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Chapter 72 – Father Suns Shock


Zhang Han nodded his head lightly, and said: “There are still some shrimp types, lobster, prawn pair, basal area shrimp, and other kinds of crabs that have to be raised.

Zhao Feng, do you know where I can buy these shrimp seeds”

“Shrimp seeds” Zhao Fengs eyes lit up, and said: “Han, are you planning to raise fish here Hmm … Was this pond salt water or fresh water If its salt water, it can only raise some seafish, but if its fresh water, it can only raise freshwater fish.

“My pond here can raise anything.” Zhang Han smiled lightly.

“Eh …” The muscles on Zhao Fengs face trembled, and he did not say anything else.

He could even feel a threat from the dogs on the mountain, so this place was not someplace that could be judged by common sense.

It was still a little impossible for Zhao Feng to believe that it is possible to raise freshwater fishes and sea fishes in a same pond.

“Han is preparing to raise fish.

Doesnt that mean that well be able to eat fish food soon” Zhao Feng finally realized that, thus he couldnt help but say in an excited tone, “han, leave the matter of the fish seeds to me.”


Zhang Han pondered for a moment, then nodded, and said: “Alright, then Ill be troubling you with this matter.”

As he spoke, Zhang Han raised his arm and lightly patted Zhao Fengs shoulder.

This kind of attitude, seemed to be like that an elder was encouraging a junior, or someone with a high status encouraging someone with a low status.

“No trouble, no trouble at all …”

However, Zhao Feng didnt mind at all.

He was like a student who had gotten a prize, and grinned.

If this scene was seen by the Forever Harmony Association or other people from the underground powers.

That would definitely overturn their view of the him.

Since when did a madman whose name shook the world become so amiable

In the afternoon, everyone spent three hours in Mount New Moon.

It was like they had forgotten the time.

It was already 5: 30 when they returned to the restaurant.

Although the notice board said that the restaurant was open for business from 18.00 to 19.00, the customers seemed to have arrived earlier and earlier.

This was because every time they arrived at the restaurant according to the schedule, they would have to queue for more than half an hour.

“Mengmeng, come, let little sis hug you.”

In front of the restaurant, Liang Mengqi felt that she was close to Mengmeng, so she stretched out her arms and smiled.

She had wanted to hug the beautiful little princess for a long time.

“Hmm hah, no, that cant be, PaPa doesnt allow Mengmeng to be hugged by others.” Mengmeng was a little shy as she twisted her body to answer.

“Little sis is also not an outsider, of course I can hug you.” Liang Mengqi laughed.

“Eh” Mengmeng raised her little head and looked at PaPa, wondering if she would let her little sister hug him.

Seeing that, Liang Mengqi looked at Zhang Han who was about to open the door, and asked: “Zhang Han, do you think I am an outsider”

“Yes.” Zhang Han replied cleanly without even turning his head.

Liang Mengqis expression became stiff on the spot.

Yu Qingqing, as well as Zhao Dahu, were both holding back their laughter.


Liang Mengqi loudly snorted, and snappily said: “Boss, you hurt my heart.”

Saying that, Liang Mengqis heart became anxious.

These words sounded like the owner was her boyfriend.

“You want to bankrupt Zhang Han by eating in here ” Zhao Dahu said as his mouth twitched.

It seemed that the more she ate, the more money the boss would earn.

“Who cares” Liang Mengqi glared at Zhao Dahu, and suddenly saw Zhao Feng laughing, she rolled her eyes at him, and said: “What are you laughing at!”

“I …” Zhao Feng was speechless.

It was one thing for her to judge others when she talked, but now, others couldnt even stand by and laugh.

Where was the justice in this!

Zhang Han entered the dining hall and played some music before preparing for dinner in the kitchen.

First, he cooked the rice.

After the rice was cooked, Zhang Han opened the lid of the pot.

During this break, Zhang Han prepared to cook.

For dinner, Zhang Han planned to make stir-fried potato shredded egg and red-braised eggplant.

Operating normally, Zhang Han first peeled off the potato skin, causing a wave of blade light to flash.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang …”

An orderly and quick knocking sound came out, causing everyone to look over, only to see that the potatoes had been sliced, and Zhang Han had started to cut them into pieces.

From a distance, everyone could see that Zhang Han knife technique was as good as a cutting tool.

There were tools in the kitchen as well, but Zhang Han did not use them.

In the afternoon, when he was checking how to make potato chips, he realized that some people said that hand-cut potato beans were even more delicious than those cut by tools.

They said it in a serious manner, whether it was true or not, Zhang Han would do as they said.

There were quite a few flavors of potato beans.

This time, Zhang Han planned to make a spicy potato beans, but the spicy degree would definitely be lower, since the dish was mainly for Mengmeng to eat.

