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Chapter 721 The Homeward Journey

Covering a large area, the Heavenly Knights Sect looked really magnificent.

The silver colored mountain gate surrounding the whole mountain, looked like two spiraling dragons and formed a picture of two dragons frolicking with a pearl.

The head of the dragon was where the wide mountain gate was located.

“Its quite splendid.” Zhang Han commented with a nod and flew forward.

After flying out of the woods and approaching the moat, he suddenly felt the energy released by the formations flowing out and the gravity increasing.


A middle-aged man at the God Realm Late-stage flew through the mountain gate at a high speed.

When he saw Zhang Han, his eyes lit up.

Before Zhang Han could say anything, he smiled and said, “Young Lord, you are finally here!”

As he spoke, he took out a token with his right hand and waved it slightly.

At this point, the onrushing water below Zhang Han slowed down gradually.

Zhang Han pondered for a while and asked, “Are my parents staying in the sect”

“They are already in Hong Kong and have ordered Xiaowu, a talent from our sect, to look for you…”

The middle-aged man smiled and his eyes were filled with curiosity.

Generally speaking, as long as one stepped on the river, he could sense whether the man had performed a formation or other spells.

Since he could directly perceive a majority of spells, he was certain that the man in front of him was Zhang Han.

Moreover, he shared plenty of similarities with Young Master.

He planned to bring Zhang Han to visit the sect first and then inform Xiaowu to send Zhang Han safely to Hong Kong.

“Okay, fine.”

But he did not expect that as soon as he started speaking, Zhang Han chuckled with a nod and immediately turned around to leave.

“Hey Wait, what are you going to do” The middle-aged man was stunned and hurriedly tried to catch up with Zhang Han.

“I need to go back home.” Zhang Han responded.

“You… youd better go back with Xiaowu.

Please wait for a while in the sect and I can show you around.

Besides, you have not been promoted to the Divine Realm Stage, so youre likely to get into trouble if you wander around in the worldlet.”

“When will Xiaowu be back” Zhang Han asked.

“Ill inform him the moment I get back to the sect and it will take about two to three hours.

Hell probably be back in an hour considering that he hasnt gone far.” The middle-aged man replied.

When he heard what he said, Zhang Han stopped.

The middle-aged man added at this moment, “Moreover, the exits appear not only on Mount Jianfeng, but also in a few other places.

Youll spend less time on the roads once Xiaowu leads you back.”

As soon as he heard that it would save him time, Zhang Han nodded, “Its still early and I hope to arrive in Hong Kong by nightfall.”

“It should be okay.” The middle-aged man laughed as an idea came across his mind.

He considered that Young Masters son was a bit impatient, which was detrimental to martial artists.

After all, those who made great achievements must be calm rather than being impetuous.

However, he did not know that Zhang Han was just eager to see his family as soon as possible.

“This way please.

My name is Jiang Bing and you can call me by my name.”

The middle-aged man took the lead in heading for the Heavenly Knights Sect, passing by a hundred-meter-long river.

As he came to the gate of the Heavenly Knights Sect, he looked up at the two magnificent dragons stretching along the mountain range.

He recalled realizing how insignificant he felt when he first came here.

In the face of Young Lord, who was here for the first time, he said emotionally at this time, “These two dragons, known to be high-end divine weapons as well as the formation eye, have been refined by the head of the sect.

Because of them, the Heavenly Knights Sect lasted long and remained invincible while fighting against the Wind Snow School!”

Then, he turned his head to glance at Zhang Han, hoping to see shock and fear in this Grand Masters eyes.


“Dont, dont you have any ideas” Jiang Bings mouth trembled slightly and he asked in confusion when he saw Zhang Hans calm look.

“Ideas That sounds great.” Zhang Han remarked.

His comments showed that the dragons attracted his attention to some degree.

But Jiang Bing had a weird feeling and could not help murmuring inwardly, “Why is Young Lord so different from what I imagined I hope hes not a good-for-nothing.”

“Lets go inside first.

Ill take you to have a rest.” Jiang Bing said and took the lead in walking in.

Several parts of the mountain were covered by luxuriant plants and grass and were dotted with plenty of houses and several palaces.

There were small rivers in all directions, bridges, pavilions and mansions on the top of the mountain.

In particular, the spiritual Qi was ten times stronger than that in the normal places of the worldlet.

“Let me give you a brief introduction since its your first time back to the sect.” Jiang Bing smiled.

“Alright.” Zhang Han nodded.

He found that it would take half an hour to reach the building on the mountain if he kept pace with Jiang Bing unhurriedly.

Actually, as Jiang Bing came in, he crushed a gem to transmit his voice message to inform the disciples who had gone out.

Now that they had nothing to do at this moment, Zhang Han followed him slowly.

“The Heavenly Knights Sect used to be the No.1 sect in the Kun Xu World, but it no longer outshines the others now after decades of fighting against the Wind Snow School.”

Jiang Bing shook his head slightly and said, “Theres no need to introduce Zhang Shenwang.

Hes your grandfather.”

“Yes.” Zhang Han replied.

He had heard of the name though he had never seen him before.

“As for your parents, namely Young Master and his wife, they dont intervene in the affairs of the sect but are immersed in cultivating.

In fact, they occupy the first position in the Heavenly Knights Sect at present.

Unlike other sects, our Heavenly Knights Sect is relatively united and cohesive, which is similar to the style of the first generation of peak masters and elders.”

“The man who is one level below them is Grand Elder Dong Chen.

