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Chapter 715 Reuniting

“Theyre back!” Zi Yan was somewhat stunned and at a loss, so she asked subconsciously, “Did they come back with my husband”

She was vaguely aware that Zhang Han would definitely inform her if he came back with his parents so that she would be prepared, at least mentally prepared.

The news was too sudden.

After pondering for a while, she figured that they could not have returned together.

“Ah I have no idea.

I need to ask Changqing.” Zhou Fei sent a message to Chen Changqing in a hurry and eventually received a response, “No, they are by themselves.”


Zi Yan felt her ears buzzing so much that even the sound of her swallowing was magnified.

She was so nervous!

What should she do

At this moment, Rong Jiaxin and Zhang Li were also greatly surprised.

“Are my parents back Really Really My parents are back! Woo… Mom and dad.”

Zhang Li went out of control when she received the sudden news.

She ran quickly to the front mountain, weeping along the way.

“They are back… Lets go and have a look.”

Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Ming and some of the others also walked over rapidly.

Rong Jiaxin was overwhelmed by amazement, but she kept calm.

Seeing Zi Yan looking so anxious, she smiled, approached Zi Yan, held her right hand and said, “Yan, your parents-in-law are here at this time and its high time you met each other.

After that, you and Han can choose a day to get married.

Take it easy.

My sister and brother-in-law are very good natured.

Lets go.

Mengmeng, come here.

Your grandparents are coming.

Come quickly.”

When she heard Rong Jiaxins gentle voice, Zi Yan became less nervous and looked up and saw Mengmeng running to her, “MaMa, grandpa and grandma are back.

Is PaPa also back”

“Lets take a look first.” Zi Yan led the way, holding Mengmengs little hand.

They walked along the familiar roads, passed the familiar thunder yang tree.

When they got close to the destination, Zi Yans body stiffened a little.

Dong, dong…

She could feel her own heartbeat.

How anxious she was.

The closer they got, the more nervous she became!

“Aunt, am… am I dressed formally enough I am not even wearing any make up.

How about I go and put on some make-up and change my clothes first”

“Its okay.

Yan, you look so beautiful now.

You dont need to do that.” Rong Jiaxin knew that she was nervous because Zi Yans palms were covered with sweat.

She remembered that she was just as anxious when she came to see her parents-in-law for the first time.

As one who was experienced, she comforted her with a smile, “My sister and brother-in-law will definitely like you and Mengmeng.

The only thing you need to do is to be assured.

I want an excellent daughter-in-law like you, but I dont have a son.

Later, Ill introduce them to you.

You just stand next to me.”

“Okay, I see.

Thank you, aunt.”

Zi Yan nodded gently.

So, the two of them, Mengmeng and Zhou Fei walked together, followed by Dahei, Little Hei and Tiny Tot.

“Whoa, whoa Whoa, whoa”

“Did you hear that It seems that our hosts parents have come over.

Wed better wise up.”


“Coo, coo.”

The two of them echoed Dahei, who was considered the eldest brother among the spiritual beasts on Mount New Moon now.

If people from the outside world saw them and were aware of Tiny Tots background, they would have exclaimed, “Youre indeed an ancient demonic beast!”

When Zi Yan and her companions walked under the thunder yang tree, they caught sight of a large group of people surrounding the castle 50 meters away.

Zhang Li and a woman with a bamboo hat were crying as they hugged each other, while the man gently patted them on their shoulders to comfort them.

“Are they my husbands parents”

Zi Yan was stunned for a moment, but she did not show her true feelings.

Her mind went blank as a series of emotions went through her.

But after seeing them, she became less nervous.

“Lets go over.” Rong Jiaxin also smiled when she saw them.

Although she had a delighted expression, her eyes were filled with tears.

Family reunions were always happy and moving occasions.


Zi Yan pursed her lips and looked at her blue and white sportswear.

She did not think it was suitable, but she had no choice.

Even Mengmeng seemed to sense her anxiety, as she was very quiet at this point.

Her big bright eyes blinked and sized the two strangers up with curiosity.

The three of them came nearer to them.

Mengmeng felt as if she was encircled by a dignified atmosphere!

“MaMa.” The little girl said in a low voice.

She patted Zi Yans leg with her small hand and asked discreetly, “Why is auntie Lili crying Did she make a mistake and get punished”

“No, no, shes just… happy, crying with joy.” Zi Yan also replied in a low voice.

But most of the people present heard what she said clearly since they were martial artists.

Zhang Guangyou looked over.

