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Chapter 693 Killing the Princess with One Incantation


Hearing this, Halan Princes eyes trembled and the drop of blood, which was made up of the blood essence of the other people slowly drifted over to Halan Prince.

This scene was a little slow moving, so the people above the back castle had time to marvel at it.

Zhang Hans launching attack and killing of Luo Disi and others only lasted more than ten seconds and many martial arts Grand Masters were stunned.

They felt that those people died as soon as they saw Zhang Han.

What means did he use

“Is he a devil”

On the roof of the castle, dozens of members of the Halan Clan were in a state of panic.

“How did Lord Geley die”

“How could he control our ancestors spell To what extent has his incantation reached Why do I feel that he is dark and cruel”

“Well… Before, all five of them could not resist the 13 people here.

Now Merciless Zhang is so cruel that he can kill 12 people with only one move after he reached Divine Realm.”

These vampires were scared and their bloodless faces turned even more pale.

Many of them saw the center of the incantation field and began to shiver, as if they felt the horror there.

“Move, move, move!”

Among the many fighters on the rear side, a martial artist at Grand Master Peak realized what had happened and roared in a sharp voice and with fear in his eyes, “Fire!”


After hearing what he said, the pilot at the front side quickly picked up the walkie talkie.

“Prepare for No.3 New Energy Missile.”

“No.1 is ready.”

“No.2 is ready.”


Although they received the order to attack, they had a preparation process, which took only 20 or 30 seconds.

But in this period of time, high-level martial artists could do so much.

Under the intense and frightened gazes of all, the drop of blood floated to Halan Prince.

Halan Prince was suddenly unable to move.

“Its impossible! You are at Divine Realm.

How can you use the powerful mantra It is so powerful and you have to face the counter attack.

How can you exert it”

He kept struggling.

Incantations were very powerful, but it was quite simple in practice.

If someone used them carelessly, that might come back to bite the martial artist.

Only martial artists with tens of years of experience could master them.

How old was Zhang Hanyang Even if he was at Divine Realm, how could he cast this level of incantation

“Frogs in the bottom of a well never know how big the world is.”

Zhang Hans face was calm and his fingers moved forward slightly.

The drop of blood drifted slowly to Halan Princes forehead.


It was like the sound of a drop of water falling into the fire.


“Ah ah ah ah!”

Halan Prince felt immense pain and immediately screamed in agony.


This scared the Man in Bamboo Hat who was at the back and he shivered in the corner.

He was also from a branch of vampires, but the bloodline he inherited was darker than that of the Halan Clan.

In the face of this high-end incantation, he was powerless and unwilling to resist it.

If he did not want to see whether Halan Prince could resist it or not and if he did not want to try to escape after the border disappeared, he would explode under such pressure.

When things got to this point, he knew that this main body was basically going to be destroyed.

“How could he be so strong”

The Man in Bamboo Hat looked at Zhang Han from the corner of his eyes.

He was shocked at the attack intensity and Zhang Hans indifference to the other people and their lives.

These two factors made the Man in Bamboo Hat, who had been making trouble in the west, confused.


The sound, accompanied by the smoke floating out of Halan Princes forehead, once again attracted the Man in Bamboo Hats attention.


He took a breath, feeling cold shivers running up his spine.

His eyes were fixed on Halan Prince.

The chilling sound lasted for five seconds and then a heavy, dull sound came from Halan Princes body.


Crack, crack, crack!

Halan Princes bones seemed to shatter and then remolded.

His body height was raised again, from two meters to two point three meters, two point five meters… and slowed down when he reached the height of three meters.

“Whats wrong with our ancestor”

The people on the roof of the back castle suddenly froze.

“Hes getting bigger.

Is this a breakthrough”

They did not know if they should be happy at this time.

They felt it was a little strange because this kind of promotion was given by the enemy to their ancestor.


All of a sudden, the wings behind Halan Prince broke apart and then a brand-new, five-meter set of wide wings appeared.

