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Chapter 692 The Power of Innateness


They even defeated Lord Geley”

“These Oriental strongmen are worthy of their reputation.”

The Halan Clan members began to take this matter seriously.

One of the men who had wrinkles around his eyes said slowly, “30 years ago, everyone knew the Warlord of Chan Clan, who dominated the martial arts world as an old weirdo in Shang Jing City and was regarded as our strong rival.

Ji Wushuang, who reached Divine Realm secretly, had been guarding Hong Kong and seldom fought against others.

Therefore, no one knew how powerful he really was.

North Tiger Gai Xing Kong is one of the strong martial artists from a previous era and he has reached the Divine Realm with his strength multiplied several times.

Emperor Qing is now suppressing the whole martial arts world in Hua nation and he could defeat Divine-Realm martial artists when he was still at Grand Master Peak.

He is a terrifying opponent.

As for Zhang Hanyang…”

Turning his gaze at the young man, who was fighting against Lord Geley and Lord Greyley at the same time, he said in surprise, “He is known as Merciless Zhang and it is said that this is Merciless Zhangs time in the martial arts world of Hua nation.

It has been less than a year since he attained his fame and he is well-known for his cruelty to his enemies.

He has two kinds of divine objects, many holy objects, and countless treasures.

No one knows how many skills and cultivating methods he has mastered, except for those powerful incantations, magic and fighting skills he has shown before.

His actions are unpredictable and he always has good luck.”

“It seems that if the battle goes on like this, Lord Geley will be defeated sooner or later.”

“Dont be deceived by whats happening now.” The aged man shook his head slightly, “If our ancestor steps in, all of them will be killed, no matter how many helpers they have.”

“But our ancestor totally ignores them.”

“Yes, they are too naive if they regard Lord Fa and the other lords as mere onlookers.”

“Ha ha ha ha…”

All at once, many of the clansmen chuckled and looked at the seven people standing far behind.

That aged martial artist at Divine Realm was not just an onlooker here.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

With a violent fluctuation, the front line moved slowly toward the castle until the distance was one kilometer apart.

In the face of Zhang Hans weird move, Geley quickly retreated and narrowly dodged a life-threatening card.

This card transformed into a sharp weapon and sheared his long hair into two parts.

He was extremely annoyed.

Then he turned his gaze at the seven official representatives.

“Fagus, my old friend.

Do you want to keep watching and waiting for my ancestor to come out before you decide to choose which side to support”

All of a sudden…

“Ha ha ha.”

That aged Divine-Realm martial artist burst out laughing.

He brought six men to the battlefield and said with a smile filled with evil intent, “The Warlord of Chan Clan, do you think you can come to our territory so recklessly”

“You want to make a move” The Warlord of Chan Clan narrowed his eyes slightly.

They were not afraid of the six martial artists at Divine Realm, including the Man in Bamboo Hat, and they were about to win the battle.

However, the situation would be reversed if the seven martial artists at the Divine Realm came to help the six men, not to mention the fact that Halan Prince had not appeared yet.

The Warlord of Chan Clan felt nervous.

He turned his gaze on Zhang Han.

Before getting off the plane, they all noticed something, but Zhang Han sent them a secret message which contained only two words.

The current situation was what they had expected, so how could they settle it

Would they escape or fight

The Warlord of Chan Clan did not have the answer, but he was willing to believe Zhang Han.

The participation of the seven Westerners stopped the Warlord of Chan Clan and his companions, who huddled together and were ready to escape at any time.

Fagus laughed as if he could read their thoughts.

“You cant escape.

Not only the 13 of us, but also the great Halan Prince will hunt you down.

We have 40 of the most advanced fighters, each of which is guarded by a Grand Master.

Your long-range attacking means cant cause any damage to them at all.

Therefore, you cant escape from our clutches today.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a row of 40 airplanes appeared in the distant horizon, which was a frightening sight.


Zhang Han burst out laughing, with scorn in his eyes.

He said calmly, “Why would I escape in the face of a group of ants”

“Hmm” Luo Disi looked up and laughed, “Zhang Hanyang, Zhang Hanyang, do you know you are doomed You are so stubborn.

