at the ships.

The cruise ships were smashed and slowly sank into the sea.

All the enemies were killed in the front battlefield, except for the Man in Bamboo Hat and Luo Disi!


As Zhang Han waved his right hand, the Soul-gathering Flag turned smaller and all the ghosts outside gathered back together.

Some martial artists with sharp eyes found that more than half of the ghosts were missing.

At the same time, the thunderbolts in the sky dissipated and Zhang Hans pupils returned to normal.

Now everyone could see his indifferent eyes.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han said, “None of you can escape.”

His voice spread all over the Mount New Moon area.

Luo Disi and the Man in Bamboo Hat, who thought they had kept a safe distance from Zhang Han, turned back slowly.

The sect chief of Heavenly Elixir Sect, Xiang Qitian of Mystical Fog Sect, and the flattop-haircut Divine-Realm martial artists stopped, too.

“None of us can escape” Xiang Qitian sneered, “Usually, if Luo Disi were not injured, he could kill Zhang Hanyang with one move.

Is he daydreaming”

Several disciples that came from his sect began echoing him.

“You are right.

Merciless Zhang is powerful and his returning is weird, but it is impossible for him to change the situation alone.”

They said this because they hadnt seen the scene on the side of the sea.

All of them, including Xiang Qitian, thought that Zhang Hanyang was deliberately threatening them.

Yet, to their surprise.…

In all directions of their bodies, as if from the sky, from the ground, or from all directions…

A low, ethereal, fuzzy murmur resounded throughout the whole world.

In the direction of the sea area, Zhang Han withdrew his hands.

The beauty in his arms was still floating in front of him.

His body slowly rose by three meters, and suddenly spread a desolate breath.

At this moment, Zhang Han became a man like those of ancient times.

His eyes closed slowly, his lips moved, and he said one word after another that people could not understand.

It felt extremely mysterious and strange.

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

The world seemed to tremble.

Every Divine-Realm martial artist present felt a mysterious power that was extending.

The sound lasted only ten seconds.

All of sudden, Zhang Han opened his eyes.

There was blood in his eyes.

Blood Seal Pluto Incantation!

Puff, puff, puff…

Everyone felt as if there was a light wind blowing in the range of 30 miles in diameter.

In addition to the other side of Crescent Bay, people in all the other areas of Mount New Moon, the sea, and even Chen Changqing and others, suddenly had a red mark on their wrists

It read: “Kill.”

This was the chasing and killing incantation in the Pluto Incantation series.

It took 30% of Zhang Hans life essence to cast it.

The effect was… No matter where his enemies were, Zhang Han could found them.

Although the time limit was short, it showed Zhang Hans determination to kill them.

The Man in Bamboo Hat and Luo Disi were the most difficult to be killed, and even Zhang Han couldnt come up with any better idea.

Therefore, he used such an incantation to warn them.

Though he couldnt kill them today, he could kill them tomorrow.

Although the effect of this was that it can only last for three days, Zhang Han felt that it was enough.

If those talents from the worldlet, like Mu Xue the female demon, see this scene, they would be a little pleased.

After all, it indicated that someone else was as unlucky as them.

In fact, they couldnt understand what Zhang Hanyangs incantation was.

Mu Xue was still waiting for the next month when the mark would not light up.

She planned to celebrate for it, because Zhang Hanyang, who was left in that relic, must have died.

She didnt expect to see Zhang Han again.

He turned the tide on his own and killed hundreds of Grand Masters who came for an invasion.

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