He stared at Zi Yan for a few seconds and finally fixed his eyes on Mengmeng.

In fact, he was not even aware that the corners of his mouth were slightly raised.


Rong Jiaxin wiped her tears and brought Zi Yan to the front.

At this moment, Wang Zhanpeng and the others quickly made way for them.

“Long time no see.

Im going to introduce these two people beside me formally…”

“Mom, this is my sister-in-law and this is my niece.

My brother is married.

Theyre very nice and my sister-in-law is very kind to all of us.”

Zhang Li interrupted Rong Jiaxin, but she stopped weeping when she saw Mengmeng.

She introduced her with tears at the corners of her eyes.

“Mengmeng is also obedient.

My brother said that he would not hold a wedding until you came back.”

“Nice to meet you, Uncle Zhang and Auntie Rong.

Im Zi Yan… Im Zhang Hans wife.”

Zi Yan called them uncle and aunt since she was certainly too embarrassed to address them as mom and dad the first time they met each other.

“Great, great.” Rong Jiali quickly took off the white gauze bamboo hat and put it in Zhang Guangyous hand.

Everyone saw Rong Jialis appearance.

She was about 1.68 meters tall, shorter than Zi Yan, with long hair down to her shoulders and long black eyebrows.

Her eyes were not that big, but the gentle expression in them left an impression on others.

“Shes so beautiful and tall.

Its Hans fortune to marry you.” Rong Jiali held Zi Yans hands and sized her up with a smile.

Apart from anything else, she was extremely satisfied with Zi Yan.

She was an outstandingly beautiful lady.

“Mengmeng, youre so cute and good-looking.

Do you know who we are”

Then Rong Jiali hunkered down, staring at Mengmeng.


Mengmeng was stunned.

If it were in the past, she would have hidden behind Zi Yan shyly.

However, she was not afraid of strangers after living with Zhang Han for a long time.

She, at this point, blinked and said, “Youre grand…”

Did she want to say “grandma and grandpa”

“Wait, wait, wait!” But before she finished her sentence, Zhang Guangyou stretched out his hand to interrupt her all of a sudden.

Mengmeng froze and Zi Yans heart also skipped a beat.

She wondered if they were willing to accept Mengmeng and her.

Zi Yan had heard a lot of stories, about how not all the parents-in-law were easy to get along with.

Even the others looked at Zhang Guangyou in confusion, especially those who were familiar with him, including Rong Jiaxin, Wang Ming, Wang Zhanpeng and Chen Changqing.

They did not understand why Zhang Guangyou interrupted a kid though he appeared somewhat benevolent at this time.

But the next moment, they were suddenly enlightened and burst out laughing.

“Wait a minute.

Its the first time for us to meet each other and I will give you a gift before you address us as grandpa and grandma.

I need to select an excellent present.” Zhang Guangyou murmured, turning to take out several gifts from his Space Ring and choosing the best.

As he turned around, there was a small necklace in his hand.

The necklace, without a pendant, was made of silver.

It was not very beautiful, but Wang Zhanpeng and Chen Changqing were touched.

It was a defensive divine weapon!

He was worthy of the Young Master of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

How generous he was!

Under everyones gazes, Zhang Guangyou squatted and looked at Mengmeng with a smile, “Youre Zhang Yumeng, right”

“Yes, Im Mengmeng,” Mengmeng replied.

“Your father is Zhang Han.”

“Yes, my PaPa is indeed formidable.”

“Im your fathers father.”

“Youre my grandpa and grandma.”

“Thats right.

Today is the first time we are meeting each other and grandpa wants to give you a first-meeting gift.

That is, the necklace.

Let me put it on for you.”

Zhang Guangyou gave a heartfelt smile because of the family affection.

After all, blood was thicker than water.

However, they were not familiar with each other.

Although affection needed time to cultivate, their physical relationship helped promote it.

Besides, Mengmeng was so cute that she won the hearts of Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali instantly.

“Thank you, grandpa.”

Mengmeng thanked Zhang Guangyou obediently and asked him to put on the necklace.

Mengmeng saw Zhang Guangyou standing up and muttered to herself after finding that there was no pendant hanging on it, “Well, the one PaPa gave is prettier than this one.”

The little girl knew how to identify beautiful objects.

When Zhang Guangyou heard what she said, his mouth quivered slightly.

He was not bothered by it, for children said what they liked.

Therefore, he turned to look at Rong Jiali and said with a smile, “Our daughter-in-laws gift should come from you.”