As a Grand Master, why do you have so much confidence in yourself”


Luo Disi began to attack and all of his 12 companions followed suit, including the Man in Bamboo Hat, Fagus, and Geley.

For a time, the Warlord of Chan Clan was under great pressure.

“What can we do”

Zhang Hans companions turned their gazes on him.

If it was not a joke, they would be ridiculed for getting killed here.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Once again, the terrifying waves of the attack spread around.

The space occupied by Chen Changqing and the others became smaller and smaller as their 13 rivals surrounded them.

“Brother Han! Run!” The situation was urgent and Chen Changqing looked at Zhang Han and said nervously.

The 13 Divine-Realm martial artists brought him great pressure.

Knowing that they could not defeat so many high-level masters, not to mention those planes, Chen Changqing realized that it was a trap for them.

“You want to escape” Luo Disi said.

They began attacking Zhang Han together with the Man in Bamboo Hat, who made five moves.

At this time, Chen Changqing and his companions were facing attacks from others.

They thought that the five attacks would not have any impact on Zhang Han, but to their dismay, Zhang Han did not resist or even dodge those five attacks!


Chen Changqings facial expression changed greatly.

He wanted to support Zhang Han, but there were three Divine-Realm martial artists suppressing him.

“Han!” Gai Xingkong shouted.

Instead of making any defensive gestures, Zhang Han closed his eyes slowly.


The Warlord of Chan Clan was astonished.

Luo Disi and the others began sneering.

“You are the only Grand Master here.” Luo Disi said scornfully, “You will be the first to die!”

However, as soon as he finished speaking, all the 13 martial artists opened their eyes wide in astonishment.

They stepped backward hurriedly.

Chen Changqing and his companions were overjoyed.


In everyones eyes, those attacks came toward Zhang Han at a range of more than ten meters in front of him.

The distance was short, and the aftershocks ruffled Zhang Hans hair and clothes.

All of a sudden…


A slightly mysterious, suffocating, even desolate, strong Qi met them and then swept around in all directions.

The five attacks which were like eggs hitting stones, were slowly engulfed by this Qi.

They did not make any waves, as if they had not existed in this world.


The wind howled through the dark night.

The dark clouds in the sky seemed to be forced to scatter in all directions, revealing the crescent moon.

When the bright moonlight shone on Zhang Han…

He suddenly opened his eyes, which were shining like those of a demons.

“He, he has just made a breakthrough!”

Gai Xingkong was very surprised and his body trembled slightly in excitement.

“His last card!” The Warlord of Chan Clan was excited, “How powerful will he be after reaching the Divine Realm”

Everyone was relieved for a moment.

They found that Zhang Hans trip seemed to have been well planned, during which he successfully reached the Divine Realm and suppressed all his enemies.

They were looking forward to his victory.

“A person would remain mortal until he reaches the Innateness Stage.”

Zhang Han looked at his right hand and muttered something in an ethereal tone.

“What did he mean”

Only the Warlord of Chan Clan suddenly thought of something and looked at Zhang Han in horror, “Oh, my God, thats the level of opportunity he got”

“Innateness…” Chen Changqing was also surprised.

Gai XingKong and Ji Wushuang did not say anything but looked at Zhang Han seriously.

“He broke through!” Luo Disis face darkened.

He felt depressed.

He thought of Zhang Hanyangs invincible performance a few days ago, when he killed many powerful people merely by waving his hands.

It was so horrible.

What powerful means would he use after reaching the Divine Realm

He did not want to have a try, but he was confident enough to look into Zhang Hans eyes and say, “What a pity.

Zhang Hanyang, you are talented and will grow to be a powerful martial artist after reaching the Divine Realm.

You should not have come to the Halan Clan, because you cant escape from Halan Prince.”

“Its just a breakthrough to the Divine Realm.” Harro Geley said disdainfully, “I have said this before, even if you double your forces, it will not help.

Im happy to see you reach the Divine Realm and Im looking forward to the taste of your blood.”

“Yes!” Fagus agreed, “Even if you reach the Earth Realm today, you will still be killed.”

