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Chapter 720 Heavenly Knights Sect

In the morning, Zhang Han came to the sects restaurant.

There were some disciples there, eating and chatting.

The disciples of the sect usually ate once every few days.

Now there were about 20 people in the hall, indicating that there were not many disciples remaining in the sect.

The situation was unfavorable for Zhang Han…

The other disciples here would soon discover that two of the girls were missing.

Zhang Han decided not to delay any longer and planned to take action after getting some useful information here.

“Some powerful Elders will be sent here by the Main Sect.”

“Yes, it is said that our sect chief is going to refine a treasure better than a divine weapon.

The whole Main Sect is excited and Im afraid the First Elder will come here in person.”

“If Lord Sky Dragon in Kun Xu World succeeds this time, we will get countless resources and a higher position.”

“Lord Earth Tiger advanced to Heaven Realm half a year ago and he will get more resources too.

How lucky his disciples are! My Master had been at Earth Realm for more than 20 years, but he said he would be able to reach Heaven Realm in three to five years.”


Zhang Han spent ten minutes on his breakfast and received some useful information.

The Grand Elder of Wind Snow School will be coming with spirit treasures and other resources.

Perhaps they were going to refine a sixth-level or fifth-level spirit treasure.

There were too many possibilities.

“I dont have much time.”

Zhang Han thought about it and then left the dining hall.

On the way up, he walked from the bamboo grove on the side to the kitchen, and the faint smell of food drifted out of the room.

“Its time to serve the dishes to them.”

Zhang Han did not see anyone near the kitchen, even though he had been waiting for five minutes.

Another five minutes later, he again pretended to pass the kitchen.

“Stop.” He heard a disdainful voice.

Zhang Han paused to look at that direction, then he saw a fatty who often bullied Liao Lang.

“Liao Lang, how many times have you passed the kitchen Whats wrong with you”

“Im sorry, brother.

Ill leave after picking up my sister.” Zhang Han replied in embarrassment.

“Which sister”

“Sister Wan.”

“Huh” The fatty snorted and said jealously, “Ill be sending dishes to the mountain top half an hour later.

Now Im short of 150g of deer leg meat.

Go to Anfeng Lake and catch one.

Hurry up.”

“But sister Wan will be here soon.”

“Are you refusing to carry out my order Can you afford to be punished by the Lords if their meals are delayed” The fatty glared at Zhang Han.

“This…” Zhang Han pretended to be thinking about it, as his face darkened.

Five seconds later, Zhang Han approached the fatty and said in a weak voice, “Brother, Im not good in that aspect and Wan is unhappy with me.

Ill lose the chance if I break my promise this time.

How about I introduce a girl to you and then…”

The fattys eyes lit up.

After looking around to the left and right, he grinned and asked, “Really”

“Of course.

Its nothing to me as long as you can help me.”

“Okay.” The fatty patted Zhang Hans shoulder with a smile and then he turned around, looking at all the five or six disciples busy working outside the kitchen door.

“Wait for me here and Ill send the dishes to the mountain top when I come back.”


“Lets go.” The fatty gave Zhang Han a hint with his eyes and then they walked toward the deep woods on one side.

On the way, the fatty said, “Liao Lang, I didnt mean to bully you before.

It was because you are too amorous and I heard you have dated more than ten girls in the sect.

You can be assured that I will help you in the future.”

The fatty looked at Zhang Han meaningfully.

Zhang Han understood what he meant and replied, “Okay, thank you.

Of course, sister Wan is not the only girl I know.

There are more girls I can introduce to you…”

“Okay.” The fatty nodded with satisfaction.

After walking toward the side for some time, he looked around surreptitiously with his small eyes, “When will she come I cant serve the meal too late in the evening.”

He liked Wan, whom he had seen before, but he did not have any chance with her.

Liao Lang got along well with many girls because of his appearance, which annoyed most of the male disciples in the sect, including the fatty.

Now that Liao Lang invited him to join them, he was willing to change his attitude toward Liao Lang.

However, after he said this, he found that Liao Langs tone became very indifferent.

“She wont come here, but I can send you to her.”

“Why Where is she” The fatty turned to look at “Liao Lang”.

What he saw was a palm approaching his head.


15 minutes later…

The fatty came out of the woods and went straight to the kitchen.

At the kitchen door, two disciples stopped him.

They grinned, “Brother, we heard what that guy said.

Has he introduced his sister to you Why did you come back so quickly Have you…”

“Huh Behave yourselves and I dont want to hear anyone discussing it.

Otherwise Im going to drive you all out.” The fatty snorted.

“Yes, yes, yes.” The two disciples smiled meaningfully.

Under their gazes, their brother entered the kitchen, took the dishes and then went up the mountain by a side road.

