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“How did he obtain more than 20,000 points” Ye Tianlang felt somewhat confused since he failed to figure out what Zhang Han had exchanged for.

“A divine weapon

“The Roaring flame saber”

He should not even have gained 10,000 points.

How did he get the remaining 10,000 points

Did he exchange two other divine objects for these points He had not heard that Zhang Han took any divine objects from his mountain with him.

How did he gain so many points with other treasures

Everyone present was puzzled about these questions.

Although they were all surprised, they did not ask Zhang Han in detail but just talked over their points.

After all, the objects in exchange for points were private.

Everyone looked at each other and burst into laughter all of a sudden.

“Brother Han, youre so awesome.”

Chen Changqing gave Zhang Han a thumbs-up.

“You do surprise us at any time.” Rong Jiaxin smiled sweetly as her eyes were filled with pride.

Gai Xingkong looked around for a few seconds and said with a smile, “Lets go upstairs now.

Its time to exchange for treasures.”

So, all of them walked inside.

More than 20 people, who were looking on, were all dumbfounded after hearing what these people said here.

“Did I mishear Did he get over 20,000 points Wow, getting more points when the gate of the small world opens than usual is completely groundless.

Look, Zhang Han got more than 20,000 points, didnt he”

“He is so ruthless that he deserves to be calledMerciless Zhang.

He makes remarkable achievements in every field.”

Hearing these comments, Chen Changqing and his companions shook their heads, smiling.

Zhang Han kept calm and did not say anything, for he certainly would not feel proud of himself.

He just got over 20,000 points.

If such a number had impressed Zhang Han, he would have directly gained points by exchanging the thunder yang tree and the Thunder Yang Flower.

If so, even the powerful sects in the worldlet might not be able to surpass him.

It was undeniable that the thunder yang tree was of significant power.

He saw plenty of people looking at the display cabinets on the second floor.

Each small box, placed in the cabinets, contained the treasure matching with the corresponding floor.

The second floor, as the starting point, stored Profound-grade treasures and the first-stage spirit treasures, so only a small number of people, about one-third of the total, stopped here.

The second floor seemed to cover an area of 500 square meters, on which placed various display cabinets.

The large one in the corner was more than three meters high.

After glancing around, Zhang Han knew that these first-stage spirit treasures were just a small part of the treasures chosen to exhibit.

Some of them were of low quality, while the good ones were piled up disorderly as well.

Of course, once a martial artist was promoted to a Qi Strength Master, the first-stage spirit treasures would become less useful for him.

Therefore, the people here were just wandering around.

Since the Heavenly Treasure School would open for a day, they had hours to broaden their horizons here.

“Lets go upstairs,” Gai Xingkong said.

They came here with the purpose of exchanging for the holy objects, the Divine Objects, or the Heaven-grade treasures that were helpful for themselves.

But there stood more people on the third floor than on the second one.

Those who just came here to watch the fun or who had obtained a few points among the group led by Zhang Han stayed.

The rest of them kept going upstairs and saw more people on the fourth floor, where stored a variety of Heaven-grade treasures.

Among them, some were of great use.

The stairs to the fifth floor were on the innermost side.

Zhang Han and the others heard a lot of remarks in the crowd while walking along the way.

“This Tang sword looks really fantastic and is extremely sharp.

Considering that its integration degree with spiritual force reaches 30%, I decide to use my points in exchange for it because its capable of helping make qualitative improvement in a battle.”

“Thats true.

This sword looks very cool and stylish.

Leaving aside its power, its appearance is suitable for me instead of you…”

“This Triple Grass is one of the main ingredients in refining the Qi-replenishing Pellets.

Its a pity that the Heavenly Elixir Sect was destroyed.

I had an acquaintance with their Protector Niu, who only had served as a protector for less than a month and once bragged to me.

However, I didnt expect that Merciless Zhang ruined the Heavenly Elixir Sect.

Its totally beyond my imagination.

Now, we can only wait until the gate of the worldlet opens if we want the medicinal pellet, for merely a few people know how to refine elixirs.”

“Hush, keep your voice down.

Here are Merciless Zhang and his companions.”

Under peoples gaze, Zhang Han and his companions came to the end of the room as others chatted.

The number of people planning to go to the fifth floor suddenly declined.

Even Zhao Feng, Rong Jiaxin, Wang Ming stayed on the fourth floor.

That was because only people with at least 450 points were accessible to the fifth floor.

At the entrance of the stairs stood a black-robed puppet who was responsible for guarding this place.

Those who went upstairs did not need to show their tokens because it could sense whether their points were enough.

If not, it would reach out to stop them.

Zhang Han, Jiang Yanlan, Chen Changqing, Ye Tianlang, and Ji Wushuang all reached the fifth floor.

They saw relatively few people on the fifth floor, some of whom were familiar with them.

Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou, some elders with calm looks, and about five or six young men were in sight.

They were all well-qualified martial artists, whose aura was almost the same as that of Ye Longyuan.

They, however, had never shown up in public before.

In the era when the gate of the small world closed, they did not intend to fight for anything.

They glanced at Zhang Han and Chen Changqing several times.

Although they were somewhat afraid, they did not care about them very much.