“What an amazing breakthrough.” the Man in Bamboo Hat sneered.

His voice was still low and hoarse, but everyone could tell that he did not care about it.

The Warlord of Chan Clan and others were forced to return to reality.

Halan Prince was like a mountain, pressing on them.

Although the battle would be difficult, they were ready for it since they dared to come to the West.

Obviously, this was the worst situation they were facing.

The gate of the small world had not been opened and the Halan Clan was one of the most powerful forces in the world and they were ranked at least in the first three positions among all the vampire clans.

Everyone felt the effect of Zhang Hans breakthrough, just after Geley finished speaking…

“Its so noisy here.”

Suddenly, an old voice was heard.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Luo Disi and all the others turned back.

They saw a figure, as high as two meters, slowly rising into the air.

He had long brown hair, a long and blue face, a pointy chin, and cold eyes.

If ordinary people saw this horrible dark figure, they would instantly want to crawl on the ground.

“Ancestor!” Geley and the others turned around and bowed as they greeted the man.

“Halan Prince!”

Luo Disi, Fagus, and the others were now completely relaxed.

Even the dozens of Grand Masters sitting among the rear fighters were shocked at this time

“Halan Prince, he appeared! He is like a devil who has climbed out of hell.

He has lived for nearly a thousand years.

Every time he wakes up, he would start a massacre and his hands will be covered with blood.

Im afraid the easterners in front of him are fated to become the wine in his glass.”

“Oh no! He has woken up.

Since Halan Prince was born, tens of thousands of warriors have died in his hands.

This time, Im afraid that the forces hostile to the Halan Clan will be in a state of panic now.”

“Zhang Hanyang will be killed just after he made a breakthrough.

If the news spreads out, he will become a laughing stock in the world.”


All of them were staring at Halan Prince.

His tall figure slowly rose into the air, tens of meters higher than everyone on Zhang Hans side and Luo Disis side, and it seemed as if he was overlooking the world.

“You did not lie to me.

The smell of these peoples blood is very good, very good.”

Hearing Halan Princes words, Luo Disi and all the others burst into laughter.

But after hearing Zhang Hans indifferent words, they could not laugh anymore.

Looking at Halan Prince, Zhang Han replied calmly, “I thought that you, the so-called prince, would have some skills, but I did not expect that you just inherited a little low-level blood.

Why are you so confident to show your strength since you have made so little progress in the past one thousand years”


Luo Disi and the others were all stunned.

“What did you say” Geley glared at Zhang Han.

Even Halan Princes eyes became cold and a smirk emerged on his lips.

He grinned and said, “Since I became famous, I cant remember how many talents have died in my hands.

In Hua nation, I have killed thousands of them.

But this is the first time that I have seen a young man as arrogant like you.

For that, I will not only suck your blood, but will kill all your family members since you are so disrespectful to me.”

Halan Princes tone was very calm, as if he was stating the facts.

This was his consistent style and no one doubted Halan Princes cruelty.


After he spoke, there was a crackling sound behind Halan Prince and two huge bat wings appeared.

His face turned even paler, his eyes glowed with a reddish, and his teeth sharpened into fangs.

Halan Prince, who had just revealed himself, was showing his stance toward his enemies.

Sensing his breath, the expressions on the faces of Warlord of Chan Clan and the others suddenly changed.

“What Earth Realm”

“Has he made the breakthrough” Ji Wushuang gasped in fear, his blood running cold throughout his body.


Gai Xingkong turned pale and his heart skipped a beat.

They could feel that Halan Prince had just made a breakthrough.

Now he was at Earth Realm, which was horrible.

They felt that they were unable to escape today.

They grew desperate.

They were under so much pressure that they could not even breathe.

“Since you call yourself a vampire, Ill use blood to play with you.”

Zhang Han sneered and thrust his right hand forward.


A gush of mysterious and profound Qi covered the battlefield.

Zhang Hans pupils turned blood red in an instant.

His body suddenly rose by tens of meters.

At the same time, an ethereal murmuring sound came from all directions.

“Its not for the king who likes blood, but for sealing the spirit.”

“The blood of monsters and elves.”