His hands and nails became sharp weapons.

His fangs grew longer and his face became even more wrinkled.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

All of a sudden, Halan Prince burst into laughter.

“This is the real Earth Realm.

At this time, I am the real prince of the vampires! I am too strong.

My power, mantra and speed seem to have reached the extreme level.

This feeling is so wonderful.

Zhang Hanyang, you will pay for your behavior.

Now, I want to kill you.

It only takes two seconds.

One second to break the mantra and one second to kill you!”


The eyes of the Warlord of Chan Clan and the others trembled, because they too felt the energy intensity and fluctuation from Halan Prince, which were too strong!


But as soon as they became a little nervous, Zhang Han said, “Yes.”

His tone was as flat as water, “Wait a second and you will say it is enough, ah.”

Zhang Han smiled and thrust his right hand forward at random.


Suddenly, thousands of red silk threads appeared on the blood colored cover, which converged into Halan Princes body before the others could even blink.

Zhang Han explained with practical actions.

It was time for them to wake up.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Halan Princes Qi rose straight up and his power which was frightening, scattered in all directions.

At the back, his own clansmen were suppressed and forced to sprawl on the ground.

None of them dared to raise his or her head.

His Qi was truly horrible.

“Not enough, not enough! Come again!”

“Ha ha! Zhang Hanyang, if I break through again, I will promote you to be a king!”

Halan Prince had lost his mind and he was totally immersed in this incredible gain in strength.

“Both the sky and this land will be under my rule.

Halan, the prince of vampire, will dominate the world.

And you, Zhang Hanyang, you will only be second to me! Ha ha ha, not enough! Go on!”

Puff, puff, puff…

Halan Prince started gasping for breath.

He felt pain all over his body, as if he had been blown apart by too much stuff.

“I can bear it.

Go on! Dont stop!”

Seeing this scene, Zhang Hans companions, including the Warlord of Chan Clan, were stunned.

“What is he doing”

“Why is he helping his enemy”

They could not understand it.

Hearing Halan Princes words, Zhang Han smiled and replied, “As you wish.”


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zhang Hans engagement ring on his ring finger lit up slightly and five holy objects appeared.

In the northern ice field, he acquired 12 holy objects.

It was not only a Dangerous Land, but also a land filled with terrifying treasures.

However, the consumption of sacred objects, along with the improvement of Zhang Hans strength, had also speeded up.


The first holy object fell on the blood colored cover, providing some special energy.

It soon converged into Halan Princes body.

The second, the third… The fifth.

After Halan Prince absorbed a lot of strong energy, his face turned a little ferocious.



“Enough! I dont need any more energy!


“Ah ah ah ah!”

Suddenly, at Halan Princes feet, a faint blue flame began to burn.


Zhang Han snapped his fingers and colors reappeared in Halan Princes eyes.

There was fear on his face and he was depressed.

His eyes were fixed on Zhang Hanyang and his voice was low and hoarse.

“Your mantra… Is invincible in the world.”

“Its unheard of.

Ive lost the battle, but I wont do you any good!”


Prince Harans eyes shone, but his body did not move amidst his roars.

“You want to blow yourself up in front of me Its too late.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly, “You have a saying that is right.

My mantra is incomparable in this world.

I can also tell you that your body essence, flesh and everything will be refined into a drop of real blood essence of a vampire.”

Everyone present was stunned at Zhang Hans words.

Gai Xingkong and all the others opened their eyes wide.

“My gosh! Zhang Han refined Halan Prince into a drop of blood”

“Whats that method”

The rest of the Halan Clan members slowly raised their heads, but they were too weak to stand up.

They were almost scared to death.


The Man in Bamboo Hat behind Prince Haran was frightened when he heard Zhang Hans words.

“Can self explosion be stopped I dont believe it.”

He did not dare to watch the battle any longer.

The fierce man in front of him had just refined Halan Prince.

