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Chapter 71 – Cant even defeat Zhang Han dog

Yu Qingqing and the others discussed for a while, and decided to follow Zhang Han to the Mount New Moon.

As for Zhang Han, he had just given Mengmeng a casual outfit which is suitable for playing, when his phone rang.

He took out the phone and saw that it was from Zhang Li.

“Bro, Ill go to your place at seven or eight oclock tomorrow night.

Ill go shopping with a few colleagues during the day.” Zhang Li said.


“You have to prepare delicious food for me that night.

Let me try if your cooking is a kitchen killer or not, huh.” Zhang Li said with a smile.

“I will prepare a sumptuous dinner for you tomorrow.

Oh right, Mengmengs mother is coming back tomorrow, she will arrive at 10 oclock at night.

Lets eat dinner together then.” Zhang Han said.

“Is that so” Zhang Li was slightly surprised: “Then its just the right time for me to see my sister-in-law.

You didnt tell you about her the last time I asked you, and you made it so mysterious.

Im going to see for myself just who became my sister-in-law and who gave birth to such a cute girl as Mengmeng.”

“Shes not your sister-in-law yet, so say anything like that in front of her.”

Zhang Han answered.

He didnt care, he just didnt know what Zi Yan was thinking.

“Oh, I understand.

Then can you tell me who she is” Zhang Li asked curiously.

“Youll know when we meet tomorrow.” Zhang Han said as his phone vibrated.

A call came in.

So, Zhang Han hung up the phone, looked at his phone, and it was Zi Yan who called.

Zhang Han picked it up.

“Zhang Han.”


“You didnt buy that colorful painting brush for Mengmeng, right” Zi Yan went straight to the point.


“well behaved.” Zi Yan said with a slight smile.

Zhang Hans expression stiffened, feeling speechless.

“Then Ill go shopping.

I wont be talking to you anymore.

Bye bye.” With that, Zi Yan hung up the phone.

Even she herself did not know that the tone of her conversation with Zhang Han had changed greatly.

It had to be known that she had an ice-cold appearance to the outsiders, like an ice goddess.

She never really smiled, and only when she felt close to someone, would she take off her ice-cold disguise.

However, Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Carrying Mengmeng downstairs, the four were already fully equipped and ready to go.

“Lets go…” Mengmeng waved her arm and cheered.

“Lets go.”

Liang Mengqi said while smiling.

After leaving the house, they drove for ten minutes before arriving at Mount New Moon.

There was no doubt, other than Liang Mengqi, the other three people had the same surprising expression.

“Aowu …”

Upon seeing the newcomer, little blacks eyes lit up and ran over like a ferocious tiger.

It opened its mouth, revealing sharp fangs, and looked at Zhao Feng fiercely.

This was because it could feel a ruthless aura from Zhao Fengs body.

Zhao Fengs muscles also tensed up.

He frowned and stared at Little Black, feeling that it was somewhat inconceivable, because he actually felt a trace of threat from Little Blacks body!


He was just a dog after all!

There was astonishment deep within Zhang Hans eyes.

It was one thing when Zhao Feng was strong since he was an expert.

However, why did the his dog have the aura of a powerful expert

“Zhang Han, this dog …” Zhao Dahu swallowed his saliva, feeling a little afraid.

“Little black, Mengmeng has missed you.

Have you thought about Mengmeng”

Mengmeng twisted in Zhang Hans embrace, after seeing this, he laughed and placed Mengmeng on the ground, then she ran to little black.

After running two steps, because of the hurried footsteps, Mengmeng stumbled and almost fell to the ground.

“Aooo …” “Oh, oh!”

Little black was so scared that its whole body trembled, and it could not care less about acting cool, its body quickly jumped up.

When Mengmeng fell down, she fell on Little blacks stomach as usual.

“Huff …” “Huff …” Little Black heaved a sigh of relief.

This scene caused the muscles on Zhao Fengs face to tremble.

‘What the hell

Zhao Feng was a little shocked.

He felt that Little Blacks speed just now was inconceivable.

How could it became so fast in an instant This meant that little blacks legs were very strong, otherwise, it wouldnt be able to provide such speed!

“Haha …” Little black… Come on, lets go over there and play with the dogs.

” Mengmeng stood up, patted little blacks head, and then took little black to where the other dogs were.

“Hmph, how is it Isnt this beautiful Seeing how all of you are staring, its so embarrassing, hehe, Im going over there to play too.

” Liang Mengqi ran and jumped as she chased after Mengmeng.

Zhao Feng looked at her lively figure again and again.

Seeing so many pet dogs, Yu Qingqing and Zhao Dahu also ran over while laughing.

“Zhang Han, I really admire you from the bottom of my heart.” Zhao Feng shook his head and sighed, then asked: “Was this all built by you”


“How long did it take to build such a big place” Zhao Feng asked curiously.

“A few days.” Zhang Han did not say that all of these modifications had only taken an hour.