“The appearance of the worldlet forebodes the grand occasion of martial arts.

The current era, namely the Ruling Era, is just a joke.” A majority of them thought so.

“Zhang Hanyang!” Suddenly, an extremely angry voice sounded.


Many people turned their heads and saw Mu Xu being surrounded by traces of evil spirit.

“You actually dared to sell my Demon Dancing Sword!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a lot of people nearby were a little stunned.

They heard that Zhang Han had robbed Mu Xueof her Demon Dancing Sword.

In fact, they subconsciously considered that perhaps Zhang Hanyang would apologize to Mu Xues father, namely the head of the Luo Fu Sword sect in the end after the gate of the small world opened.

They, however, had never expected that Zhang Han actually sold the Demon Dancing Sword before the worldlet came into being.

They wondered if he wanted to fight against the Luo Fu Sword sect.

Admittedly, Leader Mu of the Luo Fu Sword sect was very protective of his families and disciples.

But Zhang Han just glanced at her coldly and then reminded her, “Even if I sold the Demon Dancing Sword, you still owe me 10,000 crystal stones.”

Hearing what he said, the other men all froze.

Even Mu Xue was stunned for a moment, but then she sneered and said, “Haha, Zhang Hanyang, youre so bold.

We, the Luo Fu Sword sect, can only get 80,000 to 100,000 crystal stones in a year.

How dare you ask us to give you one-tenth of them Well, Ill ask my father to meet you in person in a few days.”


The elders present, who had seen Leader Mus movements, all gasped.

They were afraid that Zhang Hanyang would be defeated in the face of Leader Mu, though his strength was terrifying.

Zhang Han frowned slightly and ignored her.

He did not give any response, but someone else did.

Jiang Yanlan glanced at Mu Xue.

She said, “The Luo Fu Sword sect supporting you are indeed powerful, but perhaps Zhang Hanyangs backer is much more formidable than yours.”


Both Shi Fenghou and Ye Longyuan sensed something in a twinkling of an eye.

Even Mu Xue felt a little stunned.

Did Zhang Hanyang have a powerful background

It stood a good chance!

After all, not everyone was so talented in martial arts, let alone the overwhelming strength Zhang Hanyang owned.

At this moment, the hall fell silent.

Jiang Yanlan stopped speaking but kept going with Zhang Han, intending to check everything here in detail.

But in fact, among this group, only Zhang Han was qualified to go to the sixth floor.

After all, 5,000 was not a small number.

Peace was finally restored in the hall again.

A majority of people were looking at the dazzling Divine-stage treasures in the display cabinets.

As for Ye Longyuan, he subconsciously thought that Zhang Hanyang was afraid of him since he did not find his Golden Armor after walking around.

Mu Xue was supported by her father.

But Ye Longyuan, as the Devil Incarnate, was so confident about his strength because he improved it through successive battles.

“Haha.” Ye Longyuan glanced at Mu Xue and sneered.

However, when he was about to burst into laughter…


A familiar sneer rang out nearby.

Ye Longyuan frowned and looked over.

He saw Shi Fenghou looking at him with a sneer.


As Ye Longyuan was about to say something, Shi Fenghou took two steps slowly to the side.

On the left of the showcase behind him placed the shining Golden Armor.


Ye Longyuans expression froze.

He walked over with vigorous strides to take a look.

“My God, the Golden Armor values 613 points.”

Damn it!

Ye Longyuan got angry in an instant.

He happened to have 613 points, so there was something fishy behind this standard!

Did the store bully the guests

Ye Longyuan had the urge to make trouble, but his facial muscles trembled as he caught sight of the black-robed puppet beside the stairs.

At this time, he also thought of the masters in the Earth Realm being killed here because they created a disturbance.

“Are you going to use your points in exchange for it If not, please get out of the way!” Shi Fenghou said while sneering.

“Get lost!”

Ye Longyuan gritted his teeth and put the token, presenting 613 points, on the treasure.


With the light flickering, the Golden Armor slowly floated out.

Ye Longyuan immediately grabbed it, looking at Zhang Hanyang in anger and saying, “Youll repay a hundred-fold one day!”

The next moment, he walked to the stairs in rage, planning to leave.

He glanced at Shi Fenghou before he left.

“You dont have to be sarcastic.

In fact, even if youre sold, you cannot get 20,000 crystal stones.” Ye Longyuan left without any hesitation after saying that.

As for Shi Fenghou, he felt a little embarrassed as he recalled what Zhang Hanyang had said to him in the past, “You are so poor that you dont even have a Divine Object.

So you owe me 20,000 crystal stones!”

“Im rich”

Shi Fenghou looked at Zhang Han beside him again.

At this point, Mu Xue also exchanged all her points for the Demon Dancing Sword, which infuriated her.

She, however, could not lose her temper.

Besides, she could not defeat Zhang Han now!

Under many peoples different gazes, Zhang Han looked around and went straight to the stairs inside.

“What Does he have more than 5,000 points”

Mu Xue and Shi Fenghou were somewhat stunned, while the others also gave up checking the treasures in front of them but looked at him.

They saw Zhang Han walking up leisurely and the black-robed puppet directly let him go!

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