He has always been following our head and takes a detached position in the Heavenly Knights Sect.

Now, only five elders remain.

The six of them are all at the Heaven Realm Stage.

Those who are superior to them share the title of Protector.

Theyve made significant contributions to the war that lasted for decades.

In our heyday, more than 50 protectors defended against the enemies together.

But now, only 17 of them are alive, all of whom are at the Earth Realm Stage and most of whom are at the Earth Peak Stage.”

Hearing what he said, Zhang Han froze for a while.

In consideration of the tremendous power of six Heaven Realm masters and seventeen Earth Realm experts, the Heavenly Knights Sect did have a strong background.

“Although our Heavenly Knights Sect looks like a huge mountain, it consists of eight relatively flat peaks, whose masters are all at the Earth Realm Stage.

Among these peaks, four are in the south of the mountain, while the others are in the north.

The experts in our Heavenly Knights Sect often compete with each other, with the High Elders support.

Just as a saying goes, one thrives and survives under suffering and hardships and will wither if one is overly-protected and contented with the current situation.

Martial artists should be ambitious! Youll understand that in the future.”

In Jiang Bings view, Zhang Han was a newcomer who knew nothing about the sect, so he gave him lengthy and detailed explanations.

As for Zhang Han, he listened to him and nodded occasionally, which aroused Jiang Bings interest, “The disciples inferior to the peak masters are supervisors, who have just broken through to the Earth Realm Stage.

They, holding the transitional posts, can lead teams to carry out assignments.

Those who inherit peak masters skills are considered as the chief disciples, while the elite disciples are the normal ones of the Eight Peaks.

By the way, apart from the people mentioned before, there is a group of promising disciples trained by the elders in person.

However, theyre small in number since the elders have a lot of things to do.

The disciples outside the Eight Peaks are only counted as nominal ones.

Do you see the circular building area over there”

He pointed to the distance.

Zhang Han looked over and caught sight of a round building with well-equipped facilities.

“Nominal disciples belong to probationary forces and most of them are Grand Masters.

As long as they pass the assessment through their own efforts, they are capable of becoming the Eight-Peak disciples, namely the elite disciples.

However, each of them must make a hit within three years.

Provided that they are promoted to the Grand Master Peak in three years, they can then become elite disciples.”

“To be precise, with more than 1,000 nominal disciples, our Heavenly Knights Sect has a total of over 5,000 people.

But there were no less than 10,000 disciples in the past.

If we dont take the secular disciples into consideration, the numbers will decline dramatically.”

“Mmm.” Zhang Han chuckled.

The sect was regarded as a regular one in the Cultivation World.

Except for its weak strength, there was nothing wrong with it.

For instance, the Wind Snow School had been totally destroyed, but the sect, in a state of disunity, did not take any effective measures.

Without the Heaven-earth Formation, the sect might have been struck off.

By right of his introduction, Zhang Han had an intuitive understanding of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

The two of them walked to the side of the circular building and met some people, who greeted Jiang Bing and looked at Zhang Han with curiosity.

“Ahem, the disciples of the Heavenly Knights Sect are too enthusiastic.” Jiang Bing smiled modestly.

“Of course, as a chief, Im respected by them.”

“Oh, you are obviously not far from the Earth Realm Stage.” Zhang Han responded with a chuckle.

“Eh How do you know my real strength I didnt tell you any details.” Jiang Bing suddenly froze.

“How is Young Master, inferior to the Divine Realm Stage, able to sense me”

But then as he took out the gem from his right pocket, his expression changed.

After sensing for a while, he laughed, “Wang Xiaowu is back.

I didnt expect him to come back so soon.

He, as a supervisor, gets along well with Young Master and will take you out of the Kun Xu World later.

Frankly speaking, by virtue of your identity, you need to meet the peak masters and elders since you are here at the Heavenly Knights Sect.

However, considering that the gate of the small world is now open, I cant take the responsibility.

So you may as well see them with Young Master.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded, glanced at Jiang Bing and said with a smile, “Thank you for informing me, chief Jiang.”

“Youre welcome.” Jiang Bing waved his hand at Zhang Han.

They walked into a yard and saw seven people approaching quickly after sitting for only than ten minutes.

“Here they are!” Wang Xiaowu, the one who led the group, let out a long sigh of relief when he saw Zhang Han, “Weve finally found you.

Hello, Young Lord, Im Wang Xiaowu.”

“Hello.” Zhang Han replied with a nod.

“How long have you been there Shall we set off now or after lunch” Wang Xiaowu asked.

“I would like to set off now.”


After a few seconds, they set off.

As for Jiang Bing, he stood in the yard and stared at their backs without saying anything.

After a while, he murmured, “I… I dont feel anything.

He seems like a common person, but hes somewhat special.

Hey, I hope that Young Masters son wont damage Young Masters reputation.”

They left the Heavenly Knights Sect and flew east.

During this period, they all sized Zhang Han up curiously and felt somewhat confused.

How was Zhang Han, a Grand Master, able to fly at such a high speed so easily

Wang Xiaowu, however, did not pay attention to these details.

After flying for a while, he said with a smile, “Young Master asked Grand Elder to defend Hong Kong, so Hong Kong is well-protected for the time being.

Dont worry.

We should be able to arrive before nightfall.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han replied.

Strong expectations flashed across his eyes.

His parents were there.

“Now that Im back, we can eventually reunite again.”

Home… Home was where his family was.

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