Why was he still looking at this direction Would he be refined later

However, he did not even have the qualification to be refined by Zhang Han.


The Man in Bamboo Hat roared internally and suddenly found that in this blood cover, he could not control his Qi and blood to detonate his meridian and dantian before he died.

“Its horrible!”

The Man in Bamboo Hats body trembled and a short sword appeared in his right hand.

He felt that he could not delay any more, but just as he was about to move, he found that thousands of blood threads suddenly appeared on the blood cover and bounded him so tightly that he could not move at all!

In just a few seconds…

Halan Prince screamed incessantly.

When his head was burning, he looked at Zhang Han with hatred and yelled at him, “Zhang Hanyang!”


His voice was like thunder rolling in all directions.

That was his last sentence.


With a dull sound, Halan Prince no longer existed.

Only a palm-sized, crystal clear drop of red blood was left!

This drop of blood emitted the Qi of a divine object.

The Man in Bamboo Hats eyes turned blood red after he saw it, showing his desire for it.

Zhang Han waved his right hand and the drop of blood came into his own pocket.


“Its your turn.” Zhang Han looked at the Man in Bamboo Hat who could not get any benefits.


In the face of the crisis, the Man in Bamboo Hat suddenly laughed: “You cant kill me, Zhang Hanyang.

Although you are strong, my soul will not die and my body will never die.

There is enough duplication of my body that you will not be able to find them all at the same time.

When I appear next time, you will be killed!”

Zhang Han did not reply to his cruel speech, but looked at Gai Xingkong.

“Uncle Gai, you can kill him twice, once the flesh, once the soul.

When his soul is killed, it will be the real death for him.”


“Okay.” Gai Xingkong showed a ferocious smile at the corners of his mouth and there was hatred in his eyes.

He held a Dragon-tiger spear and flew to the blood cover.

After he arrived, a gap opened in the blood cover and when he went in, the blood curtain closed again.

“Its time to pay off your debt of blood, Man in Bamboo Hat!”

Gai Xingkongs words were filled with hate.

It was as if all the accumulated burden and hatred of the years were contained in this simple sentence.


The Dragon-tiger spear was thrust slowly into the Man in Bamboo Hats chest.


With a slight sound, the body of the Man in Bamboo Hat could not bear the power of the Dragon-tiger spear and was instantly destroyed.


“You… You can never kill me!” After his last sentence, the Man in Bamboo Hat controlled a little energy in his body and accelerated the decomposition.


The bamboo hat turned into a sort of light, which dissipated slowly along with his body.

A gust of wind blew and nothing could be seen on the field.


There was a flash of light in Zhang Hans eyes.

The blood color suddenly covered the whole area and a transparent shadow appeared and then many blood colors turned into ropes, which bound the shadow firmly.

It was the soul of the Man in Bamboo Hat!


Gai Xingkong gathered a mass of spiritual sense energy into the tip of his spear and stabbed angrily at the soul.

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle!


It seemed that the Man in Bamboo Hat was about to shout, but no sound emerged.

The shadow gradually faded and finally disappeared.

“Lets go.” the aged martial artist said.

With a wave of his right hand, Zhang Han gathered a great deal of spiritual force and formed a hundred-meter long hand with the combination of the blood cover.


He slapped in the direction of the castle.

All the buildings, along with Harro and the other family members, were destroyed.

In the face of this scene, the expressions of the Warlord of Chan Clan and the others did not change.

It was the most basic and simple truth to eliminate the root causes and leave no room for future trouble.

Gai Xingkong floated by silently.

He used to hate the Man in Bamboo Hat.

But when he finally got his revenge, he found that he was still not happy.

It was the thought of his family members, the relief after the end of this matter and the pressure he vented and so on, which made everything complicated.

He felt a little empty.

But the feeling did not last for long.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!”

A series of muffled noises came from behind.

When everyone looked back, they saw dozens of huge warheads flying toward the battlefield.