Ten minutes later, after crossing the gate guarded by five men and passing through a cave, Zhang Han came to the top of the mountain which looked like a big platform.

The ground here was very flat and the scenery was pleasant.

There were a few buildings around, making it like a luxury manor.

In the sky, there were dark clouds right above filled with high pressure, which were rolling and surging everywhere.

Zhang Han took a look at them and knew that the clouds were connected to the spirit treasure refined by Sky Dragon in the Kun Xu World.

The whole magnificent square was surrounded by energy.

Zhang Han was relieved when he saw this.

“It seems that the ambitious Sky Dragon wants to refine a sixth-level spirit treasure.

Although the success rate is very low, even the defective product will be at top fifth level, which should not be underestimated.”

After standing still for two seconds, Zhang Han ran to the back.

There were several disciples of Sky Dragon living in the houses in a row and Zhang Han was here to send wine and meat to them.

Before he got to the house, he saw two people sitting at a table and the man with a round face was rubbing his hands.

The man said, “Give the dishes to me.

Ive been longing for meat for the past three days.”

“Im coming.” Zhang Han imitated the fatty and went to them obsequiously.

Then he took out many delicious food and wine from a Space Treasure.

“Gulp, gulp, gulp… Nice!”

The other drank a jar of wine at one go, while the round faced man began to gnaw at a large pig leg.

Zhang Han had been standing on one side, still in a bowed position.

When the two men were half full, they slowed down and took a look at him, “Why are you still here”

“Well… Uncle Hu, I heard that Lord Sky Dragon is going to refine a treasure better than a divine weapon, which shook the Main Sect.

The First Elder will bring someone here and reward us with lots of resources for cultivation.”

“What does this have to do with you”

“As a disciple of Wind Snow School, we are proud of the revitalization of the sect, so I would like to inquire about this matter.”

“Nothing worth inquiring.

The martial art resources sent here have nothing to do with you.” The round faced man shook his head.

He was satisfied with the dishes and decided to say more, “At the early stage, all the resources will be sent to Lord Sky Dragon.

If he succeeds, there will be more resources for you.”

“Hiss! Really What good news! But when will he succeed”

“See the dark clouds above In a few days, he will succeed when you hear a thundering sound.

Well, you can go down the mountain.

If he succeeds, all of us will gain merits and will be rewarded with lots of resources.”


Zhang Han did not ask too much.

He nodded and walked off slowly.

The two men were still chatting behind him.

“With the help of Thunder Stone, many treasures will be turned into energy waves.

Only our Master can come up with such a good method.”

“Yes, the moment the thunder falls, it will be recorded in the history books of Wind Snow School!”


Zhang Han smiled after hearing what they said and then he looked up at the clouds.

“The gathered quintessence of spirit treasures.”

“The thunder…”

The clouds above reminded Zhang Han of the Eight-thousand Thunderclouds in his soul sense sea and the Taiyi Wood Thunder.

“Fine, Im lacking in them, too.”

“Its time to leave.”

Zhang Han thought about it and left the cave.

Instead of returning to his residence, he went straight down the mountain.

During this period, he met more than a dozen people who greeted him and there were even several powerful people asking him what he was going to do.

He told them he was going to catch some food ingredients.

No one cared about him as they were all busy looking for something or someone.

They must have discovered that several disciples were missing.

At the sect gate, Zhang Han took out his token to dispel the mist and then quickly left the sect.

“The Heaven-earth Formation is big trouble.”

“They must be on the alert because of the missing disciples.

And the Main Sect is going to help them.

My method will be useless.”

Zhang Han was interested in the thunder clouds above.

If they were full of energy, Zhang Han might be able to expand the number of his own clouds to ten thousand and then he could advance to the Innateness stage.”

One of the ways was to secretly break into the array in the air.

But it required adequate preparation.

“Ill do it if there is an opportunity, but the opportunity cant be forced.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly, realizing that this was a big project.

He could not come here every day to wait for an opportunity.

“Its time to go to Heavenly Knights Sect.”

Zhang Han looked at the east and left Wind Snow School.

He slowly reverted to his original appearance.

While scanning the surroundings with his soul sense, he found three groups of people on the way led by Earth-Realm martial artists.

Each time when he sensed their soul senses, Zhang Han would withdraw his own and march on secretly.

After a seven-hour long journey, Zhang Han had only 30% of spiritual force left in his body.

Then he reached Heavenly Knights Sect.

Looking from afar, he found Heavenly Knights Sect surrounded by mountains.

In the center of the mountains, there was a giant one which was a large mountain range covering a vast area.

The mountain, which was not steep, was characterized by its wide spaces.

There was a river around the mountain, which was 100 meters in width.

Sensing the surging energy in the river, Zhang Han realized that this was a Heaven-earth Formation at a higher level than that of Wind Snow School.

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