Mengmeng was still small, so she could not eat it too spicy.

While Zhang Han was cooking, guests gathered in front of the restaurant.


Sun Dongheng got off his BMW Z4, and stood beside the car, he looked at the street, and after seeing that there were no cars in sight, Sun Dongheng shook his head and sighed, he took out his restaurant membership card, looked at it, and gently caressed it, then carefully put it back in his wallet.

During this time, a few people in the line in front of the restaurant saw Sun Donghengs actions.

“See what hes got in his hand “Thats the membership card for this restaurant.”

“Oh my god, a rich person.

The membership here is worth a million apiece.”

“I heard that theyve already sold seven or eight of them.

If the top ten are sold out, then people will have to spend ten million to buy one.”

If it was a normal situation, when Sun Dongheng saw this scene, he would definitely be overjoyed.

This sort of silent posturing was his favorite.

However, he didnt seem to care about it right now.

He was just looking at the side of the street.

Finally, the car he was waiting for arrived.

It was an Audi A8L, and as he watched, the car slowly stopped at the side of the BMW Z4.

Sun Ming and Suns mother got off.

“Dad, Mom.” Sun Dongheng called out.

“Yes.” Sun Ming remained expressionless as he nodded his head slightly.

He looked at the restaurant plate and said: “There are quite a number of people queuing up, looks like the food here should be quite good.”

“Not only just good, this is my first time eating such a delicious meal, otherwise I wouldnt have given you a membership card.” The Suns mother smiled and said: “In the future, our family will come here to eat.”

“Lets try it first.” Sun Ming laughed as he shook his head.

He was very busy recently and felt that he didnt have much time left.

Before this, he needed to settle the companys matters properly, and decided whether Suns mother and Sun Dongheng could directly take over the company or they could just directly sell the company.

It was just that Sun Donghengs immaturity made him extremely anxious.

Under the envious gaze of the crowd, the three walked into the dining hall and took their member seats.

“Its pretty good.” Sun Ming looked at the surroundings.

It was clean and tidy.

Soft music surrounded his ears.

In addition, there were not many customers in the restaurant.

No one shouted loudly.

Putting aside the taste of the food, just based on the environment, Sun Ming felt that the quality of the restaurant was much better.

Soon, the food was ready.

Although Sun Dongheng didnt say it out loud, he still helped his father fill half of the Egg-Fried Rice and a bowl of rice and vegetables.

“Dad, try the Egg Fried Rice first.” Sun Dongheng smiled and said.


Sun Ming slightly nodded.

When he ate the first mouthful of Egg-Fried Rice, his expression suddenly froze, and even his eyes became a little blurry.

After that, he took a second and third bite and finished half of the Egg-Fried Rice.

Then, Sun Ming started to eat the plain white rice again.

With a single mouthful, the pure fragrance of the white rice made Sun Mings taste buds feel extremely satisfied.

Rice, of course, was also grown in pure green and in bulk.

In farmers homes, farmers would always grow some pure green rice for their own consumption.

The rice that they were prepared to sell would also be sprinkled with medicine and other supplementary items, which would increase their output by a lot, and the rice that they ate at home, would taste good when they cooked it, it would be fragrant and tender, not to mention the rice that was grown in the Mount New Moon.

Sun Ming began to eat the rice in small bites.

Upon seeing this, Sun Dongheng reminded him, “Dad, dont just eat the rice, try out the dishes cooked by the owner, theyre really delicious.”

“Oh right, try it.” Sun Ming smiled at his son.

There was no doubt that the potato chips and braised eggplant, about their appearance or taste, had reached their peak, allowing Sun Ming to understand his sons thoughts.

This kind of delicacy really had to be savored and eaten seriously! This was the supreme enjoyment of taste buds.

After the fragrant meal, Sun Mings family drank some milk and prepared to take a rest for a while.

At this time, Sun Ming couldnt help but look at Zhang Han and Mengmeng.

The two of them had finished their meal and were currently turning off the music.

They were sitting in front of the piano with their hands clasped together.

“PaPa, mm… Mengmeng remembered it all, PaPa, take your hands away… ”

“Alright, alright, alright.

Dad will watch Mengmeng play.”

Seeing this scene, Sun Mings heart trembled, and he remembered the scene when he and his son were young.

He had interacted with Sun Dongheng like this before too.

At that time, he was still nestling in his embrace and calling him daddy.

He still remembered that when Sun Dongheng was young, he would always call his father Superman, because at that time, his father knew everything.

Gradually, Sun Dongheng grew up a bit, and would always tell Sun Ming: “Dad, in the future, your son will buy a large villa for your mom and dad to stay in.”

After that, Sun Ming began to busy himself with his own business.

He spent less time with Sun Dongheng, but the anticipation he had for him in his heart did not decrease at all.


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