“A few days…” Even so, Zhao Fengs expression still stiffened.

His eyes swept the surroundings, saying, “The environment here is really good.

So the ingredients we ate are all from here as well.

The organic food is really delicious.”

“organic” Zhang Han laughed softly, and said: “This place is way more complex than that.”

“Could it be … What is the secret ” Zhao Feng squinted his eyes.

In the face of Zhao Fengs question, Zhang Han only indifferently shook his head.

On this piece of land, there were fifth-stage spirit treasure s, second-stage spirit treasures, first stage pure Yang spirit treasure.

Water, first grade spirit treasure meat.

Team grass.

Rank one spirit treasure, rank one Jade-fire dew.

There were also spirit water, spiritual earth, and pleasant smell grass.

With so many treasures gathered on this piece of land, how could it be normal


Zhao Feng sighed once again.

He didnt know if it was because that Zhang Han created this spectacular place, or if it was because of the fatherly love.

No matter what it was, Zhang Hans image in Zhao Fengs heart grew a little taller.

“Zhang han, your place is so good, why arent you taking care of it” “Sometimes, it would be a pity if a mountain climber were to come here and destroy it a little.” Zhao Feng said with some doubt.

“we have got Little Black” Zhang Han pursed his lips at Xiao Hei, and said: “As long as it exists, there wont be any problems with this territory.

Its the little butler here, and is in charge of guarding and protecting my gate.”

“It …” Zhao Feng was startled for a moment, and then smiled with relief: “Boss, where did you get this dog This dog is really something, I actually felt a bit of a threat from him.

“Threats” Zhang Han shook his head slightly, and said: “You really might not be able to defeat it.”

After the transformation, the quality of Little blacks body had become extremely good.

If Zhao Feng did not use any blades and spears, Zhang Han would think that he would lose in a battle, but with a weapon, no matter how strong Little Blacks body was, he would not be able to stop the attacks.

Even the current Zhang Han was unable to do so.

“This …” Zhao Feng shook his head and laughed bitterly.

After Zhao Feng had interacted with Zhang Han, he realized that he was getting worse and worse.

In the bosss eyes, Zhao Feng could not even beat one of his bosss dog, if these words were to spread, it would cause a huge commotion!

‘Its not that Im getting worse, its that Zhang Han is too strong…

Zhao Feng shook his head and sighed.

But even so, Zhao Feng still liked to come to Zhang Hans restaurant.

The first reason was obviously because of the temptation of the food, and the second reason …

Just by looking at Zhao Fengs eyes that were gradually floating towards Liang Mengqi, one could tell that this fellow most likely had fallen in love with her.

Once a boy had a favorable impression of a girl, he would definitely try to get close to her.

After watching Mengmeng and the others play happily for a while, Zhang Han went to the farm land and dug up 4 big potatoes, 7 eggplants and some scallion flowers, and squeezed the milk properly.

After finishing all of these, Zhang Han returned to the thunder yang trees, and looked around at his surroundings.

“Do you smoke” Zhao Feng took out a box of Marlboro and lit one for Zhang Han.

Then, he lit one for himself.

“You built this place so well.” Zhao Feng praised once again.

“Is that so It will be better here in the future.

” Zhang Han smiled faintly.

The transformation of the Mount New Moon was only the beginning, and the second time would make the place different.

The third time would make the Mount New Moon into a fairyland.

“I believe in you.” Zhao Feng was deeply in agreement, but after that he changed the topic and said: “I came to Mount New Moon half a year ago, and at that time, this place was still a forest.

Zhang Han had created this place to be like this, if the people from the Bureau of Lands were to find out, it would be troublesome.”

After Zhang Han heard this, his gaze paused for a moment.

He lightly shook his head, and spoke with an unquestionable tone, with the aura of a king looking down at the world:

“Nobody can give orders in my, Zhang Hans territory”

Zhao Fengs fingers suddenly trembled, and he lowered his head slightly.

His eyes flickered, and for a moment, he was pressured by Zhang Hans imposing aura to the point that he was unable to breathe.

But thankfully, after Zhang Han finished speaking, the aura also dissipated.

His gaze landed on the large fish pond, and he said:

“What are the more delicious fish kinds”

“Fish” Zhao Feng was slightly stunned, but after thinking for a moment, he answered: There are a lot of different kinds, such as grass carp, silver carp, green carp, carp, three scales, crucian carp, etc.

I usually eat three scales, and also mud loach.

There are also sea fishes, such as yellow croaker, sardines, eels, fish, black fish, all of them are pretty good, in short, if the fish is cooked well, I think they are all very delicious, and I even ate a puffer fish once, and the taste was very good, but the puffer fish are very poisonous, and they have very strict requirements on hand, and there is also the sayingeat puffer fish to the death, there are too many types of fish, I still have many that I havent tasted before.

Zhao Feng explained everything he knew about fish.


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