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“Master!” Zhao Feng was excited.





Everyone fell silent.

In the hall on the first floor of the castle, there were many people standing.

Among them, except Zhang Li and Zhou Fei, who were ordinary people, almost all of them were decorated with wounds.

Those who were seriously injured were relieved with the help of pills given by Chen Changqing.

Yet, there were more seriously injured people, and they could not be treated one by one.

No matter what their injury was, everyone stood up and said hello when they saw Zhang Han coming down slowly from the upstairs.

They knew their backbone had returned.

“Brother Han.”

Chen Changqing went to Zhang Han and said, “They were badly hurt.

All the natural precious materials on the mountain have been used up.”

Wang Zhanpeng suggested that the medicinal fields should be reclaimed.

Now they were really useful, but there were not many healing herbs in them.

Moreover, those who were injured had no choice but to take them directly since they didnt know how to make pills.

Zhang Han knew how to make pills, but he didnt plan to do so at this time.

Although it was a waste to use the spiritual herbs directly, it couldnt be helped.

Moreover, he had obtained a lot of spirit treasures in the relic of the northern ice field.

Zhang Han nodded to Chen Changqing, glanced at the crowd, and said slowly, “Ive kept in mind all you did today.”

He was grateful!

Only in a crisis could we see through someone.

There was a saying that “husband and wife are birds in the same forest, and they fly separately in case of disaster.”

Even husband and wife were sometimes like this, not to mention other relationships.

Now all these familiar faces moved Zhang Han.

Even in the Cultivation World, there were few such cohesive forces.

“There is a saying that people die for confidants.

Boss, since we joined the security group, we have stayed members of the security group.” Ah Hus face was pale, and his right hand was on the shoulder of Liu Jiaran, whose eyes were red.

Only in this way could Ah Hu support his body and prevent himself from falling down.

“There are no cowards in the security group.”

“As long as you are back…”

“Yes.” Rong Jiaxin sighed, and her facial expression was complicated, “Its a good result getting through the crisis this time.

Zi Yan and Mengmeng suffered a lot when you were not here.

Dont do this again.

Youre not alone.

You have responsibilities.

What If you cant come back…”

Rong Jiaxins eyes turned red and she couldnt go on.

“I know.

There was an accident this time, not next time,” Zhang Han smiled and then said, “I will heal you first.”

In Zhang Hans left hand, there was the Qi of a holy object.

A white meat square as big as a palm appeared in Zhang Hans right hand.


A faint mist wafted from the sacred objects.

Soon, it was vaporized, and the whole hall on the first floor was covered with white fog.

Ten seconds later…


A light wind blew.

Everyone, including Zhang Li and other ordinary people, felt warm and comfortable, as if they were bathing in the sunshine.

The thick white fog soon dissipated.

A lot of white fog was absorbed by the injured.

Seriously injured people absorbed more, and the white fog around them dissipated faster.

Those with minor injuries healed slower.

In less than a minute, the fog in the room dissipated.

Those injured at the scene quickly recovered, and the absorbed energy still needed time to refine.

They knew that after thorough absorption, the injury would be healed.

Besides, the killing mark on the right wrist of everyone disappeared.

“Lets have a rest first, and then well have dinner in the evening,” Zhang Han said.

The security group and many injured people went back to their homes to rest, ready to absorb the energy of the sacred objects.

It was not noon yet and they had enough time in the afternoon.

For a moment, there were not many people in the hall.

Zhao Feng and the members of the security group had already communicated with each other.

After they went back to heal, Zhao Feng went to the front.

“Master, the statistics show that there are 278 Grand Master Strongs in the West today, nine in Divine Realm, and eight cruise ships.

All of them, except the Man in Bamboo Hat and Luo Disi, were killed.”

Everyone was shocked after hearing this.

Its really hard to imagine that with the return of Zhang Han, the battle turned from defeat to victory.

His moves were always unexpected.

To tell the truth, even the Warlord of Chan Clan could not use the same moves with wide coverage and high attack intensity.

“As for our country, there have been seven waves of enemies.

There were the remains of the Li family in Hong Kong, the members of the He family, the Heavenly Elixir Sect group, the Mystical Fog Sect group, and a young team leader who came from nowhere, who was killed by Little Hei.”

Chen Changqing frowned after hearing this, and his facial expression was cold.

When they were facing the enemy, another group of enemies attacked them from the rear, but he didnt expect that there were so many of them!

Hearing Zhao Fengs words, someone said in a low voice, “That young man at the Divine Realm is Yun Fan from Cold Battle Sect in the worldlet.

He had been hanging out in the main world and there were several men from Wind Snow School in his group.”

It was Shen Jiangshan, who walked step by step forward.

The wolfs teeth in his stick were broken.

Clang, clang…

Ah Hu said to one side, “He is a friend invited by Master Ji.

Thanks to him, and it was he who blocked those people.

Thanks to Captain Jiang who blocked the group of Grand Master Strongs.”

“I see.” Zhang Han took a glance at Shen Jiangshan, Ji Wushuang, and the sect chief of Heavenly Elixir Sect.