Generally speaking, people would politely refuse the present given repeatedly and finally accept it, but Zi Yan did not do so and only moved her lips.

In the end, she did not say anything, acting like an obedient wife as she stood and watched.

This was her parents-in-laws gift for her at their first meeting.

“I must give an excellent gift to my daughter-in-law as well.”

As Rong Jiali smiled and reached out her right hand, a crystal bracelet appeared in her hand.

“Come on… You can change how you address us after receiving the gift at the wedding ceremony.

You can call me auntie first, and this is your gift.

Im really helpless since we came back so late.

I hope you dont mind.

Anyway, we all believe in Han and the others speak highly of you.

I just sized you up.

You are not only beautiful, but also have a lovely voice.

Han did find a good daughter-in-law for us.” Rong Jiali said as she put the crystal bracelet on Zi Yan.

It was crystal white in color and glittered in the light.

What a pretty bracelet!

It completely dazzled Wang Zhanpeng and the others present.

It was definitely very pretty and it was a divine weapon as well!

What a rich lady she was!

“Hahaha.” Instructor Liu giggled aside.

Seeing what he did, Wang Zhanpeng was stunned.

“Ahem, ahem.” He coughed softly, took out the small Soul-gathering Flag with his left hand and waved it.

After showing Zhang Guangyou the flag, he took it back.

“I own a divine weapon as well, which was given by your son.”

Of course, he would not tell them at this point.

They should spend time with their daughter-in-law first.

“Thank you, Auntie Rong.

Thank you, Uncle Zhang.” Zi Yan nodded with a smile and glanced at Mengmeng after she finished speaking.

Without Zi Yans prompting, Mengmeng pouted and said, “Thank you, Grandpa Zhang.

Thank you, Grandma Rong.”


Zhang Guangyou froze.

It sounded as if she was addressing an outsider as she added the family name in front of the status of a generation.

She had called them grandpa and grandma just now!

“Mengmeng, you should call them grandpa and grandma rather than Grandpa Zhang and Grandma Rong.” Zhang Li burst into laughter all of a sudden.

Overwhelming happiness replaced tears of joy at this time.

“Oh, thank you, grandpa and grandma.”

“Well.” Zhang Guangyou laughed and touched Mengmengs head.

But when he saw Rong Jialis face turning pale, he quickly handed her the bamboo hat and said, “Put it on first.”


Rong Jiali put on her bamboo hat so that no one could see her face clearly.

“Mom, why are you wearing this hat” Zhang Li asked.

“Your mother is a little sick now, so she needs to wear it.

She will be much better after a period of time.” Zhang Guangyou responded.

“Are you all right” Zhang Li asked in a hurry.

“Im fine.” Rong Jiali smiled.

“Auntie, Ill ask Zhang Han to check on you after he returns.

Hes so competent that he can easily heal you.” Zi Yan blinked and came over to hold Rong Jialis arm, “Lets go inside first and talk while sitting.

How did you come here Did you take a plane”

“Yes, its Senior Chen who arranged the plane for us…”

Rong Jiali and Zi Yan began to chat in low voices as she led them to the castle.

At this point, Zhang Guangyou waved to Mengmeng, “Come here, granddaughter, let grandpa hug you.”

“Huh Well…” Mengmeng thought for a while and said, “No, PaPa said that other men cant hug me.”

After saying that, the little girl looked up at Zhang Guangyou, who was tall and strong.

Then she turned her head and ran to Dahei behind her, stretching out her small arms, “Big Heihei.”

“Woo, woo, woo.”

Dahei picked Mengmeng up immediately and put her on its shoulder.

It looked down at Zhang Guangyou with complacency in its eyes, “Hmph! Im the little hosts ride!”

Dahei snorted and turned its head to follow Zi Yan to the castle, while Little Hei and Tiny Tot kept pace with them slowly.

Zhang Guangyous forehead darkened.

He glanced at Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin and could not help saying,

“Haha, we havent seen each other for a few years.

Zhang Han should be grown up by now! After he comes back, Ill ask him how he teaches his daughter and why he doesnt even allow grandpa to hug her”


Rong Jiaxin burst out laughing and said, ” Brother-in-law, dont take your undeserved gain for granted.

If you are disinclined to accept Mengmeng, I can treat her as my granddaughter.

You just came back and youll know that Zhang Han made the correct choice.

Zi Yan is a good daughter-in-law and Mengmeng is also very well-behaved, which would make other people envious.”

“Ha.” Zhang Guangyou smiled and said, “All right, lets go into the castle first.”

