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Chapter 710 The Arrival

Since they had been in contact with Zhang Han, they had seen Zhang Han perform sorcery, demonstrate the cultivation method of all eight drought demonic dragon, cast his excellent fighting skills, display his almost flawless alchemy without accidental explosions, set up mysterious arrays, and work his dreamy body movements.

And now he even knew talismans

How could a person have such a broad knowledge Even if he obtained a heaven-defying martial arts heritage of predecessors, if he wanted to perform the skills with proficiency, he still needed a high-level faculty of understanding.

How could he have comprehended so much

Heading out with their numb brains, all the people present fixed their eyes unfalteringly on Zhang Han.

They felt that even a talent was supposed to have an upper limit on his talents.

Zhang Han was obviously no longer just a talent.

As to the talents from small worlds or so, such as Shi Fenghou, his most impressive feature was his speed.

Even Zhang Han admitted that his full speed might be faster than his current speed.

Mu Xue, the female demon, also practiced all kinds of secret skills of the Luo Fu Sword sect.

She specialized in swordsmanship.

While Ye Longyuan, the Devil Incarnate, could be said to be an expert of the soul.

However, since he had not reached the Divine Realm yet, the power he could exert on the secret skills of the sect was limited.

Emperor Qings practice was centered on his Qing Dragon blood.

And Gai Xingkong specialized in spear techniques…

Most practitioners were focused on one kind of kung fu and gained a certain degree of mastery, which made them famous all over the world.

But when it came to Zhang Hans case, his array skill was much more powerful than that of the Mystical Fog Sect; the Heavenly Elixir Sect had no way to catch up with him in terms of alchemy; his body movements and secret skills were all top-notch.

It indeed made the others sort of speechless.

They didnt know what to say to express their thoughts.

Stupefied, they just followed the crowd to the big yard in front of the main residence.

Zhang Han looked at a round flower bed with a radius of more than 30 meters.

He approached it, waved his right hand, and many petals flew all over the sky before turning into powder.

Then Zhang Han took out another blue-red stone, which was a Heaven-grade treasure.

He crushed it and flung the pieces forward.


The stone chips and the petal powder blended together, giving off a faint light.

“There are many kinds of ways to draw a Seven-star Controlling Talisman, and I only know three of them.

Ill leave them here for you to study.

As for how much you can understand in the end, it depends on your comprehension.

Ill assist you with the Azure Rainbow Stone, and the picture of the talismans can be preserved for a year.

During the year, you should be able to learn these talismans by heart.”

“Good, good, good.” Leader Qi, who was standing next to Zhang Han, nodded repeatedly.

The others didnt make any comments.

They were rather quiet, for they didnt want to disturb Zhang Han.


The petal powder and the Azure Rainbow Stone merged into a stream of light, slowly falling on the flower bed as if a silk thread was constantly rotating around it, gradually forming a very complicated mark.

“I forgot it!”

Leader Qi widened his eyes to watch the process.

All of a sudden, he found that it was dazzling.


Even Ma Di, who was beside him, covered his eyes, tears brimming at the corners of his eyes.

It was not that he was taking the crude excuse of “what he saw was an eyesore”, but that he had suffered suppression when using his mind and consciousness to observe it.

Not everyone could come to study this talisman as long as they liked.

Sect Leader Qi, however, managed to keep watching the flow, but he could not memorize a thing!

“Dont rush.”

At this, Zhang Han smiled and said, “You can see it later.

When the talismans are done, all you need to do is to use 80% of the soul sense and 20% of the spiritual force and gather them to draw the talismans.”

While Zhang Han was speaking, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he pressed on Leader Qis shoulder with his right fingers.

He was passing on the secret techniques to him.

Most of the talismans were made by integrating the soul sense with the talisman paper as if one were creating a world.

The skill required sharp comprehension.

Yet, Zhang Han was aware that the talismans he taught them were not very high-end, so the steps of drawing them were much simpler.

“This is the first one.

“The second one.

“The third one.”

Zhang Han waved his fingers and drew three curves on the left side of the flower bed.

He drew the curves so fast that the others all thought they could not grasp them.

But then, when the talismans took shape, some spots of light glittered in the curves.

Like a cultivation method running in meridians, the spots of light moved along the patterns, showing the others the complete route over and over again.

“Oh, thats good.

Thats good.”

Leader Qi let out a long breath of relief.

He knew very well that he couldnt remember them even if he looked at them twice.

He probably wouldnt be able to memorize the curves even if he observed them eight or ten times.

“The talismans are highly enigmatic.”

Soon, Sect Leader Qi was absorbed by the patterns.

“The Yin and Yang Holy Talisman consists of the Sinister Yin Talisman and Profound Yang Talisman.

Of the two, the Sinister Yin Talisman is used to defend against some soul attacks, while the Profound Yang Talisman is developed to fend off external forces.

I dont know much about that, so I wont go further into it.

You can comprehend it yourself,” Zhang Han remarked.

Then, he sent streams of light into the flower bed.

Eventually, they converged into two very complicated talismans.

Having watched the last part, Leader Qi also felt dizzy.

He shook his head and said, “I dont think one should stare at it for a long time, am I right”

“Mmm,” Zhang Han nodded and said, “Its normal to feel a little uncomfortable, but its good to carry on a bit, as long as you dont overexert yourself too much.”

“Okay, got it.” Leader Qi made a hold fist salute to Zhang Han and said seriously, “Thank you for your instructions, Mr.


“Youre welcome.

This is what you deserve.

If I come across any treasures suitable for you in the future, I will be back.” Zhang Han shook his head with a smile, looked at his watch, and added, “Its getting late.

Were going back to Hong Kong.”