“I own you a favor.”

While speaking like this, Zhang Han waved his right hand.


More than a dozen highly volatile holy objects appeared from nowhere.

“A small gift for you.”

Zhang Han kept everything in mind and said something to express his attitude.

Everyone here had risked his or her life to help Zhang Han, and Zhang Han owed them a favor.

“Dont be so courteous, Mr.


They didnt say much and chose a holy object without hesitation.

After a while, Shen Jiangshan left.

The sect chief of Heavenly Elixir Sect chatted with the Warlord of Chan Clan and Zhang Han for a few minutes and then left with his men.

They lost a lot, but this was life.

As many people left one after another, Zhao Feng received a phone call from the front of the mountain.

He came to Zhang Han and whispered, “There are hundreds of people standing at the gate of the front of the mountain, all with a killing mark on their right wrist.”

“Let them wait.” Zhang Han didnt have the time to deal with them.

He waved his hand and went to the third floor.

Rong Jiaxin, Zhang Li, Zhou Fei, and Chen Changqing followed him.

“Well.” Zhang Han suddenly saw Wang Zhanpeng, who was full of expectations, behind him.

He shook his head slightly and waved his right hand.

A ray of black light ran to Wang Zhanpeng.


Wang, you can feel it.”

“Okay, okay, okay!” Wang Zhanpengs eyes lit up in excitement.

He didnt expect to own divine weapons one day!

The Warlord of Chan Clan, Gai Xingkong, and others went to rest.

They followed Zhang Han to the bedroom to see Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

They knew that Mengmeng was sleeping because of the array but they didnt know Zi Yans condition and were worried about her.

Standing at the door, they saw Zhang Han step to the bedside.

He waved away the small array in front of Mengmeng.


The little girl grunted and turned in her sleep.

Her lovely appearance gradually calmed the minds of those at the door.

Zhang Han couldnt help smiling.

He had been missing Mengmeng all these days.

Even in the dangerous Bone Cave, he also had a belief to come out quickly.

“Oh, its still dark.”

Zhang Han patted his forehead and looked out of the window.

At this time, the dark clouds were dissipating, but they were still blocking the sun.

The thunder flashed in his eyes.

All of a sudden…


The clouds dissipated faster in just two minutes.

The sky was clear and the wind was smooth.


The warm sun shined on Mengmengs little buttocks, which made the little girl slowly open her eyes.

She looked at Zi Yan beside her vaguely and sat up.


After she found Zhang Han sitting at the edge of the bed, Mengmengs eyes lit up.

“Wow! PaPa!”

“PaPa is back!”

Everyone felt that Mengmeng was overjoyed.

She quickly climbed to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han smiled happily and helped Mengmeng into his arms.


Mengmeng kissed Zhang Hans cheek hard with her soft and small lips sticking forward.

Zhang Han also kissed Mengmengs face.

The little girl hadnt washed her face, but of course, Zhang Han didnt care.

Suddenly, Zi Yans eyelashes trembled.

Zhang Han clearly captured this subtle movement.

Since his return, Zhang Han had been observing Zi Yan with his soul sense.

“Shes going to wake up”

Zhang Han thought about it for a while and pointed up his finger at Mengmeng.

“Shh, Mom is still sleeping.”

“Shh, lets keep it down.” Mengmeng also put up her little finger to imitate Zhang Han.

“Go out to play” Zhang Han smiled.


Ill go out to have fun!” Mengmeng was happy in Zhang Hans arms.

Zhang Han took Mengmeng to the washroom to wash her face and brush her teeth just as usual.

Now, of course, it was lunch time.

Zhang Han did not prepare for lunch, so he went to a restaurant with a large group of people including Rong Jiaxin.

Mengmeng was always holding Zhang Hans finger for fear of losing him again.

After lunch, Zhang Han and Mengmeng went to the back of the mountain.

“Woof, woof!”


Dahei and Little Heis joyful calls, accompanied by Mengmengs gurgling sound, once again rippled throughout Mount New Moon.

With the warm sunshine, everything seemed to be full of life again.

It was peaceful there.

Yet Mengmeng was still worried about MaMa.

After playing for a while, she pouted and waved goodbye to Dahei and Little Hei.

“I have to go to MaMa.

She is not well yet.”

While saying this, Mengmeng ran to Zhang Han, “PaPa, I dont like you.”

“Why” Zhang Han hurriedly asked her.

“Hmph.” Mengmeng pursed her lips, turned around, and said in an unhappy tone, “PaPa, you said you would come back in a few days.

But you didnt come back until so many days later.

You lied to me, and MaMa was angry and sick.”

Seeing this, Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He squatted down to the front of Mengmeng and whispered, “Its my fault.

Ill keep my promise next time.

Forgive me.”

“Okay, I forgive you,” Mengmeng said without hesitation.

“Lets go to see MaMa.

She will wake up later.”

Zhang Han smiled with Mengmeng in his arms, “Wow, my little princess is heavier than before.”

“No, Im not heavy at all.”

Zhang Han didnt say another word.

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