“The blood of unhurried white souls.”

“The blood of wandering souls in the underworld.”


Accompanied by Zhang Hans profound words, a bloody light curtain immediately surrounded Halan Prince and the other people.

Now they were all enclosed in a bubble.

Gai Xingkong and the others cheered up at Zhang Hans action.

“Is this the weird spell that Brother Han used on the Li family”

“Its called Blood Shock Pluto Incantation.” Chen Changqing watched intently and thought, “How powerful will the move be since Brother Han has broken into the Divine Realm”

They did not know how strong it would be, but they could tell from Zhang Hans calm face that he did not seem to take Halan Prince seriously.


“Its just a trifling skill!” Halan Prince sneered.

In his eyes, a wisp of red haze, like a wave, swept around the light around them.


Everyone heard the tearing sound, but Halan Prince did not expect that all his attacks would be absorbed by the light wave and his energy fluctuation became stronger.

“This… Its his weird mantra!” Luo Disis facial expression suddenly changed and he said, “It was the same when he used it that day.

We will only increase the speed of the formation of the mantra when we launch energy fluctuations.

This mantra can make peoples flesh and blood wither!”

“Oh, its brave of you to use the mantra in front of me.”

Prince Haran seemed to be provoked.

He made a corresponding gesture and began to cast his spell.

Accompanied by his hoarse voice, his body suddenly turned into countless numbers of small bats, whose cold eyes lit up as they flew toward the blood-colored light waves.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

This time, it worked and the waves of light continued to vibrate


All of a sudden, the whole blood curtain was smashed by thousands of bats and these bats kept going straight at Zhang Han.


“Defense!” The Warlord of Chan Clan shouted in a deep voice.

The four of them used various powerful moves they had never used before, but they soon found that these bats were immune to most of the attacks.

Only Chen Changqings psionic attack managed to eliminate some of them.

But for the whole situation, it was still a drop in the bucket.

“The incantation…”

The corners of Gai Xingkongs eyes twitched.

But Zhang Han did not let them worry for too long.

Suddenly, in the face of thousands of bats, Zhang Han said calmly, “Demon Blood Pluto Incantation.”



When a breeze blew, thousands of bats suddenly went berserk and flew off in all directions, forming a new boundary, which covered Halan Prince and others.


“Its impossible!”

Halan Prince was shocked, “How can you control my spell”

“What do you want to do with your low-level incantation”

Zhang Hans expression was calm when he was explaining what he thought was the truth, but all the others were frightened, “Is Halan Princes incantation a low-level one”

But the facts were in front of them.

As Zhang Hans palm pressed forward, the color of thousands of bats suddenly faded and then turned blood red again, and everyone present could only see the outlines indistinctly.

The Man in Bamboo Hat and Luo Disi became nervous.

“Turning blood.” Zhang Han said calmly.



At this moment, the four vampires, including Geley, were suddenly turned into a cloud of blood.

Luo Disi felt his blood surging, and it seemed to be out of control.

Although his condition was better since he was not a vampire, he was still unable to resist the attack.

“No no no!”



Luo Disi watched the blood seeping out of his skin, which could not be stopped by any means.

He screamed repeatedly.

One second, two seconds… 10 seconds…

Luo Disis face was pale, and his Qi dropped in a straight line.

Because of the loss of the blood, he became unconscious the moment he stopped resisting.


He was turned into a blood mist, converged with the blood of Geley and others, and was finally turned into a drop of black blood.

“If you make a breakthrough to the Earth Realm and had woken up a year or two ago, you would be able to escape, but now you are too weak.”

Vampires were very powerful, but Halan Princes system had a great defect.

Every time he woke up, his strength was not at the peak.

Although he had broken through to Earth Realm, he was still some distance away from his peak level because of this gap.

This was also the reason why the vampire ancestor needed to ingest a lot of blood after he woke up.

“You are not a vampire.

How can you cast such an incantation Its impossible!” Halan Prince lost his temper and there was a crazed light in his eyes.

“You dont understand it.”


Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

While controlling the drop of blood with his fingers, he said slowly, “Ill show you the real Earth Realm.”

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