How could he be dissatisfied He just felt a little guilty as he looked at his granddaughter, who was so distant with him.

Grandpa and grandma could have been part of her childhood!

They had wasted too much time over the past few years!

The reality of the situation made him feel so helpless.

“Han went to the worldlet.

Didnt you meet him” Wang Ming could not help asking.

“Thats right.” Wang Zhanhong said, “Theyve mentioned several times that he would go to the worldlet to pick you up and he departed for that space when the gate opened.”

Hearing the question, Zhang Guangyou shook his head slightly and said, “We might have missed each other, but Senior Chen told me that Zhang Han is very formidable now, so he should be safe.

Besides, since a group of disciples from the Heavenly Knights Sect will be coming over tomorrow, Ill inform them at that time.

I heard that Han incurred the hatred of many people, so we plan to help him protect this place.

Lets draw up a plan depending on the circumstances.

Now that the worldlet is open, the world will be chaotic for a period of time.”

“Thats right.

Judging from Brother Hans strength, he can come and go in the worldlet freely.” Chen Changqing said in a certain tone.

“Oh You do speak highly of your Brother Han.” Zhang Guangyou said with a smile after glancing at him.

“Actually, all the people, including Changqing, respect Han.” Wang Zhanpeng said while chuckling, “Guangyou, its a great honor for you to have such a talented son.

The object that I showed you just now was given by him.

It was refined from a holy object into a divine one.”

“Youre right.

He also gave us the Hundred-formation Image, which seems very mysterious.

The formations recorded are as strong as those set by the earliest ancestors.” Wang Ming added.

“From the time I arrived at the mountain, Ive only seen the furnace exploding once.

He almost succeeded in refining medicinal pellets every time.

What an incredible man he is.” Wang Zhanzong said with a smile.

“His incantation…”

These people began to air their praises in a realistic way.

Although Zhang Guangyou had heard about such deeds before, he still listened with a smile, feeling it was not enough and wanted to listen to more.

They did not stop praising him until they got close to the door.

Zhang Guangyou also shook his head and said, “I did not expect him to change so much.

I can proudly tell others that Zhang Han is my son in the future.

Of course, my daughter-in-law and granddaughter are big surprises.

Mengmeng is almost five years old, but we just returned.

I hope we can be with her and our family often in the future.”

“Oh, by the way,” Zhang Li, who had just entered the room, heard what they said, turned around to run over and whispered, “Dad, my brother and sister-in-law decided that Mengmeng should not be involved with the martial arts world now.

Dont talk casually in front of Mengmeng.”

“Fine, I got it.”

Zhang Guangyou nodded.

He did not intend to talk about the martial arts world but only wanted to chat with his family, for it was indeed a precious opportunity for them to reunite.

“This castle is very magnificent.” Zhang Guangyou nodded with praise after entering the room and looking at the delicate carvings.

“Ill show you something more magnificent on the mountain later.” Wang Zhanpeng said, smiling.

He was referring to the thunder yang tree and the Thunder Yang Flower, as well as the other treasures.

He believed that Zhang Guangyou, as experienced as he was, would be shocked.

The sky gradually darkened at this moment as they stepped into the castle.

The lobby on the first floor was large enough to hold all these people.

Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Li, Rong Jiali, Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and Rong Jiaxin were all seated in turn, while the others were sitting on the sofa next to them, accompanying them.

“Its past five oclock.”

After getting to know her in-laws for a while, Zi Yan became less nervous.

She glanced at Rong Jiali and asked with a smile, “Auntie Rong, Uncle Zhang, what would you like to eat Ill ask the restaurant to start making preparations.”


Im not picky about food.” Zhang Guangyou replied with a smile.

“Me too.” Rong Jiali also nodded.

“Just… ask Wang Long to make more food.” Zi Yan looked at Zhao Feng and said.

“Okay, Ill go and make the arrangements now.”

Zhao Feng nodded, took out his mobile phone and walked out of the room.

What Zi Yan meant was that they should prepare an extremely substantial dinner.

“The ingredients on the mountain were all prepared by Zhang Han, which are very delicious.

Uncle Zhang and Auntie Rong, you must have a try later.” Zi Yan said while chuckling.

“Really Is he able to do that” Zhang Guangyou smiled and said, “I remember…”

Before he finished speaking, Mengmengs voice rang out beside Zi Yan.

The little girl blinked her big shining eyes and said seriously, “Grandpa, grandma, this is Mengmengs Xanadu.

PaPa built it especially for me.

My PaPa is outstandingly awesome.”

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