“Youre leaving so soon You should stay for a night and let me entertain you, ” said Sect Leader Qi in a haste.

“Exactly, Senior Zhang.

Ive prepared a lot of wild animals for dinner.” Ma Di urged him to stay sincerely.

In fact, his way of addressing Zhang Han was a little funny.

Nowadays, most of the outsiders called Zhang Han Mr.

Zhang or Zhang Hanyang.

Those who were familiar with him called him Zhang Han, Brother Han, or Boss.

The elders just referred to him by Han.

However, it seemed that this was the first time that he had heard someone call him Senior.

“Thanks, but no need.”

Hearing the invitation, Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Maybe next time.”

Zhang Hans words moved many people, for it showed that the Heavenly Talisman Sect would get some benefits from Zhang Han in the future.

Of course, they were worthy of the reward.

Those present had a clear understanding of the battle that took place a few days ago after all.

Seeing Zhang Hans gesture of paying back the people he was in debt to, they also felt quite contented.

Leader Qi still wanted to persuade Zhang Han to stay as he not only hoped to invite him to dinner but also hoped to further consult him about talismans.

When Chen Changqing saw this, he explained, “The gate of the worldlet may open tomorrow.

We have to go back and make some preparations.”

“I see!” Leader Qi was taken aback for a moment.

Then, he said, “Since the gate of the worldlet is about to open, you really need to prepare for it.

In this case, Mr.

Zhang, Emperor Qing, and everyone else, I wont keep you here.

If you need anything in the future, just let me know.”

Sometimes “friendship” was like this.

At first, it started because of a favor or something else.

And when they came into contact with each other and found that they shared the same values and dreams, they got closer to each other.

So Zhang Han went to the back mountain and played with Mengmeng for several minutes.

Then, they went down the mountain and got on the plane.

Back in Hong Kong, Mengmeng was even happier.

The little girl was holding three dolls.

One was a cartoon gorilla, which was for Dahei.

One was a black cartoon dog, which was for Little Hei.

The last was a penguin, which was for Tiny Tot.

“Big Heihei, Little Heihei, and Tiny Tot, Im back!” Mengmeng called as soon as she ran to the thunder yang tree.

“Woof, woof, woof!”


“Coo, coo…”

Little Hei was the first to hurry over to Mengmeng, who was followed by Dahei and Tiny Tot, who shuffled over.

“Do you miss Mengmeng”



“Coo, coo.”

“I missed you, too.

Ive brought each of you a gift.

Look, this is for Big Heihei.

This is for Little Heihei.

And this is for Tiny Tot.

Oh! Tiny Tot, why is there so much oil on you”

When Mengmeng handed the gift to Tiny Tot, she found that the hair in front of it was covered with oil stains.

Dahei and Little Hei looked embarrassed.

“Well, its my fault.”

Dahei moved its lips.

Recently, Tiny Tots appetite for meat was too good.

This time, it took it an afternoon to roast a Kobe beef.

Yet, no sooner had the beef was cooked than Tiny Tot rushed over to have a bite.

Given its small size, how could it not get itself covered with oil stains

“Youre dirty, so I wont hold you in my arms,” Mengmeng pouted her cute mouth.

“Coo, coo.” Tiny Tot responded to Mengmeng with two barks, not understanding a word.

Anyway, its two big brothers barked like that, so it just imitated them.

Behind them, Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Ill just wipe it with a tissue.”

While speaking, Zhang Han took out a tissue and started to clean Tiny Tots fur until it became oil-free again.

“Let me see it.

The oil is gone! PaPa is the best.” Mengmeng giggled and patted Tiny Tot on the chest several times.

Then, she looked up at Dahei and yelled, “Throw me high!”

Soon the back mountain was once again filled with laughter.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were watching from the side.

“Are you going out tomorrow” Zi Yan inquired, leaning her head on Zhang Hans shoulder.

“Ill first wait for news.

There will be energy waves coming out before the gate of the worldlet opens.

When the waves appear, Captain Jiang will inform me of it.

Then, I will go there by plane.

This time, this time… it wont take long to get in.

Im just going to pick up my parents at the Heavenly Knights Sect.

You dont have to worry about my safety.

I can break through to the Innateness Stage at any time.

As for the safety of you two, I will refine some treasures tonight.

If danger emerges, I will quickly come to you by crossing the space gate just like what I did last time.”

Zhang Han told her everything on his mind.

However, at his words, Zi Yan pursed her sexy pink lips several times, her eyes filled with concern.

After about two seconds, she whispered, “Honey, Im scared.

I, Im already nervous now.

What should I do when your parents come back What if they dont like Mengmeng and me…”

That made Zhang Han at a loss whether to cry or to laugh.

He gently held Zi Yan in his arms and said softly, “Dont worry.

You can put your heart back to where it was.

They will surely like you and Mengmeng very much.

They will be very happy to see that Ive found such an excellent wife.

As to you, you just need to focus on how to encourage my parents to give you and Mengmeng precious gifts.

After all, their son has made you his wife…”

With Zhang Hans words, Zi Yan became much less uptight.

They then talked about what Zhang Hans parents liked, and Zhang Han also gave her some advice.

Mengmeng, on the other hand, was still an issue hard to handle.

After several rounds of prolonged explanations at night, the little girl finally agreed on PaPas decision of not taking her and MaMa with him to pick up her grandparents.

Anyway, it was good that she had been persuaded.

Zhang Han had thought that it would be very late the next day before some of the energy waves arrived.

But to his surprise, when he just began to have breakfast with Mengmeng and Zi Yan in the next morning, his phone rang.

It was Jiang Yanlan.

As he picked up the phone, he heard her speaking in a solemn tone.

“The gate is opening!”

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