After rising into the sky, they were like fireworks, turning into thousands of small warheads, like a meteor shower, covering the surrounding area and leaving no blind spots.

In the face of such a majestic attack, the Warlord of Chan Clan could not resist all of them.

This was the horror of modern weapons.

“Can you block him Hold him off for ten seconds and we can escape.”

Ji Wushuang looked at Zhang Han.

They all knew that only Zhang Han understood the powerful moves which had such wide coverage.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!”

A second round of attack was launched by the enemy.

Obviously, Zhang Han would not let anyone off.

“If I try my best, I can only block about 30 percent of the attacks.” Chen Changqing shook his head slightly.

“We are subject to 70% of the attack, so it will be a very difficult problem which will last for quite some time.

Brother Han, do you have any solution”

“Yes,” Zhang Han responded.

Zhang Han turned around slightly.


The suffocating spiritual sense of energy swept toward the direction of the distant fighters.

One kilometer, two kilometers, five kilometers, ten kilometers, twenty kilometers…

These fighters were about 25 kilometers away and Divine-Realm martial artists could not cover such s distance instantly.

But they had the most advanced unmanned reconnaissance aircraft and everything could be explored.

But they did not expect that before their first round of attack arrived…


All the missiles that were fired detonated at a high altitude, as if they had turned into real fireworks.

At this moment, the earth was illuminated.

“Who gave the order! Why did they detonate before they reached the destination”

The commander was furious.

As soon as he finished speaking, his body trembled, his eyesight faded and he fell to the ground and stopping breathing.

This happened to all the fighters.

At the moment their missiles exploded, all the fighters dropped and crashed rapidly.


“Lets go.” Zhang Han said and took the lead to fly to the city where their plane landed.

At the same time, in the combat readiness room of a theater.

The picture on the screen was a scene of the plane crash.


The screen turned white.

The commanders face darkened.

“Sir, they were 25.4 kilometers away from their destination just now.

Before the crash, Zhang Hanyang sent out something with an intensity as high as 99900 MSXSAD.

He was able to threaten the area within 30 miles!”

“What did you say”


The commander slammed the table, “Tell the Fire Troop to stop those damned villains!”

However, before the order was given…

All of a sudden, a rush of footsteps sounded at the door.

Seeing the leading person, the commander quickly stood up to salute him, and his face changed.

He was confronted with a stern question.

“Who told you to send out Shadow Hunters Forty fighters.

Do you know how much were going to lose Not just money! All the elite who have been trained for many years! It was you who killed them!”


A loud slap in the face.


The handsome man pointed to the commanders nose and roared angrily, “Do you know that we are going to be the biggest laughing stock in the world! Do you know how much pressure we have to face Why should we intervene in the affairs of the martial artists Did you get benefits from Fagus Take him away!”

Several people behind him took the ashen faced commander out.

As a matter of fact, many people could imagine that some high-level leaders acquiesced the dispatch of elite troops.

However, the collapse of the Halan family and the death of Fagus made these people feel nervous.

There were always some people to be held accountable.

As it happened, this handsome man was one of them.

Otherwise, he would not be so angry.

Fortunately, his position was high enough.

Despite the losses incurred, he was still safe.

Some people would be taken away for trial.

No matter what happened on the other side…

Zhang Han and his four companions flew all the way back.

When they got to the airport…

Zhang Han shook his head and said, “They are afraid of us.”


“Thats the right choice.” The Warlord of Chan Clan sighed and said, “In fact, Fagus and the other officials should not have come.

Just like Ye Tianlang, not intervening was the wisest choice.

Once they intervene in our matters, it will only become more and more intense.

However, it is rare to see someone make a comeback like you.”

The Warlord of Chan Clan rarely praised others, but he admired Zhang Han so much.


After hearing this, Chen Changqing laughed happily, “Ha ha ha, my Brother Han is unique in the world!”

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